The Next Optimistic Big Thing: RELAX YOURSELF IN three STEPS


If you would like to relax further, we’ve a bent to ought to first discover where the availability of tension lies. you will only solve one factor you understand, can’t you? The following 3 queries will assist you notice that provide. Use the knowledge with each question to unhitch that tension.

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Question 1:

What do i need from myself if necessary? The first offer of tension is your own high expectations. you have got need to attempt to to everything, but why? unit of measurement you not too exhausting on yourself? you will forever do further, but can that give you with further relaxation? for the most part not. Relaxation arises from rental go of high expectations that are not realistic. So raise yourself: What do I expect from myself? And why exactly?

therefore someone once same to conifer State, “I expect to be the nicest.” area unit you able to imagine what amount tension that creates? there is forever someone United Nations agency is even further fun. “I’ll merely be myself”, sounds much more relaxed and realistic …

Tip 1: Allow Yourself to Relax

Take a ways in which from that vital voice in your head. It offers energy to not got to do everything any more. you will do one thing, but do i want to? that’s what it’s about…

Question 2: What Am I Creating A Trial to Check?

The second offer of tension is desperate to keep management. significantly relating to the things we’ve little influence on. Others desperate to modification or management the long-standing time might be a direction for tension. you can’t combine anyway, thus you’d higher accept that. The reason for management is concern. we’ve a bent to stand live afraid that if we have a tendency to don’t check one factor, it should fail. thus raise yourself:

What exactly am I afraid of? do not be afraid by this question, it’s very positive! it’s given that you perceive what you concern that you {just} just have discovered the second offer of tension. Are you terrified of what another person would say? unit of measurement you distressed what might happen? many of these things unit of measurement out of your management – a minimum of not presently. In our head we’ve a bent to undertake and management what we’ve a bent to cannot management in purpose of truth. This realization is one in all the variations between stressed and relaxed people

Tip 2: Trust Yourself

Trust your own ability to shock the challenges that come your manner. as a results of the only real answer to concern is trust. With enough confidence in yourself, you’re troubled less relating to the things you have got got no management over.

Question 3: What Am I Examination my things to now?

The third offer of tension is examination yourself. you will compare yourself to others. but there is forever someone United Nations agency can on top of you. you will compare your current state of affairs in conjunction with your past, but why would you? The past is not on top of presently, as a results of you reside presently, not before. It’s very exhausting to be tense if you are doing not compare yourself. Try it out. raise yourself: What am I examination my things to now? once you are feeling tension, there is nearly forever a comparison. Or with others, or with the past, or in conjunction with your own ideal image …

TIP 3: Jettisoning of any equation

This takes follow, but with patience you will undoubtedly succeed. you are doing not got to compare yourself or your state of affairs to one thing. you are doing not got to be higher, you merely got to be yourself. Relaxed living is not difficult . You just need to be compelled to analyze where your tension comes from. they are sometimes an analogous sources of tension that come back daily. They call this a pattern, one factor that repeats itself. that is smart news!

Why? Well, for two reasons: First, it is not many patterns that build tension. There unit of measurement generally merely variety of. thus you are doing not got to modification m things. With these 3 tips you will already convert ninetieth of your stress into relaxation and positive energy. If your bicycle tire is flat, there is generally only one hole that you {just} just need to be compelled to repair. One – not three hundred.

Now you will continue! Second, a pattern that you {just} just acknowledge and resolve rarely returns. According to the bicycle metaphor: several folks still cycle with a tyre. They never discover the gap at intervals the bicycle tire. If you’re doing take the issue to investigate where your tension comes from, then you will solve it. And everything you solve won’t come back!

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Are you bored in this COVID-19 PERIOD? Use it to your advantage


One is too busy to get bored, while the other slowly but surely no longer knows what to do with himself. Do you recognize yourself in the latter? Then this is the time to look at the deeper layer that lies beneath your boredom. If you get bored you can easily use that to your advantage, you just have to know how.

Researchers around the world are trying to figure out exactly what causes boredom, what we can do about it and whether there is a link between boredom and depression. Lead researcher and psychology professor James Danckert describes boredom as follows: “We define boredom as an uncomfortable desire to be busy with something, but fail to fulfill that desire.” So this definition may well explain why you might get bored during this corona crisis, since your routine is upset and your sense of freedom is limited. You are not alone in it, me too and more people around the globe.


Before we can get deeper into boredom, ask yourself if you are really bored. You can also confuse boredom with emotions such as fear or fatigue. Try to identify what you feel to find out.

Change it

In essence, boredom tries to tell you that you don’t spend your time the way you actually want it to. It is an important signal that you want to change the situation. Whenever you get bored, remember that you probably need and can change something about the situation. What counts is the action you take after this awareness, which can keep you busy and make you a more creative and successful person.


And we don’t like that very much, because who knows what deep-seated problems will emerge as soon as we take the time to get bored.

We don’t like boredom for three reasons:

  • First of all, boredom gives us a sense of concern – “something is missing”. We are so used to being amused by a constant stream of external stimuli that when they are missing we experience the feeling that something is not right.
  • In addition, boredom triggers our ‘fear response’ . We find it scary to be alone with our thoughts, fearing that they would be confrontational. To keep out the mirror that keeps boredom out, you stay busy – whether it is really productive or fun .
  • Finally, boredom forces you to step out of your comfort zone , which feels unnatural. As soon as you realize that you may have to do a number of things differently , in order to feel lively – for example, even after starting to read/write that book – it is safer to maybe watch some good series after all.

To shake off these feelings above, you should therefore quickly turn to external stimuli such as Netflix, your smartphone or another distractor to avoid feeling this boredom 

So a luxury problem, boredom. We have so many options to choose what we want to spend our attention and time on that we get overwhelmed when we don’t use it – we get bored .

That’s why you take every opportunity to stay busy. You do not notice the boredom (and dissatisfaction) and therefore do not have to be alone with any confrontational thoughts.

So in order to reap the benefits of boredom – an opportunity for introspection – you should not look for more stimuli and novelty, but as little as possible.


So you are not going to build a vegetable garden. What is it? Absolutely nothing except a good put to reorganize your thoughts in order.

  • Meditate regularly – make room   for confrontational thoughts.

Meditation would have been the last thing on your mind if you wanted to tackle boredom.

Now that you know that boredom is a mental state , it may make sense that meditation helps you see boredom differently. It helps you to understand that boredom is not a threatening thing, and it helps you place those negative and confrontational thoughts.

Meditating gives you the opportunity to look at the underlying causes why you avoid rest and are always busy.

And that doesn’t have to be lengthy sessions –   5 minutes a day is enough to use the unrest that boredom creates as a moment of introspection.

  • Get creative with your thoughts –   let them run wild.

Instead of looking for external stimulus, use your boredom to feed your brain with creativity. After all, as soon as you are bored, your thoughts get the chance to roam freely – allow it.

So stop entertaining yourself with your smartphone and see where your thoughts are stranded. Write them down, articulate them using ‘free writing’ or capture them in color – in a mind map for example!

  • Get creative with your thoughts –   let them run wild.

Instead of looking for external stimulus, use your boredom to feed your brain with creativity. After all, as soon as you are bored, your thoughts get the chance to roam freely – allow it.

So stop entertaining yourself with your smartphone and see where your thoughts are stranded. Write them down, articulate them using ‘free writing’ or capture them in color – in a mind map for example!

Who knows what brilliant ideas you come up with during the CORONA LOCKDOWN!

Let me know in the comments how you solve your boredom things.


Busy People Get Things Succesfully Done? WHY?


Look at your very own environment and ask yourself the question why some people can accomplish so much things and other not even one thing. At work at home well it doesn’t really matter, but they are doing it. At the other hand you will surely realize that some people are complaining steady about their work load etc. They are keeping their self, running in circles.

For example take a look at a one parent person, who is working at different locations to then take care of their children and normal house holding. Believe me they are able to keep this all together somehow. People like this are thinking and planning straight forward and they are capable enough to run their things. Is it that they are doing something or not doing anything. Clear the answer is both.

These kind of successful persons are in action to get their things done properly. They don’t have time to complain and make excuses or procrastinate.

Let me share some  Factors That Kill Productivity

Some people never get their stuff done? Unproductive people I call them :

  1. They Lack interest or energy.
  2. They suffer from a poor work ethic.
  3. They Lack organization.
  4. They are easily overwhelmed — and panic.
  5. They Start things, but never finish them.
  6. They Procrastinate.
  7. They Spend time worrying rather than working.
  8. They constantly complain.
  9. They are easily distracted.
  10. They Look over their shoulder — and cover their behind.
  11. They Play politics.
  12. They Fight change.
  13. They Resist learning.
  14. They Fear making a mistake.
  15. They fail to make decisions.
  16. They reinvent the wheel.
  17. They Demand perfection of themselves.
  18. They fail to set deadlines.

Here is a listing of Traits/Characteristics of Highly Productive Persons/People:

If you want something done ask a busy person how. These group of productive people are the following

Ambitious.  They Believe there’s no time like the present.

Self-confident. They Are battle-tested. They believe that “If I did it once, I can do it again.”

Single-minded. They Know what matters most and are relentless in pursuit of those priorities.

Goal-oriented.  They Establish fixed deadlines instead of going with the flow. They know that Parkinson’s Law holds true — “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

Forward thinking. They Prepare in the morning; reflect at night.

Focused. They Don’t allow themselves to be disrupted or sidetracked by others’ priorities.

Trusting. They Do things that matter to them and find ways to get the rest of it done.

Action-oriented. They Rarely complain. They’re too busy getting things done.

Positive. They Don’t let obstacles get in their way. When they confront a barrier, they find a way around it.

Accountable. They Don’t make excuses or cast blame. They know their mission, accept responsibility, and are determined to get it done.

Modest. They Don’t spend time promoting their accomplishments. They know that results speak for themselves.

Resourceful. They Make use of dead time rather than letting valuable minutes fritter away.

Organized. They Rarely waste time reinventing the wheel, repeating mistakes, or looking for misplaced items.

Project-oriented. They Say “no” to one idea so they can say “yes” to another.

Decisive. They Make bold decisions. When you do nothing, nothing happens.

Realistic. They Strive for excellence rather than perfection.

Check for yourself if your habits are helping or hurting your productivity activities. If so start to change your inside.

In life you will reach moments of challenges. You will be confronted with big fear or maybe asked to do things beyond your limits. As this take place, always remember that getting things done is as much a mindset as it is. If you start spending time and start worrying about the future you are stressing yourself out, you are not only wasting expensive time, you are helping yourself to create a powerful hurricane in your mind that makes it very tough to succeed. The real fact is, just as a pep talk inspires you to climb new heights, chronic negativity is taking over and will drag you down in the valley. Sometime people work very hard to make their lives even harder.

On the off chance that you need to complete more stuff, you can! It won’t occur by doing things a similar way. It’ll require a purposeful exertion to grasp new propensities that push you forward and to take out conduct that is keeping you down. The truth of the matter is, the main thing holding you up is yourself. It doesn’t take a mind specialist to make sense of how to turn out to be increasingly profitable. You simply need to dedicate yourself to it.

Do You Get More Things Done after reading this. Just let me know! During this CORONA PERIOD you will have to become more productive and think out of the box.



Best Case Scenario Climate 2050

Image result for climate

Two founders of the Paris Climate Agreement and chief UN negotiators, Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, released the book The Future We Choose on 25 February 2020. In it they outline, among other things, a scenario of a future world that they believe we should create. The translation of the book appeared on February 27: We determine the future. Team Blogzynergy shares some passages from this ‘best case scenario’ for the climate in 2050.

The world we have to create

It is 2050. We have managed to halve emissions every decade since 2020. We are on our way to a world that will be no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer in 2100.

In most places in the world the air is humid and fresh, even in cities. It looks like you are walking in a forest and you probably do that too. The air is cleaner than it has been since the industrial revolution. For that you have to thank the trees. They are everywhere.

Afforestation was not the only solution, but the trees gave us the time we needed to overcome carbon emissions. Donations from companies and individuals provided funding for the largest tree planting campaign ever. When we started, it was purely practical, a tactic to combat climate change by moving the carbon: the trees removed the carbon dioxide from the air, separated oxygen and returned the carbon where it belongs: into the ground. Of course this helps to reduce climate change, but there were more benefits. At every sensory level, the feeling of living on what has again become a green planet has changed completely, especially in cities. Cities have never been so good to live in. With more trees and much fewer cars, it has proved possible to make entire streets suitable for urban agriculture and playgrounds for children. Every empty spot and every dark, dead-end alley has been given a new purpose and is now planted with a shady grove. A vegetable or flower garden has been installed on every roof. Blind walls that were once filled with graffiti are now covered with green climbing plants.

For the developed countries, the general change that required a shift to renewable energy was sometimes an uncomfortable transition, as old infrastructure often had to be adjusted and old things had to be done in new ways. But for the developing countries it marked the beginning of a new era. The majority of the infrastructure needed for economic growth and poverty reduction was built according to the new standards: low carbon emissions and a high capacity for recovery. In remote areas, the billion people who did not have electricity at the start of the 21st century now get energy from the solar collectors on their own roof or from jointly managed wind turbines. This new access opened the door for so much more. Large population groups have made a leap towards improved sanitation, education and health care. People who only had trouble getting clean water can now provide the entire family with it. Children can also learn in the evening. Hospitals can now also work efficiently in remote areas.

Construction works all over the world make more of what they need than just electricity. All buildings collect rainwater and manage their own water use. With sustainable electricity sources, local desalination became possible, which means that clean drinking water can now be produced wherever needed in the world. We also use this water for hydroponics (growing plants on water to which nutrients have been added), flushing the toilet and for the shower. We have successfully rebuilt, organized and structured our lives to live more locally. Although energy prices have fallen enormously, we still opt for life and work close to home rather than commuting. Thanks to the better connections, many people now also work at home,

We make communities stronger. As a child you may have seen the neighbors only fleetingly. But to make things cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable, every part of your life is now more locally designed. Things that you did alone are now being carried out jointly – growing vegetables, collecting rainwater, composting. Resources and responsibilities are now shared. At first you resisted this solidarity – you were used to doing things yourself and within the privacy of your own home. But soon the camaraderie and the unexpected new support network started to feel good, something to hold high. For most people, the new way of life has proven to be a better recipe for happiness.

International air traffic has changed completely. Biofuels have replaced kerosene. Communication technology is now so advanced that we can participate in meetings anywhere in the world without having to travel. Civil air traffic still exists, but is used much less and is extremely expensive. Thanks to the fact that a lot of work is becoming more and more decentralized and can be carried out almost anywhere, people save for their ‘big vacation’: international journeys of weeks or months instead of trips of a few days. If you live in Europe and want to visit the United States, you can even plan to stay a few months or longer and view the entire continent using local public transportation with zero emissions.

Although we have successfully reduced carbon dioxide emissions, we are still confronted with the effects of record levels in the atmosphere of the past. The poorly degrading greenhouse gases can go nowhere else than to our already highly polluted atmosphere and they cause increasing extreme weather conditions – albeit less than if we had continued to burn fossil fuels. Glaciers and polar ice are still melting and the sea level keeps rising. Severe droughts and desertification are taking place in areas such as the western United States, the Mediterranean and parts of China. The constant extreme weather and the decline of resources continue to reinforce existing differences in income, health, food security and water availability. But now governments have acknowledged the factors of climate change as the amplifiers of the threat they are. Thanks to that awareness, we are now able to predict problems and to fight them before they end up with humanitarian disasters. So while many people are still in danger every day, the situation is not as dramatic or chaotic as it could have been. The economies in developing countries are strong and surprising global coalitions have formed with a new sense of confidence. If a population needs help right now, there is political will and money available to give that help. Thanks to that awareness, we are now able to predict problems and to fight them before they end up with humanitarian disasters. So while many people are still in danger every day, the situation is not as dramatic or chaotic as it could have been. The economies in developing countries are strong and surprising global coalitions have formed with a new sense of confidence. If a population needs help right now, there is political will and money available to give that help. Thanks to that awareness, we are now able to predict problems and to fight them before they end up with humanitarian disasters. So while many people are still in danger every day, the situation is not as dramatic or chaotic as it could have been. The economies in developing countries are strong and surprising global coalitions have formed with a new sense of confidence. If a population needs help right now, there is political will and money available to give that help.

The refugee situation that has lasted for decades is still a source of disagreement and conflict. But fifteen years ago we stopped calling it a crisis. Countries agreed on guidelines for controlling the influx of refugees – on how to assimilate populations without problems, on how to distribute aid and money, and on how tasks should be distributed within a certain region. The agreements are adhered to most of the time, but occasionally problems arise when a country tends to fascism after a few elections.

The spirit of the times has also changed enormously. How we think about the world is now very different. And unexpectedly how we think about the other person.

When the alarm bells started to ring in 2020, mainly thanks to the youth, we realized that we had gone too far with our consumption, competition and greedy self-interest. Our dedication to those values ​​and our pursuit of profit and status had led us to deal with our environment like a steamroller. As a species, we continued uncontrollably, resulting in the near-demise of our world. We can no longer close our eyes to what is happening on a tangible, geophysical level, if you despise recovery, cooperation and a sense of community: imminent destruction.

To withdraw ourselves from this self-destruction would have been impossible if we had not shifted our mindset and priorities, if we had not realized that doing what is good for humanity goes hand in hand with doing what is good for the earth. The most fundamental change was that we, collectively, as governments, citizens and companies, started to adopt a new adage: “Is it good for humanity?”


Do you suddenly wake up at the same time every night? This is what it can mean


Do you wake up in the middle of the night? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can have an explanation and a solution for you.

Forever Conscious explains the TCM body-clock principle that every organ has a time for high energy and a time for low energy. That is why there is an optimum time for every activity, from exercise to eating, from sex to rest. 
If you organize your day so that you follow the TCM body clock, you will feel your best day and night. Holistic Health Library recommends waking up and drinking water between 5 AM and 7 AM; take a nap between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. and avoiding sugary foods between 7 and 9 p.m.

During the day the body is full of yang energy, which is associated with activity, expansion and fire. Night, on the other hand, is reserved for yin energy. Sacred Lotus explains that yin is slow, recovering and cool. When you sleep, ying energy is used to restore the body, Organic Olivia says. During this time the liver cleanses the blood and expels the lungs toxins. This is why sleep is so important. It is also the reason why waking up in the middle of the night can be a symptom of an underlying problem.

If you wake up between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., your liver may have problems processing waste. This can be irritating and lead to attacks of insomnia, as well as frustration and anger. To strengthen the liver and resolve this problem, consider whether you harbor resentment against someone. If so, work to resolve your resentment and anger. It may surprise you that when you free your mind from toxic emotions, your body can better rid itself of physical waste.

Waking up between 3 and 5 in the morning is another sign of emotional unrest. Sadness and anxiety in particular are associated with the lungs. During these hours the lungs clean themselves of toxic build-up. So when you wake up coughing, your body can signal that your lungs have problems clearing up toxins. Forever Conscious recommends deep breathing exercises to help you fall asleep and refresh your lungs.

Waking up in the middle of the night is a sign of too much yang energy, says Cultural China. Wrap warm blankets or clothing around your shoulders to fall asleep again. Take a few deep breaths and exhale to rid the body of negative energy. Rub your hands together to generate heat and then use a warm hand to massage the sides of your nose and the other hand to cover your eyes. Do this for a count of 35. Then move your ears back and forth 35 times and then cover your ears with your hands so that your fingers rest on the back of your head. Tap the back of your head 25 times. Finally, stretch your arms wide and swallow three times, imagining that the saliva flows to your navel. Lie down again. It may surprise you that you fall asleep fairly quickly.


The Circular Labor Market

Image result for circular economy

Stimulating a circular economy is an excellent way to make society more sustainable. Particular attention is paid to making material flows more sustainable. However, the possibilities to make the labor factor more circular are often underexposed.

With a circular economy, the intention is to make material flows not circular, but circular. This is done by making optimum use of the value of all materials. Examples of this are extending the lifespan of products, reusing materials and handling everything we use efficiently.

A circular economy creates new jobs, but it cannot be filled just like that, says Hans Stegeman, head of Research and Investment Strategy at Triodos Bank. For this, the labor market must also be made circular. The labor market is currently still too linear. If people do not fit the linear model, they lose value because they cannot perform optimally.

Optimal value

This applies less to a circular labor market. For example, people who lose their jobs are not immediately ‘lost’, but quickly find work again. This means that the value of manpower can be used optimally. This is important because the approaching aging wave will put more pressure on the working part of the population.

One way to get employees to work optimally is by having them retrain or retrain, so that they have more knowledge to do their job or have them change jobs if necessary. The happiness experienced by employees at work is of great importance for optimum output. If people are not satisfied with their job after a while and cannot change jobs, their productivity decreases.

Flexible employer

In a circular labor market, it is also important that knowledge that is available to employees is not lost. Perhaps the knowledge gained can be used in a completely different field. This requires a new balance between job security and flexibility. This balance can be achieved with flexible employership, whereby someone with certain characteristics is taken over by another employer with the same employment conditions. This keeps employees motivated.




Do you know the best way to get exhausted? Then ask yourself what others (of you) think:

Fantasize very intensely what they feel, think or want. Try to fill in all their thoughts, try to guess their opinion, try to take it into account.

Do that for a week and I’ll bet you’ll be dead …

Not a good idea!

Does this work?

Yet this is exactly what many people do. And it never works. That is not possible at all.

Short question: To what extent do you have your own thoughts under control? Do you determine exactly what you think? Is there never something unexpected or negative? Do you know exactly what your next thought will be?

No of course not…

A Gorilla in an astronaut suit

If you already have little control over your own thoughts, how much control do you have over what another person thinks?

Try to guess what I think now … (think carefully) …

I thought of a Gorilla in an astronaut suit!

Even if I had thought of something simpler, you would not have guessed it yet. Come on, see the reality: You have no control over what another person thinks!

Why are we so concerned about what others think? Why are we busy talking to others in our heads?

Oh yes, you do too: You see in your thoughts how someone else says something. You hear yourself respond. You feel the negative emotion.

And do you know what’s funny? Many of these conversations never took place! Not in reality, only in our fantasy …

Why do we fill in what others think?

Because we want to take this into account. We do not want them to say something bad. We worry what they think of us. We prefer to make a good impression. We want positive and healthy relationships with others. We want to be liked. We do not want a fight.

Because we are still nice?

All beautiful motives, but worrying about what someone else thinks, does not help you any further. Unless you have supernatural abilities. I do not have them and therefore prefer to do what someone else does or says.

What they think is entirely up to them. But what they do or say, I can respond to that.

Why are you responsible for the opinion of someone else?

Everyone has an opinion – about everything. But why are you responsible for that?

If I disapprove you because you (in my eyes) wear the wrong shoes, where is that the problem? The problem lies with my opinion about your shoes, not with you or the shoes themselves.

Do you see the difference?

Now you can worry about my mistaken opinion, but maybe I’m allergic to that kind of shoes. Maybe I knew someone who stood on my toes with that kind of shoes – and I had a lifelong trauma.

Maybe it all has little to do with you and therefore more with myself – and that is usually the case!

Can we change someone else’s opinion?

We often try to do it. We explain what we mean, we try to be extra nice, we do our best a bit more.

But why should we?

If someone else realizes that you are nice (and I assume that you are nice), then they will not see it later either.

Sometimes you can stand on your head, but the opinion of someone else just stands. Whatever you do, it does not change.

Suppose it would be the other way around: Would you appreciate it if the other person tried to change your opinion? Of course not. Everyone is entitled to an opinion …

This costs a lot of energy:

  1. Try to fill in what others think.

You have no control over my thoughts – nor do I have your own.

  1. You feel responsible for their opinion.

The opinion of another is only his or her responsibility.

  1. Try to change that opinion.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Let it go…

Here is a healthier and relaxed alternative: Just let go of what another person thinks.

Sticking your energy only in people who give you energy is one of the secrets of healthy relationships.

Of course you take account of others, of course you are social. That will not change. You only let go of what you do not have control over.

Three healthy alternatives:

  1. Only fill in what you think yourself. That is the only thing that you have control over.
  2. When in doubt about the opinion of another person: Just ask. Stop every fantasy and check reality. Then you do not have to doubt it either.
  3. Give someone an opinion that is not yours. You do not have to walk around all day, so why can not someone have another opinion?

Letting go of what another person thinks will give you a lot of positive energy and relaxation.

Moreover; it gives you a tremendous liberation!

How do you let go of what others think?

How do you stop worrying about others and pay more attention to what YOU think?

Work on your Self-Confidence This is a good starting point. This gives you a healthy self-respect so that you take more account of your own wishes and your own feeling.

Work on better relationships, teach yourself to find the right balance between yourself and others. With this you learn to determine your own limits and to stay more with yourself.

Whatever you choose, do not stay busy with what others think, you (fortunately) do nothing about it!

I would like to hear your experience or question(s) about this subject

On your success! … IT IS NOT AN EASY ROAD !!


I am also a professional ZENKAI Lifestyle Coach, specializing in my personal growth who also gladly assist others in their personal growth. So I try to help people like you and me find more self-confidence, less stress, better relationships, more fun work and more happiness in their lives.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail


Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail“Enchantment (Magic): an exceptional power or impact apparently from an extraordinary source”. The endeavor to characterize enchantment is troublesome, best case scenario. It is utilized more as a word to characterize, than one that can be characterized. The same can be said for your identity. We endeavor to characterize ourselves, yet no satisfactory words exist to depict the unpredictability of our identity. We can portray what we resemble, the kind of work we do, our ethnic legacy or sexual orientation. However, that comes no place close to reality of what enlivens your being. You are a puzzle. You are enchantment.

Students of history, logicians, researcher and scholars have been hunting down the starting points and importance of presence since the get-go. Different religions have been conceived out of an endeavor to characterize the indefinable. We frequently take part in the interminable interest to characterize who, what and why we are. We measure ourselves against others and their achievements. We are deluged every day with media pictures of what is worthy or unsatisfactory. There is a progressing mission to clarify the unexplainable. You are your identity and that is consistently evolving. You are scrumptiously indefinable. Every minute you are revamped. Each morning when you open your eyes, you start another voyage. The decisions and choices that you roll out shading and improvement “your identity.” You are an indefinable, mystical being. Have you overlooked this? Have you enabled the world to take away your enchantment? Each time you have an idea or assignment and give it life-you are making! From setting up a supper for your family or painting a photo. All that you do adds an alternate measurement to your identity.” Life is a secret and by tolerating this reality you wind up plainly one with it and more ready to move however it.

Recollect and recall the last time you were truly “in order” with something you needed to achieve. Keep in mind how simple and pleasant it was to assemble every one of the bits of the bewilder to make the ultimate result? You were not on edge or even a little bit worried about what other individuals were considering or doing. You were unified with the vitality of your creation. That same dynamic is conceivable in all parts of your life. By getting to be plainly one with the mystical vitality of your identity, you make. You can likewise make your own particular impediments by setting up dividers of dread and deficiency. Grasp your energy; consider what you make each and regular. In the event that you can assemble the fixings to make a crusty fruit-filled treat, you can utilize a similar formula to make whatever else you want. Make a formula that works for you. Be in congruity with the vitality of what you need to bring into your life. On the off chance that you have influenced a few endeavors with no clear achievement to attempt another way. Include or expel something from the formula. Be tuned in to the All inclusive power of enchantment.

Where is your vitality as of now? Is it true that you are concentrating on life certifying exercises or gotten up to speed with what another person is doing or not doing? Is your vitality guided on the most proficient method to get another person to change or do what you need him or her to do? What is the point of a large portion of your discussions? Consider the last discussion you had-would you say you were sharing expectations, dreams and thoughts or would you say you were whining about how things are not going the way you need them to? A substantial level of our words, musings and vitality are given to what is happening around us. By understanding that you are an intense, supernatural being-you recover the power that is squandered on things you can’t control. You can’t control someone else’s feelings or activities. On the off chance that somebody is a major part of your life and they are causing you trouble it is a direct result of your decision to remain some portion of their life. On the off chance that you are not content with the circumstance you are in, it is your decision. You are not your past. You are not what somebody did to you or what was taken from you. The occasions and individuals throughout your life have served to shape “your identity” right now. The occasions of today, will additionally sharpen your identity tomorrow-et cetera…

To end up plainly a genuinely enabled being, you need to reach down into the otherworldly place within you and use your own particular power. It isn’t essential in the matter of what your otherworldly or philosophical convictions are. What is critical is that you comprehend the way that you are a maker. What would you like to make? Peace, concordance and satisfaction or mayhem and dramatization? It is safe to say that you are continually feeling irate and baffled? Being furious or disappointed is just valuable on the off chance that it serves to control you another heading. Struggle can be an extraordinary impetus for change on the off chance that you utilize the vitality to move. Investigate things from an alternate point of view. It doesn’t make a difference how you do it, the imperative thing is that you get into a place that you need to be.

You are your identity and that is “supernatural”. Try not to enable anything to lessen and confine your own energy. Enabling your internal identity to develop and bloom is a procedure. Enchantment happens when you jump into secret and turn into that which you want to be. Like pulls in get a kick out of the chance to show enchantment, you should be enchantment. Similarly as you can’t satisfactorily characterize the puzzle of life, don’t endeavor to characterize “you”. Grasp the unfamiliar parts of your identity. Set out on a course to uncover the riddle that stays inside you. In the event that you should characterize yourself, you are enchantment, Yes you are MAGIC………..


Entrepreneurs : More clarity as a secret weapon against burnout?

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailLiberation, also called enthusiasm, enthusiasm or enthusiasm, has become increasingly popular lately. After all, many employees are convinced that advocacy helps to reduce absenteeism and increase work performance. That’s certainly true, but how do you put your enthusiasm for your private life? How can you live and exercise life so that you have a vital and fit feeling?
You are reading this article about this “secret weapon” against burnout!
What is freedom?
Before we get into the depths of diving, we have a definition of freedom. Because what exactly is it?
Many definitions have been found for clergy at work, so therefore, with this introduction, I write about job satisfaction at work. Later on in this article we go into a happy life and how you can keep it vital and healthy.
Concentration is actually a combination of several factors:
• Commitment
• Energy
• “Flow”
Definition of Liberation
Wilmar Schaufeli, Dutch Labor and Organization Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Occupational and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University, Utrecht, gives the following definition of enthusiasm:

“Liberation is a positive, affective-cognitive state of supreme satisfaction, characterized by vitality, dedication and absorption. This is accompanied by energy bubbles, feeling strong and fit, able to work long and tirelessly with work and have great mental resilience and great perseverance. ”
How does a burnout occur?
Very short through the bend you could say that a burnout occurs if day after day more energy is consumed than you get back.
See it as a kind of savings account , you get constant money but do not occasionally make a deposit. Well, then your money will be on. Or worse, you’ll get red.
That’s how it’s with your energy too.

If you consume more energy month after month, and you get little to nothing for back then your energy level drops every month. After that, it takes a lot of effort to replenish your energy reserve.
If you consume more energy for a long time than you build, you will be in a burnout. Your energy reserve has been burned. You do not have a puff more and no willpower to take business. Simply because you literally do not have the energy anymore. Why freedom helps to keep a burn-out remotely If, on the other hand, you also take activities every month that makes you happy and give you new energy, you’ll keep it for longer. Even better: do so much every month of such activities that, as it were, you make big savings on your energy savings account. You will then build a reserve for times when your skin is less well.
If you do things that you like, what you get excited about, or where your blood will flow faster, you’re likely to get new energy. But how do you find the things you’re getting energy from?And how do you create enthusiasm at work?
Liberation at work
Previous research has shown that about 1 in 5 people are really happy. How can you make sure that you become a fellow employee?
What was previously thought was that the workload was too high when one no longer got the job is now thinking about support and motivation . Sometimes it’s not just work pressure, but just the last two factors that matter. One must be intrinsically motivated and able to work autonomously to be inspired.
Some items to be a fellow employee do not have your own hand. It is nice and conducive if the management clearly communicates clearly. Also praise prizes help the enthusiasm.
Those things are not entirely in your hands, they are external factors.
Yet, to some extent, you can awaken your enthusiasm by addressing your own energy sources. By monitoring your energy level and adjusting your workflow, you can create the perfect match.

Job demands versus energy sources
Job requirements are specific tasks that you must perform , they belong to your job.These can be physical tasks, but also organizational, social or mental tasks. Performing these tasks takes energy. However, that does not have to be a negative thing in itself.
It will only be stressful if your job requirements are not related to your energy.
That is why you speak your own energy sources so that a good balance of work and workload is created. These are sources that give you energy.
Examples of this are:
• High self-esteem
• Optimistic attitude
• Can work effectively
• Stress resistance
• Can work autonomously
• Feedback from colleagues received
• Valuation of colleagues and supervisors
• Support from colleagues
• Opportunities to develop and grow
As you can see, there are both personal and business energy sources. Do not think of yourself that you can not be inspired if you are not fainted by nature. Everyone can become a happy person, if you know the right sources of energy and find the match between what you want and what you can.

The benefits of enthusiasm at work
The paid employee offers not only benefits for himself but also for the employee. This employee is brushing the energy, is well in his skin and is in a hurry. His happy mood makes him easy to do something extra. He is going to work happily and quickly gets into a flow . He undoubtedly issues problems during the day, but then he does not stop trying. He feels healthy and energetic. He is both involved and connected with the organization. Due to its energy and optimism, this inspired employee offers innovative solutions and improved performance. He is more customer-friendly than his poor-humored colleagues and experiences his work as useful. He is not often sick, makes few mistakes and feels balanced.

How do you create enthusiasm as a human?
Work for yourself and think now “Well, what can I do with this?”
As a human, you often have no colleagues around you who can support you. You can not get a manager’s appreciation. What then? What else can you do to work?
One of the benefits of working for yourself is that you can do things in your own way. So you can work autonomously – one of the ingredients for a happy life. In addition, you do not need anything, this enables you to work extremely effectively. After all, you can do whatever you want to do, there is no boss that needs this or yours.
These are two major benefits of working. Furthermore, it is very dependent on your personality. Are you naturally an optimist or a pessimist? How do you deal with setbacks? Where do you get energy from?
Further in this article I treat the ways to lead a flown life, so not only will you be a fellow employee but you will feel a fellow person.
Work addicted or fought?
But before you read about this, I would like to give this to you: liberation is something different than work addiction.
Work addiction leads to burnout. Hard work is not necessarily needed to be inspired.Mettering work is rather a sign of work addiction than freedom.
You undoubtedly know people who seem to stop their soul and bliss in their work. They are at the office and arrive for the rest and they go last. They are constantly busy, but at the same time attend all meetings and always finish their work. This has the effect that the laptop is still busy in the evening and almost non-stop. This employee will even be in charge of his weekend even.
Is it good or bad now?
Without further context, I would say: bad.
This seems more like work addiction than on clarity. Liberation begins with yourself. It’s intrinsic as it’s called. Work addiction, on the other hand, arises from the urge to prove yourself or to reap the appreciation of others.
Liberation is good, provided it is not a work addiction in disguise.
Liberation at home

It’s nice to be a fellow employee, but there’s more to life than just work.
How can you make sure that you become a happy partner or grown up at home? How can you make sure you always have a vital, fit and strong feeling?
One of the ways to raise energy is through a so-called morning ritual.
Performance coach Tony Robbins uses a 9-minute meditation ritual. He calls it priming . This comes from the English word prime , which means excellent. It means that you give yourself an excellent feeling.
His approach looks like this:
1. Gratitude [3 minutes] : Be thankful for three different things for three minutes. Think about simple things like the sun rays on your face or the smell of fresh coffee.
2. Inner Power [3 minutes] : Tony then focuses on the body for three minutes. You can focus on your emotions, your thoughts or your “soul.” Whatever name you give to it, keep calm with body and mind. Visualize a liquid substance that slowly fills your body with light. This light gives you energy and power. Feel how this energy takes away your stress and ensures success. Visualize how you are going to be successful today.
3. A day of prosperity [3 minutes] : The last three minutes focus on what you are going to do today. Visualize these things as if you already did them. How does that feel? What do you see? What do you hear?
This is a powerful way to start the day and bring you to the correct mental state. Why is it so effective?
Gratitude exceeds the other emotions. You can not be grateful and angry at the same time, says Tony Robbins. In addition, he uses visualization because the brain does not distinguish between what it sees and what you see the laughter for the brain are both real situations. By imagining how you will be successful and stress free today, substances in your brain are created as if the actual situation is already.

Other ways to start your day are:
• Listen to music where you get an energy boost .
• Go to the morning sports . This gives you more energy for the rest of the day.
• Take caffeine-free periods . So your body becomes less resistant to coffee and you naturally have more energy.
Energy is just one of the ingredients needed for a happy life. But the base might go even deeper. Ultimately, it’s about finding your passion and your goal in life.
Find your calling
Want to get more out of your life, but do not you know where to start?
The following questions can help you wake up to dormant dreams and to revitalize it.
• What are your hobbies?
• What is the most significant part of your day?
• What are subjects that you could easily write about a thousand words?
• What are you doing dearest?
• What performance would you make extremely proud?
• What parts of your current job do you like?
• What dreams did you have as a child and what dreams are you still talking about?
• If you could only choose one thing you could remember, what would that be?

Work takes up much of your time. Therefore, it is important that you work with enthusiasm.But what if your job does not fully match your wishes? Then rely on your own energy sources and find the things you like about your work.
And remember that work is only one part of your life. You also have a private situation where freedom is just as important. A passionate and vital life can only lead if you are fought.
Resilience in your private life can create you by solving energy or by introspecting and looking for the things you get excited about.