Age creeps up on us all slowly stripping away our fine youth then one day we look into the bright mirror and the body does not seem to match the sparkle in the eyes no more. Then we start to look over our shoulder at our past and think wow, I wonder what would have happened or what if I had taken this path in my life?

The concept of there only being one life and a limited amount of useful time to live it is to most people like someone saying there is no Santa Claus at all. We simply want to believe in forever just like we wanted to believe in happily ever after as children frequently do.

You may think I am advocating quitting/loosing your job and going trekking somewhere in Africa but no that is not where this is going. Living is a real art itself it is not about time management or fit as much in as I can. It is about real passion, depth, vision, love and much more you can bring around.

I wish I could remember the taste/flavor of a meal long after I have eaten it, I wish I could see my partners/friends face long after they have left, I wish I could feel my friends big tight hug as he/she embraced me long after he/she had let go, I wish I could picture the one time my lovely Mother said I love you long after she is gone, I wish I was so in tune with this life, so aware, so enlightened that every moment was my greatest and I could feel it, taste it, and truly live it, yes really.

I do not want to wait until somebody tells me there are no more moments left I do not want to feel cheated because a Higher Power took my moments boom away. I want to be grateful a Higher Power gave me the moment to begin with and even provide me more sweet moments in life.

As youth slips away day by day and it will slowly, I want to be able to look in the mirror and see the happiness of a life lived with depth and passion etched in my own face. I want to be able to feel the touch of my lovers hand as it brushed away my tears not just remember it in mind. But unless I am very truly aware truly in the moment at the time allowing myself to feel, letting go of different expectations, letting go of the need to hold something back, unless that happens all I will have is a vague memory somewhere in my head. I want more I want an imprint so strong I can carry it with me and feel it when the moments are at an end, can you feel this with me….

My wish for you is that you may look in the same mirror of self reflection long before youth has vanished. I hope you will realize life doesn’t need to be pumped or filled up with things rather it needs to be soaked up for all it has to offer right now at this moment. My wish for you is that you may experience even for a second a state of total being when everything falls down away and time stands still and you can taste the air you breath in and out, feel the earth pulsate beneath your feet and hear the whisper of the Holy Angels.



Life does not always go from a rose roof. I experience that and together with myself so many others in the world in which we live. It does not matter who or what you are. In this world it is the place where we come together as one person, for one person.

The first person we are going to guide is yourself / myself.
And that's how I met myself / yourself everywhere. Seems crazy, but when you meet yourself, the weirdest things happen. Then you discover the strangest character traits that sometimes and often stagnating work in your relationship / work and living environment.

You and I can learn some iron laws of life from your own inner story:
    1. You must not aim for a life without problems.
You have to aim for a life where you can handle the problems well.
Resilience over safety. The same applies if you want to give your children a good education.
    2. You must not aim for success and happiness. I think it is more passive words. Your brain does not understand that. With frustrations as a result.
Aim for meaning and growth. Your brain can do something with that. They are verbs.
Make sure that the things you do today make sense.
Make sure you grow 1% today compared to yesterday.
(And if there is one thing that you can grow well from, then that's setbacks.)

    3. What you think, matters. More than you think :)
Every thought makes your life better or worse.
And 95% of those thoughts run on a subconscious level.
Pull them to your consciousness so that you can influence them. It is not an easy task, but can be done by tackling things tactically technically and especially at rest.
I continue to amaze me that we all find it so normal to go to class if we want to learn something:

    • Portuguese
    • Salsa
    • Surf
    • Yoga
All perfectly normal to follow lessons.
But when it comes to our LIFE; learn to think better, learn to do better and learn how to communicate better, then we do something (with good intentions, yes, but with good intentions you do not suddenly speak another language and you do not suddenly master all salsa moves).
That is why you have to go deeper into things that you can always learn from.
Pull out moments and give yourself time to make inner analyzes in your own way. Create a day in which you learn the things that matter most, but for which we never take lessons for some reason.
Problems both of inner and outer nature, you can not avoid them. And do not shy away from them, but experience them, pick them up and life has to go on.
Those who can not handle problems and do not want to deal with them will drown in their own fabric.



As advertisers discover more creative approaches to pull in gatherings of people, video keeps on being an important piece of the key discussion. Building association with your customers and partners, portraying your image story or featuring your USP in a swarmed commercial center – recordings can do ponders for your undertaking!

Did you know more than half of advertising experts overall name video as the sort of substance with the best return on initial capital investment? Also, this number is expanding on account of the adequacy of recordings and its capacity to snatch eyeballs.

With expanding web transmission capacities, moderate video advances close by and secure dissemination stages, 2019 guarantees to be an exciting year for recordings!

How about we take a gander at some Video Patterns that is certain to get up to speed in the coming months:

The time of Live Recordings

Live recordings are setting down deep roots because of better web availability, expanded cell phone infiltration and simple to utilize devices and applications. Live recordings can enable endeavors to reach very close with their intended interest group. Live recordings can make an occasion genuinely worldwide without extra dispersion costs. Live recordings can likewise enable you to adapt. Insights appear around 45% of live video gatherings of people are prepared to pay for live, select, on-request recordings in the event that it reasonably interests them.

Stream, Host, Break down and Stream more

It’s less about picking the least expensive or the most prevalent live video gushing stage, yet the one that has the most characteristics that will profit your business. The best and advantageous stages will be comprehensive, enabling you to communicate, have, implant, adapt, look and investigate video content, while allowing you add up to power over your substance. With video spilling applications and online stages contending to catch your eye – you are in for an energizing time ahead!

Computer generated reality may before long turn into the truth

Computer generated Reality is as yet an unexplored domain. It’s better time than business! With a reasonable headset that gives you a 360-degree access into a virtual 3d world – the year ahead guarantees to energize for advertisers bold enough to utilize these advances to fabricate vivid and intuitive client interfaces. We stick our expectation on extraordinary promoting techniques in 2019 structured around VR.

3D images for Showcasing? Indeed, it’s going on

We were interested by multi dimensional images when the innovation came into use. Specialists promptly lifted it up as an elective medium to the canvas. In any case, it’s yet to be completely used as a successful correspondence medium especially because of the overwhelming innovation at play here. Holographic recordings anyway give enormous degree to multi-area tele-nearness through sensible 3D pictures of speakers and items. Will 2019 give us correspondence techniques woven around holographic pictures and recordings? We should keep our fingers crossed!

Video mapping is changing the client encounter

An incredible device for experiential showcasing – the rage for video mapping guarantees an upward pattern in the coming years. The innovation is reasonable and gives degree to ventures to achieve a bigger target gathering of people cheaply. Utilizing accessible level surfaces like structures or landmarks, 3D projections can get the correct message crosswise over astonishingly. It’s overwhelming projections ensure individuals don’t pass up your informing.

Next level of personalization with recordings

An extraordinary method to tear open the inboxes and have a genuine effect is to redo recordings for your intended interest group. With Facebook driving the way, customized recordings are something your gathering of people may anticipate that you will convey too. From recorded messages for your clients to explainer recordings with particular administrations and significantly less difficult ‘birthday wishes’ – ensure your correspondence methodologies are not gone for a nondescript group! On account of machine learning, personalization and inserted scanning are very staple for your recordings now.

Clients/client are getting to be content distributors

The onus of making recordings is rapidly moving from makers to clients. Recordings are less demanding than at any other time to make because of quickly advancing versatile advances. Thus marks are swinging to their gatherings of people to share their items and administrations as opposed to creating their own correspondence. With abilities to focus dropping definitely client created content is an incredible method to keep crowds associated with showcasing efforts. The emphasis is on building encounters and associations. From inactive recipient of your messages, make your gathering of people the dynamic makers of significant worth for your image.

Video is en route to decision computerized showcasing

More purchasers and customers are cooperating with recordings today than at any other time. Video showcasing is a ground-breaking technique to advance, mark and develop your business online. Videos are useful in building commitment, affecting outcomes like snap through, shares, lead age, and deals. 55% of online movement watch recordings consistently.

That is a significant number and an incredible open door for advertising strategists to utilize video as the essential medium of correspondence. Remaining over video patterns help break the messiness. It gives a greater picture of thoughts, assets and advancements accessible to recount your accounts in the coming year. Along these lines, are you prepared for 2019…




Being bitter is in many cases a form of hidden depression in which the person focuses almost exclusively on the rest of the world. The world of embittered people is full of windows through which they can only see injustice, and where they like to see their frustrations, bitterness and pessimistic feelings pour out. The bitter person wants prisoners, but he also calls for help.

Many of us will now think of people they know, people who, sometimes, give us the impression that they are enjoying their lives with their arguments, advice and behavior. This supposed pleasure, which we deduce from the frequency with which it is done, is actually no pleasure at all – the truth is that they are not happy.

Bitter and resentment are anchors who always want to hold us, because their ships are stranded and drift aimlessly, and where there was once happiness is now only unresolved grief.

Bitter people, above all, feel that they have lost control of their lives. They have such a defeated attitude that they simply stop being responsible for themselves. They take on the role of the victim and allow themselves to be carried away. It is then necessary to be aware of strategies to help them, because even if their behavior disturbs us, they need a lot of help.

Being bitter and the roots of bitterness

Nobody comes into the world with bitterness in his heart. Sometimes, however, childhood is a time when people are already beginning to discover the development of this feeling. A lack of affection or communication during childhood can sow the seed at a very early age, enabling the heart to form the roots that will grow into bitterness in the future.

Bitter is a seed that, when sown, generally does not germinate immediately. His presence can not be observed in the first instance. One disappointment hurts, but does not change us yet, two disappointments make us think, but when someone bumps into too many ‘stones’ during his life and allows these stones to create negativity in him, then the result is that he the feeling has no control over his life. And then that germ germinates … and a kind of mental illness occurs.

One thing that we also have to take into account is the classic image of the ‘bitter old man’. We have all met an elderly person who is apathetic, who always looks at things from a negative side, and who seems to feel a lot of resentment towards the world and life itself. As we can read in the journal ‘Health Psychology’, these are, in most cases, indicators of an underlying depression. It is important to keep this in mind.

Bitter and emotional anesthesia

Bitter is often described as classic ‘toxic’ behavior. We are in the habit of quickly labeling people ‘toxic’, and often we prefer to avoid these people without even thinking about them and their emotional prison. This is not the right thing to do. At least not as far as bitterness is concerned.

The person who has no peace with himself will have war with everyone.

As we said, people are not born bitter, it happens over time and is the result of different situations that have not been properly dealt with, and which have become too much for the person in question. Do not let them down, let them not only float in this emotional stupidity. We know that a bitter and depressed brain does not change into a happy brain overnight, but it’s always good to know some basic advice so that we might be able to help.

How you can change the attitude of a bitter person

As we mentioned earlier, bitterness is sometimes an indicator of depressionIt is therefore important to encourage the person to consult an expert to have his or her condition assessed. This is a necessary and essential first step. Later we can put the following into practice:

  • Always trade with affection and optimism. We know that people who are embittered want to catch us with their cynicism, resentment and fatalism. Instead of admitting, however , we should never change our attitude and we should always respond with optimism to their negativity.

  • Do not take the attacks personally, be patient. It is not the heart of the person who speaks, it is the root of his bitterness and his ill-treated disappointments, his traumas that are not assimilated and his emptiness that no one seems to understand. Stay calm and always respond with goodness and kindness.

  • Invite the embittered person to learn new habits. Bitter is passive, corrosive and fed by thoughts. One way to break this cycle of negativity is to try to change the habits of the person, to teach him new habits, to play out different scenarios. So, without making it too heavily loaded, imagine that he/she takes a walk, goes to work out, signs up for a course, meets new people …

The person who has no peace with her/himself, her/his past and her/his thoughts, will have war with everyone who surrounds him. Let her/him find a balance, a key that will heal her/his wounds and give her/him peace in exchange for her/his inner struggle. We must help her/him, but at the same time be aware of our own limits and not neglect our sense of self-worth.


Congrats – You’re a Holistic mentor! Presently So so What Now?


Beginning your very own business is energizing; particularly entering the field of life training. You have perceived your capacity to rouse others and have focused on conveying your blessing to the individuals who require your assistance. The greatest deterrent was making sense of what that blessing is, and now that you have acknowledged and grasped it, it is your obligation to share it.

In any case, how would you go from understanding your blessing to bundling it with the goal that you can bring an item (or administration) to showcase?

Here are a few hints to trigger you further:

Comprehend your customer, their identity, where they mingle, and what their propensities are. Understanding this, encourages you know where to discover them (either face to face or on the web). Is your market nearby yoga lovers? At that point you know to invest your energy becoming more acquainted with yoga studio proprietors, and checking whether there’s an approach to cooperate. Is your objective market youthful mothers who are attempting to adjust being the best mother they can be, while likewise being the best accomplice they can be? At that point your market is on the web, and you’ll see them on Facebook or Instagram, perhaps Pinterest – yet you have to know when they’re on the web, so your messages have the most effect.

Investigate this data. In the event that your optimal customer is a yoga fan, don’t simply take up yoga and visit when class. Rather, search out key organizations with yoga studios. How might you advantage one another? On the off chance that you know your optimal customer is about the Facebook life, how would you get your posts before her? Shouldn’t something be said about your advertisements? How every now and again would it be advisable for you to post, pictures or content? What time of day? At the point when is she destined to unwind for the day? When you know this, you can focus on your advertisements better. This goes past advertising, to ways of managing money. You should charge what you’re worth yet additionally offer distinctive administrations at various value focuses.

What instruments do you have to develop? Do you have a trader account, have you put resources into Infusion soft? Do you have a without toll business line? An online date-book application with arrangement setting choices? What procedures would you be able to set up now, so you can begin as you’re intended to proceed?

By what means will you structure your training? You may feel that you can have the most effect doing individual 1:1 work, however what will that resemble? For one individual session, what amount of time is spent doing pre/post work, invoicing, affirming arrangements or rescheduling? Be sensible about the measure of time you can convey 1:1 instructing. Maybe fusing gathering sessions, or a self-coordinated online stage would be a superior fit.

Begin constructing your rundown! Keep the pipeline full so when you’re ready to go up against more customers, you have some good to go. A Lead Magnet is an incredible place to begin – its just a complimentary gift that you offer forthcoming customers, in return for their contact data.

What’s more, a reward tip – make a win group to help you. This could be real office bolster (in-house or virtual), yet in addition loved ones who are there to give a shout out to you when you have awful days yet in addition are prepared to praise each achievement (enormous or little!).

Congrats on picking this voyage! We’re constantly here to tune in (and give a shout out to you!)

We help entrepreneurs like yo discover additional time.