Best SEO Techniques To Get Higher Rankings?


Best SEO Techniques To Get Higher Rankings?

It is a fact that no one can give you guarantee that your website will be first in Google because of the strong intelligence of Google’s crawler and its strict algorithms. But still, there are some techniques in SEO which will really help you in boosting your rankings. Sometimes, you can get a first-page ranking if you apply these techniques correctly on your website.

For sure that no one can assure you that your website will be number one in Google because of the strong intelligence of Google’s crawler and its strict algorithms. For sure, there are some interesting techniques in SEO which will really help you in boosting your rankings. Sometimes, you can get the first-page ranking if you apply these techniques correctly on your website.

The SEO techniques are

  • Add an attractive and engaging title with brief description to each and every web page that you want to rank in search engine
  • Make use of proper keyword in Meta title, Meta description, keywords, headings, alt & body
  • Make sure your targeted keyword should come in Google’s web preview
  • For that, you should use your targeted keywords in the starting of your title and description
  • Avoid title lengthiness, keep it short and simple within 60-70 characters (as recommended in Google’s Webmaster guidelines)
  • Website’s URL should be user-friendly, avoid dynamic URL’s
  • Website structure should be user engaging and eye catchy to reduce the bounce rate and increase session timings
  • Website content should be unique & informative not a copy paste as there is a chance of getting penalty from Google’s crawler if your website contains duplicate content
  • Build strong backlinks profile from high authority websites
  • Engage in social media platform and promote your web page there to get targeted quality traffic

If you do proper SEO with these techniques you will surely find a boost in your rankings. All of the above are original white hat SEO techniques used by SEO experts in all over the world. But, if you are not getting rankings with these techniques then you have to add some extra efforts in it which are a proper competitive analysis:

What after doing a competitive analysis?

  • First, find your top competitor for the targeted keyword whose web page is ranking on the first position in Google’s SERP
  • Fully analyze competitor’s website, structure, content, backlinks & other on-page stuff (including title, keyword, description, headings, alt attributes, canonicalization etc.)
  • From the conclusion which you will get from the analysis make changes to your website
  • Write quality content better than the competitor to boost rankings
  • Build backlinks to your site from the competitor’s backlink data
  • Always build genuine quality back-links, avoid getting backlinks from low-quality poor websites (increases the chance of getting a penalty from Google’s crawler)

This is all about how Search Engine Optimization can help in boosting rankings.

With these techniques, you will surely get first-page ranking but it will take some time. But, this is not the final statement. SEO is developing/updating very fast with the Google algorithm update. So, developing new techniques for ranking is the need of SEO industry. If you do not update your techniques, you are not going to have any rankings even visibility in SERP. If you want fast result you can higher the providers who will give you fast results& increase your Google ranking as it is one of the basic necessities to grow any business.





You are a born creator! The potential and power to create a life that’s filled with love, abundance, happiness, peace and health is already within you. You just have to start making use of this incredible power…

You are not happy with certain aspects and circumstances in your life? You want a better job, more money, meeting your soul-mate… and possibly a thousand other things?

Now, you have two possibilities: Either you go on with your life as usual and hope that things will change miraculously over time and that somehow all your dreams will come true one day. Or, you decide to stretch yourself a little bit and to actively make your dreams come true.

Before I move on, I want you to realize one thing: You are a born creator! The capacity and power to create a life that’s filled with love, abundance, happiness, peace and health is already within you. You just have to start making use of this incredible power.

Yes, being a creator is your inherent nature, but you have to nurture and develop your creative powers in order to get the most out of them. But, how can you do that? Here are a few simple steps that should allow you to get started with he development of your creative powers:

* What exactly do you want? Write down what you would like to get or achieve – a few short sentences should be enough. Focus only on one goal at the beginning.

* Get absolutely clear about what you want and create a mental picture (or even an entire mental movie) of it.

* Add your emotions and feelings to your mental pictures. Make it feel as real and intense as possible – feel as if it would already be your reality.

* Stay focused on what you want and don’t allow your “negative” mind to interfere. Your mind might tell you: “No, that’s not possible… , I can’t do that…”. Don’t give in to this kind of small-mind chatter. Dismiss your negative thoughts whenever they bubble up and re-focus on “I can” and “It’s possible”. If you believe that you can and also act like it, your mind will find ways to make your dreams come true!

* Allow this “magic” power that lies within you to take over and watch your dreams become reality. Suddenly, the pieces will start falling together: You meet the right people at the right moment, someone gives you that crucial and all-important tip that changes your entire life, the most amazing idea pops into your head – seemingly out of nowhere… Do your part of the work and the rest will happen on its own.

* Make this “attitude” of focusing on what you want (instead of focusing on what you don’t want), visualizing- and feeling as if it would already be your reality a daily habit – in fact, make it your second nature.

That’s it – and it’s really that simple. Be patient and persistent and these simple guidelines above will change your life. Believe me, developing- and making use of your creative powers is really fun and it’s tremendously exciting – much more than just sitting around and waiting for things to improve on their own.

Now it’s time to take that crucial first step and to get started with the creation of the life you have always dreamed of. You can do it! Just take one little baby step after the other, have fun and believe in yourself.




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Top Tips to Grow Engagements to Facebook Page


The most quickly developed and recognizable social media among the various person to person communication stages. As it lacks any age confinements, it is a stage wherein aggregate individuals of all age audience can be focused on.

The growth of digital marketing increased the growth of Facebook advertising. Also, keeping in mind the end goal to make the best out of Facebook promoting, there are a couple approaches to be taken after. The approaches to enhance the engagement on Facebook pages and promote through the best technique are as per the following:

Posting a Question to Readers:

So as to become more acquainted with about individuals’ likes and dislikes, post some broad question which mixes up their level of energy and strengths to reply. In this way, a lot of comments can be gotten through engagement.

Pick the correct time:

Putting a post on the opportune time is imperative in getting the most extreme reach and in receiving the most noteworthy engagement for your Facebook page. Have a go at posting in various timings at first to become acquainted with about the time when the reach is high. And after that stick onto a similar time when you put up another post. Keeping in mind the end goal to get the maximum reach achieve the correct time is thought to be noon or post 7 p.m.

Photographs and Videos:

Innovativeness is the way to engagement. A minor content would not intrigue individuals in understanding it out but rather making a post as a picture or a video would draw in individuals to mind it and would drive traffic. Eliminating long phrases and utilizing a short and fresh phrase would include in greater engagement as individuals have less time to peruse completely and look down.

Conduct a Contest to People:

A contest is another viable approach to drive individuals and connect with them. It likewise drives new clients to see your page and take part in it. It is likewise another viable approach to make individuals check the page as often as possible all the time.

Request what you need:

Pick the sort of engagement that you need from individuals as like, comment or share and request that they do it on your post subsequent to review it. This is another approach to building the engagement.

Everything won’t work for everybody. Furthermore, there is no specific strategy that would suit a wide range of Facebook pages. Try diverse ways and enhance the engagement bit by bit.





“Hey, Hello You at the back of the class stop day-dreaming and pay attention!” Which one of us did not hear that phrase repeated many times in our school days? . I can see you are laughing. Having dreams and aspirations is an essential part of any successful entrepreneur’s makeup. But what do they do to utilize the power of those dreams? This article gives you some tips on using visualization, to achieve your goals. First to be successful in business, you need to define your personal definition of success. What is success for you? Which goals do you need to reach to be successful?

Imagine trying to sell TV advertising, in the early days when most people had not seen a television. It must have happened, or we would not have had any commercial TV today. The sales people in those days used the art of visualization to sell the concept that “a picture is worth a thousand words”

The key word here is “imagine”! I want you to imagine, or indeed create a picture of what success means to you. Sitting on a sun kissed beach or playing round after round of golf whenever you want – just create that picture.

Making that “picture in your mind’s eye” a reality It was once said that a vision without corresponding action is a mirage – great to look at but unattainable.

First to be successful in business, you need to define your personal definition of success. What is success for you? Which goals do you need to reach to be successful?

Write them down, think about them, and visualize them.

Visualization is much more powerful than most people imagine. By nurturing a desired image in your mind repeatedly, you will allow yourself to be successful –easily and simply!

How to plan your objectives

In this positive frame of mind ask yourself exactly what it is that you do well. Check this with your best customers. Ask them how they see what you provide. Why do they like it, how would they describe the benefits of what it is you do. Finally ask them what image, your products and services, conjures up. You will find after doing this, you will have a common theme.

Does doing more of this help you achieve your goals?

Now set your objectives. They should be based on doing more of what you are good at, to reach your goals. The good news is, that having done the previous exercise, you know it will be in synch with what the market actually wants.

You need to set milestones, or short term goals to keep you honest as your plan progresses. The more you plan your objectives, the higher the chances of success. Objectives need to be realistic yet optimistic, quantifiable to be measured.

Fulfilling a strategy through visualization.

What you will now have done is connect a dream with reality, by setting out a set of actions or steps to help you get there. This is what the business gurus call a strategy. In reality it is a set of actionable steps, turning a dream or goal into reality.

There will be bits of the business that you just can’t do well. Don’t even try and do them, if you are not good at accounts, use an accountant. If you do not know how to market or sell, hire someone who can, if you can’t afford a full-time person, someone like 3R can help you.

There are times when you dream will go fuzzy, or out of focus, when things go wrong – don’t worry, go back to your imagination, get the image of success and focus on what did go well. It’s what the rich and famous did, and you probably already do a lot of, without knowing it!


5 Steps to a Strong Personal Brand on Social Media


Personal branding in social media is not as simple as most people think. You really need to audit yourself apart from the branding of your business and the branding of your website. It is very personally, and directly communication/interacting with people in a more enclosed and scrutinized medium so be sure you have all your bases covered, including up-to-date profiles and an overall well thought out strategy.

Social media is everywhere and having yourself on it can be great; however, your professionalism doesn’t stop at your professional profiles.

If you’re an influencer in your industry or the face of your business, then paying attention to personal branding is essential in your social profiles.

So how do you get personal branding working for you?

Here’s 5 steps to ensuring you have a strong personal brand that will help with your business success:

  1. Audit yourself
    A simply quick audit of your personal profiles is a good idea so you can prune anything you wouldn’t want associated with yourself professionally. It will give you a chance to update all your profiles as well.

Make sure all your profiles are connected so users can easily see the relationship. The idea here is that you are an extension of your business and all social profiles clearly indicate to the user who you are and what you’re about.

When posting to your personal social media accounts, keep in mind your business goals and remember optics is key. When someone searches your name, what do they find? Don’t forget that anyone may repeat that search so if the results aren’t good you could lose a potentially warm lead.

  1. Set Goals
    Being the face of your business can also lead to you being an influencer in your industry. But that doesn’t just happen automatically. You need to set targets for yourself. And not just in terms of the metrics of measuring success but in how you will achieve the higher standing in your industry that you’re after.

Look at people already established in your niche. They may have a business profile but then on their own how are they presented? Clear stuff: Successful personal branding should show their personal profile is aligned with the style of their business.

Once you see what content has been effective and how often your peers have been successfully posting, you can estimate how often and what kind of materials you should post.

Also pay attention to where they post and you’ll see what platforms have returned results for them. Then you’ll know where to focus your efforts.

This element and the audit can be time consuming and confusing so don’t hesitate to reach out to social media experts if you require assistance.

  1. Create Your Social Media Strategy
    You have your goals set and you know how often you want to post and how many new people you want to see your content.

Now it’s time to incorporate the previous steps and develop a goal-based strategy aimed at realistic growth.

Achieving your goals is a dynamic process where you will consistently evaluate your successes and refine your approach until you start seeing the results you want.

Share other people’s content while promoting your own to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and not just a self-promoter.

There are various content aggregation tools available that will make it easier for you to find relevant content. And the bonus is you’ll get to read more about what you do!

All top and POPURLS are some favorites but there are many more you can choose from.

Try tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to help you schedule out your posts but remember to check in often for any engagement. The best thing you can do to establish yourself as an authority is to provide feedback and commentary on other users that shows you know what you’re talking about.

By making it a conversation you are becoming an influencer. Other users will see that dialogue whether its tweets or comments and they’ll see your expertise in action.

Each approach will vary but there should be consistent elements to any strategy such as choosing which platforms you are going to be able to log into on an ongoing basis and what kind of content is best suited to your industry.

  1. Update Your Profiles
    Having a professional headshot is a great idea for your personal branding. If you don’t have that already make sure you get one and place it as your avatar on each social media profile – both personal and business profiles.

Each & every platform’s profile should easily convey a connection to all others. Users should see consistency in both the visual elements and the content you’re posting.

If you’re having trouble with the various images and sizes required, it’s quite easy to set up a free account with Canva, which has predefined image sizes for all platforms and is very user friendly.

5. Hire a Mentor
It never hurts to have a third party review your profiles. While asking friends for help may seem like a good idea, an experienced, professional personal branding mentor will know what has and hasn’t worked in the past.

Look out for someone who has helped others achieve a solid personal brand and reputation in their industry and contact them for assistance. But make sure they know this is about your social media presence so you get someone with relevant experience to your goals.


Top Best Channels For Digital Marketing You Need To Know About


Digital Marketing raises the curtain out of your brand and brings it in front of a wide audience. It’s simple that if nobody knows about your company, so, how you will get the business. It is important…

 Digital Marketing raises the curtain out of your brand and brings it in front of a wide audience. It’s simple that if nobody knows about your company, so, how you will get the business. It is important for a marketer to understand it, before things get messed up and you have left nothing to regret on. Incorporating yourself in digital marketing is not enough, you have to do it correctly and there are many platforms available for the same. You have to decide among the available platforms before starting your journey to become a brand from the beginning. In case, you don’t have enough knowledge about these platforms, take a look at top 3 channels that are the way too perfect for serving the same purpose.

  • Website Marketing: Your website is one of the best digital marketing channels that open up the door of opportunities, but in an order to generate outcomes, it is important for you to execute each and every strategy properly. Make sure your website has all the bells and whistles like Proper Links, Unique Content, Quality Images, Meta Tag, Title, Description and all the elements which are necessary for the SEO and for driving traffic to it.
  • Email Marketing: Another Digital Marketing Channel that helps you hit the goal is email marketing. It is again a great platform to reach the targeted audience the right way. Create catchy headlines or CTAs and deliver your new offers and special discounts directly to the customer’s inbox as it increases their chances to come back to your website, which automatically increases the conversion.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media is the talk of the town. Nowadays, if you want to build your presence, so, it is crucial for you to make yourself available on these platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. all these platforms work as a bridge that helps to cover the distance between the customer and the brand. It helps you make a strong business relationship that benefits your business long way.

These are top 3 digital marketing channels that drive in great results if you implement your strategy on them in a proper manner. It’s high time to jump on the bandwagon and you shouldn’t hesitate to take this step. In case of lack of knowledge consult an expert that leads you the right path and take your brand to the high position where it deserves to be.




The new year started fresh but I know a lot of you are still under stress. Good enough to start my first blog item with giving you the ability how to reduce stress from your mind, body and soul.

Sit back, relax and let me talk to you…

Don’t you forget we live in a world of stress, from childhood to old days at home, in the work place .it keeps us awake at night. Stress ruins our days and tons of other activities.

And so we often ask, how can I get rid of the anxieties of life.

How can I get free from STRESS.

Some people take exercise other takes yoga, other do meditation something, anything, but my understanding is this:

There is no getting away from STRESS, yes you can’t get away from it. The age we all living in is the age of STRESS.

This is a world of STRESS. A time of STRESS.

You breath it, you see it, you hear it and what to do ????

You can learn to manage it and to tolerate it how not to identify it and it’s effects.

Now how do you do that ?? Here it comes…..

Change your approach to the factor STRESS and change your approach to life by remembering this mantra : BE ANCHORED you got it yes BE ANCHORED

What do I really mean :

Envisage a ship or boat anchored at sea, Storms/ hurricanes may come one after another the boat may toss this way and that and furniture inside may go flying. Some people get seasick, but the boat doesn’t go anywhere.

Why ???

Clear…It’s Anchored !!

So you be anchored, find the place in life that you want to be in based on who you really are. Find what your inner-self really wants from life and anchor to that.

Once you keep bringing yourself back to that place by constant remembrance of your identity values and goals then you can learn to manage STRESS.

At the fresh start of this new year I would like to share ten tips how to be calm and reduce STRESS:


    Just a few minutes a day of meditation can help to ease your stress and anxiety.


    When you are feeling stressed, take time to focus on breathing deeply. Close your eyes, sit up straight and focus on nothing but breathing deeply.


    Having a solid social support system is a good key to reduce stress.

    Reach out to close friends and your family in time of need.


    Exercise has been shown to increase “FEEL GOOD” endorphins that can help reduce stress. A long walk can give you time to reflect, while an intense gym workout can let you release negative energy.

  5. LAUGH

    Laughter may not be the “best” medicine but it does actually lower cortisol – also known as the stress hormone.


    Research has shown that listening to soothing music can lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. Alternatively, listening to more upbeat music can also help by invigorating you.


    These two words tells you a lot.


    This one is very simple – some times you just have to step back and realize that you can’t control everything. Some things are out of your hands, so why waste your time stressing about them.


    It is not easy to stay always positive. But, you can make an active effort to try and to find the positively in your very own life. Do not focus on negative thoughts like “bad things are going to happen with me”.


    Don’t forget to take some time to really enjoy yourself. Find yourself a nice hobby that can tune your mind body and soul. Do activities that you enjoy. Surround yourself around people that you have fun with.