2019 will be the year of whats app, chat bots, video applications and voice search

The year 2019 only started a few weeks ago with many new and interesting challenges for many. So I went to research what will happen in the field of the workers' market. I have limited myself to the world and the possible trends where people will look for work, how they will do that.

Mobile recruitment will finally break through in 2019. It has been a trend for years, but the breakthrough at companies and job seekers did not go as fast as expected.

However, I see that more and more job seekers use the smartphone in the search for a job. Chat bots, whats app and video will also play an increasingly important role in the recruitment process. For employers, this year is more important than ever to follow and embrace the latest trends and developments. In line with 2018, it looks like the number of vacancies in certain sectors is growing rapidly and that good staff is not always easy and quick to find. Employers must take part in their time to win talent in the labor market.

Employee market

The labor market is still an employee market. Especially in the IT, care and construction sectors, I spot a large number of vacancies that are difficult to fill. Job seekers know well where their chances are and how they should look for a new job. Smartphones are being used more and more for this. What is striking is that the smartphone is mainly used in the orientation phase, but not yet in the application itself, but everything changes very quickly.
Searching via mobile, applying via desktop

It has become very common to look for a job via your smartphone, but we still prefer to do jobs behind the laptop or computer. We see this development not only among older job-seekers, but also among young people from, for example, Generation Z. Candidates do not yet find a safe idea to share privacy-sensitive data via their telephone. Companies are also not always well equipped for mobile applications. Applying is too complicated on many websites of companies and it is not always possible to send an attachment with a job application via mobile. As more and more companies recognize this and want to improve their mobile recruitment this year, we expect that in 2019 more job seekers will actually enter the application process via their smartphone. 

Applying via video

Applying for a video is a trend that has been going on for a number of years, but which will really become the norm this year. For companies, it is an important tool to show where a job seeker comes to work. For example, it is much stronger if an employee talks about his job with enthusiasm and what training he has done than that it is somewhere on a website. Candidates can also respond more and more with a personal video to a vacancy. "

Revolution from telephoning to chat bots and whats app

The fact that the recruitment process is becoming more and more digital can also be seen in the rise of chat bots and whats app. In my opinion, there is also a revolution going on within the recruitment of telephoning to sending short text messages. The use of chat bots and whats app can take a lot of work off of recruiters. There is only still a lot of space to be gained in this area. Chat bots can certainly be made even more intelligent. Nothing is as disturbing as a chat bot or whats app that gives an incorrect answer to a question. If these tools are well-equipped, they can take a lot of work off the hands of the recruiter. Just think of answering general but frequently asked questions, for example whether the vacancy is still open or where candidates can respond. 

Voice search

 Finally, I want to reflect on the rise of voice search. More and more households now have a smart speaker such as Google Home in house. Voice search will also play an increasingly important role in recruitment this year. Voice search can ensure that job seekers and companies can match supply and demand more quickly than ever before. It will ask a bit of the way a recruiter works, for example the way in which he writes job descriptions. It will be less about SEO search terms, but the emphasis will be more on spoken language. Recruiters must ensure that their vacancy is found when a user asks: Where is a junior IT job in my area? " There are also companies that do job screening on the basis of voice. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it can be determined whether a voice is fascinating, calm and / or reliable. This way you can determine which emotion the voice will have on a listener. In sales, a positive vote is a huge advantage because it evokes positive emotions for the customer. 

Recruiters must also take their time with this and do well to give voice technology a place in their recruitment strategy. 



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