How to Succeed in Multi Level Marketing like a PRO


Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business structure in which a company recruits distributors to sell the company’s products directly to the public. Those distributors also recruit others to sell the products. Some of the world’s largest companies use MLM, also known as direct sales or network marketing, as part of their marketing strategies. Your personal goals and ambition may determine whether your business is a success.

Decide what business success means to you. Some direct sellers want to earn enough money to take a vacation. Others want to build a 6-figure business. Knowing what you want to achieve with your business will help you design a successful business strategy.

Create a schedule for multi-level marketing success. Your schedule should reflect the income level you want to reach and the time you want to commit to your business.

  • Dedicate 3 to 10 hours per week to your business, if your goal is to work part-time in direct sales, so you can earn extra money.
  • Devote 15 or more hours per week to your business if you intend to recruit others and build a large direct sales business.

Take advantage of the training that your company provides.

  • Multi-level marketing companies design training to help you with business success. Most companies provide training in both sales and product knowledge. Training materials may include brochures, manuals or recorded audio and video classes.
  • Participate in seminars or training sessions that the company offers. These sessions may be live events or virtual events held via teleconferencing or video conferencing. At these training events, you can learn about new products and the latest business success strategies.

Utilize the professionally designed online and offline sales and marketing tools that your company provides.

Online tools include company-approved websites, email addresses and banners. Offline materials include business cards, brochures, catalogs and sales flyers.

Attend networking events to meet people who may be interested in purchasing your product or in becoming a distributor.

  • One of the best ways to achieve multi-level marketing success is to share the products and business opportunity with other people.
  • Practice giving a 1- to 2-minute speech about your business. Many networking events give participants time to introduce themselves and their businesses.
  • Your speech should include your name, your company name, the types of products you sell and the benefits of the products.
  • Ask your employer (the person who recruited you) to help you draft and practice your speech.

Showcase your products and business opportunity by holding events in your home or in the homes of potential distributors.

  • With this type of “party plan” marketing, distributors do most of their business through parties. During the party, you should demonstrate the products and describe the business opportunity.
  • Make the party a fun gathering with refreshments and games.

Use social networking websites to promote your business. Let your friends and contacts know about your business and ask them to help you meet your goals.

  • Hold online parties and business networking events using social networking websites. Direct sellers often find network marketing success in virtual events that allow more people to participate than if they had to attend an event in person.



Network Marketing Lead Generation To Grow Your Business


The NETWORKING MARKETING industry continues to grow and there are always plenty of new and existing opportunities for people to start their own business. This can range from those who want an extra stream of income to serious business builders who aim to create financial freedom for themselves.

The first step is to find the right opportunity and many people assume that if they do this, success will naturally follow. However, if you want to succeed you need a strategy for effective network marketing LEAD GENERATION so that you start to make sales and recruit new team members.

The way that you can generate leads can be achieved through both offline and online methods. The traditional offline ways of attracting NEW PEOPLE to your business can still work if you do them in the right way. The more times that you discuss what you do with people, the more likely it is that someone will show an interest. The aim is to attract prospects to you who either wish to use your products and services or those that are interested in building their own business. It is also important to network at business events and with those already involved in your market sector.

The growth of the internet and SOCIAL MEDIA has created new ways to expand your network marketing lead generation efforts. It is usual now for you to have your own personal website provided for you by your company so that you can easily refer people to both the products and the opportunity. This also means that customers and potential new team members can make purchases or sign up for the business online. However, you need to find ways to take people to your website and to capture leads for future prospecting and this is where various INTERNET MARKETING techniques can help.

The most successful online businesses use the power of email marketing to grow quickly and you can do the same in your MLM business. The aim is to capture the email addresses of people who will want to know more about what you do. This is usually achieved by using an autoresponder service and setting up a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE. This page can include an offer of a free report that requires a prospect to opt in to your email list and you can follow these up with future emails. If you build a growing subscriber list, you will never be short of future customers and team members.

In terms of both your company website and any lead capture pages, you will want to find ways to drive traffic to these. The growth of social media has meant that you now have plenty of platforms such as FACEBOOK and Twitter to promote what you do. There is of course a right way to do this and by engaging with people in the correct way you can raise their interest sufficiently so that they visit your website or opt in to your email list. The big advantage of social media is that people make recommendations to their own friends so you can quickly experience EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.




Lead Generation Tips In Online Business


Highly Recommended Lead Generation Tips That You Just Can Certainly Start Using Today

When you begin your very first online BUSINESS, or if you have had one for several years, your most important goal is not selling most popular product, or having the most attractive WEBSITE. Your primary goal is always going to be getting targeted traffic. It doesn’t matter what you sell, as long as you are able to bring people to your web page that should be interested in the products that you have to offer.

The key to doing this is to generate leads from the INTERNET, and sometimes from off-line sources, that will allow you to have a constant source of potential customers that can help you make more money. Within this post, we will go over a few of the best lead generation tips, ones that will catapult your business to the next level.

Why Leads Are Important

This may seem like a redundant question to ask, but many people don’t understand why leads are so important for the success of the business. We have already mentioned that leads are the lifeblood of your business, and the more targeted that they are, the more likely it is that you will be in a position to create a residual income based upon the visitors that find you online.

For some people, SEO is their bread-and-butter, the way that they are able to get targeted visitors on a regular basis. However, lead generation is much more important because you are able to quickly generate traffic to your website with visitors that have already chosen to find out more about what you have to offer, and by presenting it to them, you can look forward to increased sales.

Simple Ways To Generate Leads

The simplest approach to come up with leads online is to actually purchase them from companies that find them every day. This might seem like cheating, but in the same way that you would pay for paid advertising from GOOGLE or FACEBOOK, by allowing a professional to provide you with leads, you will be in a position to end up getting the most traffic. The second way that you can generate leads is to set up your very own squeeze pages, individual pages on your website that are specifically designed to capture the name and email, and sometimes the phone number, of individuals that are considering whatever you might want to sell. They will willingly provide this information as long as you are able to give them something in exchange, something they deem valuable, which will motivate them to provide you with their personal information.

How To Make Leads Work For You

Once you have a source of leads, one that you can rely upon on a daily basis, you can start to focus more upon your business, the structure of your website, the products that you are selling, in order to generate more money. Essentially, once you have a STEADY FLOW of leads coming in, you can redirect your ATTENTION to things that are much more important. In the same way that a SHOPPING MALL is guaranteed to have traffic, your lead generation techniques should allow you to have the same flow of interested visitors that could become lifelong customers.

Best Lead Generation Tips

There are two specific things that you can do in order to generate leads that will work almost every time. First of all, by creating an auto responder that will send out emails to those that subscribe on your email list, you can look forward to additional sales long after they have provided you with the lead. The second tip that you can use is that, depending upon how you collect the leads, you might want to sell them to other companies.

You must always state on the sign-up page that their email and name could be shared with third parties in order to stay legal with this type of transaction. This is not directly making your business more successful, but once you have a customer derived from your lead, you can make money from your autoresponder, and selling the leads, helping you to generate the highest level of revenue that you have made in years.

Hopefully these lead generation tips will allow you to take your business to the next level, making thousands of extra dollars every month by getting people to subscribe to your squeeze pages and then subsequently purchasing your products. If you’re not very good at doing anything with the website, you should consider purchasing leads from a reputable company that will allow you to have a steady flow of traffic of individuals that are interested in the products that you have to sell.

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Maximize Your Productivity


Working for yourself gives you a freedom you can’t get when you’re working for someone else. It also means that if you don’t work (or spend too much time on non-work tasks), you don’t get paid. Here are MY ways you can be more productive so your income doesn’t suffer.
The benefits of the freelance lifestyle are endless and often discussed. Not only can you make your own hours and skip out on that morning commute – saving on gas costs and general aggravation – but you also get to create something of your own instead of working to build someone else’s dream.

Still, the self-employment route is not without its challenges. Because freelancers only get paid when they complete their work on time, poor productivity can cripple a business venture. When you run your own business, your time truly is money, and individuals who don’t maximize their time are unlikely to survive in the industry long term. Here are 6 ways to maximize your productivity when you work for yourself:


  1. Limit Internet Time

It’s easy to get distracted when your boss is, well, you. Without a supervisor peering over your shoulder, you might be tempted to spend your working hours checking your Facebook page or reading the latest Google News stories. However, unchecked internet time can be highly problematic for freelancers seeking to boost their productivity levels. Even business-oriented tasks, such as checking email, can interfere with your ability to concentrate on the project at hand. For best results, opt to refresh your inbox just once every hour or two and designate a set period of time for browsing the web or talking with your friends on G-chat.

  1. Learn to Delegate

Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you need to handle every business task yourself—or that you should. As a self-employed person, it’s important to turn over certain jobs to your contractors so you can focus on bigger-ticket projects. For example, someone who owns her own marketing business might opt to pay a freelancer to create blogs or post to clients’ social media pages. As a result, she can concentrate on higher-level work, such as creating content plans and pitching new clients.

  1. Evaluate Your Time Usage

To stay productive as a freelancer, it’s important to assess the amount of time you’re spending on various tasks. While some self-employed people charge by the hour, many earn money based on completed projects. If you originally estimated that a job would take three hours, and it actually required 10, you can’t exactly go back to your client and ask for additional funds. Freelancers therefore need to evaluate their time usage regularly to determine when they need to raise prices and which tasks simply aren’t worth their time. Additionally, time tracking can help you identify problems in your work style and flow.

Fortunately, today’s freelancers have access to various tools and apps that make time tracking easier. A well-ranked product, Harvest helps freelancers make more educated choices about the projects they take. Not only can you track times with a single click, but you can also do so from anywhere, including your mobile phone or laptop.

  1. Work in a Designated Area

Although working on your couch might be comfortable, it can also lead to distractions. You might be tempted to turn on the TV, wash that sink of dirty dishes, or even lie down for a nap. To stay productive while self-employed, consider setting aside a specific area of your home for working. If you don’t have a designated office, think about putting a desk in a quiet area of the house, such as a guest bedroom or breakfast nook. The goal is to associate this zone with working so you’ll be better able to concentrate. Additionally, you should ensure your new workspace is comfortable by investing in an ergonomic chair and keyboard and making sure you have access to natural light.

  1. Pursue Continuing Education

Just because you run your own business doesn’t mean you know everything about your chosen industry. To stay sharp as a freelancer, consider attending training sessions and continuing education courses. Not only will these training programs allow you to network with your peers, but they will also ensure you stay up to date on the latest developments. Doing this is especially crucial for self-employed people who don’t have coworkers or bosses to keep them abreast of industry changes. As an added bonus, taking classes allows you to enjoy some social time with people who likely share your interests.

  1. Clear Your Schedule Now and Then

As a freelancer, you probably know that working hard is essential if you hope to build a successful, sustainable small business. However, it’s also important to allow yourself opportunities for relaxation and leisure. While you might be tempted to work straight through the weekend, doing so can leave you feeling burnt out and unmotivated come Monday morning. For best results, take one to two days off each week to pursue your interests and hobbies. Not only are physical activities like hiking and biking great for clearing the mind, but they also allow you to spend time with family and friends. With any luck, you will start the next workweek recharged and ready to focus on the tasks at hand.

As a self-employed person, you have the ability to set your own schedule while pursuing your passions from the comfort of your own home. However, your freelance career will surely hit a wall if you don’t learn to manage your time effectively. Follow the above tips to ensure your days stay productive and your energy levels high while embarking on a career as a small business owner.


THW Global, Launching New Video Ad Model Paying Up To $25 Per Hour For Watching Videos


Providing a New Way to Earn Income From Any Computer or Smart Device, THW Global is Attracting Thousands Interested in Earning Money From Home.

Providing a New Way to Earn Income From Any Computer or Smart Device, THW Global is Attracting Thousands Interested in Earning Money From Home.

THW Global, is waking up the Home Business World.

With over thousands of  IV’s (International Viewers) already pre-enrolled to get paid up to $25 per hour for watching videos and answering survey questions, THW Global is positioned to be the biggest Home Business opportunity to come on the scene in the past 20 years. Before THWGlobal came along, there has been little, if any, opportunity for average people to benefit financially from viewing videos on the major video platforms like YouTube.

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Global Advertising Is Expected To Top $650 Billion in Annual Sales in 2016. That Is More Than A $200 Billion Increase In Annual Sales From 2010. YouTube Alone Was Worth 70 Billion To Google – That’s a higher value than all but 66 of the companies listed on the S&P 500, according to Bloomberg. Google Bought YouTube for 1.65 Billion.



How To Make Your Online Business Progressive & Growing on the Internet


This article is all about internet marketing, using the power of internet, a business owner can gain profits and be ahead of the competitors. Internet marketing is used to increase income and promote your own product in different sites. Internet marketing involves selling your product through email messages, as long as you have your own computer with an internet connection you can start working on your business. Negotiating with different clients via email is much easier, faster and hassle free. As an internet marketer, you must know on how to convince those who visited your website and your target audience. Show the advantages of the product, encourage the viewers to try on the product and tell them why they need it.

Internet marketing helps in increasing your sales, this is considered as the best strategy in order to make your product popular. Online marketer helps in increasing your sales, instead of hiring an advertising company which charges way too high prices for ads, lame commercials and billboards why not hire an online marketer? You’ll save more cash and the results are faster, expect to have increase of sales within a shorter span of time.

There are people who are expert in this field, they do know that taking your business online is not enough. The main goal of putting your business on the internet is to make it global, reach more people and make money online. You will need an online marketer who will make things easier for you. They provide virtual office, complete with the tools, training, technical support and other resources that your business needs. There are also mentors who will guide you in your business, these people are professional, backed up with vast knowledge and have a wide experience when it comes to business. Taking advises from these mentors is the key to become successful.

There are companies that help those who are in need of online marketers. A potential client must be referred, this is limited for qualified applicants only. Those who have potential are accepted. Not everyone can be accepted because the company wants to protect their integrity.

If you have an online business and you are selling a product or service, you must keep in touch with your visitors. Online marketers helps in communicating with your visitors by sending letters, emails regarding the benefits of the product and why they must acquire the product. Without follow – up, your business might be forgotten by the visitors, which only means you lose a client. As the owner you are too busy to handle all of these. Outsourcing will make things easier, let online marketers take some weight off your shoulders. All you have to do is count your profits and watch the sky rocketing sales of your product. Now that’s a way to have a successful online business!


The Quantum Factor: Beginning With Yourself


Many of us have achieved success based on an external focus — an ability to accomplish what we want outside of ourselves. We can make quantum leaps simply by focusing on ourselves first.

If you want to have a better business, become a better person. If you want to create new markets, become a better person. If you aspire to greater spheres of influence, become a better person.

Creating Quantum Goals — A quantum goal is reachable, achievable, but beyond your current expectations. “Quantum goals aren’t unrealistic — like I want to be President of the United States in 18 months — but they do involve taking risks,”

Reviewing Goals for Focus — “I believe in reading your goals out loud at least twice a day. Carry them with you, put them on your computer screen. By repeating them, they’re in your subconscious all the time,”.

Goals are a moving target. As things change, as new opportunities arise and new people come into your life, you will want to adjust your goals.

Developing the Discipline — Doing what you need to do, until it becomes habit, is a matter of discipline. “Eating less and exercising more isn’t a matter of willpower. It’s discipline,”

“Discipline will help you keep the 18-month commitments to get to the next level,” “I estimate that it takes about six years to reach the perfect state, the ideal world, from working on your goals.”

Finding Supporters For Your Quantum Goals — Focusing on your personal development can pay remarkable dividends. For example, becoming a better “you” can influence who wants to be on your board, who wants to be your COO, who wants to be around you in social settings.


Cascading Goals in the Organization


There is a “disconnect” between what an executive staff understands about an organization’s goals, and what the CEO believes they understand. In many cases, the staff will tell they don’t even know what the goals are.

“Cascading goals” to describe the process of adopting goals at different levels in a company. Like water over a cliff, goals must spill over and “cascade” throughout an organization to be implemented.

“Cascading creates horizontal alignment in a company,” All the executives at the same level need to gain agreement about what they will do to support the CEO’s vision and minimize conflict.

A dramatic example: Over two years, a technology division of American Express was able to cascade goals from a senior vice president to the 800 people in that area. The end result: the costs of developing a software system were cut in half over a two-year period.

How Cascading Works — Once the vision and main categorical goals are set at the CEO and managerial level, select a person who will champion the process of cascading goals. He or she works to ensure that each department will create goals and action plans that support the goals of the company’s leadership.

Communicating Goals — Updating people on their progress is critical. Goals must be visible and repeated to keep the commitment alive. Besides scheduled meetings, goals may be touted in: monthly e-mail messages, company newsletters, bulletin boards, and “surprise” coffee breaks, among others.
Ensuring Goal Implementation

Action Plans — When everyone returns to their jobs after goal setting exercises, enthusiasm for the goals can be buried by the demands of day-to-day business. The first step is to develop action plans based on the goals-complete with incentives and consequences for non-performance.

Accountability — Discussing consequences is critical in any goals-to-action plan. Often, the consequences are determined as the team works on the goals in the earliest planning stages.

Peer pressure creates such an intense expectation of performance that it causes action. “The perceived humiliation of removal from the team is so great that most people act,”

Monthly Management Meetings — Once your goals and action plans are set, scheduling monthly management meetings to monitor progress. The original planning group should meet for a 90-minute session to recap the previous month; acknowledge progress and examine shortfalls; amend the plan if it needs to be changed; and, clarify the action plan for the next 30 days.

Coaching for Goals — Implementing goals that were set months ago requires discipline. The planning group has to follow through with their direct reports. The managers need the discipline to make the goals a priority over day-to-day firefighting in a business.

When Goal Setting Goes Wrong

How often have you set goals that are then set aside? Examine roadblocks if you have a pattern of abandoning organizational or corporate goals.

Commit Goals to Paper — This may seem obvious. But how often goals are stated but not written down.

Stumbling Blocks for the CEO — Goal setting is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for the passionless, either, He suggests that the CEO spend some time weighing vision, goals and priorities alone — or with an advisor — before inviting trusted managers and employees into the goal setting process. And if a working group goes off-site to do visioning, goal setting and planning, don’t forget to allow for resting and relaxing as well.

Ten Organizational Roadblocks

  1. Lack of clear-cut responsibilities around the goals
  2. Lack of a tracking system
  3. Lack of an accountability system
  4. Lack of commitment
  5. Lack of buy-in from people who are expected to fulfill the goals
  6. Ineffective communication
  7. Lack of time or resources
  8. Too many goals are financially driven
  9. Focusing on too many or too few goals
  10. Goals aren’t tied to a longer-term vision

Personal Obstacles in Goal Setting — When we fail to meet personal goals, many factors may be at play. Houcek, in his studies of high achievers and his experiences with thousands of executives, finds the following common denominators: CEOs with no passion for the goals they have set; the goals are not precise; the personal goal is at cross-purposes with the CEO’s self-image.

Fearing Failure, Commitment — Fears can play a role in our failure to make-or realize – goals. “Goal setting is basically making a commitment,” “Fear of commitment is prevalent in the world. If I don’t set a goal, then I’m not accountable for it. That’s a subconscious tactic for avoiding goal setting.”

Fear of failure is more of a reckoning with the “cost of success.” After all, he points out, we fail every day. In fact, we’re experts at failure.

“Once I’m a winner, I have to continue to win or I’ll be a bigger loser in everyone’s eyes. That’s an unconscious thought, but it’s a very real one,”

Improving Your Life with Personal Goals

Lead a life filled with passion. Believe it’s because you mastered the art of goal setting and realizing those goals.

“It makes for a very fulfilling life. Spend virtually 100 percent of time in four areas.” They are: family, personal health and fitness; business and playing.

Start with “Master Want List” — If living that kind of life sounds appealing, it all begins with a little list called the “Master Want List.”

Questions to prompt you: What do you want to do with your life? Who do you want to meet? What new activities do you want to try? What experiences do you want to have again? Where do you want to go? What do you want to learn? What do you want to improve? Who do you want to spend more time with?

How Will You Benefit? — Choose from the “Master Want List” the goals you would like to pursue and give yourself a timeframe. Next to each goal, indicate how you will benefit from completing it. That’s a prime motivator.

Framework for Personal Goal Setting — Personal goal setting in a way that mirrors business goal setting. Start with a personal mission statement, a personal vision statement, the goals for the next 12 months, annual goals, and an action plan with strategies for success. Use your birthday as the date that you review your goals and set new ones.


Setting Achievable Corporate Goals


Before you can begin goal setting, it’s essential to create a blueprint for how the process will unfold

Recommends five points in the company plan:

  1. Mission statement
  2. Vision statement
  3. Fiscal year priorities
  4. Strategies
  5. Monthly monitoring and managing meetings.

Beginning with a mission statement, each step flows into the next — and goal setting begins after the mission and vision statements are finished. The process needs to be simple. “The more complex it is, the less people are enjoying it,” To be effective, goals should follow the “SMART” format. That means they should meet these criteria:

Results oriented
Time sensitive

As goals are set within the organization, finding the right amount of “stretch” — for growth — is crucial.

“Too easy” goals do not boost performance, so they are of little value, but studies show it is best to challenge employees, expect them to challenge themselves, with goals that are attainable, but with considerable effort.

Overdoing Financial Goals? — Often, CEOs fall prey to the allure of setting only financial goals. that compromises the other reasons they are in business — such as employing people and contributing to their communities.

Corporate Goal Categories — Goals in four areas — financial, customer service, employee-based (centering on learning and innovation) and internal business process, other categories, including image and reputation, community relations/philanthropy, sales and marketing.

Whichever categories you choose — or if you customize them for your own organization — the final product should reflect your corporate purpose and path.

Setting Employee Goals — In his work for the textbook “Organizational Behavior,” whether it’s better for employees to set goals in a particular environment, or for them to set goals by themselves, or whether they do best with assigned goals. No one method seems to be better than the other, in terms of outcome and performance.

The more closely a manager can match the employees’ wishes with the goal-setting style, the better the chances for an outcome everyone seeks.

Linking Monetary Incentives to Goals — Bonuses and other pay-for-performance incentives are gaining in popularity, but they work only under certain conditions.

Studies show that pay should not be linked to achieving goals unless:

  • The performance goals are actually under the employees’ sphere of influence
  • The goals can be quantified, then measured and
  • Frequent, relatively large payments are made for achieving goals

If these three conditions aren’t met, undesirable outcomes are possible, Other studies have shown that quality suffers when quantitative goals are given highest priority.

Leadership in Goal Setting — Goals are only worth the paper they’re written on if leaders don’t bring them to life for the organization.