If I asked you what you could do to be more successful as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you would probably list off things like advertise or network more, improve your website or marketing materials and close more sales, right? Would your answer include personal branding? It should, because it absolutely impacts your success.

First, it’s important to clarify we aren’t just talking about big brands. It’s the personalities that represent them that help these companies create a brand. Why Branding is Important

When you purposely create a brand representation for your business, you’re incorporating several factors, including: • How others see you • What sets you apart (your USP) • Your values • Your expertise • Your personality • How you represent yourself in person and online If done correctly and consistently this builds trust, loyalty, leads and sales.

Why else should you care?

• Research from Nielsen shows that only 33% of buyers trust messages from a company while almost 90% of customers trust recommendations from someone they know.

How to Incorporate Branding into Your Marketing

Firstly, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you need to know your target audience. These are the people you want to appeal to and have on your side.

Let’s say you’re a career coach who is trading the corporate world for entrepreneurship. Your target audience may be other professionals who are leaving corporations to fly solo. From your marketing materials to how you present yourself on social media, you always want to keep them in mind.

Here are 3 other ways to create a successful brand and stand out from the competition:

1. Show Your Expertise You want to be an expert in your field right. Stay on top of the latest news and trends, understand who your competitors are and attend events. Use what you know and learn to educate, inspire and mentor others whenever and however you can.

The more visible you are the more people will associate your face with your product or service and trust what you’re selling.

2. Choose the Right Platforms First, having a website is important! With any of your online marketing efforts, your goal should be to drive traffic back to a website that represents your brand positioning well. In case,if your website falls short of this, your target audience will not resonate with your business and will leave.

Next, find out where the people in your target audience spend their time.

Let’s say that career coach I mentioned earlier targets professional women between the ages of 35 and 55. If research shows her target audience uses Facebook much more than Instagram, she should focus a large chunk of her efforts on creating Live videos and stories as well as participate in targeted Groups on Facebook.

3. Be Yourself… to a Certain Extent Don’t be afraid to show your personality and use your own voice when creating and sharing content or meeting people.

However, be cautious about sharing content that is political, religious or some other topic best avoided at dinner parties—unless it is part of your persona and/or mission and values.

It’s also important to always be honest as the face of your organization, as vegan influencer Yovana Mendoza Ayres is finding out. She was recently filmed eating fish in Bali, which caused a huge uproar among her plant-based fans and followers.

You can’t neglect your personal brand if you want to grow your leads, sales, loyalty and reputation.

It’s not a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. People no longer look to big businesses to tell them what to buy; they want to see a face and personality that represents the product or service.

If you want to stand out from the competition, you need to have an effective strategy. From your logo to your website to your social media presence, find the expertise to help you market yourself and your organization today and in the future.


Improve by 1% Percent at a Time

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For people who would like to improve on a personal level, there is a widely used Japanese method: Kaizen. Kaizen revolves around the small steps that must be taken to realize the biggest plans. In my daily activities I am using the KAIZEN spirit and techniques to become better: Getting one percent better every day is a simple, practical way to achieve big goals.

Kaizen spread to the rest of the world thanks to American experts such as Frank Bunker Gilbreth and Frederick Winslow Taylor. They were already at the forefront of research into effective work in the 1920s and their knowledge was the basis for Kaizen. In post-war Japan, a way was sought to increase the effectiveness of employees. This way was found in the idea of ​​Kaizen, freely translated: good change or continuous improvement.

More than just improvement

Kaizen has a goal that goes beyond just improvement. It is a daily activity and a process that can make people more human. It eliminates unnecessary work and teaches people to see wastes and remove them. A commonly used definition is ‘disassembly and reassembly in a better way’. What is taken apart is usually a process, system, or service in a company. In personal development, an action or habit will be reassembled.


Continuous improvement works by sticking to three conditions. Set a goal for one percent improvement. Decide how often you will work on the goal and stick to that plan, focus on the one percent improvement. Stay with this process until you reach the end goal. By not focusing on the end goal but on the one percent goal, improvement can be achieved in an easily accessible manner. By working in small steps you build a solid foundation for a great future.


The Circular Labor Market

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Stimulating a circular economy is an excellent way to make society more sustainable. Particular attention is paid to making material flows more sustainable. However, the possibilities to make the labor factor more circular are often underexposed.

With a circular economy, the intention is to make material flows not circular, but circular. This is done by making optimum use of the value of all materials. Examples of this are extending the lifespan of products, reusing materials and handling everything we use efficiently.

A circular economy creates new jobs, but it cannot be filled just like that, says Hans Stegeman, head of Research and Investment Strategy at Triodos Bank. For this, the labor market must also be made circular. The labor market is currently still too linear. If people do not fit the linear model, they lose value because they cannot perform optimally.

Optimal value

This applies less to a circular labor market. For example, people who lose their jobs are not immediately ‘lost’, but quickly find work again. This means that the value of manpower can be used optimally. This is important because the approaching aging wave will put more pressure on the working part of the population.

One way to get employees to work optimally is by having them retrain or retrain, so that they have more knowledge to do their job or have them change jobs if necessary. The happiness experienced by employees at work is of great importance for optimum output. If people are not satisfied with their job after a while and cannot change jobs, their productivity decreases.

Flexible employer

In a circular labor market, it is also important that knowledge that is available to employees is not lost. Perhaps the knowledge gained can be used in a completely different field. This requires a new balance between job security and flexibility. This balance can be achieved with flexible employership, whereby someone with certain characteristics is taken over by another employer with the same employment conditions. This keeps employees motivated.


The New Sandy Beach in Nickerie, Suriname…


The Solar Paradise of the West

As the Caribbean Blog Authority I am watching the trends on national, regional and international levels. While the Amazon, the lungs of the earth is on fire, nature created a small piece of sandy beach at the river mouth of the Nickerie river in Suriname, South America.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, beach, ocean, outdoor and nature
The Beach where soon a lot of things are going to unfold.

Horizon Expeditions owner/director Lorenzo M. Ramcharan who is running for years in the tourism sector, has seen a great potential in exploring the new created beach. With his fantastic view, he took the lead to make it from nothing to something for the district of Nickerie. Yes he has seen deeply that there are potentials. In me very own opinion I empower this initiative and also see great potentials that can create a new hot spot in Nickerie. A beach spot not far from home at home, but also a natural spot for visitors.

Beach Explorer/Entrepreneur Lorenzo M. Ramcharan (SACRAMENTO)

Let me make clear that once good explored and managed, this beach will become very attractive to even foreigners. Beside the sandy part, visitors will also be able to enjoy the flora and fauna. Horizon Expeditions make it the best to become.

Bear the following in mind my dear friends.`

Going to the beach can be a really fun and exciting time, especially if it’s the beginning of the summer. However, there are also some times when the whole process of going to and getting ready for the beach can be more trouble than it’s worth. But don’t worry… Go and get the vibes in nature.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and nature
Life on the Beach
Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and nature

Getting that summer vibe

Ever want a summer vibe? Although it’s always summer in Nickerie, Suriname, that feeling that you’re literally living in the moment during the summertime? Listening to “beach music” can certainly do the job most of the time, but not every time. Literally being outdoors on a beach will do the trick every time, making you realize that it is indeed summer and the weather is perfect.

Everything on the Beach

Getting up at ass o’ clock on this piece of nature

If you want to get a good vibe of this beach spot, you have to get up so early.

No photo description available.
A Sky Shot of the New Beach taken by Captain Glenn Nithoer

Experience the Atlantic ocean from nearby

With created opportunity any beach lover can experience the Atlantic Ocean

On a hot summer day, the ocean is such a refreshing experience. Whether you’re just walking by the ocean or you’re boogie boarding or swimming around, the ocean is lit. You almost forget for a moment that it can be dangerous as shit with rough waves and dangerous creatures. But don’t worry Horizon Expeditions is surely taking care of this part as well. As an old camper I absolutely love bush cooked food. So at this beach you can all enjoy that for sure. A new staycation for you and your love once to enjoy.

Dear Folks, I can write further, but I will stick right here. Horizon Expeditions make this opportunity the best you can. Keep it funny, sunny, safe till the end of time. You all have my personal blessings.

There you have it! What’s your beach mood, are you feelin’ it or not feelin’ it?

The Caribbean Blog Authority.


Relativating: thinking from a dual perspective


It is often stated in managers’ profile: a perspective on work. This means that you can approach the problems in your work in a resilient way. You are enthusiastic and committed and you strive for the best results. You have faith in your people and you give them all the space they need.

But at the same time you also understand the art of letting things go when things go wrong. You will not be discouraged if it turns out differently than you had hoped. You do what you can, but don’t get frustrated by setbacks. You manage to pick up the thread again quickly.

Don’t be difficult, the art of putting things into perspective can be learned gradually. You enjoy going to work, working with your colleagues and achieving success on a regular basis. At least I assume that. I also assume that you do not cheer every day and that it does not always go so well. There is often a lot of stress involved in letting the noses point in the same direction and achieve seemingly simple goals.

Communication is not always smooth: there is misunderstanding, frustration and excitement. Your advice is ignored, you get criticism of your decisions. Employees compete for their interests and their equal. The atmosphere can sometimes be cut. The offers that you had set your mind on are rejected and hopeful projects fail. Occasionally you are completely through it and you have the idea of ​​being on your own. Sometimes it seems that everything and everyone is bothering you.

Frustrating? No, because you master the art of putting things into perspective, you don’t make them crazy anymore. Note: Shit happens! You no longer get excited about any sleepers and setbacks, because they are part of it.

You no longer get angry about the things you can’t change. And you will no longer be annoyed if choices have been made for which you are not responsible. You learn to approach every situation with maximum effort, but at the same time to be indifferent to the results.

You can once again learn and master the art of putting things into perspective.




You can’t see round the bend. For that reason, the sole thanks to predict the longer term is to check the past or extrapolate what we all know to be true these days. However what if revolutionary changes occur or external events blindside you? The actual fact is, once time is smart, you think that they’ll continue forever. However statistically speaking, smart times don’t last forever.

People assume smart times can last forever…until they don’t.

When was the last time you found yourself oral communication, “No one’s about to knock United States out of 1st place. My job’s entirely secure.” Or, “My health is usually smart.” However would you’re feeling if one amongst those situations modified tomorrow? The reality is, there are belongings you will do to organize for that natural event — and you ought to. However you’ll ne’er actually recognize what it’s wish to face a private natural event, or however you’ll really respond, till you face robust times.

Business Plan: 6 Key Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business


With the accessibility convenience that the Internet provides, it’s also easier than ever before to start your own business. Many times, you can even do it from your own home.

But, just because it’s easier than in the past to start your own company doesn’t mean you don’t need to be cautious.

In fact, there’s a handful of questions you need to ask yourself before you dive in.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about what you need to consider while creating your business plan.

1. “What Problem Can My Business Solve?”

This is one of the most important questions you can ask, and it’s important that you be honest with yourself.

If what you offer to your target audience solves a problem or makes their lives easier, they’ll likely pay money for it. But, if it doesn’t bring them much value, you may find that your company’s performance will struggle.

The good news is that the answer to this question isn’t always complicated.

It could be as simple as an app that helps budding musicians find open mic nights in their city, or a platform that lets people hire local petsitters.

2. “What’s My X-Factor?”

So, you’ve found what problem you’re going to solve. That’s great!

Except, it’s likely that plenty of other people have the same mission.

While competition isn’t inherently bad, it can make things a bit difficult as a business owner. This is especially true when you’re just starting out.

So, you’re going to have to find a way to stand out from the crowd if you want to get your audience’s attention.

Ways you can help differentiate yourself include:

  • Provide above and beyond customer service
  • Develop a powerful culture around your brand (Nike, for example)
  • Have a relatable cause or story behind your business
  • Be weird and unconventional

The more effort you put into being unique as a business, the better off you’ll be.

3. “What Resources/Funds Do I Have Available?”

This is another one where you’ll need to be completely honest with yourself.

If you don’t have the proper funds and resources (or can’t definitively secure them), don’t get too caught up in bringing an end-game vision to life.

For example, there are people out there who dream of having their own office and a dozen employees working under them. But, there’s no need to spend money on renting a workspace if you’re just starting out in most circumstances.

Instead, focus on what you can realistically obtain with what you have access to.

Even you only have a few thousand dollars or only know a couple of people in the industry, it’s important to accept that you’ve got some work to do before you start scaling your company.

4. “How Well Do I Know the Market?”

You wouldn’t set out to sea without checking the weather, would you?

The same applies here when entering a market for the first time.

You could provide the best product or service the industry has ever seen, but introducing it at the wrong time could spell the end for your business.

Similarly, you’ll also need to consider unexpected factors, such as unforeseen costs and how your audience reacts to your branding/marketing.

Put simply, you need to put in the time and research everything you can about the industry you’re about to enter. This means analyzing your competition, your audience, and the performance of the market itself are all crucial.

5. “How Do I Create My Marketing Product/Service?”

Yet another one of those make-or-break questions. 

How you market your product or service is just as important as what you’re actually offering. But, it’s not quite as daunting as it seems to come up with a strategy.

To get started, consider what is known as the Four P’s of marketing:

  • Product- What you offer and how it will stand out among other products. Also, consider who you want to buy it.
  • Price- What you charge for what you offer. Pursue the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of price that will optimize sales.
  • Promotion- How you frame your product or service. For example, it could be marketed as a premium purchase or something that is intentionally barebones.
  • Place- How you reach your audience. Essentially, this is your chosen method(s) of making sales (online store, phone, retail, etc.).

Flesh out each answer as thoroughly as possible and you’ll end up with a solid marketing plan.

6. “What Is My Exit Strategy?”

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. That’s why inventions like seatbelts and lifejackets exist.

The same applies when starting your own business. Unforeseen circumstances could very easily cause your company to enter a downward spiral, such as an imploding market that leaves no need for what you offer.

So, you need to come up with a plan to cushion the blow as much as possible (or eliminate it entirely).

Common exit strategies include:

  • Selling your company to another business owner
  • Shutting down all operations and liquidating
  • Merging with another company that provides similar products or services

Think of what the ideal solution to an emergency scenario would be, and then plan for it.

That way, you’ll be one step ahead when the need for a way out arises. 

Coming up With a Solid Business Plan Can Seem Difficult

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above information about developing a business plan in mind, you’ll be well on your way to giving your company the best chance of success.


TEN Signs of Long-Term Work Team Success…


As the owner of a company, you can put together a collection of the most talented employees in your area. But if you aren’t able to get them to work together as a team, it’ll all be for naught.

You can encourage your employees to work together by appointing a strong manager to guide them along the way. You can also do it by posting inspiring quotes about teamwork all over your office.

But it’s ultimately going to be up to your employees to decide whether or not team success is something that’s important to them. Working together as a team requires each and every employee within a company to sacrifice a little bit of themselves for the greater good.

Are your employees working well as a team right now? Here are ten signs that’ll let you know your team is operating at a high level.

1. Your Team Understands Their Purpose

When you bring a group of employees together and turn them into a team, it’s important for you to let them know what their specific purpose will be. Their purpose might be to:

  • Help increase your company’s sales
  • Generate ideas for new products
  • Launch a service in a new area

Regardless of what your team’s purpose is, they should understand it and, to a larger degree, understand the importance of them working together to serve their purpose. As long as they’re able to do this, team success should follow.

2. They Set Goals and Work to Achieve Them

In addition to understanding their purpose, your team of employees should also come together to set goals for themselves. They should work hard — and work together! — to achieve them, too.

You can provide your team with some general goals that you want them to achieve. But they should be able to come up with more specific goals that will allow them to reach their end goal sooner than later.

3. They Assume Clearly Identified Roles

LeBron James is an amazing basketball player. He could very well go down as the best basketball player of all time.

But can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if someone were to clone him and put five LeBron Jameses on one basketball team? A team with five LeBrons just wouldn’t work!

Likewise, your team isn’t going to work if everyone on it is trying to be the business equivalent of LeBron. You need to find employees who are able to slide into different roles on your team and play their position without getting upset about it.

4. They Know How to Make Collective Decisions

It doesn’t matter if your team consists of five employees, 15 employees, or 50 employees. Anytime you ask more than one person to make a decision together, things tend to get messy.

The best teams know how to come together and make decisive decisions quickly without arguing over them too much. That doesn’t mean that everyone on a team is going to agree with every decision that gets made. But a good team will find ways to come to agreements as a whole.

5. They Employ Winning Strategies to Deal With Conflict

You don’t want the employees on your team to spend all day bickering with one another. That’s not going to lead to team success.

But a little bit of conflict within a team is healthy. Your employees will gel better as a unit when they face conflicts and figure out how to deal with them accordingly.

6. They Celebrate One Another’s Individual Successes

Even though your goal is going to be to have your employees work together as a team as opposed to working as individuals, there will be times when certain individuals stand out.

You’ll have an employee who comes up with an idea that’s so good that you can’t help but recognize them for it. Or you’ll have an employee that closes a huge sale on their own and gets a well-deserved bonus for doing it.

Good teams will celebrate one another’s individual successes without showing the slightest bit of jealousy. They’ll understand that there are going to be times when one team member does something that deserves individual accolades.

7. They Motivate Each Other During Stressful Times

When your team is placed under a great deal of stress, how do they react?

Do they turn to one another for support and figure out a way to deal with a stressful situation collectively — or do they freak out and worry only about themselves during the tough times?

Great teams work to motivate each other during challenging moments. They continue to push one another forward, no matter how hard things might get.

8. They Ask for Feedback and Adjust Their Approach to Doing Business

No team is perfect. There is always room for improvement as far as teamwork is concerned.

Your team should ask you for feedback on a regular basis and take any suggestions you provide for them to heart. They should also be more than open to taking part in online team assessments to evaluate their overall performance as a team.

9. They Genuinely Enjoy Working Together

Does your team enjoy working together so much that they spend time together outside of the office? This is one of the true measures of team success!

That’s not to say that your employees have to spend every waking hour together to be a successful unit. But it does mean that teams that enjoy spending time together both inside and outside of the workplace often function better as a team.

10. They Welcome New Team Members With Open Arms

In a perfect world, you would create a team within your business, turn the team into a success, and then keep the team together for decades to come. But of course, that’s not how business works!

Your team might stay together for a few years. But most people only stay at a job for about four or five years before moving on. As a result, your team is likely going to have team members coming and going all the time.

A truly special team will welcome new team members into the mix with open arms and help them find the role that suits them best.

Make Team Success a Top Priority at Your Company

At this point, sayings like “There’s no ‘I’ in team” and “teamwork makes the dream work” have turned into cliches. But they’re true!

Your company needs to achieve team success if you’re going to be successful. Spend time putting together the perfect team and then keep tabs on them to make sure they’re working well together. It’ll be beneficial for your business in so many ways.