Ways you clear your aura of negative energy!


We all brush our teeth every day, wash our hands, and bathe our bodies, but not many of us know how to keep yourself energetically clean. If we have a balanced lifestyle, then this will happen automatically. But if we are overworked, malnourished, or have a sleep deprivation , we may neglect our energetic hygiene.

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Why is this important? If we look at our bodies under a powerful microscope, we see that we are essentially made up of atoms – and atoms are energy. The energy of an organism is not limited only to this physical form, but also spreads outward, in an egg form. We call that egg-shaped energy the aura and can be seen with Kirlian photography . Just like with our body, we have to take good care of the aura to stay optimally healthy.

When it is time to clear your aura, you can feel the following:

  • Listlessness
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • A ‘ heavy ‘ feeling on you or around you

By cleansing your aura daily (ideally morning and evening), you rid yourself of the negative energies that you pick up from your environment or the people around you.

By ‘negativity’ I mean heavy emotions from others, daily stress, streams of thought, strings, and other types of energetic phenomena that suck up our life energy. It is important to realize that we are meant to experience life, along with all the great opportunities that come with it. ‘Polluting’ your aura through everyday experiences is really good … As long as you clear it again!

Below are 6 ways that I find effective in clearing my aura of negative energy:

Working with crystal

Black tourmaline is one of my favorite crystals to use; it not only cleans the aura from negativity, but if you wear it as a pendant or hold it somewhere else on your body, it protects your aura by repelling unwanted energy all day long. Some other crystals that are good at purifying the aura are fire agate, black kyanite, smoked quartz, and labradorite .

Sage or ‘smudge’

The smoke from burning sage has been used for years to purify your aura or environment from unwanted energies. It is available in most spiritual stores. It has a powerful purifying effect and after use on my aura or around my house I always feel relaxed and renewed.

Essential oils

My favorite essential oils for purifying my aura are bergamot, cedar wood and orange. Add a few drops of these oils to a carrier oil and apply it directly to your skin or use it with an evaporator to purify both your aura and your home / office. These essential oils are good for purifying, priming and stimulating energy.

Sea salt baths

Salts have been traditionally known for centuries for their purifying and balancing effects on the body. If you do not live near the sea, taking a bath in Epsom salt or salt from the Dead Sea can have enormous relief and purification after a stressful day. Sea salt baths can also help with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and helps relieve muscle pain. Swimming or bathing in salt water purifies, refreshes and recharges your energetic body.

Enjoy nature

Surrounding yourself with the elements is perhaps the most powerful way to purify your energetic body. Just being outside already has positive effects, but the best way to purify and ground yourself is to completely immerse yourself in nature. Gardening , walking in the woods , sitting by a lake or a campfire are all powerful ways to approach nature and rid your aura of negative energy.

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Bigipan Lake in Nickerie, Republic of Suriname.

Use an Auraspray

An Auraspray for especially works grounding and protective and it creates space around you. It raises, as it were, the vibration in your energy field (aura), making you no longer susceptible to influences from others. The spray is most commonly used prior to situations where you meet / meet many people, such as in a city, meetings, birthdays, etc .. It is a nice tool until you can keep your own energy management in order.

Hopefully these tips are useful for you. I am very curious about your favorite way to purify your aura, so leave a message below!

Tomorrow we are starting a brand new year 2020.Start it good with a clean and powered AURA. Happy New Year.

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In any case, there are a lot of motivations to make sex a need once more, she says. Getting occupied has been appeared to ease pressure, keep connections solid, support temperament, improve rest, and a mess progressively (also, it feels better!).

From your Monday night de-stressor to a week’s end wind-down, here are seven incredible motivations to get it on throughout the following week.

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The video trends for 2020: you can expect this


Virtual conferences, video search and accessibility: I inform you of the video trends that you can expect in 2020!

1. Mobile first

An eMarket study shows that almost 80 percent of videos are viewed on phones. So on small, vertical screens. In 2020 we will see even more dedicated vertical and square content, videos that have been created entirely for the vertical viewing experience.

2. Video in education

E-learning, micro learning, training via Instagram Stories etc, via daily e-mails, or via a private LinkedIn group: online learning is completely up and running. And of course video cannot be missing. From tutorials to bake an egg to internal training for staff, video in e-learning and micro-learning is booming .

3. Search in videos

You probably search for videos regularly, but do you ever search in a video? And I do not mean scrolling forward, but focused search by typing. Imagine watching an interesting video about ukulele, but you have a specific practical question: how to tune your ukulele. Simply type in your search term and you will be referred to the exact moment in the video you are looking for. This search technology is limited available on YouTube (via plug-ins), and we will see more as speech recognition technology develops better and better.

4. 1: 1 video

I predicted this as a trend for 2019, and I think we can expect even more personal, one-to-one videos in 2020. These are business videos that are made specifically for 1 person. Think of simple authentic videos that are filmed with the smartphone, for example from doctor to patient, or from seller to customer. Tools such as HubSpot are already responding to this.

5. Accessible video

Making video accessible is not so much one of the video trends, but something that many companies will hopefully deal with in 2020. Think of subtitling and translation: things that I think will get sharper laws and regulations. And that is no more than logical. Your video message must be understandable to anyone who wants to see and hear it.

6. Virtual conferences and presentations

A trend that I personally look forward to: virtual conferences. Wistia was one of the first to organize a virtual conference ( CouchCon ), with presentations from 13 speakers, attracting a large international audience. I am curious what 2020 has in store in this area.

7. VR

One in 10 marketers uses virtual reality, and I assume that this will only increase in 2020. With VR it is possible to walk through a designed building, see shoes on your feet that you have not yet bought, prepare a complex operation, or practice a presentation in front of a large room. I am very curious what we will see in 2020!

What are your predictions in the field of video marketing for 2020? I am very curious about your ideas about the video trends, leave a comment.