The Next Optimistic Big Thing: RELAX YOURSELF IN three STEPS


If you would like to relax further, we’ve a bent to ought to first discover where the availability of tension lies. you will only solve one factor you understand, can’t you? The following 3 queries will assist you notice that provide. Use the knowledge with each question to unhitch that tension.

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Question 1:

What do i need from myself if necessary? The first offer of tension is your own high expectations. you have got need to attempt to to everything, but why? unit of measurement you not too exhausting on yourself? you will forever do further, but can that give you with further relaxation? for the most part not. Relaxation arises from rental go of high expectations that are not realistic. So raise yourself: What do I expect from myself? And why exactly?

therefore someone once same to conifer State, “I expect to be the nicest.” area unit you able to imagine what amount tension that creates? there is forever someone United Nations agency is even further fun. “I’ll merely be myself”, sounds much more relaxed and realistic …

Tip 1: Allow Yourself to Relax

Take a ways in which from that vital voice in your head. It offers energy to not got to do everything any more. you will do one thing, but do i want to? that’s what it’s about…

Question 2: What Am I Creating A Trial to Check?

The second offer of tension is desperate to keep management. significantly relating to the things we’ve little influence on. Others desperate to modification or management the long-standing time might be a direction for tension. you can’t combine anyway, thus you’d higher accept that. The reason for management is concern. we’ve a bent to stand live afraid that if we have a tendency to don’t check one factor, it should fail. thus raise yourself:

What exactly am I afraid of? do not be afraid by this question, it’s very positive! it’s given that you perceive what you concern that you {just} just have discovered the second offer of tension. Are you terrified of what another person would say? unit of measurement you distressed what might happen? many of these things unit of measurement out of your management – a minimum of not presently. In our head we’ve a bent to undertake and management what we’ve a bent to cannot management in purpose of truth. This realization is one in all the variations between stressed and relaxed people

Tip 2: Trust Yourself

Trust your own ability to shock the challenges that come your manner. as a results of the only real answer to concern is trust. With enough confidence in yourself, you’re troubled less relating to the things you have got got no management over.

Question 3: What Am I Examination my things to now?

The third offer of tension is examination yourself. you will compare yourself to others. but there is forever someone United Nations agency can on top of you. you will compare your current state of affairs in conjunction with your past, but why would you? The past is not on top of presently, as a results of you reside presently, not before. It’s very exhausting to be tense if you are doing not compare yourself. Try it out. raise yourself: What am I examination my things to now? once you are feeling tension, there is nearly forever a comparison. Or with others, or with the past, or in conjunction with your own ideal image …

TIP 3: Jettisoning of any equation

This takes follow, but with patience you will undoubtedly succeed. you are doing not got to compare yourself or your state of affairs to one thing. you are doing not got to be higher, you merely got to be yourself. Relaxed living is not difficult . You just need to be compelled to analyze where your tension comes from. they are sometimes an analogous sources of tension that come back daily. They call this a pattern, one factor that repeats itself. that is smart news!

Why? Well, for two reasons: First, it is not many patterns that build tension. There unit of measurement generally merely variety of. thus you are doing not got to modification m things. With these 3 tips you will already convert ninetieth of your stress into relaxation and positive energy. If your bicycle tire is flat, there is generally only one hole that you {just} just need to be compelled to repair. One – not three hundred.

Now you will continue! Second, a pattern that you {just} just acknowledge and resolve rarely returns. According to the bicycle metaphor: several folks still cycle with a tyre. They never discover the gap at intervals the bicycle tire. If you’re doing take the issue to investigate where your tension comes from, then you will solve it. And everything you solve won’t come back!

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ALERT FROM THE CARIBBEAN BLOG AUTHORITY: PAHO warns Caribbean countries of heat waves


Dear Readers,

As the Caribbean Blog Authority, I am making an exception to write this blog.With this blog I like to reach policymakers/governments from the total Caribbean region so they can start to prepare for what is coming. Read further and feel free to share this information.

The Pan-American health organization (PAHO) has urged the Caribbean countries to prepare for heat waves. While Europe is experiencing heat waves, North America, Central America and the Caribbean are also at risk. The situation could deteriorate between July and August, with a negative impact on human health, says the PAHO.

Given the current heat waves in Europe and the predictions that this phenomenon will affect different parts of America, the PAHO urges countries in the region to prepare. The organization warns of the impact that the heat waves could have on people’s health, including the risk of death.

During the summer of the southern hemisphere of 2018-2019, seven countries in North and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay) were hit by heat waves, a phenomenon that has never been in the region before perceived. The heat waves that had the greatest impact since 2000 were those in Brazil that caused the death of 737 people in 2010, and those in Argentina in the summer of 2013-2014 that caused 1,877 deaths. The heat in Argentina left 800,000 people without energy, which increased the heat stress in this group. According to health authorities in the United States, heat waves are the natural phenomenon that causes the highest number of deaths in that country.

Weather forecasts for North America, Central America and the Caribbean predict heat waves during the summer (July / August) of 2019. This can cause drought-induced stress, lead to forest fires and have harmful effects on human health.

Due to the situation, the PAHO has developed a guide to help countries in the region formulate emergency plans to tackle heat waves. This guide provides recommendations that the health sector and meteorological authorities can implement to prepare for and better respond to this threat, promote health, prevent the harmful effects of heat waves, treat affected people and save lives.

The document emphasizes that emergency plans for emergencies must be able to determine the extent of the threat, with activation procedures for alerts, a description of roles and functions, and coordination mechanisms within and between authorities. The document also emphasizes that countries need to strengthen the epidemiological surveillance of heat-related morbidity and mortality, the capacity of health services (staff training, improvements in the design of new hospitals and equipment of existing hospitals in high-risk areas). Improving the actions of local authorities, the media and communities in terms of response measures between agencies, prevention measures and self-care should be improved.

Heat exposure causes serious symptoms such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke (a condition that causes faintness, as well as dry, warm skin, due to the body’s inability to control high temperatures). Most heat-related deaths are due to deterioration of the circulatory system, kidney, hormonal, and psychiatric disorders. Other symptoms include fluid retention in the lower limbs, heat rashes in the neck, cramps, headache, irritability, lethargy and weakness.

People with chronic illnesses who take medication on a daily basis run a greater risk of complications and death during a heat wave, as well as the elderly and children.
To prevent the harmful effects of heat, the PAHO recommends: 
– Stay informed of weather warnings and forecasts;
– Avoid sun exposure between 11 o’clock in the morning and 4 o’clock in the afternoon;- Do not leave children or elderly people in parked vehicles; 
– Do not train or do intense outdoor activities without proper protection;- Drink water every 2 hours, even if you are not thirsty; 
– Keep the house cool by covering windows during the day and using air conditioners or fans during the hottest hours. 
– If you have a chronic illness and are taking medication, consult your doctor.


Improve by one percent at a time


For people who would like to improve on a personal level, there is a widely used Japanese method: Kaizen. Kaizen revolves around the small steps that must be taken to realize the biggest plans. AllTopStartup founder Thomas Oppong puts it this way: “Getting one percent better every day is a simple, practical way to achieve big goals.”

Kaizen spread to the rest of the world thanks to American experts such as Frank Bunker Gilbreth and Frederick Winslow Taylor. They were already at the forefront of research into effective work in the 1920s and their knowledge was the basis for Kaizen. In post-war Japan, a way was sought to increase the effectiveness of employees. This way was found in the idea of ​​Kaizen, freely translated: good change, or continuous improvement.

More than just improvement

Kaizen has a goal that goes beyond just improvement. It is a daily activity and a process that can make people more human. It eliminates unnecessary work and teaches people to see wastes and remove them. A commonly used definition is ‘disassembly and reassembly in a better way’. What is taken apart is usually a process, system, or service in a company. In personal development, an action or habit will be reassembled.


Continuous improvement works by sticking to three conditions. Set a goal for one percent improvement. Decide how often you will work on the goal and stick to that plan, focus on the one percent improvement. Stay with this process until you reach the end goal. By not focusing on the end goal but on the one percent goal, improvement can be achieved in an easily accessible manner. By working in small steps you build a solid foundation for a great future.


If the amount of work suddenly doubles


Sometimes the circumstances force you to take on more work than you can actually handle. How do you cram twice as much work in the same time….


In my student days it was a frequently used assessment, the card catalog. The applicant receives an enormous amount of information and does not get enough time to go through it. How the applicant deals with it says a lot about his ability to prioritize. But what if your entire working week is a large card catalog. If you have chronically too much work?

You can be busy and you can be busy. In one case you are focused all day, do lots of work and at the end of the day you have a very satisfied feeling about yourself. You fixed that nicely.

Behind the facts

In the second case of being busy you follow the facts. Every mail that comes in feels like an extra amount of work, colleagues who drop by to ask something(s) are unwelcome , and if someone asks how things are going, you can only produce some sort of incomprehensible murmur. Not feeling satisfied at the end of the day, just the question of what you have done with your time all day. What you were so stressed out, you can’t even reproduce anymore.

It is that second form of pressure that leads to burnout. Because if something leads to stress, it is the loss of control, the feeling of being lived.

It’s hard enough to keep control of your own work. Books have been written full of techniques to increase your concentration, set priorities and close yourself off for distraction. But what if the circumstances are just not going well? What if the amount of work suddenly increases, for example because a colleague is sick who is not being replaced? If a big new project comes in and the people are not in favor of it or if a lot of extra work is just put down for you?

No more hours

Whatever the reason may be, many people have to deal with increasing amounts of work and keeping up with that can be difficult. So how do you prevent this by working more and then buffering in the evening and at the weekend, and in this way working yourself into a burnout? A few simple steps can help.

The first step is to stand still and see how you stand. Are you unmotivated, do your colleagues snub and are you actually always tired? Then there is a good chance that you are already well on the way to a burnout. If that is the case, you must change your habits as quickly as possible. For more about recognizing a burnout in time.

Larger whole

Then it is important to zoom out to get the bigger picture back in sight. Accept that you will not get everything done. So don’t start doing things like a headless chicken, but take the time to set priorities. The chance is small that there are things in it that you can skip, but start with the most urgent things.

Then it is good to remember that you are not alone in your company and that there are people you can ask for help. Even though it’s not what you want, and it feels like you’re failing, it’s your boss’s job to make sure you can do your job well. So make use of that. Nobody can do anything about it if you fall over because of the stress because you did not ring the bell in time.

The team

To prevent you from feeling that you are lazy or to moan, it helps to frame the reasons that you do not want to do extra work in the interest of the team. With all the work you get put on your plate, ask yourself: am I the best person to do this, and who on the team can help me with this?

And an important lesson that I am now learning: no is also an answer. So is there a colleague next to your desk with a request for something he could do well himself? Does your boss have a nice plan again that will give you a lot of extra work? Just say no. That not only works best for you, but also for your team. If everyone knows where he stands, you will get further.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Dunham and Pierce’s Leadership Process Model

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailThe Dunham and Pierce Leadership Process Model doesn’t necessarily seek to define leadership, but it does the job indirectly. This model addresses all of the key elements that play a role in leadership, and helps the manager to understand how each part affects the other parts of the equation. Leadership will never be simple, but using this model is a good way to ‘get your head around’ the various moving parts and hopefully bring it into better focus in your mind.

Dunham and Pierce’s Leadership Process Model

Learn the Four Factors
According to Dunham and Pierce, there are four factors that play a role in the leadership process. Those four are the Leader, the Followers, the Context, and the Outcomes. Naturally, the Leader is the person in charge of a project or team, regardless of what their title may be. That person may be referred to as an owner, a manager, a V.P., or any other title that confers power and responsibility. The important thing is that they are the person who a group of others answer to, and it is their performance that we are worried about with this model.

The Followers are then, obviously, the people who are being led. Generally, these will be employees of the company in question. Most commonly, the Followers for a specific manager fall within a group or division of the company. The performance that the Leader is able to coax out of the Followers will largely be responsible for the outcomes that are achieved.

The Context is an interested element to this model, and one that is skipped over in some other various leadership models and discussions. Context refers to the circumstances under which the Leader is managing his or her team. Whether it is a project that will run for a predetermined length of time, or simply employees working on a day to day basis, the context of leadership play an important part in what style of management is going to be most successful.

Lastly, the Outcomes portion of the puzzle refers to the results of any project or task that has been worked on by the Followers under direction of the Leader. For example, if a well-defined project has been worked on for two months, the success or failure of that project will be considered an Outcome. Above all else, leaders tend to be judged on their Outcomes because they usually have the most direct influence over the bottom line. If you are a manager within an organization, it is probably your Outcomes that you spend most of your time concerned with.

Dunham and Pierce’s Leadership Process Model

It’s All Connected
If this model has one overreaching theme that you should take away, it is that all of the aspects of leadership are interconnected in one way or another. It is obvious that your actions as the Leader will affect your followers, but it is more complicated than that. Conversely, the actions of your Followers are likely to affect you as a Leader and your management style. If you are able to learn from your team and how their actions dictate the Context and the Outcomes, everyone will have a better chance at success. The leadership model, then, is not so much a linear one as it is a circular one.

So what does this have to do with management from a practical sense? It should serve as notice that everything done within the context of a leadership situation is important, and it all comes around in the end in one form or another. Things that are done to help the team and empower the individuals on a team can serve to improve future outcomes, while any negativity is likely to manifest in unwanted ways. Taking a holistic approach to management can be powerful when it comes to guiding a team toward long term success.

Some of the Highlights
This model has plenty to teach leaders and managers in a variety of settings, but some of the most important lessons can be found below.

• Grow relationships within the team. Since this model of leadership is circular in nature, it only makes sense that growing relationships well help everyone perform better. When the relationships are strong from the top down, communication will benefit and the team should work more efficiently as a whole.

• Let people do what they do best. This is key for any leader, no matter what context they are working in. When people are able to spend time working on projects that they feel comfortable with and that match up with their skill sets, they tend to be happier (and perform better). When leaders fails to consider the skills of their people, it should be no surprise the results lag.

• Offer feedback. This point goes along with the point regarding relationships among the team. Feedback is valuable because it helps to steer the members of the team in the right direction, in a positive way. Opening the lines of feedback helps the Followers learn what is expected from them, and also gives them an opportunity to provide feedback to the Leader – which can be invaluable.

• Act Ethically and Honestly. The circular nature of leadership dictates that it is vitally important to act with a high degree of honesty on a regular basis. When deceit creeps into the system, it is likely to spread and have a negative effect throughout the organization.

Leadership is complicated and sometimes messy, but the Dunham Pierce Leadership Process Model does a good job of highlighting the key points and identifying how they all affect one another. For the leader who is trying to keep a variety of different interests happy throughout the term of a project, this model can help to sort things out and keep them moving in the right direction.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailIt’s no secret that there are a variety of different management and leadership styles out there. In fact, you could argue that there is a different managerial style for each individual person that serves in a leadership role. No two people are exactly alike, and even those who try to follow the same methods will inevitably have their own unique style that they use in an attempt to get the job done. While there is room for individuality in leadership, it is also important that a leader knows what style they are using and how it affects the outcomes and the people that they lead.

The Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid is a system that can be used to group like leaders into categories based on the methods that they use. While no organizational system will ever be perfectly complete, this grid is a great way to understand more about certain leadership styles and how they work. Dating back to the early 1960’s, this is a framework that has stood the test of time and remains relevant today.

Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid

Two Ways to Look at It
The two dimensions of this grid quickly identify the priorities of the manager in question – ‘Concern for People’ and ‘Concern for Results’. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, and it shouldn’t take long to determine where along this grid you fit as a leader.

1) Concern for People. The leader that emphasizes Concern for People over Results is one who is trying to do their best to further the careers of those they are leading. As the decisions are being made regarding who will work on what parts of a project, for example, this leader is thinking first about the individuals involved in the job and which tasks will help them move along in their careers. Also, which tasks are likely to be enjoyed is taken into consideration by the manager before making assignments.

2) Concern for Results. Naturally, this is the opposite of the previous approach. With this kind of leadership, the only concern is for the job getting done as successfully as possible. This leader is one who sets aside any level of focus on the individuals and only things about the bigger picture for the organization. Whatever tasks need to be assigned to specific people in order to get the job done right is what will be done. If the individuals within the group don’t like it, that will be their problem to deal with.

Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid

The real benefit of using the Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid comes when you start to look at it in terms of four quadrants, and what each of those means for the manager. When plotted on the grid based on the two dimensions, there are four possible quadrants that a management style can land in –

• Impoverished Management
• Country Club Management
• Authority-Compliance Management
• Team Management

Let’s take a quick look at each of these four areas on the grid.

Impoverished Management
As the title would indicate, this isn’t where any leader wants to find themselves. In this case, the manager is failing both in terms of the task and the people. The work isn’t being completed successfully enough to satisfy the needs of the organization, and the individuals involved aren’t getting what they need out of it either. This is a systemic failure, and will usually result in bad outcomes for the leader in question. Getting out of this quadrant as soon as possible should always be the goal of a manager who finds that they are failing on both fronts.

Country Club Management
Most employees will love their manager when this kind of system exists. The results may be suffering, and the manager’s superiors may not be impressed with their performance, but the employees are happy because they are being put first and having their needs met through the actions of the leader. While the short term results of this method may be enjoyable because the work environment is free of tension and conflict, the long term results tend to be less rosy once the results come in and the group is falling short of expectations.

Authority-Compliance Management
This is the opposite of the Country Club management position. Instead of paying sole attention to the employees, this lead is only serving the needs of the project and the results they are looking for. While they might reach the end goal, bridges could be burned in the meantime through the methods that are used. Unhappy employees tend to leave sooner, or decrease in production as their attitude drops. Short term projects may benefit from this kind of strict management style, but it is unlikely to succeed over time.

Team Management
The best of both worlds. This manager is able to successfully juggle the needs of the organization as a whole with the needs of the individual employees involved. Of course, since this is the best model for most managers to strive for, it is also the most difficult to achieve. The needs of your employees might not always jive with what the company is looking for, so getting those things to balance out and keep everyone happy is a battle that takes time and effort to win. However, it will be worth the effort because the leader who is able to reach this quadrant of the grid is one that is likely to be well-received by his or her superiors for their work.

In the real world, things aren’t always as black and white as they can appear on a grid. Leadership styles and decisions take on many different shapes, and it isn’t always easy to decide how they fit into a certain mold. With that said, the Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid is a good starting point for understanding the basic leadership options that a manager has when dealing with their employees. Avoiding the extremes and trying to balance all of the various interests at any one time is usually the best tact to take. Whether using the grid to evaluate yourself or someone else in your organization, it is a tool that remains useful decades after its creation.

Key Points

  • The Blake-Mouton Managerial Grid is a system that can be used to group like leaders into categories based on the methods that they use.
  • It uses a two dimensional grid to identify the priorities of the manager in question.
  • The axes are ‘Concern for People’ and ‘Concern for Results’ giving four possible quadrants that a management style can land in.
  • Impoverished Management – the manager is failing both in terms of the task and the people.
  • Country Club Management – employees are happy because they are being put first and having their needs met through the actions of the leader.
  • Authority-Compliance Management – the manager is focusing too much on getting the task done at the expense of their team’s well being.
  • Team Management – the manager is able to successfully juggle the needs of the organization as a whole with the needs of the individual employees involved.


Action Centered Leadership

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailOne of the great challenges when it comes to proper leadership is balancing the various interests of those who you are required to lead. Not everyone is going to have the same goals and aspirations, even within the same business or organization. Therefore, it is the job of a good leader to reconcile all of those various interests and bring them together in a way that keeps the team working in the right direction. With good leadership, it is possible to bring everyone together in a common pursuit even if they have divergent goals among themselves.

As you are surely aware, there are a number of different leadership models available to help guide managers as they try to get the most from their teams. The model we are discussing in this article, Action Centered Leadership, is notable because it can help to deal with the problem that was outlined above – that is, how to reconcile the various goals and desires of individuals while still accomplishing the specific goals set out for the team and the project as a whole.

Action Centered Leadership

Action Centered Leadership is a model that was presented by John Adair back in 1973. At its simplest form, the model can be described by the three areas that it divides leadership into – Task, Team, and Individual. Each of these three elements plays an important role in the leadership picture, and only when all three are balanced properly will the leader be achieving success. Without even diving in any further, it is pretty easy to understand how each of these three aspects is important. Harmony among the three might not always be the easiest goal to reach, but it is the job of the leader to make it happen.

To grasp a better picture of the Action Centered Leadership model, let’s take some time to look individually at each of the three elements.

It All Starts with a Task
Without a task, there is no reason to have a team made up of individuals, and no reason to lead them in the first place. Every leadership role is developed because there is a goal in mind, and someone needs to be in charge of directing the team toward that goal. Such a goal can be rather general, such as simply running a profitable business, while other goals will be very specific – like developing a new product to launch to market by the end of the year. No matter what the goal is, that task is what will guide the leadership that has to be provided to the team.

Action Centered Leadership Task

Speaking of the variety of tasks that are possible for a leader to work toward, one of the most important jobs of the leader is to actually define and identify the task at hand. Sometimes this will be quite easy, but other times it can actually be a serious challenge. Teams work together better when they are clear on the task at hand, so providing that definition in no uncertain terms is a major part of the equation.

Leadership style for action centered leadership

Among the other important parts of the task including identifying milestones along the way that need to be met, establishing who is responsible for which part of the task, and what will be defined as success in the end. Monitoring progress and making sure that the group is getting closer and closer to accomplishing the task falls on the leader, and is an important part of the Action Centered Leadership model.

Teamwork is Essential
Leading the team is what most people think of traditionally as being ‘leadership’. Any given team is made up of individuals with various skills and experiences, so it is up to the leader to extract the best possible performance from each of them. The way the team works together should be defined by the leader, such as communication standards and methods for resolving conflict. Whenever two or more people are working together on a task there is bound to be conflict along the way – the best leaders are able to moderate those conflicts and resolve them quickly.

Encouragement is another important part of the Action Centered Leadership plan, especially for long projects. The members of the team need to remain focused on the ‘prize’ at the end of the task so they can remain motivated and determined to reach a successful conclusion to the project. Making sure that the team as a whole feels invested in the success of the group is something that a good leader will be able to accomplish.

Don’t Forget About the Individuals
Forgetting about individuals within the team is probably the most common leadership mistake that is made by managers in all areas of business. It is tempting to just treat each individual as a robot who is programmed to only do what is best for the organization – but real life is just not that simple. Individual people have varying desires, fears, experiences, motivations, etc. Extracting the best from each person on the team means treating them as the individual that they are. Offering rewards or praise for a strong contribution to the team is a common tact for getting the best possible performance from members of the team. Only when the leader is able to place each person in the role that is best suited for their skills and interests will the team be able to function as successfully as possible.

Action Centered Leadership is a popular leadership model to follow in large part because of the simplicity that it offers. Just by understanding the basics of the three areas of leadership provided in this model – Task, Team, and Individual – a leader will be well on the way to a successful project. Each of these three areas is vitally important, and it will be difficult to succeed in one area without support from the other. Bringing all three together properly isn’t always going to be easy, but it is a goal that each leader in an organization should strive to achieve.

Key Points

  • Action center d leadership involves balancing task, team and individual focus.
  • Each of these three elements plays an important role in the leadership picture, and only when all three are balanced properly will the leader be achieving success.
  • No matter what the goal is, that task is what will guide the leadership that has to be provided to the team.
  • Making sure that the team as a whole feels invested in the success of the group is something that a good leader will be able to accomplish.
  • Only when the leader is able to place each person in the role that is best suited for their skills and interests will the team be able to function as successfully as possible.


The Significance of Internal Harmony and Ventures to Accomplishing it in Day by day Life

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailDo you find that your life is loaded up with pressure? Does it appear as though there is continually something happening that includes your whole consideration, and in this way depletes positive or high-vibrational vitality?

As our general public develops increasingly perplexing, discovering genuine inward harmony turns out to be progressively similar to attempting to discover a desert garden in the desert. So I figured it may be useful to impart to you a portion of the techniques that I use in my life to encounter internal harmony and disengage from my feverish day by day schedule.

Acknowledge what is

There is just so much we can influence. What we can’t change, what we can’t impact, require not concern us. What I have seen with such a significant number of individuals is that they center and wait around things they have no power over. The point here is the reason stress over something that all the stressing on the planet won’t change? Why care about what other individuals consider us when we’re not in any case beyond any doubt what it is they are really considering?

Calming the brain

Contemplation is incredible method for calming the brain and it’s an imperative movement that can transform you. In any case, not every person needs to contemplate or realizes how to do it. Thinking for only 10 minutes daily can have a tremendous effect in all parts of your life. In the event that you have a great deal at the forefront of your thoughts and feel as though your contemplations are making you insane, reflection can enable you to discover inward harmony. To calm the mind basically close everything, sit back, close your eyes and clear your brain of each and every idea. Concentrate on the void. You will be astounded what a minor 10 minutes of calming the brain can do to turn things around for you.

Invest energy in nature

We invest so much energy kept in structures either at work or at home that we have overlooked where we originated from. It is normal for us to be in nature, and this is the reason it feels so great and it is so serene when you go out for a stroll in a recreation center, cycle on a trail in the woodland or stand watching the waves come in at the shoreline. Viewing is stillness, watching nature sustains us. We normally adjust to the musicality of the seasons and the vibration of mother earth.

Get familiar with the intensity of a grin

At whatever point you chuckle or grin, something occurs on a substance level to improve you feel, and stress and pessimism are kept from entering your mind. Giggling yoga is a splendid instrument to use as an example intrude.

A basic grin can have such an effect. You rapidly understand that harmony discovers its direction substantially more effectively to you when you grin and trifle with yourself.

See the Master plan

We are so devoured inside our very own issues that we can never again observe the wood from the trees. It’s useful to remind ourselves how enormous the world is. Read up about some different nations, societies or religions. Know that the world does not spin around your issues. On catching wind of a torrent or a seismic tremor murdering a great many individuals it puts my little considerations and stresses into point of view. My issues aren’t generally “issues”. Looking past ourselves is imperative in finding internal harmony.

Care about others, however don’t turn into a rescuer

Inward harmony is elusive while acting naturally expended and just stressing over your very own requirements and needs. When you start to truly think about other individuals, supernatural occurrences occur. Be that as it may, be sympathetic, not humane.

Sympathy is placing yourself in another person’s shoes and regarding them as you would wish to be dealt with. It carries with it endless persistence and elegance. Sympathy can without much of a stretch transform into rescuer conduct; it’s deceptive and can prompt attempting to fix somebody, which separated from being the tallness of presumption, can likewise occupy you from your very own internal harmony.

A demonstration of irregular thoughtfulness and altruism enables you to facilitate your way towards internal harmony.

Grasp trust

Expectation is the thing that helps your life. With expectation you generally have a way towards inward harmony. At whatever point we get worried and overpowered inside our own life, we overlook that trust. We overlook that the sun dependably sparkles following a stormy day, and this is just a hindrance. With expectation, I realize that whatever is apparently awful is just brief and that soon enough, things will be simply incredible. This lifts off the majority of that antagonism and gross vibrational vitality from my general existence, and I feel in order right away.

Find your convictions, qualities and gauges

I don’t support one conviction framework over another, so whatever it is that you put stock in, grasp it with your whole existence. Be inside your confidence/conviction 100 percent and inward harmony will discover its way into your heart. We may all differ on one another’s conviction framework, and that is alright. Nonetheless, one thing we have to concur on is that having a strong, sound confidence is the most ideal approach to fabricate a still, small voice that guides us towards internal harmony and astuteness. Research has demonstrated that individuals who are profoundly given to their confidence have a higher future and are more averse to have ailments, for example, malignant growth. This is on the grounds that they encounter increasingly internal harmony, which is critical in the event that you need to enhance a mind-blowing nature.

Focus on yourself

One thing that gives us much worry in life is the way that we generally stress over not having every one of the appropriate responses. Simply tolerating that you don’t know everything and that you are available to unending learning is a gigantic advance to take towards accomplishing internal harmony. I discover extraordinary satisfaction in adapting a wide range of things, and simply staying alert that I am developing as an individual every single day gives me incredible sentiments of internal harmony. Acknowledge that life is one major adventure of ceaseless learning and you will get yourself closer to encountering genuine internal harmony.

Live in the at this very moment

More often than not, what we stress over is identifying with something either before, or something that hasn’t occurred. Living in the at this very moment eradicates every such idea. Why stress over something in the past that we can’t change? Why stress over something that we are not in any case beyond any doubt will occur or not?


Breathing is the main capacity in the human body that is done either totally unwittingly or totally intentionally. It very well may be a deliberate or automatic act and along these lines it is administered by two particular arrangements of muscles and nerves, contingent upon which mode is being used – the automatic nerves and muscles or the willful.

Each arrangement of muscles and nerves can completely drive and deal with the framework. In this way the breath has this incredible, exceptional trademark that empowers it to influence the automatic sensory system. It is the main capacity in the human body that has this capacity.

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2019 will be the year of whats app, chat bots, video applications and voice search


The year 2019 only started a few weeks ago with many new and interesting challenges for many. So I went to research what will happen in the field of the workers' market. I have limited myself to the world and the possible trends where people will look for work, how they will do that.

Mobile recruitment will finally break through in 2019. It has been a trend for years, but the breakthrough at companies and job seekers did not go as fast as expected.

However, I see that more and more job seekers use the smartphone in the search for a job. Chat bots, whats app and video will also play an increasingly important role in the recruitment process. For employers, this year is more important than ever to follow and embrace the latest trends and developments. In line with 2018, it looks like the number of vacancies in certain sectors is growing rapidly and that good staff is not always easy and quick to find. Employers must take part in their time to win talent in the labor market.

Employee market

The labor market is still an employee market. Especially in the IT, care and construction sectors, I spot a large number of vacancies that are difficult to fill. Job seekers know well where their chances are and how they should look for a new job. Smartphones are being used more and more for this. What is striking is that the smartphone is mainly used in the orientation phase, but not yet in the application itself, but everything changes very quickly.
Searching via mobile, applying via desktop

It has become very common to look for a job via your smartphone, but we still prefer to do jobs behind the laptop or computer. We see this development not only among older job-seekers, but also among young people from, for example, Generation Z. Candidates do not yet find a safe idea to share privacy-sensitive data via their telephone. Companies are also not always well equipped for mobile applications. Applying is too complicated on many websites of companies and it is not always possible to send an attachment with a job application via mobile. As more and more companies recognize this and want to improve their mobile recruitment this year, we expect that in 2019 more job seekers will actually enter the application process via their smartphone. 

Applying via video

Applying for a video is a trend that has been going on for a number of years, but which will really become the norm this year. For companies, it is an important tool to show where a job seeker comes to work. For example, it is much stronger if an employee talks about his job with enthusiasm and what training he has done than that it is somewhere on a website. Candidates can also respond more and more with a personal video to a vacancy. "

Revolution from telephoning to chat bots and whats app

The fact that the recruitment process is becoming more and more digital can also be seen in the rise of chat bots and whats app. In my opinion, there is also a revolution going on within the recruitment of telephoning to sending short text messages. The use of chat bots and whats app can take a lot of work off of recruiters. There is only still a lot of space to be gained in this area. Chat bots can certainly be made even more intelligent. Nothing is as disturbing as a chat bot or whats app that gives an incorrect answer to a question. If these tools are well-equipped, they can take a lot of work off the hands of the recruiter. Just think of answering general but frequently asked questions, for example whether the vacancy is still open or where candidates can respond. 

Voice search

 Finally, I want to reflect on the rise of voice search. More and more households now have a smart speaker such as Google Home in house. Voice search will also play an increasingly important role in recruitment this year. Voice search can ensure that job seekers and companies can match supply and demand more quickly than ever before. It will ask a bit of the way a recruiter works, for example the way in which he writes job descriptions. It will be less about SEO search terms, but the emphasis will be more on spoken language. Recruiters must ensure that their vacancy is found when a user asks: Where is a junior IT job in my area? " There are also companies that do job screening on the basis of voice. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it can be determined whether a voice is fascinating, calm and / or reliable. This way you can determine which emotion the voice will have on a listener. In sales, a positive vote is a huge advantage because it evokes positive emotions for the customer. 

Recruiters must also take their time with this and do well to give voice technology a place in their recruitment strategy. 



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