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This article explains convergent thinking in a practical way. After reading, you will understand the basics of this mindset used for problem solving.

Covergent thinking was developed by psychologist Joy Paul Guilford , who researched human intelligence. According to Guilford, people have two forms of thinking: divergent thinking and convergent thinking. In this article, we take a closer look at convergent thinking.


Convergent thinking is a form of thinking that we all apply, but that develops differently in some people. Every person converts this form of thinking into action depending on the situation he or she is in.

Divergent and Convergent Thinking | Dr. Lou's Blog

Convergent thinking only looks for one correct answer to a problem or specific situation. No creativity is required for the solutions. Instead, convergent thinking uses logic and reflection to find the answers that lead to the resolution of conflicts a person is dealing with.

It is also used as a form of learning and teaching in schools and universities around the world. There it is applied in knowledge tests such as standardized multiple choice tests where only one answer per question is correct. The line of thought in this case is vertical and specific. The logic is straightforward and results in an exact and unique answer.

In convergent thinking there is no room for other possibilities or choices. An unambiguous answer is what it’s all about. This means that convergent thinking is a process of reflection, action and a precise result in a situation that requires quick and logical action using all available information.

In which situations is convergent thinking applied?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, convergent thinking is used by everyone in different situations that may arise in life, be it at work or out. However, it is important to note that it is more commonly used in difficult situations that require concentration, such as important decisions that require critical, analytical and reflective thinking.

Logic at the heart of convergent thinking

In this way of thinking, the following tools are used to develop convergent thinking: evaluating, filtering and selecting the information you have to find a single solution to the problem or situation you are facing.

There are people in whom convergent thinking is much more developed than in others. These people are not impulsive or passionate when making decisions. They first think, evaluate and reflect on what is the best course based on indicators or scientific criteria to solve the problem.

It is important to determine what can really be used to solve closed, logical and concrete problems.

  1. Logical and rational thinking.
  2. Convergent thinking tries to find a solution by examining patterns within the available information.
  3. It looks for the concrete, the tangible.
  4. Forming ideas to have something essential.
  5. Define, specify, plan and find a solution.


Convergent thinking helps you make decisions in complex situations. People who deeply develop this form of thinking can be more confident when making decisions because they have analyzed the possible alternatives. They have chosen the answer or solution they consider to be the best and most concrete.

It also aids in logical and critical thinking. These skills are developed when you are under pressure or at difficult times at work, where it is necessary to make precise decisions to successfully resolve conflicts that could damage the business.

Disadvantages of convergent thinking

The following drawbacks are associated with convergent thinking.

  • It can limit creativity because a person who thinks convergent relies only on factual, tangible data to find a solution. Intuition does not play a role in this way of thinking.
  • It’s not good for your mood because people who are constantly engaged in critical thinking and reflection are more serious, sad, and nervous because of the daily effort they have to make to reason logically.

Examples of convergent thinking

Here are examples of situations in which convergent thinking is applied in everyday life.

  • Make important decisions when considering alternatives to a business project you are in charge of. The person in question should assess, analyze and reflect on the possibilities to choose the best alternative that his or her team has to offer.
  • A student taking a test must remember and analyze the information he / she studied for the test. With the information, he or she is able to assess the various options in the questions and choose the best one. 
  • Based on what you have learned and the information you see in the document, you put convergent thinking into practice.
  • Planning a trip, which seems simple but is important as people step outside of their comfort zone, requires you to identify and analyze the best options and choose one. 
  • Logically planning your budget, accommodation, transport and what best suits your travel purpose means that you put this form of thinking into practice.

These are simple, everyday examples that people often approach with cognitive processes.


Some studies show that the personality of convergent and divergent thinking people is associated with spontaneity, fantasy, artistic interest and that other personalities are actually associated with divergent thinking.

However, convergent thinking does not belong to a particular personality because all people, regardless of character, will apply convergent thinking in situations that demand it.


As explained earlier, mentation is logical, distinctive and reflective. only 1 answer or possibility is correct. No creative thinking is required to search out an answer or answer to a state of affairs or drawback. People who use or develop this fashion of thinking the foremost area unit additional analytical and suppose everything before creating a choice.

This could cause the person being stricter in their work and private life also. They analyze everything and area unit seldom spontaneous.

Divergent thinking is that the opposite of the on top of. thinking uses creative thinking to appear for alternatives and solutions to a state of affairs or drawback. someone WHO develops this fashion of thinking additional usually is spontaneous in creating choices and creates varied choices on a private and skilled level.

Boosting creative thinking is that the power of thinking. perpetually performing on this stimulation will cause original solutions to a state of affairs, as a result of ideas will arise additional impromptu.

Can these thinking be used together? Although these forms have clear variations, it’s necessary to recollect that confluent and thinking will go hand in hand to hit the foremost economical resolution.

By combining the 2 – thinking for creatively seeking different solutions to totally different issues and mentation for logically reasoning the various choices – you get a prosperous combination.

In observe Convergent thinking is employed in education. Most tests administered by colleges or universities area unit standardized multiple selection tests with one distinctive correct answer per question.

With this method, you study decisions offered within the check and observe mentation to see the simplest selection supported what you’ve got learned. It is conjointly employed in things wherever somebody is besieged, at work or just in case of personal issues.

This needs the person to be centered and weigh the execs and cons of true to create the proper call. that is why everybody uses this fashion of thinking typically once true imply it.

These area unit usually things within which you bear a great deal of responsibility. Criticism of mentation Convergent thinking has been criticized by multiple researchers.

In keeping with them, there are often totally different solutions to issues. they will even be applied at the same time, therefore there’s no have to be compelled to opt for only 1 correct answer. Applying this fashion of thinking may overshadow minorities WHO have a additional thinking vogue. Ultimately, the person applying cerebration makes the proper call to unravel the matter, forgetting to pay attention to others.

Resume All individuals use mentation in bound processes in their existence. However, some individuals develop this manner of thinking over others. This way of thinking is often geared toward preventing risks, selecting the safe means for a result that’s 100 percent correct. arithmetic and precise sciences prove that logic is undeniable and precise which there’s only 1 outcome.

Many people develop mentation and apply it often attributable to the things that arise. Convergent thinking is concerning crucial, reflecting, evaluating and functioning on the premise of 1 selection. it’s an excellent tool for creating necessary choices required to safeguard or conserve resources, in business and on the far side.

Fantasy and adaptability don’t play a task during this means of thinking. objectiveness contains a linear, vertical direction to search out the solution you’re trying to find. mentation conjointly implies that there’s a starting AND an finish in keeping with logical and rational patterns, resulting in that one distinctive answer.

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