This article explains the Charismatic leadership concept in a practical way. After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful leadership tool.

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What is Charismatic Leadership?

Charismatic leadership is about personal conviction and is based on the leader’s charm and conviction. German sociologist and founder of bureaucracy theory , Max Weber introduced the term charismatic leadership in his essay The Tree Types of Legitimate Rule in 1958. Charismatic leadership is based on the personal qualities of the leader and his recognition by his followers, whereby is about an affective bond between the two. Max Weber saw charisma as an attribute of the individual, and it seems as if he / she is in possession of supernatural and exceptional powers.


Charismatic leaders are driven by their beliefs and demonstrate exceptional dedication and expertise in their field. They have a clear vision and are able to inspire a large audience. Charismatic leadership stands or falls with the personality of the leader. In addition, they are powerful speakers and committed personalities. They can lift their employees to a higher level and encourage them to make positive changes. In addition, they are also able to communicate on an emotional and empathic level with their followers. In organizations where hierarchy plays a major role, employees will follow the rules and procedures established by their leader. That is possible in such a bureaucratic organizationaccomplished by a charismatic leader who motivates and stimulates them. In organizations where the mission and vision are central, the charismatic leader will focus more on building a strong emotional bond with the employees and inspiring and encouraging them.


Charismatic leaders do not necessarily have to be the best leaders. People tend to follow others they personally admire. A charismatic leader will gather followers through his personality and charm, rather than any form of power or authority. It actually goes without saying and it comes across naturally. In charismatic leadership, the personal vision of the leader has a lot of influence on his audience and appeals to their emotion. Originally, charismatic leadership is authoritarian, but today a charismatic leader has even more in store:

  1. clear vision, which is conveyed well and clearly
  2. interpersonal behavior; always in contact with others, empathetic and emotionally oriented
  3. creating the sense of we
  4. confident appearance

Attention and trust

The charismatic leader is able to give equal attention to each individual. He will scan his environment and take everything in well. He is sensitive to the mood and atmosphere at that moment and he will sharpen his actions and words and adapt them to the situation. Charismatic leaders also show great respect and trust to their supporters. They themselves are very convincing and they make effective use of both non-verbal communication (body language) and verbal communication (choice of words and language). For this they use story techniques, metaphors and symbolism. On an emotional level, they can focus attention on a group, give them confidence and make the group special.

The charismatic leader focuses on identifying the group. Charismatic leadership is often thought to correspond to transformational leadership . Charismatic leadership, however, does not aim to bring about a change, but focuses purely on enthusing and motivating employees.

Can you learn charismatic leadership?

Charismatic leadership is not a substitute for true leadership style. It is a good way of personal development, which can help a manager to be stronger in his shoes. Charismatic leadership is innate on the one hand, but with the necessary help from, for example, a personal coach, the basic skills can indeed be learned. Below is a step-by-step path to charismatic leadership:

1. Security

You must be sure that you want to become a charismatic leader. Not to tackle uncertainty, but to communicate your plans and focus within the organization to employees. Practice ‘management by speech’ and regularly go to the workplace to address employees, inspire them and inform them of information that is important to them.

2. Personal values

Think about your personal values ​​and what motivates you. From this background it is easier to motivate and stimulate others. Stand behind your own views and those of the organization, so that you can communicate it well to others.

3. Appearance

Effective charismatic leaders are aware of their appearance and feel comfortable. Many characteristics of charisma are expressed physically. Be aware of your appearance and what effect this has on the environment.

4. Preparation

Good preparation is half the job. This certainly applies to presentations. Where it seems that a charismatic leader speaks loosely in front of a group of people, in many cases good preparation precedes. It comes down to correct choice of words, timing, taking a rest at the right moments, looking at a crowd and intonation and use of voice.

5. Exercise

The properties of charism contain both tangible (for example, public speaking) and intangible elements (for example, appearance). By practicing with a coach you can work on the correct intonation, choice of words and convey a powerful message.

the most charismatic leader: CHARISMATIC LEADER


Pitfalls can be attached to charismatic leadership. For example, such leaders are often so convinced of themselves and their abilities that they believe they are infallible. This enables them to lead their followers to a possible abyss. Their self-confidence can also lead to narcissistic and bigoted behavior towards the environment.

Below are three more pitfalls of charismatic leadership:

  1. Leaders can develop tunnel vision or arrogance and nullify their past good deeds.
  2. Organizations can become too dependent on their charismatic leaders and can no longer develop their own vision; when the leader leaves, the company is nowhere and out of control.
  3. Charismatic leaders tend to believe they are above the law and engage in certain behaviors that are not permitted by law or ethics.

Charismatic leaders examples

Several well-known charismatic leaders in history can already be identified on religious, political and business levels . Think for example of Martin Luther King , Barak Obama , Richard Brandson, Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs.

All have the same in common; they are phenomenal public speakers, full of power behind the message they convey and responding to the feelings of their followers. Furthermore, they radiate inner peace, patience, empathy and compassion and they are able to motivate others. The world needs charismatic leaders because they fight for the quality of life and a better world. Charismatic leaders have the courage and conviction towards others and are willing to stand up to groups of people, organizations, society and the established order. In this way they can contribute to a common goal.

Charisma: The Gift of Grace - Martina Gleissenebner-Teskey

Now it’s your turn

What do you think? To what extent can Charismatic leadership be applied in today’s modern management environments? Do you recognize the above or do you have additions? What do you think are other success factors that can contribute to good charismatic leadership?

Share your knowledge and experience via the comment field at the bottom of this article.

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How To Avoid Laziness At Work - Work It Daily | Where Careers Go ...

Laziness isn’t a natural habit for everyone; some of us have an intense zeal to work ethics, while others feel idle always and find it challenging to overcome laziness. Laziness can be caused by a lack of knowledge of the task at hand, procrastination, feeling too comfortable to have the job done, and lack of motivation to get started.

Whatever the reason might be, if laziness intrudes on your daily work output or makes you unconcerned about your duty, it’s going to cost you a lot. The only solution is learning to overcome laziness so that you can be a better person.

If you’ve finally decided to get rid of laziness, here are eight fantastic ways to begin:

Find Your Motivation.

Lack of motivation is the fundamental cause of laziness. Procrastination sets in when we can’t find a good reason to perform the task at hand, and this, is the reason we need the motivation to be productive in our daily roles.

Making a list of what motivates us is essential to gain extra push when needed. It allows you to see yourself at the end of the finished task and think of the rewards attached, which strikes the mind to get started on the job. It is also crucial to keep the goals in mind, as this is the most efficient motivation.

Create a To-Do List.

Accomplishing tasks one after the other makes a work looks in order and helps you work smoothly.
Moreover, having a to-do list helps to work orderly and prevent multitasking. Although some people are skilled in multitasking while others can’t, that is why it is necessary to know what you can handle, your abilities.

Take a step at a time while performing a role; it would prevent being overwhelmed and help overcome laziness.

Make Your Work Environment Interesting.

Your environment and the people around you play a significant role in overcoming laziness. It is of great importance to surround yourself with people you share the same interests within the tasks at hand, as their motivation, creativity, and enthusiasm trigger you to complete your job.

More so, ensure that your space and work area provides you with all the necessary attributes to work well.

Always Look for Positive Examples.

Generally, in life, it is important to have role models and mentors as we look up to them for inspiration. However, to overcome laziness, find successful people and exemplary figures in the same discipline that inspires you. These are people that would put you back on your track anytime you feel lazy and lost.

They are people who push you to continue working no matter the challenges.
Finally, surround yourself with great people, who have been in your discipline and have managed to excel in the same course.

The Effects of Not Completing the Task at Hand

It is essential to be aware of the consequences attached to an incomplete task, as it would trigger our minds to get the job started. If there are no positive reasons to get started with a role, then thinking of the negative effect would undoubtedly help get to work.

For instance, if you have a contract to execute, and you simply lack the motivation to begin, think about the consequences. You may get the contract terminated, and you may also miss the chance of getting other deals to execute, these are serious consequences that would trigger the mind to get started with any task at hand.

Set Some Deadlines.

Having a deadline ticking in mind stimulates the body to get to work. It’s not only about setting a deadline for each task you have to be determined to stick to it. Sticking to your deadline makes you alert and aware of the task at hand.

Make New Habits

To overcome laziness by changing position, get a little exercise during recess, sleep a bit to get the brain and body intact. Begin with the most complicated task first and move to another task. Commit yourself to those tasks, and getting the job done will be easier.

Nothing can be done until you do. You can have all the foolproof tips and tricks in the world, but ultimately nothing changes until you do.

Get Some Exercise

The power physical will help you get rid of laziness. If you are chronically lazy, exercising might not be your thing, but you’ll be amazed at how energetic and refreshed you’ll feel after only 30 minutes of exercise.

So pick a favorite sport, it could be running, walking or other cardiovascular exercises and top it with some fresh air to keep you invigorated for the rest of the day.





No matter who you are, but as human I like to share the following with all of you…

Be honest: how well do you take care of yourself? Or are you also such a hard worker? The care for your health should actually come first, even before your work. If you are not healthy, you can not be successful. In this way, nutrition, sleep and exercise (not) contribute to your success:

 Nutrition If you are at work from early in the morning, you will have a raging hunger at lunchtime. You long for a hearty lunch, such as a thick slice of bread or pasta salad. Whether you give in to high-calorie food, such as a croquette. Recognizable? Have you ever thought about what a carbohydrate and calorie-rich lunch does with your productivity? A few hours later, the inevitable energy dip follows. For that reason, many people drop in at noon. Research shows that if you eat more fruit and vegetables during lunch, your afternoon is not only more productive. You also feel more involved in your work and even happier. The best you can eat in the course of the morning,so that you have enough of a tasty salad with fresh vegetables or fruit during lunch.

Work can take a lot of time. Do you already work before the sun goes up and do you stop working when the sun is (almost) under? Do you check your email in the evenings or do you just walk behind the computer to finish something after dinner? Small chance that your body gets enough rest. Rest is important, because a sleep deprivation can not only lead to more stress. You can also suffer from your cholesterol. A lack of sleep can even lead to reduced cognitive abilities. In other words, your performance will suffer if you do not get enough rest. What to do? Maintain fixed work and sleep times. Get up when the alarm goes off and plan some time at the end of the day to let go of your work. Avoid sleeping late, because then you disturb your sleep rhythm.


Exercise helps to relieve stress and to get away from daily worries at work. In addition, sports protect you from depression and other mental barriers to success. Often it does not work to allow yourself to go for a walk during the lunch or to exercise as soon as you get home. In the issues of the day you forget your intention easily. In the evening you often give priority to your work (or TV). Therefore make movement a part of your daily schedule. Put in your agenda for half an hour to an hour and stick to it. After exercising you feel lighter, more energetic and happier. You can do more physically and also mentally you can have more. That too contributes to success.

What are you doing to take care of yourself? Share it below in the comments!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

4 Ways Exercise Can Help Develop Your Positive Thinking

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailExercise is fun. Exercise is healthy. Exercise is important. Exercise is also tiring, and the sweat makes you feel icky.

For those who agree with the first three sentences, you’re on your way to developing your positive thinking! On the other hand, the last statement is what most negative thinkers would say whenever someone reminds them to go exercise, so I hope you didn’t agree with that!

Here are four ways exercising regularly can help you become a positive thinker.

  1. It boosts your energy levels

If you feel tired and sluggish and all you want to do is lie down in bed, but you’ve still got a lot of work to do, then you may want to go for a quick run around your neighborhood. Try brisk walking or jogging for 5 or 10 minutes and see how you feel afterward.

Alternatively, you can also try skipping rope or doing sit ups or push ups during your breaks. Ask yourself if you felt good after. If you did, then that’s exercise boosting your energy levels right there!

  1. It helps improve your social skills

If you like to work out alone, in the comfort of your house, then it’s obviously not going to help improve your social skills. However, if you go to the gym or join a running club, or something similar, then you’ll be around people who like to take care of their bodies.

As long as you don’t confine yourself to the corner, and learn how to make new friends, then you’ll greatly improve your social skills.

  1. Better sleep at night

Getting a good night’s sleep is important. And one of the best ways you can get it is by exercising regularly. Exercise helps you fall asleep faster, and it helps you sleep deeply, too.

If you’re tired of waking up cranky in the morning because you keep waking up in the middle of the night, then try exercising to improve the quality of your sleep!

  1. Improves mood

When you exercise, you experience an increase of endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that make us happy and feel positive. It makes us feel good while at the same time it diminishes pain.

When you exercise, you feel good afterward, provided, of course, you did not abuse your body or worked it way too hard. If you’ve ever heard of ‘runner’s high,’ it’s the endorphins that cause that feeling of euphoria!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Entrepreneurs:You can do this to become as fit as possible

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailWe all want to be as old as possible and preferably stay healthy for as long as possible. Of course we do not have this in our own hands, but there are a number of things that can make you grow as healthy as possible. As a blogger I am also doing my workouts regularly to stay healthy. Anyway read further !

A healthy diet and weight

Try to eat healthy and varied daily. If you mainly choose pure, unprocessed products, you quickly eat healthy. In addition, make sure that you do not eat the same every day and you ensure that you not only eat healthy, but also get all the nutrients that you need. As a result, there are fewer shortages and you will therefore less easily suffer from certain ailments. In addition, by healthy eating you also maintain a healthy weight faster, which also benefits your health. Of course you may also at times something less healthy, but you could also make this yourself. For example, create a healthy variant. So you can make great brownies from kidney beans or chickpeas and natural sugars.

Move on it

You know by now that it is important to move sufficiently. It is best to move every day. This does not have to be a very intensive workout right away. A quiet walk is also fine. Especially when you get older, exercise can have even more benefits than when you are younger. Motion is also seen as a way of falling prevention. You keep your balance better and you also keep your muscles smoother. Domestic tasks, such as vacuuming and gardening, are also counted under movement.

Stay away from these resources

Resources like tobacco and alcohol are not very good for health and you better skip. Occasionally a glass of alcohol in its time would not be that bad, but limit this use. But we can also better skip certain resources that are available in the supermarket for soft drinks. Not only the soft drinks themselves, but also the extremely sweet energy drinks full of sugars and caffeine. Your body will thank you if you skip these products.

What do you do to stay as healthy as possible?




The new year started fresh but I know a lot of you are still under stress. Good enough to start my first blog item with giving you the ability how to reduce stress from your mind, body and soul.

Sit back, relax and let me talk to you…

Don’t you forget we live in a world of stress, from childhood to old days at home, in the work place .it keeps us awake at night. Stress ruins our days and tons of other activities.

And so we often ask, how can I get rid of the anxieties of life.

How can I get free from STRESS.

Some people take exercise other takes yoga, other do meditation something, anything, but my understanding is this:

There is no getting away from STRESS, yes you can’t get away from it. The age we all living in is the age of STRESS.

This is a world of STRESS. A time of STRESS.

You breath it, you see it, you hear it and what to do ????

You can learn to manage it and to tolerate it how not to identify it and it’s effects.

Now how do you do that ?? Here it comes…..

Change your approach to the factor STRESS and change your approach to life by remembering this mantra : BE ANCHORED you got it yes BE ANCHORED

What do I really mean :

Envisage a ship or boat anchored at sea, Storms/ hurricanes may come one after another the boat may toss this way and that and furniture inside may go flying. Some people get seasick, but the boat doesn’t go anywhere.

Why ???

Clear…It’s Anchored !!

So you be anchored, find the place in life that you want to be in based on who you really are. Find what your inner-self really wants from life and anchor to that.

Once you keep bringing yourself back to that place by constant remembrance of your identity values and goals then you can learn to manage STRESS.

At the fresh start of this new year I would like to share ten tips how to be calm and reduce STRESS:


    Just a few minutes a day of meditation can help to ease your stress and anxiety.


    When you are feeling stressed, take time to focus on breathing deeply. Close your eyes, sit up straight and focus on nothing but breathing deeply.


    Having a solid social support system is a good key to reduce stress.

    Reach out to close friends and your family in time of need.


    Exercise has been shown to increase “FEEL GOOD” endorphins that can help reduce stress. A long walk can give you time to reflect, while an intense gym workout can let you release negative energy.

  5. LAUGH

    Laughter may not be the “best” medicine but it does actually lower cortisol – also known as the stress hormone.


    Research has shown that listening to soothing music can lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. Alternatively, listening to more upbeat music can also help by invigorating you.


    These two words tells you a lot.


    This one is very simple – some times you just have to step back and realize that you can’t control everything. Some things are out of your hands, so why waste your time stressing about them.


    It is not easy to stay always positive. But, you can make an active effort to try and to find the positively in your very own life. Do not focus on negative thoughts like “bad things are going to happen with me”.


    Don’t forget to take some time to really enjoy yourself. Find yourself a nice hobby that can tune your mind body and soul. Do activities that you enjoy. Surround yourself around people that you have fun with.