If Life Has Exhausted You Read This Quickly


I know what it’s like to feel tired – and not just physically. 

The world we live in is an exhausting place. It wears off. It’s ungrateful. It challenges you endlessly and it hardly rewards you.

Mentally exhausted? Symptoms and tips to overcome mental exhaustion

You are only tired because you live in this world. You are tired of loving too much, giving too much business, giving too much to a world that never gives you anything in return.

You are tired of putting effort into an uncertain outcome. You are tired of uncertainty. You’ve had enough of the gray. 

I know you haven’t always been so exhausted – there was a moment when you were hopeful and pure. When your optimism was stronger than your cynicism and you had an endless amount of optimism to spread.

I know you’re carved and worn out piece by piece – a broken heart here and an empty promise there.

I know the world hasn’t always been fair about the games you’ve played and you’ve lost far more often than you won.

I Know You’re Out of Inspiration to Try Again. i Know.

The truth is that we are all tired. Everybody. At a certain age we are all just an army of broken hearts and sore souls, desperate to feel fulfilled.

We want more, but we’re too tired to ask. We’re tired of being here, but we’re too scared to start again.

We have to take risks, but we’re too scared to see it collapse. After all, we’re not quite sure how many times we can start over. 

We all think we are alone in our fatigue. But the truth is we’re tired of each other – the games we play and the lies we tell and the insecurity we put on each other.

We don’t want to be the villain, but we don’t want to be the sucker either. So we are on our guard. We develop an immune system. And we fulfill the role we despise because we are not sure if there is any other choice. 

I know it can feel impossible to keep trying and giving and getting when you’re dead tired. I know that the merry ideals you were once promised now seem old and hopeless.

But I beg this when you’re about to give up: try one more time, with feeling. I know you’ve had enough of all the attempts. I know you’re at your wits’ end.

But the truth about that new attempt is that you’ll never realize you’ve found it if you don’t first leave your previous one behind.  

We are all more resilient than we think and that is the undeniable truth. We are always able to give more love, have more hope, spread more passion and let loose on the world.

We just don’t walk far enough to realize that our actions have benefited. We want to see immediate results and when we don’t, we give up.

We let the fatigue stop us. The lack of feedback frustrates us and we assume that means throwing the effort out the window completely.  

This is something we all don’t want to admit: nobody feels inspired every day. We all get tired.

We are all discouraged. And we get to process those feelings. Sitting down and being weary and tired of life doesn’t mean you don’t make a change.

Everyone you have ever admired has experienced situations where they felt completely defeated as they tried to pursue their dreams.

But that didn’t stop her from making those dreams come true. You may slowly stumble to achieve your greatest transformations. It doesn’t always have to be spectacular.   

Some things in life happen quietly. They happen slowly. They happen because we’ve made some small, careful choices, choices that make us a better version of ourselves.

We have to allow those adjustments to happen. That we watch them evolve. That we don’t get hopelessly frustrated in the meantime.

If you are tired, take it easy. Be quiet. Be shy. But don’t stop. It makes sense that you are tired. You’re tired because there was no other way.

You are tired because you are making a change. It’s only natural that you’re tired and it’s just a clue to keep going.

You are tired because you are blooming. And one day that growth will give way to the rejuvenation you need. 

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Do you have the urge to prove yourself? Try to learn about your inner engine. Do it now.


Urge to prove – I have to prove myself – is the search for recognition. Proving yourself is positive, but it also has a downside. If you feel like you are never doing enough, ask yourself the following questions:

– Who am I doing all this for?
– When is it enough?
– What do I want to achieve with this?
– What do I hope to get in the end?

First acknowledge and appreciate yourself, that saves a lot of energy!

Without inner peace, life is just a shadow of its possibilities.

Evidence can be positive. (Urge to Prove)

Wanting to prove yourself can be very positive. It ensures that you get the best out of yourself. It ensures that you keep developing yourself, that you continue to grow and that you create many beautiful things. It keeps you on your toes and ensures that you continue to grow. All positive, aren’t they?

But there is also a downside to the urge to prove it. Some of the people I talk to are very successful compared to the ‘average’ person. Yet they lack happiness, satisfaction and mental relaxation.

I can do so much more!

They are always performing, driven by an imaginary voice that chases them. They are usually not very satisfied with what they have already achieved. “I can do so much more!” they think…

Well, you may not have to do more. Maybe you just need to accept yourself a little more! The former does not solve much, but the second changes everything in your life!

You don’t have to do more, you just have to accept yourself.

An inner turmoil.

If you ask them why they are always on the way to more, you will hear the following:

1. I rarely feel like I’m doing enough.
2. If I underperform, then I fall short.
3. I don’t want to be inferior to others.
4. I have to get the most out of myself.
5. If I don’t do anything, I stop.

Apparently there is an inner turmoil that drives them forward. They constantly compare themselves – either with others or with a personal ideal. As long as they feel like they are proving themselves, they feel good. But when they have a bad day or when others are doing better, they feel inadequate.

What are you doing it all for?

If you recognize yourself in this, my question is: “What are you doing it all for?” All your efforts, all your sacrifices, what are you doing it for? Or even more specifically:

1. Who are you doing it all for?
2. When is it enough?
3. What do you hope to achieve in the end?

Who are you doing it all for? Are you doing it for yourself, or are you doing it for others? Some educators, such as parents or teachers, may have given a lot of criticism and little praise. This has permanently given us the idea that we should always do better. You may still hear the voice of one of your parents: “Don’t think this is so special. Just look at your brother / sister, he is doing much better… ”

Let go of expectations.

Forget all expectations of others, it is their responsibility, not yours. If I had done what others thought I should do, now I would have had a job I didn’t like, been in a relationship that gave me no energy, and had a life that didn’t suit me. You are here to live up to your own expectations, it is your life after all …

Speaking of your own expectations: what do you expect from yourself? That you always have to perform to the maximum? That you need to become an improved version of yourself? That you have to meet a self-conceived ideal image? Forget it all and see the reality: you are the way you are and that’s fine. You never become perfect and you don’t have to be happy. You just have to be yourself …

When is it enough?

Have you ever asked yourself that? Do you know what to do to get to the point where you can be satisfied and enjoy what you have achieved? This has nothing to do with others, this is purely to do with your own expectations. Success is not something you compare to others, success is in your own head. Only you decide whether you feel successful.

What do you hope to get?

Ultimately, the urge to prove is the search for recognition. We want to be appreciated, we want to hear that we did well. At the core we are looking for the feeling that we are worthwhile. That’s what it’s all about, right? We want to hear from our parents, friends or family: “Gosh, you are doing well! I’m proud of you!” And we are willing to do a lot for that feeling …

There is only one problem: You may never hear it. If your parents were generous with compliments, they would have shown it much earlier. I hope for you that everyone tells you that they are happy with your performance. That you have made it to the finish line and that you never have to prove yourself again. So that you can finally relax and enjoy. But what if that doesn’t happen?

Get off the treadmill!

In short, seeking external recognition is pointless. You will never hear from everyone that you are doing well. You will never be perfect. You will never reach your end goal (lasting recognition). If you have to prove yourself because others will tell you that you are worthwhile, then you are like a hamster on a treadmill: you run, but you never get to that finish.

Find Inner Peace by Loving Yourself | Healing Tree Wellness Center

Get out! Realize that you are pursuing an illusion. Turn it around and decide from now on that:

1. You are doing well enough.
2. You are worth it.
3. You recognize and value yourself.
4. Your performance does not determine your self-esteem.
5. The expectation of others is their responsibility, not yours.
6. You stop chasing an ideal image.
7. You enjoy what you have achieved.

Acknowledge and appreciate yourself.

You want to prove yourself to be recognized, don’t you? Reverse the whole process: First, give yourself credit and appreciation. Personally, I don’t expect anything from myself: I don’t have to get better, I don’t have to outperform others, I don’t have to push myself, I don’t even have to achieve my goals. Oh wait, there are two things I expect from myself: to be myself and to be happy. After all, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

4 Benefits of Mastering Inner Peace of Mind Through Meditation

Proving myself always starts from a lack, from a lack – from myself. It’s just another form of insecurity. My thesis is: You are fine already, just the way you are. You’ve done enough, you’re already worth it. Appreciate yourself. Appreciating yourself gives you self-confidence. Then you still do your best – but not because something is missing, but because you enjoy it!

Success in your life journey.

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Exercise in letting go of control


Letting go of control seems almost impossible. How do you let go of control when you’re afraid things will go wrong? How can you let go of what you fear? Still, letting go of control is possible, with the insights in this article.

The more control we want, the more tension we get in return. Because many things can we just can not control.

There are 3 simple questions that hardly anyone asks themselves. When you answer these questions, you automatically let go. And you can apply this to any area of ​​your life.

Letting go gives you relaxation, confidence and inner strength. Let it go!

What can you control – and what not?

We have no control over the future, because no one knows exactly what will happen. We have no control over other people because they just do what they want to do.

If you think carefully, you will see that you cannot control many situations and people. You really only have control over what you do – here and now .

If you can’t change something, you can only accept and let go. This often feels unnatural, because control is part of our system. We have the illusion that we can influence almost everything.

Well, if it were, your life would be absolutely perfect, wouldn’t it?

Then you had already arranged that yourself …

Exercise in letting go – in every area.

You can apply the following exercise in any area of ​​your life. You can practice this every day, in any situation. It does not matter whether it is about letting go of financial worries, relationship problems or worries about the future.

Letting go is the solution to all stress and worries. The essence is always this: too much control creates tension. In any field!

When you try to control something, something controls you too.
When you let go of something, you are free.

The next time you feel tension, ask yourself the following three questions:

Letting go of control – question 1: What am I trying to control?

What is causing my inner turmoil? Do I want a guarantee for the future? Am I trying to determine what someone else should do? Am I concerned with the past? What makes me feel insecure?

Find the core of that tension. What are you trying to control or change? For instance:

1. I regret that I made that choice then.
2. Why did he do it that way?
3. I hope he keeps his promises!
4. She won’t react like that again, will she?
5. I want the assurance that this choice is the best for my future.
6. I hope everything goes well next week.

Then ask yourself the following question:

Letting go of control – question 2: Can I actually control that?

That’s a simple question that most people never ask themselves.

Can you really change this? Do you really influence here? Is this within your control?

There are two options:

a) Yes, you can do something about this. Great – stop worrying and do it!
b) No, you have no influence (anymore) on this. Then you can only accept this and let it go.

Letting go of control – question 3: Am I willing to let it go?

We usually do not get around to this step either. We intellectually understand that we have to let go of something, but we just don’t want or ca n’t.

Why not? Because we still feel too many negative emotions: fear, uncertainty, doubt, regret, frustration, etc.

Yet there is one very good reason to let it go: Because letting go helps yourself . Because you hold with yourself disadvantage . It’s just in your best interest.

And after you make this decision, your emotions automatically start to change. Then your emotions become positive and relaxed again.

Make the decision now:

“Yes, I realize that I am only hurting myself by sticking to what I cannot (anymore) change at the moment. In the interest of my own mental and physical health, I decide to let go of this. I know it will make me feel better. So I am willing to let it go. ”

The final step: Let it go!

Now you have seen what you are trying to control. You have seen that you cannot control it. You know you have to let it go. And you are willing to actually let it go.

Congratulations! Now you are ready for the final step: Let it go!

Use a short sentence (also called a belief, affirmation, autosuggestion, or mantra) to help you through this step.

Your own words are always the best!

Here are some examples you can use:

1. It’s okay.
2. I let go.
3. It is the way it is.

4. I’m at peace with it.
5. I forgive myself.
6. I forgive him / her.

7. I accept it.
8. It’s good enough.
9. I let it rest.

Pay attention! This exercise is not a one-off.

You will have to repeat this often. It is an illusion that we suddenly start to feel everything differently. But you will definitely feel different when you practice with this!

There is no other option: repetition is the mother of every skill.

And lasting relaxation is the result of regular practice of letting go.

Relaxation becomes a habit if you keep practicing.

Keep in mind that sooner or later check comes up again and says:

“Hey, not too relaxed! Come on, we have so much to plan, check, change. You still have to worry, worry and think about the past. You still have to worry about everything! ”

Control is a habit – and habits keep coming back. Especially in the beginning. But keep practicing.

You will find that each layer you release in one area helps you in other areas as well. If you let go of control at work, you can also do that in your relationships. The gist is always the same, remember?

Let it goooooo!

Letting go is an art that you can refine throughout your life. There is no end point, we can always let go of something deeper.

To say it with Elsa from the animated film ‘Frozen’: Let it goooooo!

FROZEN | Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney UK - YouTube

With every layer of tension you release, you gain access to a hidden layer of energy and well-being. Do you have any idea how many extra layers of energy and well-being are still waiting for you? Can you imagine how good you would feel learning to tap it?

Do you want to find out? Do you want more relaxation and more energy?

Go on research and make the best choice to take actions….


The Significance of Internal Harmony and Ventures to Accomplishing it in Day by day Life

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailDo you find that your life is loaded up with pressure? Does it appear as though there is continually something happening that includes your whole consideration, and in this way depletes positive or high-vibrational vitality?

As our general public develops increasingly perplexing, discovering genuine inward harmony turns out to be progressively similar to attempting to discover a desert garden in the desert. So I figured it may be useful to impart to you a portion of the techniques that I use in my life to encounter internal harmony and disengage from my feverish day by day schedule.

Acknowledge what is

There is just so much we can influence. What we can’t change, what we can’t impact, require not concern us. What I have seen with such a significant number of individuals is that they center and wait around things they have no power over. The point here is the reason stress over something that all the stressing on the planet won’t change? Why care about what other individuals consider us when we’re not in any case beyond any doubt what it is they are really considering?

Calming the brain

Contemplation is incredible method for calming the brain and it’s an imperative movement that can transform you. In any case, not every person needs to contemplate or realizes how to do it. Thinking for only 10 minutes daily can have a tremendous effect in all parts of your life. In the event that you have a great deal at the forefront of your thoughts and feel as though your contemplations are making you insane, reflection can enable you to discover inward harmony. To calm the mind basically close everything, sit back, close your eyes and clear your brain of each and every idea. Concentrate on the void. You will be astounded what a minor 10 minutes of calming the brain can do to turn things around for you.

Invest energy in nature

We invest so much energy kept in structures either at work or at home that we have overlooked where we originated from. It is normal for us to be in nature, and this is the reason it feels so great and it is so serene when you go out for a stroll in a recreation center, cycle on a trail in the woodland or stand watching the waves come in at the shoreline. Viewing is stillness, watching nature sustains us. We normally adjust to the musicality of the seasons and the vibration of mother earth.

Get familiar with the intensity of a grin

At whatever point you chuckle or grin, something occurs on a substance level to improve you feel, and stress and pessimism are kept from entering your mind. Giggling yoga is a splendid instrument to use as an example intrude.

A basic grin can have such an effect. You rapidly understand that harmony discovers its direction substantially more effectively to you when you grin and trifle with yourself.

See the Master plan

We are so devoured inside our very own issues that we can never again observe the wood from the trees. It’s useful to remind ourselves how enormous the world is. Read up about some different nations, societies or religions. Know that the world does not spin around your issues. On catching wind of a torrent or a seismic tremor murdering a great many individuals it puts my little considerations and stresses into point of view. My issues aren’t generally “issues”. Looking past ourselves is imperative in finding internal harmony.

Care about others, however don’t turn into a rescuer

Inward harmony is elusive while acting naturally expended and just stressing over your very own requirements and needs. When you start to truly think about other individuals, supernatural occurrences occur. Be that as it may, be sympathetic, not humane.

Sympathy is placing yourself in another person’s shoes and regarding them as you would wish to be dealt with. It carries with it endless persistence and elegance. Sympathy can without much of a stretch transform into rescuer conduct; it’s deceptive and can prompt attempting to fix somebody, which separated from being the tallness of presumption, can likewise occupy you from your very own internal harmony.

A demonstration of irregular thoughtfulness and altruism enables you to facilitate your way towards internal harmony.

Grasp trust

Expectation is the thing that helps your life. With expectation you generally have a way towards inward harmony. At whatever point we get worried and overpowered inside our own life, we overlook that trust. We overlook that the sun dependably sparkles following a stormy day, and this is just a hindrance. With expectation, I realize that whatever is apparently awful is just brief and that soon enough, things will be simply incredible. This lifts off the majority of that antagonism and gross vibrational vitality from my general existence, and I feel in order right away.

Find your convictions, qualities and gauges

I don’t support one conviction framework over another, so whatever it is that you put stock in, grasp it with your whole existence. Be inside your confidence/conviction 100 percent and inward harmony will discover its way into your heart. We may all differ on one another’s conviction framework, and that is alright. Nonetheless, one thing we have to concur on is that having a strong, sound confidence is the most ideal approach to fabricate a still, small voice that guides us towards internal harmony and astuteness. Research has demonstrated that individuals who are profoundly given to their confidence have a higher future and are more averse to have ailments, for example, malignant growth. This is on the grounds that they encounter increasingly internal harmony, which is critical in the event that you need to enhance a mind-blowing nature.

Focus on yourself

One thing that gives us much worry in life is the way that we generally stress over not having every one of the appropriate responses. Simply tolerating that you don’t know everything and that you are available to unending learning is a gigantic advance to take towards accomplishing internal harmony. I discover extraordinary satisfaction in adapting a wide range of things, and simply staying alert that I am developing as an individual every single day gives me incredible sentiments of internal harmony. Acknowledge that life is one major adventure of ceaseless learning and you will get yourself closer to encountering genuine internal harmony.

Live in the at this very moment

More often than not, what we stress over is identifying with something either before, or something that hasn’t occurred. Living in the at this very moment eradicates every such idea. Why stress over something in the past that we can’t change? Why stress over something that we are not in any case beyond any doubt will occur or not?


Breathing is the main capacity in the human body that is done either totally unwittingly or totally intentionally. It very well may be a deliberate or automatic act and along these lines it is administered by two particular arrangements of muscles and nerves, contingent upon which mode is being used – the automatic nerves and muscles or the willful.

Each arrangement of muscles and nerves can completely drive and deal with the framework. In this way the breath has this incredible, exceptional trademark that empowers it to influence the automatic sensory system. It is the main capacity in the human body that has this capacity.

I am certain that this article can enable you to locate your internal harmony.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail



You undoubtedly have thousands of future plans in your head. About the things you still have to do, the goals you want to achieve and the people you want to share your life with. But sometimes it’s true that you do not have the time to do everything …  or maybe this just seems like that. Have you ever thought that you are only wasting your time and life?

It may be that you invest your time in things that are not necessary  or that require too much of your time without you realizing this. Do you really not have enough time or do you simply spend your time on things that lead nowhere? Read on and find out.

“The past has fled, that what will come is absent, but the present is yours.”

Arabian saying-

1. You invest your time in something that yields nothing

You need moments where you allow yourself some distraction and where you release yourself from your professional responsibilities. However, if you spend most of your time on “distraction,” you will eventually feel like you have not done anything all day. Therefore ensure a balance between work and distraction. Choose activities that really mean something and that you have something to offer and reduce activities that do not.

Activities that give you the feeling that you are wasting your life include excessive alcohol use, hours in front of the television and always immersing yourself in social media. If you want to be with your friends, then look for an alternative. For example, go camping or cook together and simply spend time together. Choose activities that will help you improve your relationships and lead to the life you want.

2. You are unable to improve your skills

People are programmed to learn new things. One way to waste your life is by not giving yourself the chance to learn and grow as much as possible . Do you remember what we said about investing your time in activities that do not give you anything? Well, an excellent alternative is to use that time for something constructive, such as doing thinking games or teaching yourself a new skill.

Put your brain to work and challenge yourself as much as possible. Doing games like crossword puzzles and sodoku will stimulate your brain and it will not be long before you are addicted to the mental challenge they offer you. Another great alternative to help your mind develop is by learning new skills, from learning to play an instrument to learning a new language. Do you prefer something that costs less effort? Then simply read a book.

“Learning how to learn is the most important skill for education and this should be explained during the very first lessons.”

-John Seymour-

3. You have negative conversations

Negative conversations are terrible time wasted. And if you yourself are the subject of the negative conversation, then this is even worse. Keep in mind that what you think becomes reality. Are you aware of what you say every time you lose out in negativity during a conversation or during your daily activities? Or how nice you are against yourself? When you are faced with a challenge and have already given up in your mind, failure is almost inevitable.


Of course it is not easy to break this habit, because we are not necessarily aware that we have this habit at all. What you have to do is to keep an eye on what you are saying and that way you will gradually change the message you send out. Also distracting and engaging your thoughts will help you to reduce those negative messages.

4. You do not make plans for the future

How do you see yourself in ten years? What would you like to be concerned with at this point in your life? With what tools do you see yourself doing this? Although you certainly should not forget to live in the present moment , the future should not be forgotten. Setting goals motivates you to move on and helps you avoid wasting your life and passing it away meaninglessly. Goals allow you to carve out a path and make you feel as if there is something you are working towards to improve and develop yourself.

“The future has many names. He is unreachable for the weak. He is unknown to the anxious. He is an opportunity for the brave. “

-Victor Hugo-

Many people almost live like zombies. They wake up in the morning, eat something, go to work and return home in the evening. Every day is the same and when they finally make time to reflect on their lives, they feel empty. This happens because they do not set goals for themselves.

Focus on one or two important goals and then on some less important ones . How about joining the Iron man in 2030? This triathlon provides even the best athletes with a challenge and is an admirable goal for anyone. Once you have established the larger goal for yourself, you can focus on less important short-term goals. This year you will complete a half marathon and next year a complete and so on.

Do not even give yourself the chance to waste your life. Take advantage of everything around you so that you can grow and improve. The best thing you can do is live life to the fullest; you can never change the past.




Age creeps up on us all slowly stripping away our fine youth then one day we look into the bright mirror and the body does not seem to match the sparkle in the eyes no more. Then we start to look over our shoulder at our past and think wow, I wonder what would have happened or what if I had taken this path in my life?

The concept of there only being one life and a limited amount of useful time to live it is to most people like someone saying there is no Santa Claus at all. We simply want to believe in forever just like we wanted to believe in happily ever after as children frequently do.

You may think I am advocating quitting/loosing your job and going trekking somewhere in Africa but no that is not where this is going. Living is a real art itself it is not about time management or fit as much in as I can. It is about real passion, depth, vision, love and much more you can bring around.

I wish I could remember the taste/flavor of a meal long after I have eaten it, I wish I could see my partners/friends face long after they have left, I wish I could feel my friends big tight hug as he/she embraced me long after he/she had let go, I wish I could picture the one time my lovely Mother said I love you long after she is gone, I wish I was so in tune with this life, so aware, so enlightened that every moment was my greatest and I could feel it, taste it, and truly live it, yes really.

I do not want to wait until somebody tells me there are no more moments left I do not want to feel cheated because a Higher Power took my moments boom away. I want to be grateful a Higher Power gave me the moment to begin with and even provide me more sweet moments in life.

As youth slips away day by day and it will slowly, I want to be able to look in the mirror and see the happiness of a life lived with depth and passion etched in my own face. I want to be able to feel the touch of my lovers hand as it brushed away my tears not just remember it in mind. But unless I am very truly aware truly in the moment at the time allowing myself to feel, letting go of different expectations, letting go of the need to hold something back, unless that happens all I will have is a vague memory somewhere in my head. I want more I want an imprint so strong I can carry it with me and feel it when the moments are at an end, can you feel this with me….

My wish for you is that you may look in the same mirror of self reflection long before youth has vanished. I hope you will realize life doesn’t need to be pumped or filled up with things rather it needs to be soaked up for all it has to offer right now at this moment. My wish for you is that you may experience even for a second a state of total being when everything falls down away and time stands still and you can taste the air you breath in and out, feel the earth pulsate beneath your feet and hear the whisper of the Holy Angels.




I call myself the Caribbean Blog Authority and the Spiritual Warrior, because in my opinion, life is about balance. I am continuously trying to find it in everything I do and create. This life balance between work and life is very important for me and the environment I am living in.. I am lucky and blessed that I can work while doing what I love. Blogging and Spirituality are two of my greatest passions in life, just like traveling. Blogging as one of my digital destinations allows me to find joy every day. Thanks to my occupation, and other positive things I can so far do what I love and enjoy life to fulfill some of my dreams. Apart from blogging and spirituality, I also like some other things. I love meditation and create deep thinking quotes in different branches. Here I find a balance between physicality and spirituality in life. I’m improving myself every day on the road of success and trying to become a better person. I love to meet new world citizens, laugh a lot and get the best out of what life is giving me.

The history of each person is unique. So is mine. I love to meet people and analyze their stories with my thoughts into quotes. In my opinion, this is the best method for me to keep these moments last forever. I love to dwell in my very own fantasies and positive environments, they are full of positive energy that simply affects me in a good way. During these moments, I can balance hard work, passion and creativity. Key moments elevate me to higher levels of consciousness and concentration, and when we can give ourselves some loose and be creative in making portraits, I am in my inner world, and then the magic happens! Please take some time to become familiar with movements which you might think it’s really abstract, but it’s not.

The Caribbean Blog Authority/ Spiritual Warrior. You probably might run your brains think that I’m running ’round with a keyboard in my hand during the day to write blogs and meditate during the night. Woi, You might be pretty close to that thinking fact, but the full truth is that I’m far from being a silent monk. Between these two things, I laugh a lot, travel around places learn more about the Universe and others, I meet new people, I’m constantly improving and on the flow. I love kindness and good fun, and where else can you find both of these things if it’s not a positive temperature.

I hope, that after the end of our adventure, I will somehow stay with you, even in the form of images that we made in our mind, which with a smile of happiness, you will hang on the wall of your mind, somewhere in your new home at the beginning of your journey to common perfection…

My way of blogging and looking into spirituality is to do my all best to catch natural moments of pure emotions. I do the documentary style of both. There is not much posing but a lot of actions. I love to capture moments exactly as they are. But if we have time and circumstances allow, we’ll take a ride on our creativity and create super cool mind portraits together.

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For those who doesn’t know it yet I am a full Caribbean Citizen…

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The Caribbean Blog Authority

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Is your Daily Method of Operation (DMO) driving YOU to the life you need ?

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailIf not, plan/create one! You can do it for sure, it is NOT rocket science…

The life you live is one that is made by your every day decisions intensified after some time. These decisions control and shape your fate. Rather than planning these every day decisions, the vast majority simply whip through them and don’t care for where they lead.

I’ll demonstrate it to you. Consider this:

• The normal marriage closes in separation/divorce.

• The normal family, the couple both work and don’t feel they see their kids enough.

• The normal family unit is $XX,000 in charge card obligation.

• The normal college alumni is $XX,000 in school educational cost obligation.

• The normal employee/specialist is disappointed in their work.

• The normal investment account in different countries around the globe is under $1,000.

Is it true that you are beginning to get the picture idea? Nobody goes in to a marriage expecting divorce. Nobody has youngsters and plans on never observing them. Nobody opens a credit/debit card and petition God for money related subjection to the account holder(s). Nobody anticipates graduating school to land a passage level position some place that scarcely pays them enough to pay their educational cost obligation off. Nobody goes in to a profession field wanting to be unfulfilled, and nobody in their correct personality supposes they can resign with not as much as a fantastic grand in the bank.

What turned out badly? Why is this taking place? What would i be able to do about it?

Deliberately Outline An Existence WORTH LIVING. Consider your day by day decisions, what they are doing to you, what they are improving in the situation you are and where they will lead you later on.

Outline the best you that you can be, and after that move toward becoming it.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail


Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail“Enchantment (Magic): an exceptional power or impact apparently from an extraordinary source”. The endeavor to characterize enchantment is troublesome, best case scenario. It is utilized more as a word to characterize, than one that can be characterized. The same can be said for your identity. We endeavor to characterize ourselves, yet no satisfactory words exist to depict the unpredictability of our identity. We can portray what we resemble, the kind of work we do, our ethnic legacy or sexual orientation. However, that comes no place close to reality of what enlivens your being. You are a puzzle. You are enchantment.

Students of history, logicians, researcher and scholars have been hunting down the starting points and importance of presence since the get-go. Different religions have been conceived out of an endeavor to characterize the indefinable. We frequently take part in the interminable interest to characterize who, what and why we are. We measure ourselves against others and their achievements. We are deluged every day with media pictures of what is worthy or unsatisfactory. There is a progressing mission to clarify the unexplainable. You are your identity and that is consistently evolving. You are scrumptiously indefinable. Every minute you are revamped. Each morning when you open your eyes, you start another voyage. The decisions and choices that you roll out shading and improvement “your identity.” You are an indefinable, mystical being. Have you overlooked this? Have you enabled the world to take away your enchantment? Each time you have an idea or assignment and give it life-you are making! From setting up a supper for your family or painting a photo. All that you do adds an alternate measurement to your identity.” Life is a secret and by tolerating this reality you wind up plainly one with it and more ready to move however it.

Recollect and recall the last time you were truly “in order” with something you needed to achieve. Keep in mind how simple and pleasant it was to assemble every one of the bits of the bewilder to make the ultimate result? You were not on edge or even a little bit worried about what other individuals were considering or doing. You were unified with the vitality of your creation. That same dynamic is conceivable in all parts of your life. By getting to be plainly one with the mystical vitality of your identity, you make. You can likewise make your own particular impediments by setting up dividers of dread and deficiency. Grasp your energy; consider what you make each and regular. In the event that you can assemble the fixings to make a crusty fruit-filled treat, you can utilize a similar formula to make whatever else you want. Make a formula that works for you. Be in congruity with the vitality of what you need to bring into your life. On the off chance that you have influenced a few endeavors with no clear achievement to attempt another way. Include or expel something from the formula. Be tuned in to the All inclusive power of enchantment.

Where is your vitality as of now? Is it true that you are concentrating on life certifying exercises or gotten up to speed with what another person is doing or not doing? Is your vitality guided on the most proficient method to get another person to change or do what you need him or her to do? What is the point of a large portion of your discussions? Consider the last discussion you had-would you say you were sharing expectations, dreams and thoughts or would you say you were whining about how things are not going the way you need them to? A substantial level of our words, musings and vitality are given to what is happening around us. By understanding that you are an intense, supernatural being-you recover the power that is squandered on things you can’t control. You can’t control someone else’s feelings or activities. On the off chance that somebody is a major part of your life and they are causing you trouble it is a direct result of your decision to remain some portion of their life. On the off chance that you are not content with the circumstance you are in, it is your decision. You are not your past. You are not what somebody did to you or what was taken from you. The occasions and individuals throughout your life have served to shape “your identity” right now. The occasions of today, will additionally sharpen your identity tomorrow-et cetera…

To end up plainly a genuinely enabled being, you need to reach down into the otherworldly place within you and use your own particular power. It isn’t essential in the matter of what your otherworldly or philosophical convictions are. What is critical is that you comprehend the way that you are a maker. What would you like to make? Peace, concordance and satisfaction or mayhem and dramatization? It is safe to say that you are continually feeling irate and baffled? Being furious or disappointed is just valuable on the off chance that it serves to control you another heading. Struggle can be an extraordinary impetus for change on the off chance that you utilize the vitality to move. Investigate things from an alternate point of view. It doesn’t make a difference how you do it, the imperative thing is that you get into a place that you need to be.

You are your identity and that is “supernatural”. Try not to enable anything to lessen and confine your own energy. Enabling your internal identity to develop and bloom is a procedure. Enchantment happens when you jump into secret and turn into that which you want to be. Like pulls in get a kick out of the chance to show enchantment, you should be enchantment. Similarly as you can’t satisfactorily characterize the puzzle of life, don’t endeavor to characterize “you”. Grasp the unfamiliar parts of your identity. Set out on a course to uncover the riddle that stays inside you. In the event that you should characterize yourself, you are enchantment, Yes you are MAGIC………..