Hello Fire Nation,

My name is Danny Jibodh. You may not know my name but I exist t in this Blogosphere.
I am the guy who launched BLOGZYNERGY.COM.

Take a minute to clear the air and get things on the right track.
Be informed that I am not a product of circumstances, but a product of decisions.

As a Solar Pro Blogger I travelled a long road until I spotted a trend and jumped on it.
I did not “seize the day”, I seized the moment. So I started continuously put hours in
learning and applying. I pushed beyond.

I also charged up myself with solar inspiration/motivation and make commitments to myself
to realize this blogging website.

As an ambitious Entrepreneur, Freelance Copy Writer and founder of Quick Move Social Media, I keep track of the most latest stories on different subjects as they unfold in social media jungle. With other words I am continuously in touch with the plenty plenty things to take place in the Future.

With this blogging site BLOGZYNERGY.COM I like to build a word wide audience to express thoughts and opinions regarding different subjects and to connect with people like you.
This will make a difference and help you as visitor to stay active or knowledgeable in a field or topic.

Ignite & Explode