What I do when I don’t feel like working


Like everyone else, sometimes I don’t feel like working. Fortunately, I found a way to deal with that productivity.

I’m a bit drawn out

I Dont Want To Work Today – T-Shirt – Enjoy Denial

I like my job. I love writing blogs. But not always. And sometimes that’s a problem, because things just have to happen . When you work for an employer, you pull yourself together and just do as you are asked. But that’s not how it works when you work for yourself.

I can manage my own time. So if I don’t feel like working I can just daydream all afternoon without anyone getting mad at me. With the exception of my future self, of course. Because if I’ve procrastinated in the past, I’ll have to pay for it now , and that doesn’t make me happy.

Anyway, if I don’t feel like working then I will postpone. Hanging out on YouTube, playing useless games or chatting about useless games.

But like I said, sometimes things just have to happen.

So what do I do? I’m doing something crazy.

I release myself

Precisely. I release myself. Now I have a huge toolkit of techniques to reduce procrastination (you can create your own toolkit) . But if the task has some slack, this is my favorite technique. If I find that I don’t want to work, I give myself permission not to work .

I say to myself, “Fine, you don’t have to work. You have the rest of the day off.”

That feels very nice. Why? In the first place because being free is just nice. It means I can get on with YouTube and do other things guilt-free . Being lazy without feeling like you should be doing something is the best form of being lazy.

It feels like summer vacations when I was a teenager. No responsibilities, no obligations, no homework. Pure fantastic-ness.

By letting go of myself, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Because if I think I should write a great article, but I can’t do it, I feel bad. Then I consider myself a loser. And that feels terrible.

But if I tell myself it’s fine. I do not need to write if I do not want. Then I feel light and free.

And then something even crazier happens .

I feel like working!

Yep. That’s how it almost always works. I tell myself, “I can game for the rest of the day if I want.”

And then I feel so free that I often think, “Okay, you know what – I’ll just write this article and then I’ll just relax.”

And suddenly there is an article on my screen . And that feels good. After which I think to myself: “Hmm – I’ll answer these emails before I start gaming.” And voilà, the mailbox is empty!

Sometimes I put my laptop away at this point and do indeed relax. But often one leads to the other. And my to-do list is finished and I don’t even feel the need to game anymore.

In fact, I often feel so happy and energized from completing tasks that I decide to go for a run or do something useful.

Nice stuff.

I Just change my mind

High paying jobs for people who don't want to grow up or work in an office  - Workopolis Blog

The situation does not change. Just changing my mind about the situation. And this makes me suddenly behave very differently.

Because if I don’t, I’m going to stare at my screen all afternoon without doing anything. That I might as well do something else useless that makes me happy. And as soon as I allow myself that, it suddenly becomes much less annoying to work for a while.

And you know – often this is also the best remedy for procrastination in the future. For the bow cannot always be tense. If I don’t feel like working, it’s often because I’m tired or stressed. A bit of lounging around will make me feel like tomorrow.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Perhaps the strange technique will help you too. Give yourself the freedom to your tasks do not perform, and see what happens.

You may also suddenly feel like finishing a few tasks. Doesn’t it help you? No worries. Set up your own list to help you reduce procrastination.


Artificial intelligence strong key to realize the dream of digital India! today


AI has been on the radar of tech innovation for some time, but it is in the last decade that AI has acquired a groundbreaking status as businesses around the world are looking to … AI has been on the radar of tech innovation for some time, but it is in the past decade that AI has acquired groundbreaking status as companies around the world are looking to implement AI in some The New Vantage Partners in 2019 found that 92% of survey respondents globally were already investing heavily in AI. Artificial intelligence is the key to realizing the dream of digital India!

What is Artificial Intelligence? How Does AI Work? | Built In

The same survey also reported that 21% of survey respondents, including big names like AIG, Bank of China, and Johnson & Johnson are investing over $ 500 million in AI. The growing urgency to implement AI can be understood from the fact that automation is now a necessity and embracing the power of AI is vital for the organization s to savor the success I know in the era of IR 4.0 But what is India’s position when it comes to AI and associated powerful technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning?


As India aims to complete digital transformation and build a billionaire digital economy, the country needs to strengthen its AI capabilities across all of its industries. What is the Indian government doing? On May 30, 2020, the Indian government launched the national artificial intelligence portal called INDIA ai with the aim of building the most complete AI ecosystem.

How Smart is Artificial Intelligence? | by MIT IDE | MIT Initiative on the  Digital Economy | Medium

This is a big step as it will provide a common platform for accessing artificial intelligence resources in the country and also a platform for introducing government initiatives that will be crucial in introducing AI to all industrial domains of the country. The government had predicted the plan in 2018 only with NITI Aayog, the Indian think tank that publishes a paper on how artificial intelligence can help India add $ 1 trillion to its economy, provided it can get full integration with AI.

Earlier in 2017 the Department of Commerce and Industry had launched an AI task force to transform the economy! Now, with the launch of the AI ​​portal, the government is confident that it is taking all the right steps. How enthusiastic is the Indian private sector about AI?

Accenture in a 2019 research report stated that by 2035 the Indian economy could receive around 957 billion dollars if the full potential of AI can be realized in the country! Obviously such calculations now need to be reanalyzed given the impact of the COV id-19 pandemic in India.

However, things are actually not that sad when looking at the number of AI start-ups in Indian cities like Bangalore and Pune and also to the amount of investment India is receiving from leading companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. The Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) reports that the Indian retail sector itself is expected to see massive growth and could even double by the end of 2024 with an overall valuation of $ 1.4 trillion.

This is where AI can be very useful as organizations are looking to digitize due to challenges such as disrupted supply chains during the national lockdown. Integrating AI into a company’s digital strategy will be immensely beneficial to both the market and the industry as a whole Realizing its immense potential, Facebook has invested Rs 43,574 crore in Reliance Jio platforms, which is the most great FDI in the technology sector of India!

The e-commerce sector is another industrial sector in India that is ripe with opportunities for AI-driven strategies For example, Swiggy, a Bangalore electronic platform for food delivery services, is already relying on intelligence artificial for managing its mobile app, using chat bots to provide excellent customer service and for a good marketing strategy. Other e-commerce initiatives in India are too. already uses artificial intelligence as the Indian market is the largest in the world! Indian cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and Delhi are also home to numerous AI-powered companies such as Manthan, Haptik and SigTuple.

Challenges in embracing the power of AI in India The main challenge in adopting AI in India is the lack of AI experience and skilled workforce. That is why the government is providing good incentives to set up artificial intelligence institutes in India and also encourage young graduates to acquire AI skills.

Guide To Understanding Artificial Intelligence - ReadWrite

Other challenges include a lack of data or data sharing initiatives, a lack of intensified research on artificial intelligence, and poor awareness. To conclude, AI is making good progress in India as both the government and the private sector have recognized its potential!


Caribbean [CARICOM] Leaders Need More Design Thinking In Government


Hello folks. Hope you are doing well so far in this COVID-19 period.

As I follow what is happening in and around the world, I want to stick in this blog to Design Thinking in Government. Especially that Caribbean Leaders need more Design Thinking in Government to succeed more.

I am design and created by mother nature. Everything is designed. Design is not only just what it will looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Everywhere you can use design thinking. Yes even my car insurance company uses design.

Design Thinking is nothing more then a user-centered (people centered) approach to problem solving.

Actually in my own opinion Design Thinking is less about thinking, but more about doing. You just start from what people, users, customers, consumers etc. need or want to do.

In this case EMPATHY is the key. It is not about you. You need the ability to understand and share the feelings of others a very good way.

Design Thinking stimulates you to look at situations differently and come up with new effective solutions that go beyond and improve existing alternatives.

Integrative thinking is key. You need the ability to look at the different aspects of a problem.

Stop discussing start working. Make ideas tangible. Prototyping is thinking with your hands. Test your hypnotises. I do hope you can follow me so far.

In daily life, we experience how leaders are struggling to succeed. The road to success does not follow a straight line. The more you are able to loop through (understand, create, learn), the higher the chance you have for good results.

When things aren’t running your way, this is the frustrating whirlwind ride we all go on. Disagreements between people and parties keep us from making any stable form of progress. They happen very often, and we are so uncompromising that Government Shutdown might as well be considered a trend.

I my humble opinion politicians live in a bubble, where they shut themselves in a cave for a period of time only to emerge gloriously with ludicrously lengthy bills, preaching their so called glory as if they reached their solution by grace and wisdom of God. Furthermore they simply pass what they think they should pass; sometimes they pass what has an earmark with their name on it.  And if or when things fail, they repeal the entirety of it, and try again.

In order for Government especially in the Caribbean region to better serve their people, their process should be user-centered9 people centered). Yes clear by the people, for the people.

Leaders need to thoroughly research the problems themselves. Who are the people most affected by the problem. What is the problem, really! How does it impact the people and how can we try to solve it, and never taking biased view from the perspective of special interest groups or corporate entities that seek financial or regulatory gain. Once we identify a problem and hypothesis, we test, Test and iterate.

The easiest way for us to start is to iterate upon that which already exists. The best solutions come with research and iteration. And the iterations must be watched with a sharp, keen eye, as to identify problems the instant they become visible, so as to buffer any major impact they may create down to road.

For myself, I work within the realm of user- centered design and its benefits are very familiar to me. Design Thinking is a scientific, human-centered, and empathetic process that yields the best designed solutions. It gets us together in to a platform of understanding the people and their problems; with firm understanding and empathy, along with daily continuous innovation, we can create the best solutions.

With this blog I hope that more people can and will agree that regardless of political party of stance, a government educated and practicing design thinking methodologies will help us all to establish/create a more perfect running country, community, union etc.

Design Thinking is not always the answer to every single problem. Keep that in mind.

For some questions you will need rational thinking, spreadsheets, presentations and even more women and men in suits to come to a valid answer. If you as a leader want to become more effective train yourself in Design Thinking.

I am leaving you with the following words : Empathise, Observe, Engage, Watch and Listen….


Five interesting developments in tech for 2020


Change is a constant factor in the fast-moving world of technology. New products and trends come and go so fast that it is difficult to keep up with, but if an organization wants to avoid the risk of falling behind, it is a must to keep abreast of current developments.

Image result for trends 2020

1. Super-fast technology at your fingertips At
speeds up to 100 times higher than its predecessor, 5G will be the second largest evolution in the telecom industry. It promises super-fast download speeds and a lower latency. However, the arrival of 5G also means that companies must prepare for the implementation of this technology both in the workplace and beyond.
Smartphones bring the possibilities of 5G directly within reach. It is therefore expected that we can expect a doubling when it comes to the smartphone as a favorite device in the workplace. And as the adaptation and value of flexible devices such as the smartphone increase, so too will the demand for products to better protect these devices.
Organizations will have to adapt the workplace and work floor to the modern needs of employees in order to facilitate a seamless experience for various devices for them.

2. Security remains a priority
2019 After the introduction of the GDPR in 2018, the focus was on data protection. This also brought the debate about cyber security to the forefront, encouraging both organizations and consumers to pay more attention to their personal data. Yet cyber security is often limited to a silo, separate from the physical security of data, while the two are nevertheless inextricably linked.
To illustrate, all you have to do is look at the example of Heathrow Airport in the UK. They received a fine of no less than 120,000 pounds last October after a staff member lost a USB stick that was later found by a citizen. This example shows that a seemingly small error can have large and expensive consequences. A lost USB stick or lost smartphone can already be enough to expose the confidential data of an organization. In 2020, the focus on combining cyber and physical security will grow.

3. Sustainability is gaining importance
In the past year we have seen enough examples of greenwashing and sustainability commitments that have not been met. However, sustainability will continue to gain in importance in 2020. The changing wishes of customers require companies to take action in all different areas.
Resellers and cooperation partners demand transparency in the field of sustainability from their suppliers. After all, every organization will set high standards for its environmental policy across the board.
As a small organization, it is easier to set up a short supply chain for sustainability, but as the size of the company grows, it can become difficult to keep all levels green. It is the responsibility of the organization to encourage this change and to be transparent in this. After all, customers appreciate and expect this from organizations. Sustainability is no longer just a USP, it will become a requirement in 2020.

4. Meeting the needs of the next generation
Flexible and remote work plays an essential role in 2020. Gen Z is entering the workplace and the arrival of this new generation will also change the role of technology. This new generation will incorporate the available technologies and policies employers pursue in their choice to get started. Being connected and flexible therefore becomes essential in recruiting the right talent. Think of linked functionalities on the shop floor, companies need hardware that has cloud capability and match the pace of the changing work ecosystem. This way, the right docking station can easily let an employee synchronize his devices and gadgets. Whereas a laptop replaced the fixed PC in ease of use at the time, the docking station will make a desk full of cables superfluous.

5. The role of the IT supplier is changing
Because both large and small organizations are turning to leaner models and processes to achieve optimum business efficiency, the amount of time and budget available for training and development can be limited. If fewer people are needed to do more, this means that companies will increasingly rely on their IT suppliers to train and guide them with the most suitable technology for integration into and outside the workplace. Companies that purchase IT devices and accessories for the workplace face an overwhelming possibility of choices that can ultimately be quite confusing.
In 2020 we will increasingly see existing IT suppliers as an extension of the organization. They provide valuable advice and help companies determine how technology can best add value to their activities.


It is actually your job.

But you hardly get it:
• Set out the main lines.
• Anticipate the future.
• Brainstorming, sparring, coaching, leadership.
It is simply too busy.
And not so crazy, too.
Once you have team members, the questions come.
And before you know it, you help your customers, your colleagues, team members - you actually help everyone!
And so you run for the rest of your life here on earth, from one fire to the next.
You are being lived. I can already see you laughing because you can find yourself in this.
Not only during working time, by the way.
They always know where to find you.
- Bad for your mood.
- Bad for your energy.
And so bad for the business.
Can't it be otherwise?
Try to jump out of the hamster wheel for yourself, just like others who have preceded you in professional leadership.
And now it's your turn!
Are you going to try to focus on daily reality and how you can maintain a certain pattern.
So that you are going to make big hits.
And once again you experience satisfaction from all your hard work.
I don't work in the evening.
Not on the weekend either.
And I start planning a ridiculously many holiday weeks every year.
Once it was very different.
When I just started working, I was doing as much work as possible.
And if, like me, you like variety, then your agenda and to do list are packed in no time.
Until I noticed that I hardly spent any time on my real work.
Think that and stuff.
That is where I actually add the most value.
From that moment on I started to study productivity.
In fact: I have started to delve more into how working could be done differently
And now I spend the majority of my working time thinking, writing, coaching and coming up with nice new things etc.
"I never succeed," you think.
"Because with me the phone rings all day."
And you have to meet.
And write reports.
And adapt to everything that your customers / colleagues and organization ask of you.
… Go on a journey of discovery
You discover exactly:
• why you are so busy
• how you still make time available for strategy and innovation
• how you set priorities
• and then your goals really hail
• how you maintain that focus
Eventually you will come to a complete master plan.
Feasible steps and concrete techniques.
There is enough to get to work with much more pleasure and to grow old healthily.
Let me know what you still do and will do to make your work more enjoyable.


FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailThe development of technology is constantly changing. By improving processes more and more, our lives are made ever easier. But I sometimes wonder, is that really necessary?Don’t we sometimes spend too much time in the technological tools, so that we forget what is really important?

What have changes in technology brought us?

For me it is important that technological innovation ensures that we can live ever more sustainability. Cars become more efficient, products last longer, packaging uses less and less plastic and companies can make better choices in their processes. We use technology to create a better environment and thus a better society.

It is good that as a company you can make more conscious choices with digitization . Using less paper is a good example of this. By improving processes and optimizing digitally, a company contributes to the sustainability of our society. The transformation of technology also helps a company to work smarter; processes cost less time, colleagues speak to each other via video instead of being in the car for an hour and a lot of costs are saved.

Loss of connection

Technological innovation also has a downside. In my opinion technology is driving people apart more and more. Our lives are getting busier, the agenda is increasingly full of appointments and we need more plans and multitasking . So our smartphone is glued to our hand and we regularly send, while we are talking to, also an app to a friend what we eat tonight, and you name it. We are less and less aware of events and lose contact with what is happening around us.

Just think about sending a Christmas card. How many people did you send a Christmas card last year? And how much did you receive there? We no longer choose to take the time for these activities. And yes, if you are talking about the environment, is not a digital card much better? Yet we do not always send it, and it does not always give the same feeling as when you receive a paper, handwritten card. A personal message does so much more. And how about doing an old-fashioned thing, so spontaneously between the companies? We do not actually have time or energy for that. Is not that much easier from the comfort of the Facetime or Skype?

Transformation of lifestyle

We can not imagine that we used a mobile phone just to call and text, not so long ago. Now our whole life is in our phone and it has become indispensable. Innovation and technology have really transformed our lifestyle in this way.

In the end innovation in technology has brought us a lot of beauty, and it has a positive influence on sustainability and our society. But let us consciously continue to deal with this change and not let it completely affect our lives. Then choose to go offline and live more consciously in the moment. And this year at Christmas? You might send a handwritten card to your loved ones again.

MERRY XMASFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail