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Hello friends in this digital universe. I hope you all are doing fine wherever you are and what you do.

“I’m thinking today about blogging,” it is a common statement I frequently hear from my friends. “But what Skunt? And who will read that, because so much is being written already. And last but not least: how do I keep it full and with a high dosage of blogging passion? ‘

That’s why today I want to talk to you and others by writing the following…

Blog …About what?

You think: buyer/seller and so on! My blog must go about my field of course.

It depends on ..

Depends on? Yes. Sometimes you still have one leg in a job or your own company, while your attention always lies somewhere else. A person X – who was still employed at the time – started to blog about introverts one day because he/she had discovered that he/she was one him/herself and wanted to figure out how to deal with it. Person Y wanted to get rid of the mess in his/her life and started a blog about his/her own progress. Both persons now pass on their knowledge and experiences to others as entrepreneurs. You got me now how things might start about blogging.

Blogging = a long-term trip. You do not do it ‘a week’. Then it is useful if your subject can count on your attention for quite some time.

But there is something else. With a blog you make a connection. You want to reach people with it. That brings us to somewhere. Can you feel me better now !

Who will read that?

Three points:

1 First about the length of your blog

Who will read that?

Three points:

1 First about the length of your nice blog

This does not make a butt. As long as people find it interesting what you write or post, your blog can be as long as you want. There are readers who first have a cup of tea/coffee or rum in the Caribbean and then start reading blogs, as if it is the newspaper on a Sunday morning.

2 … But then it must be interesting for people

That becomes obvious when you share your experiences, whether or not supplemented with knowledge. These experiences are mainly about your view of things, your approach, your own research(es). Think of that much-given tip of ‘use a number in your blog title’: 5 extraordinary books about sexylulu shoes. 10 tips to survive holidays with friends and family. That tip works. But that only works once for you if you then come up with 10 clichés, devoid of any personalization. Yes hello. We do not travel all the way to your blog! Haha. I can see you smiling !

3 You should be able to find those people you want to reach easily

Share your blog via the social media you use. And your blog is public, so if you share via Facebook, for example, set your message institution to ‘public’ once. You may also use other social media platforms as well. It is up to you where you like your blogs to go public.

And will people also react?

Yes. But not always how you expect. Famous Bloggers are enjoying reactions among their blogs. But readers also respond via tweets, Facebook messages, old-fashioned e-mails or individual comments during a meeting in the style of ‘oh yes, I have been reading your blogs for the last three hundred years’. I always get a lot from the last two. I myself get my reactions the same ways too. Experience is that people do not respond if you ask them explicitly. What I find terribly funny again, because if you ask me something emphatically, I also have a tendency not to do it. Cristal clear !


How do you keep it full?

Choose a form that is closest to yourself. A form that ideally starts with a new blog. Or else the least effort of all forms takes place. If you are a poet, blog through poems etc. Some bloggers go further by shooting a blog everyday via a fresh daily on their website.If you are an artist you mayblog through cartoons as well. On the blog a photographer you will find many photos. Well. You understand where I want to go. A blog is not necessarily a mountain of text. Is allowed. Not necesarry. Make your videos? Blog with videos. 3D print designer? Make sure we can also view your latest fat gobbly shit 3D.

Also choose a tone that is closest to yourself. Not only because of the marketing tip that everyone is up to you: that you also attract the nicest customers/readers. Do it for yourself for God’s sake. It is tiring to always pretend to be different than you are. Nobody thinks: ‘I will become a freelancer, then I can finally be someone who I am not. I am so disturbed by being in paid employment but always being completely myself. ‘ I am still blogging which started as my hobby and my passion in writing.

With two comments. One : listen to the language Nazis. A blog full of game and language errors exudes everything except what you want it to exude. Two : avoid ‘wronged’. Complaining, expressing criticism, being grumpy – can all be on your blog. If you do it with an open mind, humor, self-insight, respect, substantiation of your complaint or arguments, and so on. I think I am clear enough. You may want to fill this list further.

What blog tip do you have for others, even if you are a fresh starter, others may learn from you. Nice if you put that in the comments under this blog. Or not. Do especially what you want skunt. You are finally big enough to decide what you like to do. Me done talk, meh a blog further.

The Caribbean Blog Authority

A word in the Caribbean culture used as an expletive/curse word. Most frequently used to express disbelief, anger or surprise, “Ooh skunt!!!” It can also be used to as a adjective when referring to an actual person, or their being. Can be used when referring to a woman or man etc.