Seven (7) Differences between happy and unhappy relationships

How To Be Happy In A Relationship By Doing These 10 Subtle Things Every Day

Happy relationships are no accident. Neither are unhappy relationships. They are the result of conscious choices:

1 – Love and trust are handled differently from unhappy relationships.
2 – There is more depth and more is shared.
3 – Both partners are emotionally independent and appreciate this in each other.

Do you have to end your relationship immediately in case of relationship problems? No Fortunately not!

Learn from the lessons of happy relationships and apply them to avoid a lot of relationship problems.

Just read the comments below …

How do you get a happy relationship with someone else?

What is a Happy Relationship? Very simple, that is a relationship that gives you energy and where you and the other feel good. The secret to a happy relationship is to stay yourself and let the other person remain themselves.

How do you get a happy relationship? By working on it. But… you have to know very well if you have the right partner to do that. You cannot fly with a boat, so the choice of your relationship partner is very important.

Happy without a relationship or happier with a relationship?

Better happy without a relationship than not happy while you are in a relationship, isn’t it? In a happy relationship you don’t test each other, you trust and support each other. If not, then you may be better off without the other. You don’t have to have a huge spiritual relationship, but love and trust do have to be there.

These pillars of a relationship always remain important, whether you are in a long relationship or a short relationship with someone.

These are the seven TOP tips for a happy relationship:

1. Love makes for a happy relationship.

In unhealthy relationships, love is a bargaining chip: “I only love you if you do this for me. And when it does, I hate you. “

Love is a means to an end, which is to gain control over the relationship.

Unfortunately, control and happiness are at odds with each other. So trying to get control in your relationship (by trying to control the other) and being happy in your relationship don’t usually go together.

For example: As long as you do what the other wants, there is love. And otherwise there is the opposite: anger, aversion, jealousy or envy. So love is very limited and usually just a snapshot.

Set conditions for your happiness.

In happy relationships, few conditions are placed on love. “I love you just the way you are.” Or: “As long as you do what makes you happy, I’m too happy.” This allows love to grow.

And love only grows in trust, not in control, because control is based more on fear and fear hooks on love.

So let go of control:

The more you feel that the other person loves you the way you are, the more you can be yourself – and the more love you can give back.

2. No happy relationships without trust.

There is little trust in unhappy relationships. Whenever you are hurt by the other person’s behavior, trust diminishes. In the end you take everything the other says with a grain of salt. Without trust there is no love, depth, intimacy or understanding, so the relationship becomes increasingly distant.

People in happy relationships trust each other blindly. They know exactly what they can do for each other. Perhaps it took a long time for this confidence to be established. But once present, it continues to feed the relationship with positive energy. You know that the other person wants the best for you – and vice versa of course.

Trust is the most important ingredient to a happy relationship, be it a relationship with your partner, with your friends or with colleagues. Trust is everything.

3. Depth is necessary for every relationship.

In less good relationships communication is superficial. You never know what is really on the other’s mind – or you don’t feel the need to tell them what’s on your mind . As a result, conversations never get to the core: what someone really thinks or feels. There is a lot of talk about situations (what messages have been done, what the weather forecast is), but little about deeper feelings.

In happy relationships, that depth is there. There is talk about what really concerns the other. When you share the bed, you are physically intimate. When you share feelings, you are emotionally intimate. Without intimacy, there is only distance. Depth is essential to avoid that.

4. Sharing makes happy relationships even better.

Little is shared in superficial relationships. It seems as if everyone leads their own life and only lives together by chance. Interests are not shared, experiences are not exchanged and ideas are not discussed. The relationship resembles two islands with a very long bridge in between. You can only share by crossing. But usually that is a bridge too far. Everyone stays on their own island …

In happy relationships, a lot is shared (not everything, as there may be a part that you would rather share with others or keep to yourself). That sharing creates a bond. Sharing is giving something away and then receiving it twice back. As they say: “Sharing is caring.” Two islands have converged …

5. Laughter is healthy for any relationship.

There is little laughter in bad relationships. Everything is heavy and serious. There is usually no ability to put things into perspective. Sometimes people escape this by seeking pleasure outside of the relationship. “She’s always so serious, I just want to have fun with my friends.” Or: “He sees everything so black, at least with my best friend I can laugh …”

Happy relationships do involve a lot of laughter. Laughing together – even if it’s just about your own shortcomings – is so liberating! What do you do when you’ve had a rough day? Sometimes you just don’t feel like talking about it. Then you feel better at a comedy or a pillow fight. A day without laughter is a day wasted. Laughter provides light, warmth and relaxation. Smile, damn!

6. Without independence there is only dependence.

In difficult relationships there is always some form of dependence. One partner is dependent on the other. It doesn’t even have to be financial dependence. More often it is an emotional dependence. It’s as if one of the two cares less about what the other does. The person who has the least to lose if the relationship ends is the one who determines the relationship.

In healthy relationships there is equality. Two people decide: “We feel fine without each other, but even better together. We choose to be together. Not out of necessity or poverty, but out of love. ” Both people value each other and do not allow one to prevail or determine the relationship.

7. Appreciation is necessary for all happy relationships.

In bad relationships, the focus is very much on what the partner is doing wrong. “I say it every time, but you never get it right!” Or: “When will I get through to you?” Since the focus is on the other person ‘s shortcomings , there is a lot of dissatisfaction. More attention is paid to what is not there than to what is.

Happy couples appreciate each other.

1 – You know that the other is not perfect.

2 – You have no desire to change him or her.

3 – You forget the small mistakes and focus on what you do appreciate.

You cannot appreciate someone until you stop focusing on their flaws. That does not only apply to your relationship, but also to yourself!

Do you want a happy relationship with other people?

With your partner, or with your family, friends or colleagues?

Then you need more insight – and you also need to work on yourself. Because a good relationship always starts with a good relationship with yourself .

To your success.

Keep your relation moving.


The future can be better – the power of my very own imagination

Imagination and Reality Look Different in the Brain | Live Science

The world as tabula rasa, yes as a blank page.

Let us imagine a new world together.
A world in which economic growth is no longer a fetish, but concern for people and the planet is paramount.
A world in which the economy is embedded in a society, and not the other way around.
A world in which people are more than just means.
A world in which paid work, family life and personal development can thrive harmoniously.

We want to imagine such a world.
Now more than ever.
All together, sure we all together.

The Regional

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In five years, the blockchain will completely change our world

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailIf we look how rapidly things are changing, I dare to say that five years from now you will not recognize the world we are living on. I strongly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain will uproot life. Yes how the roots grow afterwards… We will hope to see this.

Let me tell you this first before moving deeper in the stuff…What is blockchain?

A blockchain is, in short, a way to securely verify transactions and identities by storing and executing a small part of the verification process in several places. This allows you to check with whom you do business and also check the origin of what you exchange. Whether it’s bitcoins, churrasco, rum, sex, soya beans or jeans. 

Cryptocurrency: no hype

Be noted that many successes have been achieved by the blockchain so far.

 In five years’ time, I think, there is nothing that is not available through the blockchain. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are not just a temporary hype, but it will take us further in the digital future of doing businnes. Flash back in time how the world was thinking about the internet.

Nowadays it is inconceivable that a company does not have a website. This also applies to cryptocurrency. But cryptocurrency and blockchain will not only improve companies, it will transform them. You are going to make what comes out of the process. You can not say that you want to make a new carburetor, for example. What comes out of the process depends on the people who take part. You bring together a bunch of smart people and you start. You do not know if a new car, rocket or a pair of shoes comes out of it. You have to be willing to make what flows out of synergy. If you can not accept that – then you are no longer in charge of business – you will not succeed in the cryptocurrency / blockchain world. It sounds maybe as fiction….but time will tell !

The value of the idea

The value of the idea has/will become zero. Everybody has an idea a hundred times a day, it’s about the implementation, the organization and the work in the direction of that idea. And even then you sometimes end up with something that does not even resemble what you once intended. The people who understand that there is no longer a boss, no central authority or central design, those are the people who will soon earn hundreds of millions. All others will fail. If you think you can start a business and tell people what to do, you better not even start. Nobody works for me. Nobody works for anyone. That is how the world no longer fits. The rules will come from the process. The old-fashioned power structures are spread around the world. Imagine how a manager never met most of his/her employees. You have to forget everything you know about business operations, money transactions and marketing. Everything changes and there is no central control anymore. ‘

How blockchain changes the world

I believe that almost no one starts a business because he has an idea. Usually it is precisely the fact that he / she knows a clever, interesting group of people and wants to bring them together. It is precisely this smart group of people who together can name the best process. For example : a club of people who started to design a rocket. In the process, they then focus on the rocket engine and then on the fuel system of that engine. In the middle of that process, they realize that the challenge is not the fuel system, but the fuel itself. As they focus on the fuel, it is more about the refining process. These people have gone from building a rocket to oil refining. It’s just like that you have to move in future business. It will soon be the case in all companies around the world. Be alert.. Be prepared !

Once again I believe and dare to tell you that cryptocurrency will changed the world in five years from now. I furthermore believe that financial power will look very different. Yes think about or imagine that banks will NOT exist anymore.

All governments will have to think about how they will maintain their country if no income tax can be levied anymore. They will not be able to collect the money, because they do not know where the money is, who it is and where it is transferred to. Gone will be the time to stand in lines. You will not need someone else to do something with your very own money. Do people already realize that you will be able to run your financial this from you bed or lazy chair. It is already happening !

 Blockchain changes society

The society will also change drastically. If you want it or not, things will change. Think about the fact that pension will no longer exist. The boundary between work and private life will disappear slowly. If you live in the blockchain era, those two will be the same. Pension will mean nothing, zero nada.

 In the blockchain, it means that you and I will no longer feel synergy with a group of people because they work on make money in their process. So I go to another blockchain where they are in a golfing process. And tomorrow I will go to the process of sailing, and the day after to hiking. You can call that retirement, but in fact nothing changes. Only the process group you choose to participate in will change. I hope I am clear enough.

Everything happens at the same time in the blockchain. It is no longer about the idea, but about our willingness to abandon the idea in favor of the process. The here and now changes continuously. You are no longer a telecom company or an oil company. The company is constantly changing, there is only a constant present. No past, no future. As it develops now, we adapt to it.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail


FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailI love this piece
Money is hiding in things people dont want.

Over the weekend I heard a speech of a top network marketing guru on the internet and these are the points he mentioned about money and where you can get it. He says you will only find money in these 3 places.
1 . People 
2. Solutions
3. Opportunities

The first place where you will find money is with people. All businesses need people to make money. Doctors need people to make money and they call those people patients. Amazon and Tigerdirect needs people to make money and they call them customers. Mortuaries need dead people to make money. If you run away from people you are running away from your riches. If you say you are shy and can’t talk to people then it means poverty will be your best friend.

The second place to make money is to find solutions to people’s problems. Most people run away from problems because they don’t want to find solutions to their problems. That’s why we don’t last in things that we start because immediately when a problem comes we run away and say it’s not working. If only you can find solutions instead of complaining about your problems you will be a better person and you will become successful.

The last place you can find money is with opportunities. Most people run away from opportunities because they don’t like such opportunities. You don’t have to like an opportunity, if you can just find the benefits that come with the opportunity and focus on such benefits you will become successful. Most of the things that make people successful are not the things they love but it’s what they will get out of those things.

#Futurenet is the key #Opportunity now to join and earn.

Now how are you making your own money? Don’t tell me about a job because you will be poor for the rest of your life as long as you are loyal to your job. The richest people in the world look for and build networks while everyone else looks for a job. Where do you belong?






Come and join my worldwide online money making team.Here is the link to join for free:


The Internet Is 24 / 7 On The Run But Timing Still Matters In This Thing

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailWith so much information on the net regarding Internet marketing, identifying the best approach is difficult. Following is a discussion of the timing issues you should keep in mind.

The Internet is Used 24/7, But Timing Still Matters

Information on web marketing is a dime a dozen. Reports and studies often find things we all already know if we use our common sense. In general, more people are using the Internet to find services and products, the volume of sales is increasing each year, and people are nervous about identity theft. Wow, what a surprise. Let’s take a look at topic you can actually benefit from.

While the Internet is available and used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, buying trends do not encompass this vast time period. Instead, they are specific to particular periods of the week and year. In general, people are far more likely to take action on a site during the work week and during work hours. When they search for something during this period, they are already motivated to purchase. On weekends or holidays, sale conversion rates will drop as people are more likely to be blowing time just browsing around the Internet.

So, how can you use this information to your benefit? Your communications with clients should be oriented to occur during the week, preferably on a Monday or Tuesday. Your marketing materials should also be oriented to offer incentives for limited time periods, typically one or two days from Monday through Thursday. Finally, you should be sending out email newsletters on Monday evenings, so your prospects can read it when they come to work Tuesday morning. The hassles of Monday should be over, which will make them more receptive. These guidelines apply throughout the year with one exception.

The holiday season on the Internet runs from early November through the end of the third week of December. If you sell products or services that can be tied into the holiday season, you can’t help but make a bundle during this period. Prospects are highly motivated to buy and you need to get in front of them. Email communication should be sent every three days beginning in early November. The first Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend is a huge online sales day. From that point forward, you should be sending different email communications to prospects and former clients on a daily basis. This is your golden time, so get in front of your clients.

There are billions of different aspects of Internet marketing discussed and debated on a daily basis. Take into account timing issues and you can will see an upward trend in your revenues.


Business people How To Lessen Stress


This article takes a gander at approaches to lessen the sum individuals push. I was regularly known as a bit if an anxiety head, which I need to concede was a decent portrayal of me. I have now learnt about approaches to unwind, which have helped me to carry on a substantially more joyful life.

There have been various issues in my own life which have made me lose certainty, wind up noticeably pushed and even discouraged. These include:

An absence of genuine companions

I have had issues with obligation

A falter

A bare fix

I have had issues controlling my weight

I was frequently suspicious about what other individuals thought of me

These issues have caused me numerous restless evenings. I would be not able get the opportunity to rest as I was not able unwind. This was because of always agonizing and thoroughly considering my issues.

I at that point chose to ponder routes in which I could build my confidence, diminish the sum that I pushed and furthermore about how I could figure out how to unwind. After quite a while, I trusted that I had a few apparatuses and systems which would help me.

Stress administration systems

Quit thinking to such an extent

I am what individuals call a scholar. I fundamentally think excessively. This would not be an issue in the event that I was thinking decidedly obviously I was a negative mastermind.

To help me in this mission to quit considering, I chose to begin tuning in to more music. At whatever point I hit a negative manner of thinking, I would play this music. This could be the point at which I am in the auto, when I am in the house and notwithstanding when I am sleeping.

The music takes my brain off the issues that I was worrying about.

Stop smoking and begin practicing

Many individuals choose to smoke a cigarette when they are focused. I trust that a far more beneficial and less expensive alternative is to work out.

I will do a couple of weights and a couple of press ups which encourages me to let off some steam. It likewise encourages me to battle my outrage and fears.

Figuring out how to unwind

Unwinding was something I discovered hard to do.

I have now begun different types of option treatment, for example, yoga, reflection and reflexology. These are brilliant at helping individuals to unwind and furthermore help to diminish levels of stress.

This is the thing that has helped me to lessen my own anxiety levels and I trust the guidance will be of advantage to other individuals.

If you enjoy this article let me know. I will produce more article of STRESS the invisible silent killerFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

How To Win Friends And Influence People with The magic of blog writing

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailWhen I started writing, I didn’t think of myself as a writer. I doubted my skills. I didn’t know whether I had enough ideas.

But every time I had to write an article, I learned more about writing. I followed my curiosity. I discovered what I’m passionate about, and I learned what resonated with my audience.

You might think you don’t have enough to share. Or you might doubt your writing skills.

This is what I’d like to tell you:

You’re unique. You have unique experiences. And you’ll discover your voice and your passions when you write more. Writing brings clarity, deepens your understanding, and strengthens your ideas.

So, commit to writing. To creating valuable content. To being helpful to your readers.

Start making tiny ripples.

That’s how change begins.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

10 Main Approaches to Move Others to Be Their Best


We all know people who are inspiring. But just how does one inspire others? Here are ten main simple rules you can inspire people to be their best, let them jump and fly and touch the sky:


Be a good example. People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. Be someone worth emulating.



Care about others. People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. Ask questions. Take a genuine interest in people.

Encouragement. Everyone goes through tough times. When you support people and encourage them through these times, you’ll be inspiring them to see the best in themselves and in the situation.

Be inspired yourself. Look for people, ideas, environments and knowledge that you find inspiring and motivating.

Share from your own experience. You have more to share than you realize. Mine the rich experiences of your life and share your wisdom from your unique point of view. You may be the only one who can touch someone with your inspiring message.


Be vulnerable. Be willing to share your failures as well as your successes. Others will relate to you. They’ll understand that they’re not the only ones with challenges.

Tell stories. Facts tell and stories sell. They inspire, too. We learn best from parables and we all need to develop our own inspiring stories.

Be a good communicator. Increasing your ability to communicate effectively is a critical element for you to inspire others. Watch how you speak and what you say. Invest in your communication skills.

Challenge people. Many of us have had teachers who at times seemed more like tormentors than mentors. They challenged us to do our best, and we were better for it. Practice “carefrontation”—the careful and caring confrontation of others.

Read. It may not follow that all readers are leaders, but certainly all leaders are readers. Stay informed. Share what you read with others. Tell people about books that have inspired you.



FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailMany people ask themselves, why blog, what’s the sense? This reaction is based primarily upon the time and commitment it takes to maintain a blogging platform. Nowadays many make money blogging and therein is found their motivation. Others however take a more ‘personal’ approach and they base their blog content upon merely helping or serving people! In either case a strong motivation must be found to maintain the constant flow of blog content needed to both attract readers and keep them coming back!

Here is a look a 5 different reasons or the motivations behind why many blog!

Help Others

Creating blog content that targets solving common problems associated with a particular niche reflect noble intentions. These type of platforms normally do well in attracting a large and loyal following and can also be quite effective if you intend to make money blogging. You must have an genuine interest in what you write about however since earning an income will take time and your interest will serve to keep you plugging away!

Share Experience

Sharing you own experiences serves multiple functions insofar as people can learn and/or be entertained by what you share. If you happen to have a good amount of experience to share than this type of blogging platform could be relatively easy for you to maintain!

Self Gratification

Sharing an interest or personal passion with like minded people is both an enjoyable and self gratifying experience! Much like having a lot of experience to share, if you are passionate about what you base your blog content on, this type of platform will likely be easy and even a joy to maintain. Visitor will also be quite appreciative of the quality of your posts making them even more loyal!

Offer Insight

Insights and/or opinions are an intriguing way to engage readers since if ‘shared’ correctly, it will be thought provoking. Nothing gets people more involved then stirring their interest by offering them a perspective they have not considered before. Helping them to ‘stretch’ their thinking is an invigorating and often enjoyable experience, especially when it focuses on subject matter that holds their interest!

Motivate People

Some people are simply ‘naturals’ at finding the best in others and making others realize their own potential, are you one of them? Having a blogging platform that ‘picks people up’ and gets them motivated is one of the most popular type of sites. In most cases folks will find not only motivation but will also experience a renewed sense of self esteem making them fell better about themselves. In turn the motivator also experiences an uplifting feeling due to their ability to make those around them feel more confident and capable.

In most cases the people who may ask, why blog, what’s the purpose likely do not possess the commitment to maintain a blogging platform. This is not a negative but rather a point that it does in fact take time and a strong motivation to consistently create blog content people find interesting. For those who aspire to make money blogging this commitment must be even stronger! It simply takes more time to get people to spend money then it does to get them to read free content of interest to them. In either case a strong motivation is needed to maintain a consistent effort to create blog content. Discussed above are 5 of the most common and powerful motivations many bloggers use to help them maintain their site! Do any stir a strong enough motivation within you?