Before our eyes, the old world collapses. The new world is forming and everything is still possible. This situation requires extreme alertness. Everyone is now invited to stand up, share information and provide assistance where necessary. I call on you all to participate in the whole.

Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church | South Fulton, GA

Everything is changing. The earth is in the middle of an energetic transformation that is also expressed on the physical level. We feel this deeply within this new running energy… an enormous desire for inner and outer freedom, for wisdom and self-determination.

A deep desire for more peace and loving fulfillments. Suriname is part of the whole. Do not underestimate this. Let us continue as a large group together and move stronger.

Suriname is our Heaven on Earth

The new world is characterized by this loving group awareness. The deeply felt recognition that we are all ONE. If we live by this invocation, we bring heaven to earth. Or rather, we will see that the earth IS heaven. And even more that we as Surinamese as a unity will and will continue to be a further example for the world. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

This new awareness/consciousness is accompanied by the realization that we have lived in a big bubble so far, in a world full of misconceptions and illusions. The drive for power and money prevailed and we had to work a lot to keep everything going.

Many people believed almost everything the media and politics told us. Their certainties were based on these destructive structures and were far removed from universal truth and thus from their own wisdom. I hope that you as a reader can still follow me.

Our way in the world is to create conditions in which others can find safety and satisfaction.

Learn to look through the eyes of your own soul. Because never forget …

We are divine beings who have an experience as a human being.

Changing of Power in Switi Sranang Kondre

The energetic change that we are now going through takes place on many levels, not just politically. At the geopolitical level, in local communities and in the soul of every individual. Yes, you too as a citizen of the country called Suriname.

Where the new awareness takes shape, the new world also begins to manifest itself. Whether this will be a long and painful process or a quick and smooth transition depends on the extent to which we are open to the new energy flow.

It will certainly not go by itself, because the old world is resisting a lot. This attempts to maintain the old structures with medical and military coercion, among other things. In its utmost consequence, the earth becomes a slave planet. Silenced and defiled individuals living under the knot of a ruthless world government. That is the dream of the old rulers, but not ours. No, not from our beloved Republic of Suriname.

In the end, the best dream wins.

Let’s help them with that! Above all, let us realize that we are all ourselves. The world is a reflection of our consciousness. So the fear of the old rulers is also our own fear. If we free ourselves from that, we also deliver these opponents.

Getting rid of your own fear

The Higher Self invites you to go in, relax first and let go of all your luggage. Not being busy with all kinds of assignments, but just BEING. We are not human doings but human beings.

If you can let go of everything, you can start by focusing your attention on something that you find pleasant and relaxing.

This way you learn to focus your attention effortlessly and in the meantime you also learn to really be present in the now, in the moment. Such a form of presence is strongly linked to your intuition. It is ubiquity, omniscience, multidimensional consciousness. It is the ENERGY. Living in connection with all that is around you, is making you feel free and positive. That’s how you’re led. Here you find the truth of the moment and you are free from fear.

The real truth is based on trust. There is nothing to lose because it knows that its origin is universal, a multidimensional consciousness. The real Self Truth knows where we come from and where we move collectively. But first… what is hidden must now be revealed.

In silence and full of confidence I keep feeding my idea, I see it as a perfect shape in my mind. I just have to wait for it to manifest. I fully realize that I can participate in the principle of abundance and that everyone can do it.

I know that the Universe is listening to me and that the universal substance and the power of my own soul will fill every pure desire, so that it will take its form on earth in Suriname. Because the development of our inner consciousness, the knowledge of our real nature and origin, belongs to every person. Only we have the ability to wake ourselves up and embrace new lifestyles, helping each other. Now is the time for a spiritual re-evolution. A new world is born from the old world. We are in the middle of heavy contractions. This transmutation is not without a struggle. Suriname is our Heaven on earth.

The old rulers do not like such powerful intentional groups and dynamic local networks. They prefer to see isolated individuals, because they are more manageable and controllable. Everything that contributes to these small, maneuverable, self-healing, self-sufficient and self-managing cores is thus crossed out by Mr. Global. Because of the transformation and the knowledge that is now released by many, we will remember who we really are: multidimensional beings. We used to be able to identify with, for example, a religion, now something else is asked from us these days. Your self –responsibility is needed. Dispel the illusion of separateness. We are ONE.

Dear all, with this article I hope that I have given everyone and in particular the population of the Republic of Suriname a real trigger to wake up and thus give their contribution and support to the new Government of Suriname.

Suriname a Unique Nation where it’s people live and work in Peace, Unity and Harmony.

It is a fantastic nation created by God.

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Always do something you love. . .

Oil improvement information( Data collection) could help fuel Guyana eco-tourism industry


From the

Digital Desk of the

Caribbean Blog Authority

Image result for bird watching in guyana
Bird Watchers in action.

An abundance of information gathered during the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for ExxonMobil’s third proposed seaward improvement in Guyana could help support the South American nation’s notoriety for being a prime bird watching hot spot in the Caribbean. Guyana is a neighbouring country of Suriname, both based on the South American continent.

In a special Environmental Impact Assessment the revelation of new bitd species in Guyana are recorded. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the discoveries of new bitd species were done in the span of two years spreaded over 117 destinations in different Regions. In the EIA it is indicated that 230 types of winged animals were recorded. This brings out that it is an expansion of 22 more species of what was recently known.

As per the Assessment, “Seaside destinations represented 212 species and island locales represented 140 species, with 121 species found at both beach front and island locales. It kept on pointing out that a considerable lot of the species recorded in the Coastal zone during the investigation were recently reported here.

Image result for bird watching in guyana
Some nice bird in Guyana.

Mitra Ramkumar, the President of The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), says that this data can be utilized to additionally support the nation’s notoriety for being a top bird watching destination for the world.

Ramkumar said bird watching is a significant fascination in the ecotourism business and has been assuming a key job in carrying guests to the nation.

“Bird watching is one of the attractions, that is the thing that draw in individuals to come to Guyana. Along these lines, as far as new species included, when somebody chooses where they will go for birding—and they accomplish something very similar for fish—they will verify what are the ones that they see as of now and afterward they take a gander at the other birding list and in the event that they see that there’s a bird that they never observed, at that point they will go to your goal to see that flying creature,” the THAG President clarified.

Guyana as of late got the Latin American Travel Association’s (LATA’s) “Best in Sustainable Tourism” grant. The nation received this recognition during LATA’s “Experience Latin America” held in the UK.


The New Sandy Beach in Nickerie, Suriname…


The Solar Paradise of the West

As the Caribbean Blog Authority I am watching the trends on national, regional and international levels. While the Amazon, the lungs of the earth is on fire, nature created a small piece of sandy beach at the river mouth of the Nickerie river in Suriname, South America.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, beach, ocean, outdoor and nature
The Beach where soon a lot of things are going to unfold.

Horizon Expeditions owner/director Lorenzo M. Ramcharan who is running for years in the tourism sector, has seen a great potential in exploring the new created beach. With his fantastic view, he took the lead to make it from nothing to something for the district of Nickerie. Yes he has seen deeply that there are potentials. In me very own opinion I empower this initiative and also see great potentials that can create a new hot spot in Nickerie. A beach spot not far from home at home, but also a natural spot for visitors.

Beach Explorer/Entrepreneur Lorenzo M. Ramcharan (SACRAMENTO)

Let me make clear that once good explored and managed, this beach will become very attractive to even foreigners. Beside the sandy part, visitors will also be able to enjoy the flora and fauna. Horizon Expeditions make it the best to become.

Bear the following in mind my dear friends.`

Going to the beach can be a really fun and exciting time, especially if it’s the beginning of the summer. However, there are also some times when the whole process of going to and getting ready for the beach can be more trouble than it’s worth. But don’t worry… Go and get the vibes in nature.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and nature
Life on the Beach
Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and nature

Getting that summer vibe

Ever want a summer vibe? Although it’s always summer in Nickerie, Suriname, that feeling that you’re literally living in the moment during the summertime? Listening to “beach music” can certainly do the job most of the time, but not every time. Literally being outdoors on a beach will do the trick every time, making you realize that it is indeed summer and the weather is perfect.

Everything on the Beach

Getting up at ass o’ clock on this piece of nature

If you want to get a good vibe of this beach spot, you have to get up so early.

No photo description available.
A Sky Shot of the New Beach taken by Captain Glenn Nithoer

Experience the Atlantic ocean from nearby

With created opportunity any beach lover can experience the Atlantic Ocean

On a hot summer day, the ocean is such a refreshing experience. Whether you’re just walking by the ocean or you’re boogie boarding or swimming around, the ocean is lit. You almost forget for a moment that it can be dangerous as shit with rough waves and dangerous creatures. But don’t worry Horizon Expeditions is surely taking care of this part as well. As an old camper I absolutely love bush cooked food. So at this beach you can all enjoy that for sure. A new staycation for you and your love once to enjoy.

Dear Folks, I can write further, but I will stick right here. Horizon Expeditions make this opportunity the best you can. Keep it funny, sunny, safe till the end of time. You all have my personal blessings.

There you have it! What’s your beach mood, are you feelin’ it or not feelin’ it?

The Caribbean Blog Authority.




SURINAME must resolutely withdraw the train card
Make SURINAME the center for international train travel

Without flying, but still traveling wonderfully between the three Guyana's. Definitely a dream that can really be realized through good policy. It is a strong initiative that will certainly encourage people to respond negatively, but even more so to encourage people to travel more ecologically.

And look: In the end, these doom-mongers are also making good use of traveling. For the coming period, there is certainly work to be done for the three Guyanese governments to work together to make a good travel product out of it.

Suriname can play an important pioneering role with the support of experts.

Pioneering role for Suriname

With a perfect long-term vision and mission, I believe that Suriname will be able to draw and earn a lot in this.
Transport by train seems to be an impossible puzzle, but it is to be done at this time in order to travel efficiently via air and road networks via a railroad (traveling between the three Guyana's).
Isn’t it not great for all of us to be able to act as the central hub. Why do not we all make Suriname then a real center for international train traffic.

All ingredients are present.

Suriname is good and has a great appearance as a country with the most green in the world. In the future it can further map out for the international train passengers.

The benefits for us as a country will be enormous and will bring about a certain economic spin off. Just think of the extra jobs that extra trade matters bring to an international train station, or the coordination of an extensive Inter Guyana’s train network.
In addition, travelers will also be more inclined to include a day to/from Suriname, Guyana or French Guiana in their travel plans. Furthermore,  interested people will join. In addition, you will also gain more time to travel between the three Guyana's.

Long live the train, but can it be cheaper? 

Every beginning will be severe and will cause teething problems, but nonetheless it will bring benefits and open ways to more possibilities. I am convinced that with today's technology, a train has far less CO2 emissions than an airplane. Check-in and check-out often cost you hours when flying and an airport is often outside the city, which also means a lot of time and frustration. I already place myself in such a unique train connection that runs along the three Guyana's. While traveling you will enjoy much more of the green landscape. You will make a pleasant stopover and yes, if you wish, you can make more comfortable comparisons with fellow travelers from all corners of the world. A train connection will also become a social service to transport people to and from various destinations. Furthermore, it contributes to a certain extent to our commitment to achieving the climate targets and keeping them manageable, you create many more jobs and our country can generate more. It seems a logical step for me and many others, but somewhere deep it remains silent for the time being. In addition, there are a few measures that would make rail passengers so much more comfortable. Simple reservation systems, and much more. Oh yes, maybe this railway of the future is also the new alternative to take your bike or something similar. The possibilities are there, the tracks are there, the lines are there, now the countries have to sit together to coordinate everything. 

Making the right choices

But unfortunately, the reverse choices have been made in recent years. Where this would be, I leave you as a reader to ravel about it. What I can say is that it is not too late to get back on the right track.
The sometimes incomprehensible evolution can certainly be better understood later on and development can be rolled out effortlessly.

For me, the three Guyana's of the future is a unique part of the continent of South America where ecological and responsible travel is the easiest and cheapest choice for travel within the borders.

The three Guyana's where the card for the train is decisively pulled, with less CO2 emissions, less time loss and more travel pleasure as a result.

Certainly know that the world traveler is ready, now politics has to follow and the right choices are to be made.

This is only a real trigger for anyone who thinks positively and certainly has faith that things can actually be realized.

The Caribbean Blog Authority keeps a close eye on developments in the world and has a passion for various things that influence our lives both internally and externally. As a little Futurist / Trend Watcher, he will continue to trigger in length of days. Continue to follow him via