Everyone is bothered by it. From those days that you overflow with stress, that everything and everyone is just too busy and you prefer to crawl under a stone. After a normal working week or during work it can be difficult and before you realize it, you have handed out the first snail again. Emotions blur your decision making. The tension has to slip away from you, just how do you provide more peace and relaxation and how to ensure that it has a lasting effect?

Of course it is not fair if others are the victim of your chagrin. And you yourself do not become happier. Sometimes it seems that nothing helps. Holiday, weekly yoga sessions, massages. Nothing helps. Perhaps you even consider the doctor, because you come to rest so hard. The pressure in the 24-hour society is of course high. You want to get your business done at work. Often it is also pressure that we impose ourselves or that is imposed from home and we maintain an old pattern. Previously, for example, it was expected that everything could be better and career was very important. This is partly it, but it is what you demand of yourself. You may have received a deeply rooted perfectionism.

Yet it is true that we are all human and we are (unfortunately?) None of them perfect. Maybe that’s why it’s time to adjust your expectations a little and be a bit milder for yourself? We put nine tips in a row to get a bit to yourself. It should not be natural, but it is for your own good. We recommend applying it with some regularity, so that it brings relaxation that is permanent or at least easier to come back.

1. Space

Find the space to relax, but also give your limits at work or at the home front. The unrest that you feel is of course a signal that you need something. Dare to choose for yourself and that can be done in tig ways. For example, go dancing, horseback riding, walking, running, surfing and / or sauna. Take free. In other words, take care of time for yourself. It can also be coffee, tea, lunch or a game of pool with a friend. It is important to discharge.

2. Cry

It sounds like an open door, but we are all people with feelings. So pull back if necessary and find a place where you can just be human. Does it help to go to the forest or sit in the attic? Then do that. Too much tension is stuck in your body and that has to be removed. Just let the tears run free, without judging or thinking about what that will bring. It is just there and you can get rid of it better than being rich.

3. Feel

Do you find it difficult to allow emotions? Then learn to feel step by step. It is also better to feel than to worry. And worrying about those feelings is not good either, so just try to accept them. It is what it is. Easier said than done of course. We admit that, it does require some time and attention, but the creed is ‘not thinking but feeling’. Just try switching.

4. Breath

When we are tense, we often sit high in our breath. In other words, breathing quickly. Breathing often does not go beyond the diaphragm, whereas it is important to breathe in the stomach or even deeper. So you notice that you are in a hurry. Try to breathe calmly and deeply. Maybe it’s even good to sit down or just stop what you do. If only for a few seconds, just go back to yourself. Feel the cold as you breathe in and the warmth of your breath as you exhale. Follow him all the way to your belly. Will not this work immediately? No worries, will come naturally. Try to do this a number of times (per day). At the desk, on the toilet, outside, in the car or at the station, you name it. Breathing is something that you can always go back to. It can be a very powerful way to come to grief if there is room for it.

5. Focus

We are not all the same, but probably we all know the feeling that we are feeling unstable or that we feel that we have fallen off our pedestals. Sometimes it’s because of something someone said and you got a bit of a hit or it’s just busy around you, making it come your way. The emotion just grabs you by the scrubs and of course you do not feel like it. Then try to focus a moment on yourself or to perpetuate your energy. The one calls it earthen, the other back to the core, but actually it is bundling your own power. You stand or sit with your feet on the floor, breathe down as far as possible and follow the rhythm of your breathing. Also try to make contact with your heart and try to let love or peace flow. Imagine that you are completely compact. If you want to go one step further, do a body scan, feel the tension, try to let go. Then fill your body with white light. Relax.

6. Attitude

The body gets stuck due to a one-sided posture and / or overload. More and more people have neck, shoulder and back complaints. Especially in today’s culture where many people are confined to their desks and lean forward over our smartphone.
In fact, we would have to disconnect from our computer every half an hour. Yet people are always inclined to continue. Maybe such a kitchen timer or a little pause is not such a crazy idea yet? Or get that round of coffee? A Mensendieck therapist can also tell very well what a good posture is and what kind of exercises may be needed for relaxation. Often we are so conditioned that we unconsciously raise our shoulder (s), sit on our chair or hang out. What are you doing? Can it be more relaxed?

7. Pause

Busy busy busy. The work has to be finished, but if something is bad, it is the pause. In the past it was still commonplace that you had four breaks a day. Half an hour from your boss and half an hour from yourself. Not that crazy yet, and that takes fifteen minutes. Should actually be a sting. It is nevertheless a balance between work and relaxation. Even if you work at home. Often you get more done with a short break and you have a different view when you return to your workplace. Maybe still enter that lunch (together) instead of eating the sandwich for the computer? Of course you can also walk around. And do not be ashamed if you occasionally do a (relaxation) exercise at your workplace. The only one who can protect himself is you.

8. Structure

Provide structure. Only in the event of repetition can new behavior actually be tapped or changes can be experienced as lasting. Research shows that for real change more than two months is needed. Some people even say 21 days. Maybe three weeks is good to start with, but of course it is true that some tension has been building for years. Of course that is not gone at once. Actually it is just trial and error. So be gentle to yourself, be patient, but also have discipline. If it does not work one time, try again another time. Then it will most likely be better.

9. Help

Not everyone needs help, but sometimes it does not work or is difficult. The deep breathing stagnates, endless sports sessions work against and tension do not get lost. Do not be ashamed. It is, however, an idea to ask what it can be. Psychologists, mental coaches, mindfulness courses or just the masseur or physiotherapist. It does not exist for nothing. Of course, talking to friends can also purchase a series of self-help books. Tai Chi, silence or yoga retreats may also be an idea.


You, yourself, how do you keep the balance on this path of life full of surprises?


In this blog I want to take a dip in yourself with you. I know that many of you are often at odds with yourself and that you have therefore been heaped up inside yourself. But do not worry, you are often the solution for yourself that comes from your self-reflection. Read more …

The fact that you are moving forward does not mean that you have confidence. In yourself and in the situation. The focus is on relationship in this blog. And especially the relationship with yourself. Because everything we have ever adopted stories about relationships is also how we deal with ourselves. The fear of allowing love, and especially the love for ourselves, keeps us from completely opening ourselves to others. A nice week / day / month / year to examine exactly what that is. Because what makes it that you turn your back on love again and again. What makes it that you always leave your own heart? What deep conviction is there? What if you can just start with being vulnerable? To yourself. Admit to that what is in your heart. Awake!

Allow yourself, for example, to need your parents and find them and unite them in yourself. So that you can be both a father and a mother for your own inner pieces. When we fix ourselves in the energy and take over certain feelings from one of our parents, it always tries to find a way out. This allows us to turn around when someone is trying to get closer. And that someone, you often are yourself. We may allow ourselves to be more in all colors that we have. There is no right or wrong. There are only choices. And that choice can be determined by what you have ever learned, as a truth. Only that is not YOUR truth.

This whole period and then also this weekday / basket / year, is meant to heal your heart from those old wounds. Wounds that may have been around for life. Anyway, you are also involved in this life and you can start living more from your heart. And also the choices that you make here may seem as if they are from the heart, but are driven by patterns. These patterns become more transparent as you continue to rediscover yourself. By conversing with yourself from inside and outside you will certainly get more clarity from your own actions. What do you long for? And how can you give yourself the best at this moment? How exciting is that, to leave that alone in your heart?

Because you have not previously become acquainted with giving yourself the best, because you always had to “be” for the other person. But what if it can both. What if you can take very good care of yourself and can really be there for the other person. What does it cost you and what does not? And why would you always choose what is now just as heavy for you? And also allow the feelings of shame and guilt when you choose for yourself and still say that voice; Yes but. Talk to that part in you. Tell him or her that you hear her, that she may feel guilty but that you are going to try it out in this way. Be gentle and understanding towards these emotions. The more you allow yourself to feel and acknowledge, the more you can become free from everything you are in excess of in your emotions. Bring everything back into balance. Every particle of yours, every thought, every feeling, every emotion.

Let it come together in the center of your body. So that it can flow to the earth and you can therefore focus more within.

Make yourself soft to say things and let go or finish things.

Make a new start. A week / month / day / year in which you will see the blessings of what has been played in the past period. That it was not for nothing that you went through.

I hope that I, as a reader, have set you in motion enough to think about yourself and to learn to rediscover and recharge yourself with valuable energy.


Fall asleep laughing with this (new) technique


As human being we are facing tons of problems and challenges everyday. Sometimes you may not be able to solve things right away. But if you are smart you go and do research. Let me tell you it is time consuming but finally you will be satisfied. As a blogger research is very important to run after things etc. In this blog I will share some information for those who experiences problems to fall asleep.

To sleep well and enough, a healthy routine is useful. In addition, factors such as lifestyle, eating and drinking habits and physical activity also contribute to healthy sleep. Yet there are always times when you can not sleep. Then try the smiling, sleeping Buddha, a combination of mindfulness, breathing techniques, temperature regulation and a smile.

Step 1: Step in the Savasana pose

This step is very easy, because you only have to lie on your back. This posture is important because it enables you to take long, deep, full breaths more easily.

                                The SAVASANA POSE

Step 2: Laugh and relax

By putting a small, comfortable smile on your face, you influence your mind. You only need a little bit of pressure on the muscles around your lips. You do not have to force or exaggerate anything. If someone were to look at you, he does not necessarily have to be able to see that you are smiling. This step is based on the idea that your mind not only affects your body, but also works the other way around. By laughing you let your brain know that everything is good, that you are safe and you feel content.

Step 3: Breath with your diaphragm

Imagine a Buddha statue, one with a big round belly. For this technique you do not need a big but soft belly. For that you have to breathe using your diaphragm. If you do so, you will notice that your abdomen is being filled and filled when you inhale and empty and flat again when exhaling. Breathing well allows the body to distribute oxygen better. If the body feels stress, that signal is spread through the parasympathetic nervous system. Rest is also distributed in this way. But the only way to get that peace signal is quiet breathing. To this end you breathe in three seconds, hold your breath and exhale in five seconds. Do not forget to keep smiling!

Step 4: Regulate your body temperature

When the body experiences stress, the body temperature changes. The temperature can then be both higher and lower. To force the body back to the normal 37 degrees celcius, you can put a wet cloth on the forehead. Depending on how you want to adjust the temperature, you can opt for hot or cold water.

I do hope that this blog will help you to fall faster in sleep and enjoy sleeping.