My 5 tips to get through home isolation as a family


Due to the corona crisis, we are instructed to stay at home as much as possible. It may be quite a challenge to get through a longer period of home insulation, especially if several people live in one house. With the following tips you can keep a cool head as a family in the coming period.

Pause, reflect and stay home': how to look after yourself and ...

According to studies, three basic psychological needs can be disturbed by living in isolation for a while. These needs are autonomy, commitment and ability.


Do you have children over the age of three? Then make a schedule If you make good agreements, rhythm and structure contribute to stability and rest. Let the children think along with the schedule, this gives them autonomy. As a family you do not have to follow the schedule very strictly, because this can actually infringe on their autonomy.


Home isolation does not have to go hand in hand with just sitting still. Exercise is always good for every family member. Schedule exercise moments, play an active indoor game, take a daily dance quarter or let the kids play in the garden or on the balcony. 

Get satisfaction from other things

Some people no longer feel satisfied when they no longer have a full working day. Because competence is an important part of your basic needs, you can choose to get satisfaction from helping and supporting your children. It is a great achievement for the society to ensure that the virus does not spread as quickly. Completing fewer work tasks, but supporting your children, is an important part of the bigger picture. You can be proud of that.

Take a rest

During home isolation, everyone needs their moments of rest. Think of ways in which you can show each other that you don’t want to be disturbed; think of certain areas where someone can take a break in peace or put on headphones that indicate that you do not want to be disturbed. Also give your mind some rest, and do not search all day for news about the corona virus, this can be mentally stressful.

Ask for help

It is important to ask for help if you find that you can no longer cope. Do not hesitate to knock on the door for psychological help, digital help can work just as well as a physical consultation.

Enjoy your home isolation. Make it the best time

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Hey How are you there …

Okay, we'll stay in until I don't know when.
Really depends on the situation / circumstances.
Everything changes.
You have no influence on many things.

You might be watching the news all day.
Try to find something on social media.
But because you don't know exactly what, you keep scrolling.
You are stressing yourself over things that you have no influence on.
Hoping you recognize it when you see it.
Maybe it's a good time to stop scrolling.

How are you?
What have you discovered about yourself in recent days?

Where are you:

1. Disappointment / Anxiety -Why
2. Acceptance - Nothing can be done
3. Embrace - What an opportunity!
The faster you are in embrace, the sooner you will be ahead again.

This is it.

See it as it is, not as it should be.
(then there was no war, famine and chocolate made you slim and intelligent).
This is not tra la la science.
Get deeper into various skills during this period. Try to solve long drawn-out cases. You can do so much without feeling trapped.

In this COVID-19 quarantine time, look for new things and embrace them for later.
The world will never be the same as before the outbreak of COVID-19.
And right now it is important to move with it.

Speed ​​is everything now.

Whatever you do, remember
- Even if we are in quarantine, you are not alone
- Although the environment is now uncertain and miserable, you will find guidance in your own perseverance, resourcefulness and character.
- Even though everything is now chaos, know that every order always creates new order
Be strong.

Show who you are.

This is your chance.
In the meantime, I will continue to provide you with inspiration, love and positivity.

Greeting from
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Why we suffer: the human factor


No company has ever gone bankrupt due to a crisis.
Companies go bankrupt because of wrong decisions.

A relationship has never been broken by a crisis.
Relationships are broken by wrong choices.

You cannot lose money through a crisis.
You can lose money through silly actions.

Sometimes those wrong decisions were made long before the crisis.
Often those wrong decisions are made during a crisis.

As soon as the world around us is no longer what we think it should be, we panic.
And if you’re in a blind panic, you don’t see much. You easily make the wrong choices.

There are series of examples (on the net) that will help you see more options.
And if you can see good options, you can make better choices.

We rarely suffer from external circumstances.
We almost always suffer from our own choices.

The good news: we can make better choices. Try it by doing DEEP THINKING !

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Opportunities thanks to crisis: from responding to adapting


Money rolls a lot faster in times of crisis than in times of prosperity.
Wherever someone is currently losing money, someone else is going to be very rich.

Money cannot evaporate.
It can only switch hands.

It rolls out of panicky hands.
Quiet hands.

Many entrepreneurs are now paralyzed.
They don’t do anything. “Because nothing is possible!”

Others do little.
“Because not much is happening now.”

Some respond.
They request support.
They send staff home.
Communicate with their customers.

You can respond for a while.
But it is not a sustainable business model.

For that you will have to adjust.
Adapt to reality as it is.
And do not respond and in the meantime wait until reality becomes as it should be again.

Adjusting means seeing the way it is.
Take current reality as a starting point.
And from that position, looking for opportunities.

To mention some current reality:

  • There is a bunch of intelligent people at home with a lot of time on their hands, and a desire to earn some money to continue paying their rent: students. Who will provide that group with work? Opportunity.
  • People Googly go to “How to make soap yourself”, “How to install zoom / Skype / Microsoft Teams / Slack”, “How to work together remotely”, etc. Who will answer their questions in the form of video training? Opportunity.
  • A gang of online events will be organized in the coming weeks / months. Companies are looking for all kinds of possibilities to dress up those online events by, for example, having (lunch) packages delivered to participants at home, or to connect people more easily. Who will facilitate that? Opportunity.
  • Many seniors are even more lonely than usual, as they also have to miss their children’s monthly visit. Opportunity.
  • Millions of people are at home. They are bored. Opportunity.

Remember, the only thing that has changed is the circumstances.
People still have exactly the same needs.

Survival of the fittest is continuously mistranslated as “survival of the fittest”.
What it really means is survival of those who can best adapt.

Everyone can respond.
Competent people and entrepreneurs can also adapt.

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CORONA: It is probably going to be very bad


Not because the virus is a major health threat. (‘Corona’ is only a name for a fairly normal seasonal flu), but because the hype is used to cause an unprecedented global (economic) crisis.

And that crisis will be used to justify measures that would not be accepted without this “force majeure” situation.

In reality, it is not a pandemic, but a worldwide seizure of power.

Getting carried away in this hype is much more dangerous than the virus.

WHAT is at stake?

The main policy goals of recent years:

– Banning cash

– Obligation of vaccinations

– Phasing out financial and medical support for the elderly (read: non-profitable)

– Increasing the burden, and thus poverty.

– Limiting freedoms

This ‘coronavirus’ makes it all possible in one fell swoop. It must therefore be called for the policymakers….

But apparently many people find the virus (which so far only produces a fraction of the victims of normal flu) more threatening than….

– The loss of FREEDOM (see Italy)

– The loss of PROSPERITY (due to the crisis almost everyone will lose their income)

– The loss of PEACE (there will be riots to send police and army to)

– AND the loss of HEALTH (if the economy goes down, the food supply will stagnate, and starvation is not good for health)

Anyone who does not realize that the draconian measures IRREVISIBLY lead to an unprecedented crisis (and all the above consequences) really does NOT understand how the world functions.



Seven Tips For Inner Peace


You will not find inner peace in the offer at Albert Heijn. It is not something that just comes your way, it is something you have to work on yourself.

Are you constantly restless? Have you had enough of that turmoil in your head and in your life? You cannot download inner peace for a moment, but everyone – without exception – can find inner peace if you want it enough.

If your inner peace is important enough, then you put many things aside to experience and enjoy that peace.

Personally, I find inner peace the most important thing in my life. Everything will be fine with inner peace. Almost nothing makes sense without inner peace!

I only found it when I was in my mid thirties.

Only then did I realize: “Ah, this is what I was always looking for!”

Inner peace begins with insight into yourself and what you really want in your life.

In this article you will find SEVEN tips for more peace in your life.

What is inner peace?

Inner peace is the feeling of calmness in yourself. It is the feeling that you are at peace with who you are and what you do.

They call it comfortable in your skin down , calm radiate or live from your heart . You usually see who has it and who doesn’t. Inner peace is – in my opinion – the ultimate goal of everyone. We all look for it in our own way.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Accept yourself.

More peace in your life starts with inner peace. The core of inner peace is self-acceptance.


Because the biggest fight in our lives is the fight against ourselves.

We believe that we must be perfect and make the most of our efforts. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. So there is a big difference between our ideal image and how we really are. That struggle creates unrest.

How can you be calm when fighting yourself? You can’t do that.

Some people think that the solution lies in doing your best even harder . Just reprogram yourself, switch on the turbo and tjakka: You will solve another human problem! But that is only short-lived.

In the end there is only one solution – have peace with who you are.

No inner peace without self-acceptance.

2. Let go of your past.

Much unrest is caused by two thoughts about the past: “That should never have happened” and “I should have done it differently .”

Do you want to drive yourself crazy? Then go over and worry about that!

Do you want inner peace? Then realize that those thoughts don’t give you anything. It happened and you did it that way. That is it and not different.

You do not get inner peace by denying reality. You actually get inner peace in your life through acceptance of reality.

I myself am very bad at worrying about the past. As soon as I start, I immediately think: “That has happened and I can never change.” Then all the stories about what things should have been like, and that also stops the stress.

Because most of the stress comes from the stories we tell ourselves …

3. Postpone the future.

The future is uncertain: “What will happen? How would I respond? What if this happens to me? How do I deal with that? “

How can you stay calm if you try to control something that hasn’t happened at all?

As if you could make a monkey on Borneo dance the lambada next Thursday by thinking very hard NOW – exactly the same! You just can’t do that …

Tiring isn’t it? Thinking about the future always makes you restless, because it is just as elusive as the average monkey.

My suggestion: postpone the future until it actually happens.

And if you are on Borneo next Thursday and happen to meet a monkey who also wants to learn the lambada – well, then it’s your moment!

4. Relate your thoughts.

The more seriously you take all your thoughts, the more unrest you experience. Our thoughts are often critical, negative and worrying.

We fantasize about it and then think it’s the truth.

If you believe everything you think, you are lost. Only when you examine your thoughts – are they actually correct? – find your way back again.

The better you learn to distinguish fantasy from reality, the more you experience inner peace.

For example, I fantasize that everyone thinks this article is great , that I win a prize with it and that I am named Coach of the Year! But don’t I take myself (and my thoughts) too seriously? Fortunately I don’t believe everything I think …

5. Follow your own way.

Nothing creates more resistance than doing things that don’t suit you.

In essence you have two choices: whether you do what you want – or you do n’t do it . Either you do what you want – or you do what your others want. More inner peace in your life is always an extension of your own path .

Only your own vision, your own way, your own choices gives you the peace that you are looking for so hard.

The realization that you do what suits you is so valuable!

It is not for sale, nor can anyone ever give it to you. It is the decision to make that you feel comfortable with.

Every other choice gives you inner resistance. If your feeling says, “I want something else,” that’s exactly what you have to do! Only then do you listen to your feelings and only then do you get peace …

6. Make space in your life.

It’s hard to have room in your head when the rest of your life is packed: If you run from appointment to appointment, if your house is one big mess, if your ambition is greater than your daily list of tasks.

Make space in your life in all these areas and you automatically get more peace in your head.

Wanting to do everything is a scenario for frustration. Everyone wants to plea, want to appear everywhere, always want to be reachable: it is not going to bring you peace.

Say no more often to things that cause unrest. Hey, you can always say yes later, but usually the other way around! Better to do a few things well than half everything. Time management does not give you rest, but your limits indicate it.

7. Have preferences, but no requirements.

Read the following two wishes:

The first is: “I want a great relationship that makes me feel good.”

The second is: “I want a relationship with a woman between 31 and 32, with dark red hair. She has to be able to cook Caribbean, just like I love cross-country travel, scrabble well, weigh up to 74 kilos, work in maternity care and live in a nice location. ”

Who do you think finds what he is looking for earlier?

Claiming something is also a recipe for frustration, because sometimes life does not give us what we want. You get more peace in your life by fighting less against life …

Sometimes life gives us what we need , sometimes what we don’t want , sometimes what we have never thought of .

But it rarely gives us what we demand …

Lower your expectations and be thankful for everything that comes your way. You can learn something from every situation. The less you demand how things should be, the more you accept how they really are.




The era we are in now, the negative is much more prominent than the positive. You see that many people experience stress and suffer from all kind of illness [high blood pressure etc]. While our access to food is better than ever and we have so many possibilities, the well-being of our spiritual state is diminishing. How did that happen? Because we always long for more. More happiness, more prosperity. Is that really necessary? And who says that?…Now we have the COVID-19 between us…Think about the above and make it a positive minded discussion.

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Eat Yourself A Good Memory


Nutrition can help maintain your brain. For example, certain foods contribute to a good memory, but you can leave other things in a better position if you want a sharp and vital brain.

Eat this

– Omega 3 fatty acids can inhibit mental decline. These fats are mainly found in wild fatty fish, such as herring, mackerel, salmon and sardines.
– Antioxidants are also good for our brains. These substances are in dark chocolate, coffee and tea.
– Anthocyanins, the dyes that occur in the peel of (red) berries, protect the brain against harmful influences. Blueberries also contain this color.
– Turmeric, also known as turmeric, can protect the brain against Alzheimer’s.
– An organic egg also belongs to good nutrition for the brain. This is due to the substances choline, lutein and omega 3.
– Walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts and almonds are good for the brain.
– Drinking water. Hydration contributes to optimal mental abilities.

Better leave this alone

– Sugar is the number one priority. If you eat too much of this, research can lead to a high inflammatory value of the hippocampus. Damage to this is related to memory problems. It is also better to skip drinks that contain a lot of sugar, this was scientifically associated with the development of Alzheimer’s.
– Avoid trans fats. These are often found in products that contain ‘partially cured vegetable fat’.
– You can also leave your favorite alcoholic drink for what it is. Alcohol has been shown to shrink the brain.
– Avoid ingesting heavy metals such as mercury. This includes fish such as tuna, swordfish and shark.