Great benefits of increased self-awareness


When you are self-aware, you live your life according to your own values. You make your own choices and feel what is right for you. The Blogging Optimist Danny Jibodh, presents four benefits of increased self-awareness.

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Without self-awareness, you easily neglect yourself and take less care of yourself. Increased self-awareness has a positive impact on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. You become less emotional, you are more steadfast in life and you can look at yourself with a mild look.

Improving relationships

When we don’t know what we want or need, it’s hard to form a good relationship with someone. When you get to know yourself well, the way you stand in relationships changes. You learn to set limits and you know when someone is not good for you. You gather people around you who share the same values ​​and have a positive influence on you. At the same time, it makes you aware of your own responsibility within relationships.

Work smarter, more productive and mindful

When you are self-aware, you make better career choices and reduce work stress. You know what your strengths are, but you also know what you don’t excel at. This allows you to work smarter and you know better what you need to do to achieve your goal. Your productivity also increases. When you have trouble getting to work, it’s usually because thoughts, emotions, or habits are getting in the way. Increased self-awareness removes these obstacles.

Keeping calm in a crisis

Everyone has to deal with setbacks or stressful situations from time to time. Poor decision-making often stems from confused thinking and emotional reactions. Before you jump into action mode and do things you’ll regret later, take a step back.

There are countless ways to increase your self-awareness. This can be done, for example, through meditation, coaching or keeping a diary. The most important thing is to look critically at yourself. How do you feel? How do you react to something? And what is the impact of your actions?




No matter who you are, but as human I like to share the following with all of you…

Be honest: how well do you take care of yourself? Or are you also such a hard worker? The care for your health should actually come first, even before your work. If you are not healthy, you can not be successful. In this way, nutrition, sleep and exercise (not) contribute to your success:

 Nutrition If you are at work from early in the morning, you will have a raging hunger at lunchtime. You long for a hearty lunch, such as a thick slice of bread or pasta salad. Whether you give in to high-calorie food, such as a croquette. Recognizable? Have you ever thought about what a carbohydrate and calorie-rich lunch does with your productivity? A few hours later, the inevitable energy dip follows. For that reason, many people drop in at noon. Research shows that if you eat more fruit and vegetables during lunch, your afternoon is not only more productive. You also feel more involved in your work and even happier. The best you can eat in the course of the morning,so that you have enough of a tasty salad with fresh vegetables or fruit during lunch.

Work can take a lot of time. Do you already work before the sun goes up and do you stop working when the sun is (almost) under? Do you check your email in the evenings or do you just walk behind the computer to finish something after dinner? Small chance that your body gets enough rest. Rest is important, because a sleep deprivation can not only lead to more stress. You can also suffer from your cholesterol. A lack of sleep can even lead to reduced cognitive abilities. In other words, your performance will suffer if you do not get enough rest. What to do? Maintain fixed work and sleep times. Get up when the alarm goes off and plan some time at the end of the day to let go of your work. Avoid sleeping late, because then you disturb your sleep rhythm.


Exercise helps to relieve stress and to get away from daily worries at work. In addition, sports protect you from depression and other mental barriers to success. Often it does not work to allow yourself to go for a walk during the lunch or to exercise as soon as you get home. In the issues of the day you forget your intention easily. In the evening you often give priority to your work (or TV). Therefore make movement a part of your daily schedule. Put in your agenda for half an hour to an hour and stick to it. After exercising you feel lighter, more energetic and happier. You can do more physically and also mentally you can have more. That too contributes to success.

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