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Know yourself

If you want to get what you want, you first have to know what you want.
Many people have no idea what they really want.
Too busy scrolling, running and clicking.
By definition, if you don’t know what you want, you can never get what you want.
Because even if you had what you really long for, you wouldn’t recognize it as such.
Think of the entrepreneur with a laptop on his lap.
Working hard until late at night.

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So that one day there.
Time is for the other.

The other one who is now staring glassily ahead.
Next to that entrepreneur on the couch.

Who is so busy with that screen.
And has no eye for the other.

Make it measurable

As soon as you know what you really want (that’s less than you think) you have to break that life mission into concrete goals.


A word I like to use.
In a world where I see more and more people using more and more vague language.
The benefit of vague language: Vague goals.
The advantage of vague goals: It is not clear that you will not achieve them.

The advantage of being unclear about not controlling your shit: less pain.

The advantage of less pain: No incentive to change anything.

And so everything remains as it is.
The result of the above cycle: Anesthesia for the pain that you feel that you are not living the way you want to live.
I wish you pain if you don’t live the way you want to live now.
So that you can do something about it.
Now it’s still possible.


If you have made your goals concrete, you want to look for the leverage for each goal:
That one thing that takes care of almost all the results.
Remember: Sometimes you have to do one thing right and the rest changes along with it.

If you want to live a healthier life, you can buy the most expensive supplements, worry about what material your yoga mat is made of and how many degrees the perfect angle is for your shoulder press and hardly achieve results. Or you don’t worry about anything and only focus on one thing: eating 500 grams of vegetables every day (leverage).

And you will notice that everything starts to improve positively. From your appearance to your energy, injuries and emotions.

Break up and schedule
You then break that lever down into small concrete tasks and processes.
And after all, you plan it in your agenda with a start and end time.

Dream big and blurry.
Plan small and concrete.

I have gone through the above process for you on the four most important pillars of life:
• Vitality
• Power
• Link
• Trust

Getting a grip on your life before you die is simple and cheap.
As long as you use the right structure and always keep refining.

Join the winning minority.
Be the antivirus and break through

What are the Advantages of Using Antivirus Software?
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What you think daily determines your life


The power of your thoughts is enormous. Your thoughts determine your feelings. Your feelings determine your behavior. Your behavior determines your habits. Your habits determine your character – and your character determines your life. It all starts with what you think every day. Watch with me and find out for yourself:

Quotes about Power of thoughts (98 quotes)

Your thoughts determine your feelings.

Almost every feeling arises from a thought. Let’s take two people with two different thoughts on the same subject: The first person thinks, “Change is scary, I want to leave things as it is.” The second person thinks, “New things are interesting, I like change.”

The first person gets a bad feeling about change. The second gets excited and overcomes every challenge. That difference in feeling is no coincidence, it can hardly be otherwise. What you think about a particular topic determines how you feel about that topic.

Your feelings determine your behavior.

How you feel about a situation determines your behavior in that situation. That is why one person will love to be the center of attention, while the other likes to crawl under the table. The former can be found on the stage in the karaoke bar and act like a professional entertainer. Behavior that the other will rarely display, because there is no feeling for it.

Your daily behavior determines your habits.

Your behavior slowly becomes a habit. Maybe you have a habit of being around people a lot, or withdrawing from yourself on a regular basis. Regular exercise becomes a habit, going out regularly becomes a habit. It is my habit to read daily. What is your habit?

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Your habits determine your character.

Does someone have a cheerful character, a difficult character, a critical character, a strong character, a social character? That does not happen automatically, it takes a lot of repetition! Much of our character comes from our habits – which we do every day. At birth everything is still free, but slowly our character takes shape.

When people say, “That’s just how I am”, they are referring to their character. Their character is their identity, it is who they are. They are unaware that they were not born with this. A character is the result of what we think, feel and do every day. That’s why people don’t just change. All those daily thoughts, feelings and habits have now become ingrained..

Your character determines your life

Tell me what you do on a daily basis and I predict where you are likely to be in five years. That’s no hocus-pocus. If you eat a bag of chips every day, you will probably be fatter in five years. If you read a book every day, you’ll probably be smarter in five years. If you walk and your course doesn’t change, we can see where your final destination is, can’t we?

What you think, feel or do every day is reinforced. The power of this is enormous. Change rarely comes in one huge step. Change is usually the result of hundreds of small steps. So the steps you take consistently every day. The steps you take in your work, in your relationships, in your health, in your personal growth. That determines where you go.

And the circle is complete!

Now we’ve come to the end – but it’s a circle, not a dead end. The experiences in your life reinforce your character. Your character reinforces what you do. That in turn reinforces how you feel. And that reinforces what you think. Now we are back at the beginning – to your thoughts. It is a continuous circle. Everything influences each other..

This whole story has only one point: Everything starts with what you think every day. If you generally have constructive and positive thoughts, you will feel good every day. From that good feeling you will make choices that suit you – and you will achieve your personal goals. This slowly shapes your habits and character. Be aware of what you think every day, because this determines your life..

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You can do anything with a lot of energy. When you increase your energy level, you really start to live. But how do you get more energy?

Do as many things as you want. Ignore, avoid, or delegate the rest. Stop wasting your time doing things you don’t actually want to do. It’s your life. Don’t put it off anymore.

This is how you get 10 times more energy:

But first…

Everything — Including the Human Body — is Made of Energy


Yes, why actually? That seems like a stupid question, but it is certainly not. As long as you don’t know the answer, you will keep looking in the wrong direction. Think about it: “Why do I want more energy?”

Most people answer, “So that I can do more things that need to be done.” More energy ensures that you can get through all the to-do lists, don’t get behind schedule – and hopefully have enough time for yourself afterwards.

That’s why people invented Time Management …

You just can’t do everything.

Unless you have very small goals (for example, getting up every day), you won’t be able to do everything you need to do. Not a chance!

Most people have more goals and then wish they had time for them. People who are actively engaged in time management are the same people who structurally take on too much hay.

They desperately try to plan everything in their agenda.

But that doesn’t solve the problem …


The real problem with time is this: when you’re managing the things you need to do, you are missing out on the things you want to do.

In fact, that’s what it’s all about. And time management does not solve that problem. We need something else for that: Energy management.

What is Energy Management?

Energy management is based on managing your energy, not your time. Have you ever done what you thought was fantastic? Did you notice that it was no effort at all for you? That you could go on for hours? That it just made you happy?

Time was not important – it was about the energy it gave you. You don’t care how long it took.


Energy Storage – Providing energy when it is needed | Cape Business News

You have also experienced the opposite. Tasks that you dreaded enormously and that cost you a lot of energy. If you were doing that, time crawled. It took a lot of effort.

You only thought of one thing: “If only I were done with this!”

Einstein explained his Theory of Relativity: “When you’re with a beautiful woman, an hour seems to last only one minute. If you put your hand on a hot stove, one minute seems to take more than an hour. ”

That is the difference between things that give you energy and take energy.

Time is therefore relative and depends on what you do. Energy is absolute: either you have it – or you don’t.

Energy management in practice.

How do you apply this in practice now? How do you get more energy?

It’s all a matter of focus. Focus on the things you like. That make you happy, that make you happy. Spend more time on things:

1. Who you love.
2. That you easily go off.
3. Who inspire and stimulate you.
4. Which you could do for hours (or days!).
5. Which you also want to do in your spare time.

Ignore, avoid, or delegate what you don’t like.

What do you do with the things you don’t like? Try not to do as many of those things as possible.

You can also outsource them: get someone else to do it.

It gives me a lot of energy not to be busy with my accounting! And the person who does it for me actually gets energy from it. The perfect solution.

So do as many things as you want. Ignore, avoid, or delegate the rest. Stop wasting your time doing things you don’t actually want to do.

Read an inspiring book, look for your dream job, buy a hammock, spent your time with people you love or start a new hobby.

It’s your life. Only you decide how you want to spend it …

When do you really start to live?

When you increase your energy level, you really start to live. Gone are the moments when you sat exhausted on the couch and fell asleep in front of the TV. Gone are the spasmodic to-do lists. Gone is the feeling that you are waiting for your real life.

The moment you focus your attention on the things that give you energy, everything becomes easier.

You race through the day and hardly get tired. You achieve more and faster results. You become much more productive. You become happier and enjoy life more.

The question was, “Why do I want more energy?” The best answer is, “So I can do more things I want!”

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