A relevant question after that immense heat is knocking us daily in the Caribbean and in other parts of the world. Fortunately, the warm weather helps us to drink more water, although we have to drink even more than usual on those days. As the Caribbean Blog Authority, I like to shoot into your brains that you have to drink more water to stay in shape. Keep reading this blog and find out why drinking more water.

15 benefits of drinking water and other water facts

Fact: our bodies are made up of more than half of water.
In order to function properly, you must therefore also get enough water. Water serves as a building material, solvent, it helps you with the removal of waste products and it regulates your body temperature.

In practice I notice that drinking enough water is a challenge. Against all odds, some glasses of water are drunk during the day, but 1500 to 200 milliliters is by no means achieved. Maybe if all those cups of coffee are counted, but unfortunately, you guessed it: we don’t count those.

I therefore start almost every nutritional process with making sure that someone drinks enough water. But more importantly: I start to explain why water is so important, what dehydration can do to you and how you can find out that you are drinking too little.

Fact: the brain doesn’t distinguish between hunger and thirst.

Hunger and thirst are regulated by the hypothalamus (a part of the brain). We only think of hunger more quickly than of thirst and that is why we eat first and then drink. So it is wise to drink a large glass of water first. If your hunger/thirst doesn’t go away, it may be time to eat something.


1. Fatigue. Dehydration can cause fatigue and drowsiness, which can reduce daily activities and endurance during your workout.

2. The recovery of your muscle tissue slows down after training.

3. Low blood pressure. Low blood pressure in turn also causes fatigue and dizziness (mainly when standing up too quickly).

4. Your skin dries out and therefore feels tight. This causes skin aging faster.

5. Headaches! Too little fluid can cause the brain to temporarily shrink, causing it to separate from the skull. In addition to headaches, this can also cause other complaints, such as poor concentration, a bad memory, a negative mood and you can be less alert.

Fact: you can tell by the color of your urine whether you have drunk enough water.
The lighter your urine is more water you drank. If your urine is dark yellow, then you know that you really need to drink a little more water.

We Conclude with a Tip, Because How Can You Easily Drink More Water ?

Link drinking water to one or more events during your day. For example, drink one bottle of water (about half a liter) as soon as you get up, the next bottle of water during your coffee breaks and the last when you drive home or are cooking. Preferably you drink a larger amount in one go (also called bulk drinking) and not small sips throughout the day. In addition, it is much better for your body and digestion not to drink during or right after eating, but well before or well after eating.

Note :

Exaggerating is also a profession of course; you really don’t need to drink more than two liters of water a day, unless you have been exercising intensively or if you lose a lot of fluids due to the heat. Keep Drinking, Stay Safe and Healthy !!


Five blessings from a BURNOUT


Burnout seems to turn your life upside down in one go. But it is the other way around. Burn-out means that you have finally landed with both feet on the ground … It is not a curse, but a blessing. No blockage, but an opportunity.

Burnout is not a disease or weakness, but a sign of powerful self-healing capacity.


Blessing 1: Burn-out extends your life
Burn-out is a reminder that you have an expiration date. Anyone who is exposed to enormous stress every day will get a stomach ulcer, heart attack, or cancer … And in the end you will die from long-term stress, directly or indirectly, simply. A burnout prevents it from happening. You simply can no longer continue as before. You can therefore greatly thank your body. It does not let you down, but prevents you prematurely dying. Burn-out is a brilliant example of self-healing capacity.

Blessing 2: Burnout brings passion 
Various studies indicate that people on their deathbed mainly regret what they have not done. Of always postponing it. As if life is endless. A burnout tells you that NOW is the perfect time to not postpone anything for you. Take care of yourself. Live with attention. Follow your heart, passion and dreams. Spend more time with the people you love. Because not a single day returns. And, as the Little Orchestra once sang: started long ago …

Blessing 3: Burnout erases your old hard drive
If you get burned out, it is as if your internal hard drive has been erased. You become an empty head. Focusing on something is impossible. Even something as simple as making coffee can suddenly be a huge task. It seems like you’ve lost your mind. Don’t make the mistake of looking for it. After all, you cannot solve a problem with thought patterns that are the cause of it. Life only becomes truly worthwhile if you take this opportunity to change your mindset and thereby your actions.

Blessing 4: Burnout gives wings
Burnout is often mistakenly seen as a sign of weakness. While life is challenging you at that moment to experience your own strength. It is a transformation. You are no longer happy with the life you led. It is a too tight jacket that tears because you have grown too large. Like a cocoon bursts when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. And this person can fly into her freedom. Burnout is
your moment to spread your wings. It is not an end, but a fresh start. A chance to finally choose what you are meant for.

Blessing 5: Burn-out makes you better at work
Burn-out makes you a better and extremely reliable employee, colleague or manager. Because it learns to focus on what’s good for you. And from there you can also be better for others. You make better choices, discover where your strengths lie and what your limits are. In addition, from now on you will signal it when others enter the burn-out danger zone. And with that know-how, you can greatly help your colleagues and employer.