This way you create proximity at an appropriate distance

Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation

The measures we need to take because of the coronavirus do little to establish a positive relationship with the people we interact with. We know that we have to keep a meter and a half away and that we definitely shouldn’t touch other people. At the moment we are actually approaching others as if they are (potentially) sick and contagious and pose a danger to our health. Rationally we understand why we do this, but on the emotional level there is a mismatch. Strangers in particular feel as unattractive.

Others are dirty and maybe sick. . .
We are now getting used to the desired distance of one and a half meters. In fact, when we see a lot of people standing together in a previously recorded TV program, it gives a kind of feeling of discomfort. The images from New Zealand where people are cozy together give us a feeling that something is not right. Physical closeness is more likely to evoke disgust at this point. For this reason, many people do not yet like to use public transport. For weeks we programmed our brains with the idea that keeping a meter and a half away protects our health. Now suddenly people pass each other at a short distance. Having to wear a mouth mask doesn’t make it any better. It feels stuffy and seeing it in others confirms a sense of potential danger: others are dirty! or maybe sick . . .


Trend watching 2020 – 2030


A as blogger and also a trend watcher, I would like to share some information what might happen in the future. The period is between 2020 – 2030. Step in the tele time travel machine and press the red button. Fly with me into the future. . .

2018 Free TrendWatching Resources | Retailing: From A to Z

The year is 2020

Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7

Global Politics, Generation X is reshaping this

The first stem cell therapy for congestive heart failure will be exposed

Progress with longevity extension

First orbital test flight of the SpaceX Starship is a fact

Mercury pollution is going down

Glacier National Park will become ice-free and also some other regions

UK’s new aircraft carriers are reaching full operational capability

Follow the Planet Mars 2020 rover mission

England’s Coastal Path will be opened to walkers

Launching of Playstation 5

5th Chang’e lunar exploration mission

Ariane 6 first flight

Big conjunction

The internet will reach 5 billion users worldwide

The Year is 2021

Exascale computers are deployed

Touchdown of the Exomars rover on Mars

Launching of the James Webb Space Telescope

1st unscrewed maiden flight of NASA’s SLS (Space Launch System)

1st flight of the New Glenn reusable rocket

Opening of Crossrail in UK/London

Southwest USA water crisis

Japan/Tokyo hosts the Olympic Games

Re-emerging of the largest insect swarm in the world

5-year survival rates for breast cancer are approaching one hundred percent

Birth control pills for male are entering the market

The world’s 1st artificial kidney will be a fact

Launching of the flying car Terrafugia TF-X

China’s plan to it’s first mission to Mars

Arabian mission to planet Mars

India on the run for their first manned space flight

The year is 2022

• India becomes the most populous country on Earth

• The ITER experimental fusion reactor is switched on

• Germany phases out nuclear energy

• Beijing hosts the Winter Olympics

• Completion of the Northeast Corridor high-speed train upgrade

• Qatar hosts the FIFA World Cup

• China’s first space station is complete

• New Horizons completes its study of the Kuiper Belt

• The AIDA mission arrives at Didymos

• The Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE) is launched

• The X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Transport is tested over U.S. cities

• Water is becoming a weapon of war

• Global reserves of antimony are running out

• Driverless hover-taxis are operational in Dubai

• VIPER mission to the lunar south pole

The year is 2023

Xi Jinping extends his presidency

• The Aerion AS2 supersonic jet enters service

• The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope begins full operations

• First crewed flight of NASA’s Orion spacecraft

• Mars sample return mission

• Asteroid sample return mission

• The Hinkley Point C nuclear power station is operational

• The Type 26 Global Combat Ship enters service

• Turkey celebrates its 100th anniversary as an independent republic

• Completion of the London “super sewer”

• Brain implants to restore lost memories

• Luna 27 lands on the far side of the Moon

• Driverless high-speed trains begin operating in France

• Completion of the Stad Ship Tunnel

• Launch of the SPHEREx mission

The Year is 2024

Vladimir Putin steps down as President of Russia

• Open-source, 3D printed clothes at near-zero cost

• The Thirty Metre Telescope is fully operational

• Indonesia gets a new capital city

• Total solar eclipse across North America

• Euro 2024 is hosted by Germany

• Paris hosts the Summer Olympic Games

• Lunar Mission One drills into the Moon’s south pole

• Bio-electronics for treating arthritis are in common use

• Carsharing has exploded in popularity

• Wind turbine drone inspection is a multi-billion dollar industry

• Starlink reaches full capacity

• The first probe to fly into the Sun’s outer atmosphere

The year is 2025

A billion human genomes have been sequenced

• Human brain simulations are becoming possible

• 3D-printed human organs

• China is becoming highly urbanised

• Vertical farms are common in cities

• Solid waste is reaching crisis levels

• Kivalina has been inundated

• Completion of the East Anglia Zone

• The UK phases out coal power

• The European Extremely Large Telescope is operational

• The Giant Magellan Telescope is fully operational

• The first test flight of the Skylon spaceplane

• The first manned flights from Russia’s new spaceport

• High speed rail networks are being expanded in many countries

• A comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. airspace system is complete

• Railguns are in use by the U.S. navy

• The global crowdfunding market reaches $100bn

• BepiColombo arrives in orbit around Mercury

The year is 2026

• A synthetic human genome is completed

• Aquaculture provides the majority of the world’s seafood

• The High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) is operational

• The International Linear Collider is completed

• 3-D printed electronic membranes to prevent heart attacks

• Youthful regeneration of aging heart muscle via GDF-11

• New treatments for Alzheimer’s disease

• Rising sea levels are wreaking havoc on the Maldives

• Global reserves of indium are running out

• Italy hosts the Winter Olympics

• Construction of the Sagrada Família is complete

• Robotic hands matching human capabilities

• The FIFA World Cup is hosted jointly in Canada, Mexico and the United States

• Mars Science Laboratory is shutting down

• 50TB hard drives

The year is 2027

The BRICs overtake the G7 nations

• Light-duty hydrogen fuel cell vehicles reach 1 million in annual sales

• Tokyo and Nagoya are connected by high-speed maglev

• Carbon sequestration is underway in many nations

• The Venera-D mission arrives at Venus

• The asteroid 1999 AN10 makes a close approach

• The Square Kilometre Array begins science operations

• The Europa Clipper arrives in orbit

• The autopsy report for Elvis Presley is made public

• Opening of the New Central Polish Airport

• The final Avatar movie is released

The year is 2028

• Completion of the Deep Space Gateway

• Launch of the European ATHENA X-ray observatory

• China builds the world’s largest particle accelerator

• Printed electronics are ubiquitous

• The UK population reaches 70m

• British newspapers are going out of circulation

• Launch of the ARIEL spacecraft

• Launch of the Comet Interceptor

• Delhi becomes the most populous city in the world

• Los Angeles hosts the Summer Olympic Games

• Total solar eclipse in Australia and New Zealand

• Resurrection of several extinct species has been achieved

• The International Space Station is decommissioned

The year is 2029

• Human-like AI is becoming a reality

• Increased automation of banking

• Close approach of the near-Earth asteroid Apophis

• Mass application of gene drives on mosquitoes

• Global reserves of silver are running out

• Finland bans coal for energy use

• Madagascar’s radiated tortoise is extinct in the wild

• Phase 1 of the California High-Speed Rail line is complete

• Expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport

• Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is disappearing

• The wreck of the Titanic has decomposed

The year is 2030

Global population is reaching crisis point

• The 6G standard is released

• Desalination has exploded in use

• “Smart grid” technology is widespread in developed nations

• An interstellar message arrives at Luyten’s Star

• Depression is the number one global disease burden

• Child mortality is approaching 2% globally

• The Muslim population has increased significantly

• Full weather modelling is perfected

• Orbital space junk is becoming a major problem for space flight

• Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer (JUICE) reaches the Jovian system

• The UK space industry has quadrupled in size

• The Lockheed Martin SR-72 enters service

• A new generation of military helicopters

• Hyper-fast crime scene analysis

• Half of America’s shopping malls have closed

• Emerging job titles of today

• Cargo Sous Terrain becomes operational in Switzerland

• The entire ocean floor is mapped

I really hope that you are now well informed what the coming years as full off to take place with the right circumstances. If you like this blog just drop your comments.

If you would like to know what will take place between 2031 and 2040 keep coming back to this website. I have search it out already for you to update.


Good Zoom alternatives for video calling


Let’s Go . .

How Video Calls Are Made For TV - Indi Samarajiva - Medium

What does Zoom have that other video conferencing tools don’t have? Simple, it’s free and just works really well. Moreover, the tool has cool features to get your audience involved. Raise your hand who agrees. But the great popularity of video calling should not be a reason to choose this tool. Now that working remotely is becoming a long-term goal, it may be time to look at the alternatives to Zoom. What other online video conferencing tools have as good a free version as Zoom? I figured it out for you!

Why is Zoom so popular?

100 participants per meeting, high quality HD video and audio, meeting recording in MP4 and M4A format, real-time private and group chat, multi-screen sharing, participant management, breakout rooms for smaller groups, polls, whiteboards, raising hands and mute with the space … The free version of Zoom has it all . It is not without reason that the tool has been used by more than 300 million people every day for the past month . Zoom is especially praised for:

  • the many functionalities of the free version
  • the quality of the audio / video and the connection speed ( latency of max. 150 milliseconds) with relatively low bandwidth.
  • the simplicity of installation and use
  • sharing the screen by multiple users
  • the good chat function
  • the different ways in which you can invite participants
  • the different devices on which you can use Zoom

What are Zoom’s negatives?

There is little criticism of Zoom. A few negatives that users mention are:

  • The time limit of 40 minutes in the free version for 3 or more users
  • Concerns about the safety of online video conferencing with Zoom
  • The Zoom app can be improved
  • Too little choice of virtual backgrounds
  • No possibility to share screen or whiteboard in the break-out rooms
  • No permanent link per meeting room
  • Apple AirPods as audio does not work
  • No live streaming of video recordings on Youtube or Facebook

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5 alternatives to Zoom

Based on the qualities that users highlight in their reviews, I looked for good alternatives to Zoom. All the alternatives for online video conferencing below are therefore characterized by high customer satisfaction (at least 4.4 out of 5 stars) based on at least 70 verified reviews from business users at software comparison site Capterra. All 5 alternatives, like Zoom, have the following features in their free version:

  • video conference and audio conference
  • realtime chat
  • share screen
  • cloud based
  • accessible via a browser (so no installation required) and a mobile app (iOS and Android)

The order of the list says nothing about the arrangement of the video conference tools.


1. Free conference call: the alternative with the best functions for recording & sharing documents.

Free Conference Call (FFC) has over 800,000 customers and offers free video and audio meetings for up to 1000 participants (Zoom up to 100 participants). You can easily switch presenters and there are some nice features such as the presentation tool Studio, and the live streaming of conferences on the internet. The Freeconferencecall price plan works on a voluntary basis! The video screen shows the active speaker and 5 other participants in the sidebar arranged based on how often the participant speaks. Web Viewer is required to participate via the browser.

Features of the free version

  • 1000 free participants per audio or video meeting
  • Mobile app and desktop app
  • Recording and playback of meetings
  • Drawing tools and whiteboard, chat tools
  • Meeting Wall where you can upload documents and recordings to share with participants
  • Live streaming of conferences
  • Remote desktop function
  • Integration with Google Calendar, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, Evernote and more
  • Conversation reports
  • Break-out rooms

What does Freeconference Call have that Zoom does not have?

  • 1000 participants
  • No time limit at meetings
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free international and local dial-in numbers for audio meetings
  • 1GB free storage
  • Free live streaming

What do business users say about Freeconferecencall?

FFC users are very enthusiastic about the large number of participants per audio or video conference. That also makes FFC a very suitable tool for webinars. In addition, there are good recording and playback options and you get 1 GB of free storage. Users are also satisfied with keeping the same dial-in number. The interface could be a bit more user-friendly.

2. Lifesize: the alternative to video calling without a time limit

The free version of Lifesize offers unlimited free video meetings for an unlimited duration up to 25 participants. In addition to video calling software, Lifesize also offers a whole set of video and audio hardware to equip physical meeting rooms. They are the only vendor that supports cloud video calling and content sharing in 4K resolution. When using Lifesize hardware, independent updates of other components such as PC, TV, camera, speakers, microphone or tablet are no longer required. All calls and recordings are made with an encrypted connection. You can connect directly from the browser or via the Lifesize app. Upgrade costs start at $ 12.50 (around € 11) per host per month. Some of Lifesize’s major customers include NASA, Toyota, Yale and Disney.

Features of the free version

  • Unlimited number of meetings and of unlimited duration
  • 25 participants
  • Personal meeting ID
  • 1-on-1 chat and group chat
  • Integration with Slack and Skype for Business
  • Online support and community forum
  • Link to email and calendar

What does Lifesize have that the free version of Zoom doesn’t have?

  • Meetings without time limit

What do business users say about Lifesize?

Lifesize users are very pleased with the high video quality of this tool and the user-friendly interface. The chat function, on the other hand, could have a few more features, such as rich text and images. And there is no native app for Linux systems.

3. Google Meet: the innovative alternative with AI features

Google Meet is the new name for Hangouts Meet, and Google Chat is the new name for Hangouts Chat. It is a safe online video conferencing solution because the tool uses the same infrastructure as Google Cloud to secure data and protect privacy. The free version of Google Meet requires signing in with a Google account. Paying customers with a G-Suite account have Meet enabled by default and can also invite people who do not have a Google account to participate. Inviting participants is via an email with a link or meeting ID.

Meet has some original AI features that the other video conferencing tools don’t have. You can filter out sounds from your environment (for example, if you are in a cafe) and you can switch on live English subtitles. To provide the best video quality, Google Meet automatically adjusts your network speed. Until September 3, you can use the G-Suite essential or enterprise plan for free, after which the costs start at $ 10 (around € 8.80) per user per month.

Features of the free version:

  • No time limit on the duration of meetings until September 30, 2020 (normally the limit is 60 minutes per meeting)
  • 100 participants
  • Participate from a browser
  • Live subtitling of meetings in English
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • Online self-help and community forums
  • Customizable layouts
  • Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Forms
  • 15GB Drive storage

What does Google Meet have that the free version of Zoom doesn’t have?

  • The same high security and privacy as Cloud and two-factor authentication.
  • Live subtitling of meetings in English.
  • The usual features you get when creating a Google account (Docs, Sheets, forms and 15GB storage).

What do business users say about Google Meet?

Google Meet users find the tool very user-friendly and easy, because it can be operated from Gmail and G-Suite. Meet also offers good synchronization with all devices connected to your Google account (for receiving notifications and messages, for example). Downside is that there is no recording option in the free version (because of corona, that feature is now free until September 30, by the way) and some users are having trouble mastering the screen sharing. Users also report that Meet works less well in non-Chrome browsers such as Internet Explorer because it is a Google product.

4. Zoho Meeting: the alternative to involve your audience

Zoho Meeting for online video conferencing and webinars has features for presenter change, polls, recordings, and account management reports. The free version has a lot of planning tools and tools to get your audience involved, but no way to record or save meetings. The free version also has a very limited number of participants. An upgrade costs € 8 per month per host for 100 participants. That’s cheaper than most of the other tools on this list.

Features of the free version

  • 2 participants for meetings and 10 for webinars
  • Planning tools: add to calendar, confirm, set reminders
  • Moderator features: turn participants on / off sound, remove participants
  • Features for the involvement of participants: taking polls, raising hands, question & answer
  • Co-presenters in webinars
  • Analysis and reports
  • Encrypted transmissions with SSL / 128-bit AES protocols

What does Zoho Meeting have in the free version that Zoom doesn’t have?

  • Export analysis and reports for webinars
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Part of a very comprehensive suite of business applications (CRM, Campaigns, Desk, etc.) and can therefore be linked to other systems for better business processes.

What do business users say about Zoho Meetings?

Zoho Meeting users find it a budget-friendly tool if, for example, you do not use the tool every day, but for monthly webinars. Screen sharing and switching is easy. The tool is very user-friendly and easy to start and integrates well with Zoho CRM. The downside is that Zoho Meeting is completely web-based and there is no desktop app.

5. Cisco Webex: the alternative for every device & participate in every possible way

Webex is very similar to Zoom and also has a lot of functionalities in the free version. Maybe that’s because the founder of Zoom (Eric Yuan) worked at Webex before it was acquired by Cisco in 2007. In addition to video calling, you can also organize events and webinars with it. Webex is slightly cheaper than Zoom. Upgrade costs start at € 12.85 per month per host for 100 participants. And there is now a 4-month free offer on the annual plan. Reviews show that Webex is not the most user-friendly tool. Connection can be via the web app, desktop app or browser.

Features of the free version

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Time limit of 50 minutes per meeting
  • Switch screens easily during screen sharing
  • Private and group chats during meetings
  • Recording
  • Own meeting room
  • Moderator functionalities
  • Interactive boards
  • Online support
  • Dial-up number
  • Integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Teams, Slack, Canvas and Moodle.

What does Cisco Webex have that the free version of Zoom doesn’t have?

  • Online support versus ticket support at Zoom
  • Time limit of 50 minutes instead of 40 minutes

What do business users say about Cisco Webex?

Cisco Webex users say that Webex works well on both mobile and PC. The automatic adjustment of the meeting time to time zones is very useful for meetings with colleagues in other countries. They are less enthusiastic about the price, which is on the high side compared to other tools. Sometimes the connection via Google Calendar is not automatic and the meeting ID still has to be entered manually. There are also some complaints about image quality and bandwidth with slower networks.

Do you have experience with one of these tools? Or do you have another tooltip? Let me please know in the comments.


Lessons for Dynamic Leaders during the Corona Crisis

Dynamic Leadership – VATCons

Due to the corona crisis, many young leaders are struggling with a sense of unrest. In this blog I like to share with you some very important point you can apply in your daily routine to the current challenges.

With a good mindset this will surely help you to travel more working miles.

The following points are very handy for young leaders but also for everyone who is leading and is in the plan to start leading.
Remember that we are all from diverse ideas and sectors. We are all in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world which is changing rapidly.
After all, we are not alone in this struggle, and with this information you will get a strong sense of freedom of choice in your life, whatever the situation you are facing.

MGMT6000 Dynamic Leadership Reflexive Research Proof Reading Services

1: Make a distinction between what you do or do not control

At any time of the day, there are an infinite number of things that are out of your control, at the same time there are things that you do have control over. How well can you make a distinction here? How often do you ask yourself this question? And where do you invest all your attention, life force and energy in? Nowadays it is too easy to get distracted by all the things you have no control over, while you could have used the 24 hours of the day for anything you could have made a positive difference: for yourself, your family, teams , community and everything else that is dear to you.

2: Invest in, and be careful with your buffer of positivity

How easy or difficult do you make it for yourself to build up a buffer of positivity to better deal with the inevitable setbacks in life? How well do you know what gives you a positive kick in life, not because it was talked about by others, but because you really feel it yourself? When you hear a negative message, how do you prevent it from seeming unnecessarily worse than it actually is? How critically do you assess your initial interpretation of the topic (personal or impersonal), the magnitude of the problem (large or small), and the temporality (long or short)? And when everything seems to go wrong, how well do you manage to build up your buffer with a feeling of gratitude for moments from the past? 

3: Focus on talents that energize you

There are some skills you are not good at, and there are skills that you are better at. There are skills that do not energize you, and there are skills that do energize you. How well do you know yourself in this regard? How can you use your talented people more often per week, and make your environment aware so that you don’t question skills that cost you energy? Which hidden talents that give you energy would you like to develop further at work and beyond?  

4: Care about yourself and others

How do others know that you are there for them, especially in difficult times? When someone shares a problem, do you only address the words the other person is saying, or do you also pay attention to the underlying emotional message (s)? How well can you place these feelings in the context of the other person’s life? How do you ensure that you keep your attention with the other person and not let the conversation be hijacked by yourself or others who have had a similar experience? How do you let yourself experience that you are not alone and that there are others who care about you?
5: Find meaning in everyday moments

From building something important for society to preventing something unwanted from private, how well can you see every moment of the day you are contributing? “Those who have a  why have can (almost) any  how  endure “has the same physical act another inner experience entail depend on the meaning can you give it Unlike simple times have difficult moments often extra chances meaning to find.: courage, patience, wisdom, compassion, and other personal qualities can only grow stronger when tested 

6: Celebrate successes with every step

In uncertain times, the finish line is not always in sight, and there is a lack of prospect of improvement in the short term. Plans change, and a lot of (knowledge) work is not immediately visible or tangible. In addition, if the elements of the previous lessons are missing, it can be easy to lose the motivation to continue. That is why it is extra important to clarify and celebrate every step forward. This can be done with others or alone. This can be planned or spontaneous. This can be big or small. Looking back at the week, it is quite clear what went wrong, but how often do you also think about what did work? What went easier than expected? And how do you set the bar for success at the right height, so that it is high enough to mean something, but also accessible enough to experience?

Become the leader you want to be at Lead the Way: Dynamic ...

The future can be better – the power of my very own imagination

Imagination and Reality Look Different in the Brain | Live Science

The world as tabula rasa, yes as a blank page.

Let us imagine a new world together.
A world in which economic growth is no longer a fetish, but concern for people and the planet is paramount.
A world in which the economy is embedded in a society, and not the other way around.
A world in which people are more than just means.
A world in which paid work, family life and personal development can thrive harmoniously.

We want to imagine such a world.
Now more than ever.
All together, sure we all together.

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