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Let us dive a bit into the Freedom of Money and the life energy what I believe is related to each other.
But first let me clarify something. Life energy is in my opinion the willingness to live and the eagerness to live every moment of your presence. And I know you might think, yes but because I have no money flow I am not really willing to live. But please be 100% honest to yourself. Is it for real that money is the thing, that you don’t like to be here and live or is it something else?
So you just said, the money flow is related to the life energy who is running though my system. Yes but, the moment you are free these two are related, no life energy, no flow of money.  As this works instant in my life, it may take a while to readjust in your life.  The ‘but’ is about the state of your freedom, the more conscious and free you are, I believe the more this works for you.
The moment you are stil playing in games, giving energy to something outside yourself and taking life energy from someone else, you are still not consuming your own energy. So this won’t work at all. The human who is playing in the power game, is dependent on life energy what we get from people, things, animals and activities outside ourselves. Where we gain our life energies.
Let’s say you are a balloon, but in order to have a certain money flow you have to fill the balloon. We are used to fill this balloon with energies outside ourselves. The air we put in the balloon is the life energy from others, the bigger our money flow the bigger the balloon and the more life energy from outside ourselves is needed.
The moment we can shift this energy consuming from outside ourselves to just our own life energies, we never need any other life energy than our own. We never have to look and search outside ourselves and we can be here now and enjoy the Freedom in money.
I was doubting if I would share this all with you. I know this may feel inspiring and discouraging as well.  So I want to share a few quick notes how we can shift this and how we are able to start consuming our energies.
  1. First we have to quite with all the things we do, what we don’t want anymore. We loose our own life energy and we are not able to use them ourselves.
  2. Second you should stop using someone else their energy and give back what is not yours. I mean this energetically.
  3. Start using your own energy and start spending money on you, out of love and only on things you want.
  4. Shift your energy flow from outside to inside and discover your own space of treasure filled with life energies in the size you want.

The last point, I have to admit, is not something I can tell you right here, as in matter I can but this won’t work without all the energy work and releasing from gravity first.
As the matter is, this is one of the many things I teach  at the moment. In this business together, I will take you from your current situation, the human prison where you might find yourself in now, into the state of totally freedom, the state of self realization. As I am so grateful and so amazed how deep and how far this program is going to take you when you decide to join us.
I have to tell you that this program is not testing the waters, it is not just something and I ask you to jump and trust yourself to fully let go.
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Be happy and stay happy, always happy? Keep looking at your buddies


It is nice to have people around you. One person can count his or her friends on one hand, the other has so many friends that he or she often can not even mention who they are. And because every person is different, you often do a certain activity with one friend and with the other you often do something completely different. So you might have one friend that you can keep chatting with and another is a kind of sports buddy. But how do friends influence you?

From negative to positive

Of course we have our own happiness in hand, but our environment can influence this. This way friends can influence how we feel, what we suddenly like, how much success we have and whether we are healthy or not. This may sound crazy, but imagine that you have a friend who often talks negatively about things and looks at the world. It may very well be that you will also look at things in a different way and take over a little bit of this behavior from your friend. Fortunately, you also have this in your hand and you can catch yourself and adjust your behavior. You can also help your friend to be more positive in life.

Be yourself

But perhaps you also sometimes feel that you can not be completely yourself. That you, for example, you are going to flip the other person because you look up to this person. Something that is not necessary at all, because you are just fine as you are. If the other person does not accept you for who you are, it might be good to think about what this friendship is really worth.

Do not let yourself be stopped

Do you want to do something for years, but do not you do it because of the reactions from your environment? Do not stop. this is your life and you are responsible for your own happiness. So do not stop yourself and pursue your dreams. Everyone has a different opinion and it does not matter if a friend (perhaps) does not understand your idea and would not do it yourself or in a different way. You do not have to satisfy everyone and do what others say. This is not even possible. So choose yourself and go for it!




Critical Thinking is the technique of analyzing thoughts and presenting them for positive criticism so that the final ideas are feasible and viable. This helps in coming up with clear, reasoned arguments. The principle of critical thinking can be applied to any context, as the concepts are universal in nature, however their application depends on the specialization that you want to apply it to.

In business world, Critical Thinking is defined as a set of policies that are implemented and practiced to prevent any employee from exhibiting deviant behaviors. It helps in addressing any problem at its nascent stage so that it can be prevented from spiraling out of control.

Critical Thinking is defined as the ability of putting forth an open-minded inquiry. It is one of the founding stones of human civilization. A person who lives his life bound by pre-conceived notions and doesn’t allow people to suggest changes is like a frog in a well. Open-mindedness broadens our horizon by allowing us to listen to different points-of-view and learning from each one of them.

What are the benefit on the Critical Thinking technique?;

  • It helps to cover all the important points that readers should keep in mind while taking important decisions.
  • Primarily for those professionals who are looking for guidance in handling different kinds of co-workers at the workplace.
  • This technique will guide you in getting prepared for any adverse situation in the office.

Critical thinking includes identification of prejudice, bias, propaganda, self-deception, distortion, misinformation, etc. Given research in cognitive psychology, some educators believe that schools should focus on teaching their students critical thinking skills and cultivation of intellectual traits.

Critical thinking helps us in recognizing problems and finding out solutions for them. In addition to that, it also teaches us to prioritize between a set of tasks so that we understand the preference in problem-solving. It also helps in comprehending data with accuracy and check for the existence of logical relationships between them. After reaching the conclusion, the theory is then put into application to check the various generalizations that were considered at the time of formulating the conclusion.


4 ways to create a straightforward emblem on your enterprise


In case you are yet to begin your commercial enterprise, then you definately need to study this text to find out why you need to create an amazing reputation in your commercial enterprise online. in case you have already got an ongoing business, then i propose you do a google seek to find out what humans are saying about your emblem. if you find no negative feedback, then true for you. in case you locate some disenchanted feedback, then this text may assist you as properly.

1. Create your very own internet site and use your brand call as your area name

It’s critical to use your emblem name as your area call, so that when people look for you on google or type your emblem name without delay on their internet browser, it will likely be easy for them to discover you. having your own website lets in you to manipulate the statistics you put on the internet. put a face on your internet site. submit content material that makes you seem as an expert.

2. Engage and construct a dating with your clients

Don’t be a snob. in case you’ve made it your enterprise intention to help humans, then it would be to your excellent interests to have interaction and interact with them. whether or not or not it’s to your very own website, thru emails, or in your social networking bills, don’t be afraid to reach out to them. they’ll appreciate the gesture. and that they’ll be more likely to suggest you to their buddies. recollect, phrase of mouth advertising works better than some other marketing channel you pay for!

3. Display the actual you and be actual

Human beings can spot a faux profile from a mile away, specially if they’ve been scammed before. while a few humans can successfully cover at the back of a fake persona, frequently, they don’t achieve long-term fulfillment. that’s due to the fact ultimately a person goes to spot some thing’s off approximately you and inform every body who will pay attention, otherwise you get uninterested in the pretense and not getting the popularity you deserve.

4. Create exact reminiscences for your customers

While you interact with your clients, you’ve got the possibility to create a long-lasting impact on them. whether or not it be with your kindness, or your seasoned pastime, or your smile, do anything it takes to make your self memorable to them. of course, this will vary from niche to area of interest but if your sort of enterprise allows it, be greater fine to your customers. they’ll don’t forget you for a very long time.






In my daily life I meet a lot of different people from around the globe. I meet them both online and offline (in real). So you can imagine how many information I am getting on different subjects. But in this blog article I will stick my pen on talking about CONNECTION in the era of the Digital Revolution.

Technology yields a paradox. On the one hand, we are becoming more autonomous in our lives thanks to innovations and we create our own kingdoms in which we feel safe and feel stronger. For example, look at our online empowerment to address companies for injustice or inconvenience. Airlines are fighting against this with complete ‘smart help desks’ that monitor all comments on social media in order to satisfy customers. Or think of youthful smartphone users who shut themselves off for hours a day by staring obsessively at a screen, but at the same time chatting with a friend on the other side of the world. And what about our individual mobility that has increased in recent decades, that distance seems to be only a minor obstacle;

These are, at first glance, moderately positive developments. Where the other side of the paradox brings more optimism, in the increasing connection that the same technique enables us. In the medical world, surgeons help each other to operate remotely, with or without the help of a robot for precision work. Lawyers can unwind their routine jobs with new software in no time and thus have more time to show empathy for the client. Communication technology brings people, who used to barely have contact, now with word and image together, while language barriers are dismantled by an online translation application.

This theme is about the new connections that the modern digital world brings us, without wanting to write off the analog world. On the contrary, retro is even hip. And no matter how beautiful the technological developments may be, an arm of a robot around your shoulder feels – for the time being – different than a warm, analogue hug.

Finally I like to share the following with you my dear audience from around the world:

Communication is not about sending and receiving but about understanding and connecting.




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Dear Fire Nation,

Every day we are confronted with coin mining.I know that a lot of people don’t believe in this thing or are afraid to take a chance to start with it. I myself was one of them. I took the chance and I am growing. Here is something I like to share with you. If you believe it or not or disagree with the information, no problem but the fact is coin mining is growing world wide so if you can’t take a decision to start you will stay right there dreaming and dreaming with zero as result.

The story:

Experts suggest Bitcoin will go as high as $75,000… $400,000… some even suggest as much as $1 million by 2020.

In fact, a member of PayPal’s board of directors shocked everyone when he predicted one Bitcoin would be worth $1 million in 5-10 years.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, he said, “is not to own any Bitcoin.”

Other predictions out of Silicon Valley have been more conservative, but equally shocking.

An early Snapchat investor and Blockchain’s CEO predict Bitcoin prices will hit $500,000 by 2030.

And even Business Insider said, “Bitcoin is going nuclear.”

$100 invested in Bitcoin in 2010 would be worth than $400 million today. And, according to Forbes, Bitcoin “is going mainstream.” But you shouldn’t spend even one penny on it.

While thousands of people are risking their hard-earned money on what some call a crazy financial experiment, a few smart people are enjoying all of the upside potential and none of the downside. They’ve figured out how to use hidden “arbitrage” opportunities to get Bitcoin absolutely FREE. No, they aren’t tech or math geniuses. They aren’t hackers. They don’t have any special skills or connections. Anyone can do what they’re doing — and collect free Bitcoins like clockwork, week after week. They are people like me and you and your family members or neighbors.

In my research for information for this article, I have read different kind of stories where people toke their chance and earned millions. It’s just because they toke risk to jump in coin mining and boom. Yes some of them started from ground zero and they were working a few hours a day. But you also have people who invested their time and a small capital so they earn while they sleep on autopilot. I BECAME ONE OF THEM but not a MILLIONAIRE as yet. Once again its the chance and the risk you combine to make a boom effect. Are you with me. GREAT read further…

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If you would like to become somebody like me. Feel free to start today. Take the decision.

All you have to do is become dedicated to realize your financial dreams. All the earned coins and money you can hold all for yourself. It can turn you into an early retirement fund.

But I don’t believe in putting all your eggs in one basket.

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Welcome on board.

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In five years, the blockchain will completely change our world


If we look how rapidly things are changing, I dare to say that five years from now you will not recognize the world we are living on. I strongly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain will uproot life. Yes how the roots grow afterwards… We will hope to see this.

Let me tell you this first before moving deeper in the stuff…What is blockchain?

A blockchain is, in short, a way to securely verify transactions and identities by storing and executing a small part of the verification process in several places. This allows you to check with whom you do business and also check the origin of what you exchange. Whether it’s bitcoins, churrasco, rum, sex, soya beans or jeans. 

Cryptocurrency: no hype

Be noted that many successes have been achieved by the blockchain so far.

 In five years’ time, I think, there is nothing that is not available through the blockchain. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are not just a temporary hype, but it will take us further in the digital future of doing businnes. Flash back in time how the world was thinking about the internet.

Nowadays it is inconceivable that a company does not have a website. This also applies to cryptocurrency. But cryptocurrency and blockchain will not only improve companies, it will transform them. You are going to make what comes out of the process. You can not say that you want to make a new carburetor, for example. What comes out of the process depends on the people who take part. You bring together a bunch of smart people and you start. You do not know if a new car, rocket or a pair of shoes comes out of it. You have to be willing to make what flows out of synergy. If you can not accept that – then you are no longer in charge of business – you will not succeed in the cryptocurrency / blockchain world. It sounds maybe as fiction….but time will tell !

The value of the idea

The value of the idea has/will become zero. Everybody has an idea a hundred times a day, it’s about the implementation, the organization and the work in the direction of that idea. And even then you sometimes end up with something that does not even resemble what you once intended. The people who understand that there is no longer a boss, no central authority or central design, those are the people who will soon earn hundreds of millions. All others will fail. If you think you can start a business and tell people what to do, you better not even start. Nobody works for me. Nobody works for anyone. That is how the world no longer fits. The rules will come from the process. The old-fashioned power structures are spread around the world. Imagine how a manager never met most of his/her employees. You have to forget everything you know about business operations, money transactions and marketing. Everything changes and there is no central control anymore. ‘

How blockchain changes the world

I believe that almost no one starts a business because he has an idea. Usually it is precisely the fact that he / she knows a clever, interesting group of people and wants to bring them together. It is precisely this smart group of people who together can name the best process. For example : a club of people who started to design a rocket. In the process, they then focus on the rocket engine and then on the fuel system of that engine. In the middle of that process, they realize that the challenge is not the fuel system, but the fuel itself. As they focus on the fuel, it is more about the refining process. These people have gone from building a rocket to oil refining. It’s just like that you have to move in future business. It will soon be the case in all companies around the world. Be alert.. Be prepared !

Once again I believe and dare to tell you that cryptocurrency will changed the world in five years from now. I furthermore believe that financial power will look very different. Yes think about or imagine that banks will NOT exist anymore.

All governments will have to think about how they will maintain their country if no income tax can be levied anymore. They will not be able to collect the money, because they do not know where the money is, who it is and where it is transferred to. Gone will be the time to stand in lines. You will not need someone else to do something with your very own money. Do people already realize that you will be able to run your financial this from you bed or lazy chair. It is already happening !

 Blockchain changes society

The society will also change drastically. If you want it or not, things will change. Think about the fact that pension will no longer exist. The boundary between work and private life will disappear slowly. If you live in the blockchain era, those two will be the same. Pension will mean nothing, zero nada.

 In the blockchain, it means that you and I will no longer feel synergy with a group of people because they work on make money in their process. So I go to another blockchain where they are in a golfing process. And tomorrow I will go to the process of sailing, and the day after to hiking. You can call that retirement, but in fact nothing changes. Only the process group you choose to participate in will change. I hope I am clear enough.

Everything happens at the same time in the blockchain. It is no longer about the idea, but about our willingness to abandon the idea in favor of the process. The here and now changes continuously. You are no longer a telecom company or an oil company. The company is constantly changing, there is only a constant present. No past, no future. As it develops now, we adapt to it.