My Very Own 4 Reasons Why I Use Social Media To Gain Trust


Hello world friends, as a PRO Blogger, I like to share the 4 reasons why I push on Social Media to gain trust and much more positivism. I know you will think that hey social media is a sales tool, a damn medium to share out business updates or just a roadway to race in the daily competition. You might be right too, but no way, it is a fantastic opportunity for you and me to gain invaluable trust from my and your target audience. Can you feel me … Here is the why, yes my WHY:


I Know What I Am Talking About

Whether you’re a pilot, lawyer or a plumber, your client/customer wants to know that you are the right person for the job. Sure they can confer with a friend or family member or any other social network, but these days it’s much easier to pull up a Facebook page and see for themselves.

Showing or sharing tips and tricks on social media for instance will instil confidence in prospective clients. They will see and believe that you are the real deal and feel safer about using your services. Moreover, they may feel compelled and propelled to reach out to you immediately with a private message or comment in your mailbox

 I Am Not Afraid of Negative Feedback

A well known and one of the most common reasons [certain] professionals choose not to engage in social media activity is because they scare negative feedback. This is WRONG in my very own opinion. Comments can be moderated, especially if they contain/have anything inappropriate. And hell yeah, you can expect to get the occasional negative comment, however this provides you with a unique opportunity to change methods. The right and bright opportunity to flex your customer service muscles and resolve potential issues right away. Imagine for yourself how good that makes you look to your prospective clients/customers!

 I Perceive  Being Modern

Let’s be positive honest. We want to know that people we are doing business with are “with the times.” Imagine you went to a dental location and the dentist was still using tools from 30 years ago. You might be a little concerned, right?

The key: don’t be the dinosaur at all. Show your customers that your business is modern and adapted to the world of today, by showcasing/demonstrating your some of your work on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or even YouTube.

 I Am Contributing To The World Society

Whether your blog content educates, informs or makes people explode in a laugh, you are contributing value to their lives. By understanding this concept is perhaps the most important aspect of social media marketing. It’s really not about pure selling, it’s about providing useful and relevant information/content that will, in turn, inspire your audience to come to you when they are in need of your services/products.


Is your Daily Method of Operation (DMO) driving YOU to the life you need ?


If not, plan/create one! You can do it for sure, it is NOT rocket science…

The life you live is one that is made by your every day decisions intensified after some time. These decisions control and shape your fate. Rather than planning these every day decisions, the vast majority simply whip through them and don’t care for where they lead.

I’ll demonstrate it to you. Consider this:

• The normal marriage closes in separation/divorce.

• The normal family, the couple both work and don’t feel they see their kids enough.

• The normal family unit is $XX,000 in charge card obligation.

• The normal college alumni is $XX,000 in school educational cost obligation.

• The normal employee/specialist is disappointed in their work.

• The normal investment account in different countries around the globe is under $1,000.

Is it true that you are beginning to get the picture idea? Nobody goes in to a marriage expecting divorce. Nobody has youngsters and plans on never observing them. Nobody opens a credit/debit card and petition God for money related subjection to the account holder(s). Nobody anticipates graduating school to land a passage level position some place that scarcely pays them enough to pay their educational cost obligation off. Nobody goes in to a profession field wanting to be unfulfilled, and nobody in their correct personality supposes they can resign with not as much as a fantastic grand in the bank.

What turned out badly? Why is this taking place? What would i be able to do about it?

Deliberately Outline An Existence WORTH LIVING. Consider your day by day decisions, what they are doing to you, what they are improving in the situation you are and where they will lead you later on.

Outline the best you that you can be, and after that move toward becoming it.




Staying close to yourself is in my opinion important to keep feeling good with what you do. Do you like to sell and work with products? For me, I made the decision not to work with products anymore and to sell them. For me, my priority is “freedom/unlimited life, abundance” and not only financial freedom but also the freedom to do my work from any place where the internet is available. 

Sometimes the internet connection is sucking. So be prepared to pay this toll as well. Run into your irritation frontier and keep cool.

Often I was tempted to join MLM companies that usually have great products, but almost always have meetings with the purpose to approach people, call, sell and this is precisely what I do not want to do. I do not want to ask my friends and family but when they ask me it is a different story. 

I was also tempted to create a mailing list or funnels that would attract as many people as possible to my online business website. 

This does deliver a lot of people who register but otherwise almost never become active, even when I approach them personally with a step-by-step plan or Skype appointment or by means of an email or message on Facebook. It took me a lot of time and felt like pulling dead horses, here I stopped after a while. Believe me, it is my personal experience I share.

Look especially at what you like, what you are good at and how you prefer to work! Put those points for yourself on paper like: What do I really like, what do I want to do what am I good at but also what I really do not want and what I feel uncomfortable with. It is so frustrating when you want people in your team and it does not work in the way you get served. Well do not do it! Just decide not to recruit people anymore! My best decision ever! After I made that decision, I felt so relieved. When I read the motivational and inspiring quotes from Einstein and others, I knew that there is a great force there, the compounding appealed to me and yes I believe that once you realize that it is really the eighth wonder of the world. 

Making money grow is my thing, let it also roll, but that is another story. It also gives me the certainty that I always make money whether I have a team or not. My list looks like this:

I want to be able to earn money without a team,

I want to help people,

I want to provide information,

I want to work with reliable companies/people.

I want to coach my world team.

But I do not want to sell products, recruit people, I do not want to depend on anyone. Now there is of course something to say about selling products, because shares, certificates, coins, gold etc. are in a way also products and you yourself are the product of yourself. The products that I do not want to sell are the products that have to be packed and shipped, whether it is by me or by the MLM company. 

I have to confess that I have done this with a lot of fun. Gave home parties but also workshops and training courses in sales, product knowledge and presentation of the products etc. So I can also imagine that there are people who like this super. That this is precisely their thing.

Do the things that make you happy, what you are good at, every person is unique! You can be who you are and do what you feel good about! Do not impose anything, respect that others are different and start laughing money, but put yourself on 1!

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