I have been giving the theme of business procedure a lot of thought recently and needed to share a couple of key thoughts that have ascended to the best. Likely you definitely know these things, yet I thought putting them down in one succinct note may be of esteem.

Toward the day’s end, it is basic to remember that all procedure and vital arranging depends on… speculating. There is no real way to know the future, yet key arranging still assumes an imperative part fit as a fiddle the future and settle on the kind of choices that will enable you to move towards your coveted results. It’s a figure about the future, yet it’s a figure that causes you make what’s to come.


Objective Is the objective clearly defined, and is it based on a realistic view of the marketplace?

Knowledge Is the strategy based on superior knowledge of your customer, marketplace, and competition and a realistic assessment of your own capabilities?

Initiative Does the strategy enable you to set the pace in the field and jump ahead of the competition?

Mass Are you focusing your efforts in those areas that provide the greatest opportunity?

Economy Are resources being economically and prudently deployed?

Flexibility Does the strategy enable you to shift resources easily if required?

Will the organization be able to react quickly to rapidly changing circumstances?

Unity of Leadership Is everyone working in unison to achieve a common goal?

If you ask fifteen people where the organization is heading, will you receive fifteen different responses?

Security Are plans being kept secret? Is it clear which information has to be kept secure?

Surprise Will you strike the competition when and where it’s least prepared?

Do you have enough speed and competitive intelligence to prevent competitors from following your lead?

Simplicity Is the strategy as simple as it can be?

Have you reduced any potential for misunderstanding?

Speed Can you mobilize “forces” at will?

Do bureaucracy, consensus management, undefined responsibility, and political infighting reduce your ability to move quickly?

Communication Has the strategy been made available to those who need to know?

Have individual responsibility and accountability been assigned?

Commitment Does everyone feel a part of the initiative and passionate about achieving its goals? Or do just a few people “own” the initiative?

Hopefully you as a reader, planner, strategist etc. have something to take away from this article.

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Dear Entrepreneur, As human being it is always good to make a review of your life and your daily activities. You can not work all the time like a humanoid. No, please make that little time free on your agenda to talk with yourself. So do I ! You will finally rediscover and reinvent yourself. But please be honest and open to the minus and plus side of your very own lifestyle. Let we talk about the so called LIFE LESSON… You might give it your own name…
What has been your toughest lesson in life so far? A question where you probably want to take the time to give an answer. And maybe not and you know immediately what this is for you. But it may also be that you do not know this one, two, three and really want to take the time to feel what, like life lessons, stands head and shoulders above the rest? Why is this question so crucial? More about this in this blog.

 What and why, why, why….

 There are two aspects to this question. To begin with, your answer to this question. For some people the answer is not immediately on the surface and the question that raises this question, how do I get the answer to this question clear?

 The second aspect of the question is what your most exciting lesson in life is so far, that is why the answer to this question is so valuable to you. More about that later.

 Three (3) scenarios

 To get an answer to the key question in this blog, you will have to take a break. Let go of what you are doing to gain insight into what really is the most challenging life lesson for you.

 There are 3 scenarios.

  1. You know it right away
  2. You have multiple options and can not choose immediately
  3. You have no idea

 Scenario 1

 What deepens and is very powerful to do, that is to share your answer with a few people. This can be a colleague, business buddy or for example your partner. By sharing you know whether your answer is correct and whether you are concrete enough in your answer. In short, go and share it.

 Scenario 2

 Take a step away from your work. Sit somewhere in a nice place, take a walk or go somewhere in nature to find a place where you will find peace. In such a way that you can feel what is most prominent from the options you see before you. And here too, just as in scenario 1, sharing with others leads to clarification. So even if you are not completely out yet, go share it and you will sharpen your insights.

 Scenario 3

 If you really have no idea, it is high time that you put more air in your agenda to come to yourself. Not one-off, but structural. The answer is not outside yourself but inside. Get started and make sure you become more aware of who you are and where you are. And remember that your most strenuous lesson in life may have to do with this. You never know. And here too, you do not have to do it all alone. Ask for help from someone who can mirror you and help you get the core above.

 And thus?

 You are probably wondering why the answer to this question is so important. And the answer to that is actually very simple. What we have the most trouble(s) in our lives to learn ourselves is usually what we can best bring to others. What do you think of that?

 Myself on 1

 For me, my inner discovery journey to myself, by choosing what I want and really going for it, it is my most exciting lesson in life so far. And this discovery is infinite, that makes it so special. Because I know who I am, what I want and why I do what I do, I can fully spread my wings and be of maximum value to others and to the world in which we live. For this it is necessary to first set yourself to 1 so that you can radiate optimally and help others.

 During my voyage of discovery, I have known moments that I thought I knew what it was, but that I could go a bit deeper. What is the most lively lesson in life for you so far? And what does that insight say about the interpretation you have given to this in your working life? Do you have questions or do you want to hold your answer against me? 

I’d love to hear you.


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10 Easy Steps to Success in 2018


We are the outcome of our past and in the meantime the reason for our future. This implies at the present time we are making our future with our each idea and with our each activity. We should perceive how.

We as a whole achieve objectives in our own life, in school and at work. So I have an inquiry for you: “Whose objectives would you say you are achieving?” Are these extremely your objectives or would they say they are forced upon you?

For, how would we clarify that 2% of the populace has 90% of the riches on the planet? This is a verifiable truth. Another inquiry rings a bell: would you say you are among the 2%?

Set your own particular objectives and act to achieve them or another person will procure you to achieve theirs! Be the piece of the 2%!

What is Your Objective?

It doesn’t make a difference where we are originating from. The main thing that issues is the place we are going. Do you know where you are going? Do you truly, precisely know your direction?

In the event that you do, I urge you to continue! Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t, I should ask you: “What is your objective?”

That is a critical advance the vast majority don’t set aside opportunity to consider. Truly, the appropriate response is in you. Perhaps your brain doesn’t understand it yet. Be that as it may, your heart does – and you can find the appropriate response when you are in the Alfa perspective, which occurs amid reflection, for instance.

Just associating with your internal identity can lead you to your actual self and enable you to get a genuine, sense of self less response to the inquiry: “What is my objective?” When you figure out how to “discover it out”, set is as your need, make an activity arrangement, choose to achieve it and do it!

Choice Starts things out.

Choice is only the initial step, yet activities are each progression after that initial one.

Do you know the anecdote about the three frogs that are remaining adjacent to a lake and afterward one frog chooses to bounce in? What number of frogs are presently close to the lake? Three. For one frog chose to hop, however it never did! Try not to be that frog.

The Missing Key Without Which all Else Disintegrates.

You can learn checked down to earth procedures for bettering your own brain, or enthusiastic advancement systems, and after that strategies to assist your scholarly abilities; you can even discover administration instruments, critical thinking devices, and so on. The Web is loaded with educators. Books about self-advancement are surrounding us. Be that as it may, for what reason do a considerable lot of them not work?

Since the most essential thing is absent: Until the point when it is unequivocally certain precisely where we ought to apply these systems and how they will enable, how to would we be able to know we are in good shape and that the procedures won’t simply harmed us?

Why you aren’t fulfilled.

Yet, first answer this: Have you define your own particular objectives? Furthermore, in the event that you did, what actions are you taking to achieve them?

In the event that you need to be effective and fulfilled, at that point the main thing that you should do is to set your objectives. Here are 10 focuses to enable you to acknowledge whether the objectives you’ve set are the privilege for you.

Achievement Recipe

You are the special case who realizes what is best for yourself. Discover it IN you.

Make your own particular peace and discover what your wants are.

Make an association with your internal identity.

Change your wants to objectives.

Discover what your principle objective is!

Set your own particular fundamental objective.

Make an activity design, set time confine and do it! Achieve it! Live it!

Greatness exists in you. Be the perfection.

Sense your emotions and hear them out. Do whatever it takes to rest easy.

Stick to it. Act. Do it! In the event that you come up short, do it over and over. Attempt and attempt once more. Nobody has succeeded accomplishing something significant in their first endeavor.


Entrepreneurs :Benefits of Meditation for Your Beating Heart



Meditation is an antique practice – often using quiet contemplation, deep breathing or sustained focus on a phrase, color or sound – that helps an individual let go of stress and feel peaceful together with maintaining a relaxed state of mind.

People meditate for several reasons. For some it is a spiritual journey that has to do with expansion of awareness and perception of life. Some are interested in its benefits for health and general well-being. Others simply want to relax. Nowadays it is more often practiced to clear the mind and at the same time to ease many health concerns related to stress, including high blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

The positive effect of meditation comes from deep relaxation when both the body and mind are refreshed and revitalized. This yields many immediate, as well as long lasting health benefits, primarily for the heart. Some of them include:

  • Lowering heart rate
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Reducing harmful hormones
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Improving sleep.

It has long been known that psychological stress increases activation of the sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis. This makes the body release harmful hormones cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which leads to faster heart rate, increased cardiac output and narrowing of arteries.

When the stressor is gone, hormone levels typically subside and stability is restored. However, when the stress-reaction process is repeated over and over again, stress becomes chronic and the system breaks down. This is called allostatic load and can result in an increase in physiological issues that compromise the immune system, create elevated blood pressure and accelerate atherosclerotic processes, leading to acute plaque rupture and resulting in coronary heart disease, angina and stroke.

Here is what science says about how meditation can be beneficial for reducing cardiovascular disease:

Lowering blood pressure. A 2013 study showed that regular mindfulness-based stress reduction activities were able to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure over a period of 8 weeks.

Reducing stress and releasing feeling of tension. A 2015 study reported significant reduction of stress and anxiety after engaging in meditation for a few minutes a day over a period of time.

Improving sleep. Mindfulness meditation improves quality of sleep and can be used for treating insomnia.

Boosting the immune system. Researches at University of Wisconsin reported ‘demonstrable effects on brain and immune function’ after an 8-week period of meditation.

Reducing inflammation. Since chronic inflammation is involved in all stages of atherosclerosis, reducing inflammation is essential in heart disease. A study by Wisconsin-Madison University has found that meditation, adjunct to dietary and exercise programs, helps reduce underlying inflammatory processes.

Thus, by consistently practicing meditation you can reduce activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn reduces stress hormones, provides stress relief and dilates blood vessels, providing benefit to the heart. This practice can be done anywhere at any time, but complimentary to diet, exercise and prescribed medications, where applicable.