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Running a blog site is quite easy if you know how to follow the blog roads in Blogosphere.
Otherwise you are lost and won’t have the FIRE to continue.You will EXIT the blog door.

Have you ever felt the need to invest in your blog but confused about what to invest in?

If yes to the above questions, then you will surely find today’s post helpful. READ FURTHER FIRE BLOGGER…….

I have also been in such situations before and sometimes untill now and I know how confusing it can be; and that is why I have decided to share with you 5 important things to invest in for your Blog. Watch out..THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOGGING ADVISE !

This is a list of crucial things that will surely help your blog immensely, so instead of wasting your money on unnecessary things, use this list to guide your blog investment plan.

Let Us Roleeeeeeeeeeee……….

#1 – New Blog Design/Theme

Your blog design makes a lot of impression about you, your blog and your brand! People are now fans of great designs and user friendly interface and if your blog fail to provide this, it can piss them off greatly and that is why a new blog design is taking the #1 spot in this post.

When you have some cash to spend on your blog, I will recommend you invest in the purchase a new design or theme for you blog. There is nothing wrong with changing your blog theme periodically and upgrading it to have a better look and feel. SEE IT AS CHANGING YOUR CLOTHING FROM TIME TO TIME. EVEN YOUR BLOG WANT TO LOOK ATTRACTIVE.

But whenever you are getting a new blog design, make sure you are getting a theme that is responsive [mobile friendly], has fats loading speed [light weight], and looks elegant and optimized for conversion. A fat free and cholesterol free theme will run very smooth.

But if you are looking for a theme that is elegant and built with conversion in mind, I will recommend you check out the collection of themes at Thrive Themes. I am beginning to fall in love with their themes over there.

#2 – Web Hosting

I usually tell bloggers that your web hosting server is the engine of your blog. Just as a Ferrari car needs a good engine to function well, your blog also needs a good hosting server to function well.

When you have some money to invest into your blog, getting a better web hosting server is going to be a good move especially if your current web host is messing you up.

There are numerous web hosting companies out there.

#3– Blog Marketing

Blog marketing entails any activity you engage in to get more people to your blog and this is an aspect that will be worth every cent of your investment.

Blog marketing ranges from Paid Social Media Promotion, Joining of premium blog communities, Advertising, and hiring SEO Professionals.

There are a lot of ways to market your blog and get more readers, but whichever method you are using, you should make sure you measure its effectiveness and ROI. If your ROI [Return On Investment] is low, stop using that particular marketing method and try something else. I am on my way to learn more about these things everyday.

invest in blogging

#4 – List Building Plugin

Take it or leave it, the money is in the list. And this is irrespective of the niche you find yourself.No matter your blog niche, there will always be something you can sell to your readers! I am growing slow but sure to this point.

But wait!

Getting people on to your list is not that easy, you have to tempt them, encourage them and be persistent at doing this and that is why it is a good move to invest in a premium list building plugin.

There are a lot of list building plugins out there, but right now, I believe OptinMonster is a good one in the Market. But there are more ask your search engine for a listing.

So if you have some money to spend on your blog, getting a good list building plugin like OptinMonster is a great step in the right direction!

#5 – Organize a Giveaway

Organizing giveaways is a good way to invest in your blog. People love free stuffs (FREEMIUM). I learned this during a training.

Giveaways have been proven to drive traffic and improve engagements on a blog and if you planned the giveaway well, you could also use it as an avenue to make some money for yourself.

Organizing a giveaway is not difficult at all, there are web apps and online tools that make it easy to do.

Give away’s will interest your readers and it will surely boost your traffic and blog brand. BELIEVE ME ! See here below my blog brand logo. It is growing day by day…..


To Finalize this story

Investing in your blog is a good thing and it is something we all should do on a regular basis. You must have the will to blog.

You don’t have to get the 5 things listed in this post at a go, you can get them one after the other as the money comes and before you know it, you are building a better blog day by day. That is the way I do my things.Yes Step by Step.

Thank you so much for reading this article written from the deepest inside of my beating blogging heart.

I love comments! I want to hear your Opinions. So drop your comments in the comment section and let’s interact.






Are you thinking to start a Blog ? Got inspired or wanna earn some cash in future as I wish ? But no idea where to start a Blog and How to become a successful blogger !! Well blogging have gained popularity. Today, there are over 100 million blogs with more entering the blogosphere everyday. Blogs have become more than online diaries. In fact, blogging has become an important part of the online and offline worlds with popular bloggers impacting the worlds of politics, business and society with their words. As a blogger everyday I discover a lot of things.

what’s The Difference Between a BLOG  and a WEBSITE ???

A website is a collection of web pages including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server. It is a form of static billboard on the Internet that showcases information. A website can be a collection of articles, news, links, information, photographs, and anything you want. And a website can even host a blog! Further websites divide into 2 categories : Static & Dynamic.

Where a blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

What is Blog ?? Blogging and Blogger ?

A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal). Blogs typically include features such as commentsand links to increase user interactivity.
Honestly Blog is the best way to show your skills or talent in front of world.Let me clear meaning of each terms:
  • Blog:- A blog is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent ‘post’ (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom.or Blog is an informative website which were updates on regular basis by an individual(called Blogger) or by team.
  • Blogging:- Writing post(daily) for a Blog.
  • Blogger:- A person who writes content for a blog.
  • Blogosphere:- The online community of blogs and bloggers.
History of Blogging | The World Before Blogging: From 14 June 1993, Mosaic Communications Corporation maintained their “What’s New” list of new websites, updated daily and archived monthly. The page was accessible by a special “What’s New” button in the Mosaic web browser.

Early blogs were simply manually updated components of common Web sites. However, the evolution of tools to facilitate the production and maintenance of Web articles posted in reverse chronological order made the publishing process feasible to a much larger, less technical, population. Ultimately, this resulted in the distinct class of online publishing that produces blogs we recognize today. For instance, the use of some sort of browser-based software is now a typical aspect of “blogging”. Blogs can be hosted by dedicatedblog hosting services, or they can be run using blog software, or on regular web hosting services.Some early bloggers, such as The Misanthropic Bitch, who began in 1997, actually referred to their online presence as a zine, before the term blog entered common usage.

How we can earn money online with the help of blog ?

It’s true ,you can earn some cash with the help of your blog.But How? All you need is to setup a new blog(if you already did then skip this step) and here are some popular ways from which you can earn money with the help of your blog –

  • Advertising networks like adsense , infolinks ,chitika ,revenuehits etc.
  • Start selling your own ebooks.
  • Provide online tutions or lectures.
  • Affiliate linking / Earn on commission basis

and many more ways……Don’t confuse ,to be honest everything look very easy, but I know that it is a very long journey for some people.

But now days blogging is really challenging,mostly people get fascinated towards blogging or earning money online but things were different from 90s to 2016.Starting a blog is not sufficient in 2016 because when an individual starts  a blog ,then he/she has to face or compete over 80 million blogs(sounds insane but thats reality). Once again don’t get confused, but empower yourself continously if you like to start a blog, go for it.You never know how a penny can spin and you can earn the bucks online. I am on my way.

Now success rates of  Blogging depends on many factors like its content ,quality ,SEO ,traffic sources like searches and socials and many more. As a blogger you must try to master new skills and read a lot of stuff to run your way forward in Blogosphere.

THEN I hear you saying…..

what to do if someone wants to start a Blog and How to become a successful blogger ?

Don’t worry this is just a competition ,all you need is to be determined/passionated for your blogging carrier.thats it FIRE NATION.!

If starting is perfect ,then your blogging carrier will be perfect. GIVE YOUR DREAMS A CHANCE.



Discover how a pyramid can give you new content marketing perspectives



Great content marketing gives audiences what they need. The information conveyed is useful. It serves a purpose. That’s the big picture but how can marketers fine-tune their efforts to ensure their content consistently hits the mark?

Step up Abraham Harold Maslow. This American psychologist pioneered our understanding of what makes people tick. He is best known for the eponymous Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

The hierarchy is normally represented as a pyramid. At the base, and of most importance, are physiological needs. These are the absolute essentials without which we cannot survive: food, water, sleep (and in some versions, sex). Safety needs are next. These cover the things that we don’t need to live but are essential to any ordered society in which we don’t live in constant fear and uncertainty. They include security of body, family, employment and morality.

Love and belonging covers friendship, family and sexual intimacy and form the next tier in the pyramid. Esteem follows and includes aspects of self-esteem, achievement, confidence and respect.

At the peak of the pyramid lies the concept of self-actualization. This is the cherry on the cake and includes those things that make for a fully rounded life: morality, creativity, spontaneity, lack of prejudice, problem solving and acceptance of facts.

Having constructed his pyramid, Maslow argued that it was only when the needs at one level were met that the level above became important. Spontaneity and confidence only become important once security of employment and a sense of social belonging are achieved. One can argue about aspects of Maslow’s hierarchy, but the principle is undoubtedly sound. So how can it help content marketers?

Look through Maslow’s lens

Every piece of content created should meet some sort of need. And every content marketer should have an idea of what need is being met. This is where knowledge of your audience is key.

The development of personas is an effective way to segment the targets of your content marketers and an analysis of these personas’ needs through the lens of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be hugely useful.

Are there any areas where particular personas will have needs nearer the bottom of the pyramid? If so, this is where your content marketing should be focused. Remember, those needs at the base are the most important and need to be met before those that lie above can be considered.

Beyond Maslow

Of course there is only so much a marketer can do to address a lack of shelter, family breakdown or too little sexual intimacy. We’re good, but we may not be that good.

We can, however, adopt Maslow’s approach to build bespoke pyramids for each of our audiences or personas. This technique is especially useful for B2B marketers and involves analyzing the various needs of an audience and, crucially, ordering them in importance.

You’ll have to work out where you set the baseline for your range of needs, and whether you include any non-business aspects. Accountants may need to know the latest tax regulations but they also like to be considered well informed on current affairs and probably enjoy a joke. Identifying a need doesn’t mean you have to help meet it, but it will give you a much richer idea of your audience.

These pyramids can be as niche and numerous as needed. Time spent analyzing audience is rarely wasted and is likely to produce original content ideas. Once produced, the pyramids provide a touchstone against which content ideas can be considered. Are your campaigns consistently meeting one specific need at the top of a particular pyramid? If so, are you ignoring a more fundamental requirement nearer the base that your audience needs to address more urgently?

Persona-based pyramids of need are no magic bullet, but they will help you create content that will be valued. And that’s something we all need.





Many people ask themselves, why blog, what’s the sense? This reaction is based primarily upon the time and commitment it takes to maintain a blogging platform. Nowadays many make money blogging and therein is found their motivation. Others however take a more ‘personal’ approach and they base their blog content upon merely helping or serving people! In either case a strong motivation must be found to maintain the constant flow of blog content needed to both attract readers and keep them coming back!

Here is a look a 5 different reasons or the motivations behind why many blog!

Help Others

Creating blog content that targets solving common problems associated with a particular niche reflect noble intentions. These type of platforms normally do well in attracting a large and loyal following and can also be quite effective if you intend to make money blogging. You must have an genuine interest in what you write about however since earning an income will take time and your interest will serve to keep you plugging away!

Share Experience

Sharing you own experiences serves multiple functions insofar as people can learn and/or be entertained by what you share. If you happen to have a good amount of experience to share than this type of blogging platform could be relatively easy for you to maintain!

Self Gratification

Sharing an interest or personal passion with like minded people is both an enjoyable and self gratifying experience! Much like having a lot of experience to share, if you are passionate about what you base your blog content on, this type of platform will likely be easy and even a joy to maintain. Visitor will also be quite appreciative of the quality of your posts making them even more loyal!

Offer Insight

Insights and/or opinions are an intriguing way to engage readers since if ‘shared’ correctly, it will be thought provoking. Nothing gets people more involved then stirring their interest by offering them a perspective they have not considered before. Helping them to ‘stretch’ their thinking is an invigorating and often enjoyable experience, especially when it focuses on subject matter that holds their interest!

Motivate People

Some people are simply ‘naturals’ at finding the best in others and making others realize their own potential, are you one of them? Having a blogging platform that ‘picks people up’ and gets them motivated is one of the most popular type of sites. In most cases folks will find not only motivation but will also experience a renewed sense of self esteem making them fell better about themselves. In turn the motivator also experiences an uplifting feeling due to their ability to make those around them feel more confident and capable.

In most cases the people who may ask, why blog, what’s the purpose likely do not possess the commitment to maintain a blogging platform. This is not a negative but rather a point that it does in fact take time and a strong motivation to consistently create blog content people find interesting. For those who aspire to make money blogging this commitment must be even stronger! It simply takes more time to get people to spend money then it does to get them to read free content of interest to them. In either case a strong motivation is needed to maintain a consistent effort to create blog content. Discussed above are 5 of the most common and powerful motivations many bloggers use to help them maintain their site! Do any stir a strong enough motivation within you?




Can Web Promoting Be a Long haul Business?


Here is the fundamental legit truth: the greater part of the general population get into Web Promoting in light of the fact that they are persuaded it is a simple approach to gain fast cash. Their methodology is to make a quick site, set up some promoting and a couple partner connections and after that kick back and watch while they procure genuine money. There are a lot of people who do this furthermore acquire bunches of cash on the web. Yet, imagine a scenario in which you need more than some additional or even brisk money (snappy money, normally being a misnomer. Can Web Promoting truly be utilized to deliver a beneficial and long haul vocation?

The no-nonsense answer is that yes, you can make Web Advertising your long haul and maintainable profession. You just need to tackle the task appropriately. The strategies and projects you use to fabricate something to win quick cash are not too not quite the same as the techniques and frameworks you will use to manufacture long haul benefits. So what might you do on the off chance that you have to build up a reasonable profession on the web?

It is imperative that the main thing you do, keeping in mind the end goal to procure long haul cash on the web, is acknowledge the way that you must do genuine work. You will need to do real and genuine work every day and you will have days when you feel phenomenal about what you do and days when you wish you could discover another thing to tackle. This causes it to be just about like each other occupation that is out there. On the off chance that you need to create enduring income by working parts at this moment and not in the least later on then you will be in for a reality check in a short time. So be set up your sleeves and get the opportunity to work.

There are a couple ventures that loan themselves much better to a long haul profession than others will. Offshoot showcasing, to utilize one case, is an incredible assignment for somebody who needs to acquire cash on low maintenance premise or to supplement your effectively existent salary. Is it genuinely conceivable to win a full time wage in this way? You could on the off chance that you choose just the right items and afterward work like insane to advance them. A far superior methodology, by the by, is to make your own particular items or sites and afterward advance those. This gives you full control over the undertakings you tackle and how you fulfill them. Furthermore, you will wind up more prone to stay with it over the long haul. On the off chance that you need to give an administration on the web this works similarly. Journalists, for instance, need to make sites for themselves and make portfolios that they can indicate as case of their work.

At last, maybe the most critical thing that you have to perceive is that, when you need to construct a long haul and solid salary on the web, you have to genuinely devote yourself to your assignment. You may have some good times and feel remunerated by your endeavors yet first you ought to let yourself know “yes, I truly need.” a weak exertion is not going to go anyplace.




How To Use a WordPress Blog To Enhance Traffic To Your Website

WordPress blog can be installed easily in any website and it can be used to drive traffic by writing useful posts that contain relevant information and relevant business key phrases. As we use a blog in our websites to update our prospective and existing customers about our products and services, we can also use it strategically to enhance traffic to our websites.

WordPress blog is very easy to install in your website. You or your web designer can customize it as per your specific needs. The WordPress admin interface is so handy to use that it hardly takes few minutes to write and publish a new post. But it is important to know how to use your blog for search engine optimization and to drive traffic to your website.

Four important things you need to show on your blog are recent posts, archives, categories and comments. Every new post you generate through the WordPress admin must be done strategically as search engines consider it as a new page on your website with a distinct link. Hence, it is vital to understand the importance of the title you select for your blog post. You can easily customize the titles of the posts in WordPress blog in a way that only title comes in the new post link and not the date or category of posts. You can even include business key phrases in the title of the post. For this, you must write a post that contains useful information on the services or products you want to promote. Title must be selected accordingly.

As it is not easy to update content on your website regularly, writing new posts serve that purpose. You can target new keywords through the blog posts. What you need to do is to write relevant content including these keywords and link them with the appropriate page of the website. It serves dual purpose. First, you help your customers to know more about the services you provide and second, you make search engines to see the appropriate interlinking with targeted keywords on your website. You can also target long tail keywords through blog posts as it is not easy to target these keywords through main pages of your website. This way you can drive traffic to your website through WordPress blog.

Try a WordPress blog to drive traffic to your website through strategic writing in your posts and to keep your targeted customers updated through relevant information about your products and services.


Let Us Protect Natural Resources & Utilize Solar Electric Power


Solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, hydro power and biomass are some of the renewable sources of energy. Using of renewable sources of energy is good because these sources offer an environmentally friendly option than utilizing fossil fuels. There will be an improve energy security and energy independence if people use renewable source of energy. Also renewable sources of energy are the cleanest and safest energy sources.

The well-known source of energy which is the solar energy is an environment-friendly and endless renewable source of energy. Solar power doesn’t result in the emission of harmful carbon dioxide unlike the use of fossil fuels. The sun will be the unlimited source of energy and with right technologies can provide sufficient electricity that could be used in every single household or even in commercial and industrial properties.

The use of solar power has a positive effect in the environment because taking advantage of solar energy does not contribute to climate change, acid rains or any kind of pollution. When transformed from solar radiations, solar energy may possibly be converted to thermal energy or electric power. This may also be employed in a number of applications like in agriculture and analysis. At present, solar power is being utilized in two areas namely for the production of thermal energy which can heat up water and producing of electric power by utilizing the photovoltaic cell.

Photovoltaic cells or PV cells captures solar energy then transforming it into electricity. These cells convert sunlight into electricity by employing the energy developed when photons from sunlight push electrons into greater state of energy. Yet solar power is not only limited to thermal energy and electricity simply because currently, numerous devices which are powered by solar energy exist in the market.

Solar energy is an excellent source of supplying power to homes and companies and by utilizing solar power you’re not merely protecting the environment from becoming polluted but also you are saving the rest of the earth’s natural resources. Capturing solar energy does not contribute any pollution and does not harm the atmosphere. One of the factors why many individuals are still hesitant to make use of solar power is because it is expensive. The initial investment of installing solar power system for a home is expensive and aside from that solar power still wants to boost its deficiency. The need of big location of space is another reason why people aren’t taking into consideration solar power.



What Is The Importance of Fantastic Teamwork


Whether in the workplace or on the football field, or even amongst members of a community, effective teamwork can produce incredible results. However, working successfully as a team is not as easy as it may seem. Effective teamwork certainly does not just happen automatically; it takes a great deal of hard work and compromise. There are a number of factors that must be in place to cohere together as a team and work seamlessly.

Good leadership:

Effective leadership is one of the most important components of good teamwork. The team’s leader should possess the skills to create and maintain a positive working environment and motivate and inspire the team members to take a positive approach to work and be highly committed. An effective team leader will promote a high level of morale and make them feel supported and valued.

Clear communication:

Communication is a vital factor of all interpersonal interaction and especially that of a team. Team members must be able to articulate their feelings, express plans and goals, share ideas and see each other’s viewpoints.
Establishing roles:

It is absolutely necessary for team members to understand what their role on the team is, what he/she is responsible for. The team leader can enable this by defining the purpose in a clear-cut manner in the beginning of the formation of the team.

Conflict Resolution:

Conflicts will arise no matter how well a team functions together. The best way to counter conflict is to have structured methods of conflict resolution. Team members should be able to voice their concerns without fear of offending others. Instead of avoiding conflict issues, a hands-on approach that resolves them quickly is much better. It is often advised that the team leader sit with the conflicting parties and help work out their differences without taking sides and trying to remain objective if possible.

• Set a good example:

The team leader must set a good example for good teamwork to come about. In order to keep team members positive and committed and motivated, the team leader herself/himself needs to exhibit these qualities. The team looks to the leader for support and guidance so any negativity on the leader’s part can be disastrous.

Regardless of what type of sales you are in, you may one day be asked to be part of a team sales effort, and knowing how to effectively work on and with a team is going to be crucial to your success and that of your team.



Master strategies for boosting your website traffic right away


You have lovingly made a website and put it online on the World Wide Web. Now, all you have to do is wait and see who visits.



You have to do something to make people come to your website.

There are plenty of ways that you can generate traffic towards your website, but I am going to concentrate on only 3 of them; that tend to produce very quick (if not instantaneous) results.

The three strategies are:

1. Buy Traffic for your website

2. Send offers and information to individuals in your mailing list

3. Request reciprocal links/endorsements


As the name suggests, this strategy would require you to dole out some money!

You can place advertisements of your website on other websites that are similar to yours or you can place advertisement of your website on search engines. This way, when some one is searching for a product similar to the one that you are selling/promoting, your website’s ad will come up in front of them. Therefore, you will be able to target people from your niche, and these “targeted” people have a higher potential of buying your product because they were already looking for it.

You have to pay for the advertisement ONLY when they click on the link. Such ads are known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. Some of the highly recommeneded PPC ads sites are:

Google Adwords

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Miva (formerly findout.com)


When you choose a PPC, do make sure that it offers a tracking software that helps you find out how useful it is to you. This way you will be able to choose the ones that are more profitable and get rid of those that are not.


Brian Campbell (A successful Internet Marketing Guru and best selling author) says that the 1st Internet Marketing Commandment is: “You can’t promote anything online without first capturing the email address of your website visitors.”

He says, “You shouldn’t attempt to get even one visitor to your website without having a mechanism in place to capture the name and email address of the website visitors that come to your website.”

You need to capture most of the email addresses of your in-coming traffic because it is more than likely that they will not buy anything from you on their first visit to your website and they might never come back again! To prevent that from happening, you offer them something that they would like to sign up for (like some valuable information for FREE and its VERY important to deliver what you promise!). After that you keep their attention by sending them more free content, and sandwich promotional offers in between. One e-mail from you will bring most of them back to your website!

A word of caution here: do NOT overwhelm your e-mail list clients with too many promotional offers, you will lose your credibility. You should send them valuable free stuff in between offers, so that they would want to read your emails.


There are thousands of websites out there that are selling products similar to yours. Instead of thinking that they are your competition, instead think of them as your potential partners; ask them to promote your product in return of you promoting theirs. These website owners can help you in several ways:

They can put links and banners of your website, in exchange of you putting theirs on your website. Or, they can just add your link to their website and you can then pay them a previously agreed commission when they produce a sale for you.

Or; they can send an email to their email list, endorsing and promoting your product, while you do the same for them.

Such “deals” are known as Joint Ventures (JV deals) and these are one of the most powerful strategies that you can use to send more traffic to your website.

Try out these strategies for your websites. Better results are produced when all three of these marketing approaches are used together. You might want to try these out and then see which one works better for you and then concentrate more on that one. These three strategies, combined with other marketing methods can sky-rocket your website popularity and sales and make you a very happy online business person.