How to become Mentally Strong and Calm your Mind


Everyone desires to live a balanced and healthy life, and this reflects in the type of foods we choose to eat or ignore, exercising our body regularly, and seeing a doctor when we feel the symptoms of sickness. There is another aspect to our overall well-being that most people rarely give the right attention to; mental health.

Some Amazing Acts Mentally Strong People Don't Do

Think about it for a minute: when was the last time you assessed your mental health, and what are you consciously doing to improve your mental state?

If you barely know the simple routines you can start to practice today to improve your brain function and mental health, these next tips will suffice.

1. Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that is achieved when you become fully aware of your present moment. It makes you accept and own up to your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and body sensations without judgment, denying, or shying away from them.

It encourages you to live in the moment, such that you’re not anxious about what the future holds, nor are you worried about any negative experiences of the past.

To practice this, you can start by becoming more conscious of your everyday routine and take note of how your mind and body react to smells, sounds, or even tastes.

This awareness may not happen overnight, as you could even fail to notice as much as you should. But if you persevere, it’ll become second nature and improve your mental health.

2. Stop Excessive Thinking

Have you ever felt so lost in thought that you forget about your present environment? If you’re in the habit of overthinking about anything, make up your mind from now on to stop; Because it does more harm to your mental health than good.

If you find yourself overthinking, try doing these:

A. Incorporate 15 minutes of Thinking Time into your daily routine and keep to it. When your time is up, move on with other activities.

B. Focus only on things you can control, and instead of thinking about a problem too much, start by writing out 5-10 solutions. It will challenge and calm your thoughts.

C. Move on to something else; a project, an activity, etc that can distract you.

3. Be Organized

One of the underlying causes of poor mental health is disorders. It could be at work or even at home, but it always has the same effects every time.

Here are some of the best ways to organize for your mental health:

A. Break down your goals into bite-sized pieces that make them easier to achieve.

B. Remove distractions and declutter.

C. Perfection is great to attain, but normalize your desire to make everything perfect; it often puts you under too much mental pressure.

4. Regular Exercise:

When some people hear ‘exercise,’ what comes to their mind is running on a treadmill or doing something as strenuous as lifting weights, but exercise does not always have to be that way.

Exercise can be as simple as taking a 10-minute walk. Engaging in regular workouts gives you clearer thoughts and memories, helps reduce stress, and allows you to sleep well at night.

If you are struggling with staying consistent with your workout routine, you can enroll in a gym close to you; that way, you can connect with other people who could hold you accountable.

5. Practise Gratitude:

This simply means you are thankful for the things you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Practicing gratitude sounds very easy, but it could be challenging, especially during tough times.

However, once you master it, you tend to live a happier and more fulfilling life. You may have observed that people who practice gratitude are more optimistic about life than those who do not.

Make it a habit to write out at least things 5 you are grateful for every morning. This would help set the tone of your day the right way.

6. Take a break from Social Media:

With the increasing rate of cyberbullying, social comparison, and toxicity on social media, taking social media breaks is not an option but a necessity for the sake of your sanity.

We can’t deny the fact that social media has bridged the communication gap that existed before the introduction of the internet and social media. But we also know that it can cause anxiety, undue pressure, mental fatigue that comes from too much comparison, and the need to be available online most of the time.

Take a break from social media from time to time; your mental health will thank you for that.

7. Open Up To Someone

Let’s admit it, talking to someone else about your mental health might not seem like an option you prefer, but it is one of the best ways to a speedy recovery. It is okay to look vulnerable at times like this, but once you get the mental help you need, you could be the one extending the same support to others.

A. Ideally, if you have a friend or family member you can confide in, go ahead and talk to them about your mental state.

B. On the other hand, you may prefer to remain anonymous and join an online support group where you can bare all your worries.

C. If that still doesn’t work for you, consider booking an appointment with a doctor or find a local support group that can help you every step of the way.

If you practice any of these, you’ll see lots of improvement in your mental health.

Some people benefit from being naturally mentally tough, but it can be  taught to those who aren't

Are you okay in your seat? Do this quick check


We sit too much. Especially now that we stay at home and work from home as much as possible. This can be disastrous for our posture. Sitting a lot quickly results in low back pain. Our backs don’t like it at all if we take the same position for a long time. Do you recognize yourself in this? For a good sitting position, do this quick body check: buttocks, elbow, chin, in, shoulders, knees.

COVID-19: Zoom downloads explode as people work from home

Start at your buttocks. Make sure that your buttocks are completely against the back of the chair. Then place a small, firm cushion between the hollow of your back and the backrest. This way you easily maintain the natural shape of your back while sitting.

Keep your elbows bent at an angle of ninety degrees. This means that your desk should be exactly that height to support your elbows when typing. If your office chair has adjustable armrests, make sure to adjust it to the same height as your desktop or table.

Make sure your chin is parallel to the floor. Complaints such as neck and headaches are often caused by staring at a screen that is set too low or too high for too long. To prevent this, it is best to place your screen in front of you and at a good height.

pull your chin in slightly. Many people stick out their chins when they look at a screen. By slightly retracting your chin, you ensure that your chin falls just slightly behind your collarbones.

Crooked shoulders are not thanked by your spine. To avoid a crooked posture, gently roll your shoulders down and back. You should feel the muscles in your upper back become active.

Bend your knees ninety degrees, and put your feet on the floor. A good sitting position starts at your feet, make sure they are flat on the floor at all times when sitting.

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Did you know that the average person like me and you spends nearly nine hours a day sitting? While scientific research has shown that it is not good for you. For example, it increases the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, but also of type 2 diabetes. All the more reason to take the leg wagon more often: 9 reasons to walk more today.

1. Good for muscles and bones

First of all, walking is good for your muscles and bones. It makes them stronger and therefore reduces the chance of developing osteoporosis (bone loss).  
Frequent loading of bones makes them stronger and you even build new bone mass. In addition, it is also good for the cartilage, the elastic tissue between the bones.

2. Good for the heart and blood vessels

Walking for at least thirty minutes every day lowers blood pressure and blood cholesterol. It also improves the condition of the heart and blood vessels. The risk of heart problems already falls by 50 percent if people are active for one hour a week.

3. Good for diabetes

Walking or walking every day gives a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. It not only lowers the risk of developing diabetes. Even if you have diabetes, it is good to walk.

4. Good for the brain

For people who remain physically (and mentally) active throughout their lives, the risk of Alzheimer’s is reduced by 20 to 50 percent. Walking is also healthy for those who already suffer from dementia. Walkers are more cheerful and their memory functions better.

5. Good for the lungs

Those who walk a lot increase the capacity of the lungs to absorb oxygen.

6. Good for depression

Walking works against STRESS and depressive feelings. Anxiety disorders decrease by almost half.

7. Good for the night’s rest

Walking and daylight is good for the biological clock, which makes falling asleep and sleeping better. The quality of your sleep will also improve.

8. Good for being overweight

Running well for an hour (5 kilometers per hour) costs around 240 kilo calories. If you walk for half an hour every day, you can lose a lot of weight: one kilo in two months and six kilos in a year.

9. Good for digestion

Moving and therefore also walking stimulates digestion and prevents clogging of the intestines.

By taking a one-off walk, these health effects do not, of course, occur immediately. You will only notice the benefits if you regularly walk and walk. Start today, because what you immediately notice is the positive effect on your mood! So why not start now after you have read this blog.

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Entrepreneurs:You can do this to become as fit as possible

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailWe all want to be as old as possible and preferably stay healthy for as long as possible. Of course we do not have this in our own hands, but there are a number of things that can make you grow as healthy as possible. As a blogger I am also doing my workouts regularly to stay healthy. Anyway read further !

A healthy diet and weight

Try to eat healthy and varied daily. If you mainly choose pure, unprocessed products, you quickly eat healthy. In addition, make sure that you do not eat the same every day and you ensure that you not only eat healthy, but also get all the nutrients that you need. As a result, there are fewer shortages and you will therefore less easily suffer from certain ailments. In addition, by healthy eating you also maintain a healthy weight faster, which also benefits your health. Of course you may also at times something less healthy, but you could also make this yourself. For example, create a healthy variant. So you can make great brownies from kidney beans or chickpeas and natural sugars.

Move on it

You know by now that it is important to move sufficiently. It is best to move every day. This does not have to be a very intensive workout right away. A quiet walk is also fine. Especially when you get older, exercise can have even more benefits than when you are younger. Motion is also seen as a way of falling prevention. You keep your balance better and you also keep your muscles smoother. Domestic tasks, such as vacuuming and gardening, are also counted under movement.

Stay away from these resources

Resources like tobacco and alcohol are not very good for health and you better skip. Occasionally a glass of alcohol in its time would not be that bad, but limit this use. But we can also better skip certain resources that are available in the supermarket for soft drinks. Not only the soft drinks themselves, but also the extremely sweet energy drinks full of sugars and caffeine. Your body will thank you if you skip these products.

What do you do to stay as healthy as possible?


Entrepreneurs :Benefits of Meditation for Your Beating Heart


Meditation is an antique practice – often using quiet contemplation, deep breathing or sustained focus on a phrase, color or sound – that helps an individual let go of stress and feel peaceful together with maintaining a relaxed state of mind.

People meditate for several reasons. For some it is a spiritual journey that has to do with expansion of awareness and perception of life. Some are interested in its benefits for health and general well-being. Others simply want to relax. Nowadays it is more often practiced to clear the mind and at the same time to ease many health concerns related to stress, including high blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

The positive effect of meditation comes from deep relaxation when both the body and mind are refreshed and revitalized. This yields many immediate, as well as long lasting health benefits, primarily for the heart. Some of them include:

  • Lowering heart rate
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Reducing harmful hormones
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Improving sleep.

It has long been known that psychological stress increases activation of the sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis. This makes the body release harmful hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which leads to faster heart rate, increased cardiac output and narrowing of arteries.

When the stressor is gone, hormone levels typically subside and stability is restored. However, when the stress-reaction process is repeated over and over again, stress becomes chronic and the system breaks down. This is called allostatic load and can result in an increase in physiological issues that compromise the immune system, create elevated blood pressure and accelerate atherosclerotic processes, leading to acute plaque rupture and resulting in coronary heart disease, angina and stroke.

Here is what science says about how meditation can be beneficial for reducing cardiovascular disease:

Lowering blood pressure. A 2013 study showed that regular mindfulness-based stress reduction activities were able to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure over a period of 8 weeks.

Reducing stress and releasing feeling of tension. A 2015 study reported significant reduction of stress and anxiety after engaging in meditation for a few minutes a day over a period of time.

Improving sleep. Mindfulness meditation improves quality of sleep and can be used for treating insomnia.

Boosting the immune system. Researches at University of Wisconsin reported ‘demonstrable effects on brain and immune function’ after an 8-week period of meditation.

Reducing inflammation. Since chronic inflammation is involved in all stages of atherosclerosis, reducing inflammation is essential in heart disease. A study by Wisconsin-Madison University has found that meditation, adjunct to dietary and exercise programs, helps reduce underlying inflammatory processes.

Thus, by consistently practicing meditation you can reduce activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn reduces stress hormones, provides stress relief and dilates blood vessels, providing benefit to the heart. This practice can be done anywhere at any time, but complimentary to diet, exercise and prescribed medications, where applicable.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail


FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailHello Entrepreneurs,

As entrepreneur you are moving frequently in many ways. Did you know that you also must pay attention to your own beauty and health situation. O yes don’t get too busy. In this blog You will find some good steps to help you look youthful like entrepreneur.

The mystery of the young has been looked since long time prior. Numerous scientists have done a few examinations to discover approaches to back off the maturing procedure.

There are a few strategies which have been actualized, however the most critical things for us to do are being predictable in executing sound way of life and dietary patterns.

We can’t stop the common change, yet we can in any case look more youthful in the event that we need to endeavor to back off the maturing procedure.

In this manner, I will help you with 10 simple strides to make you look more youthful:

Detox – It’s vital to begin detoxification, disposing of poison from our body. Our body digestion has done that procedure, yet in regular daily existence we are presented to such a large number of substance dangers from air, sustenance and condition. Fasting or simply expending foods grown from the ground are approaches to detoxify our body.

Rest – Having enough rest no less than 6-8 hours a day will make our skin more advantageous. Having a decent rest is additionally imperative since development hormone is working amid that time. It recharges the old cell of our body, incorporate the skin cell. Our skin will look crisp and youthful in the event that we have enough rest.

Sustenance – Eating sound and safe nourishment ordinary will make our body fit, thin and furthermore look more youthful. Endeavor to eat more fish rather than red meat. Fiber nourishment, vegetables, natural products, and supplements are imperative sustenance to devour. Drink less espresso and other caffeine refreshments.

Exercise – Through routine exercise, we will feel more joyful, lively, and certain. It likewise builds our bone thickness and muscle which can make our body look 15-20 years more youthful. Alongside oxygen consuming, strolling, and swimming, goes additionally to the rec center to do lifting exercise.

Unwind – By attempting to be casual, our face will look more youthful. Stress and stresses show up all over. On the off chance that we can deal with our anxiety and feel settled, our face will look more youthful and appealing.

Be Positive – A positive personality and certification we said can convey constructive life to us. Negative idea have a tendency to bring disappointment and make us look more established and ugly. Contemplation is one approach to make positive considerations.

Therapeutic Check-up – Just like an auto, our body additionally needs consideration and care so it can function admirably regular. Having routine restorative checkups amid our sound time is imperative to perceive infections as quickly as time permits.

Dynamic Life – Always attempt to be dynamic amid your life. Exercises can build well being; and in the event that you are in your senior age, your memory will increment as well.

Social Life – Happy social life can expands our soul, bring serene personality, and make us feel and look more youthful. Correspondence with our companions, family, neighbors, associates, and others can convey bliss to us.

Execution – Start to take a gander at our execution. Is our body weight perfect for us? If not, endeavor to settle that to the best perfect weight. Likewise look to the skin, hair, nail and teeth. Those are critical as they will demonstrate our age. Looks great and feels cooperative attitude increment our execution.