How to become Mentally Strong and Calm your Mind


Everyone desires to live a balanced and healthy life, and this reflects in the type of foods we choose to eat or ignore, exercising our body regularly, and seeing a doctor when we feel the symptoms of sickness. There is another aspect to our overall well-being that most people rarely give the right attention to; mental health.

Some Amazing Acts Mentally Strong People Don't Do

Think about it for a minute: when was the last time you assessed your mental health, and what are you consciously doing to improve your mental state?

If you barely know the simple routines you can start to practice today to improve your brain function and mental health, these next tips will suffice.

1. Practise Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that is achieved when you become fully aware of your present moment. It makes you accept and own up to your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and body sensations without judgment, denying, or shying away from them.

It encourages you to live in the moment, such that you’re not anxious about what the future holds, nor are you worried about any negative experiences of the past.

To practice this, you can start by becoming more conscious of your everyday routine and take note of how your mind and body react to smells, sounds, or even tastes.

This awareness may not happen overnight, as you could even fail to notice as much as you should. But if you persevere, it’ll become second nature and improve your mental health.

2. Stop Excessive Thinking

Have you ever felt so lost in thought that you forget about your present environment? If you’re in the habit of overthinking about anything, make up your mind from now on to stop; Because it does more harm to your mental health than good.

If you find yourself overthinking, try doing these:

A. Incorporate 15 minutes of Thinking Time into your daily routine and keep to it. When your time is up, move on with other activities.

B. Focus only on things you can control, and instead of thinking about a problem too much, start by writing out 5-10 solutions. It will challenge and calm your thoughts.

C. Move on to something else; a project, an activity, etc that can distract you.

3. Be Organized

One of the underlying causes of poor mental health is disorders. It could be at work or even at home, but it always has the same effects every time.

Here are some of the best ways to organize for your mental health:

A. Break down your goals into bite-sized pieces that make them easier to achieve.

B. Remove distractions and declutter.

C. Perfection is great to attain, but normalize your desire to make everything perfect; it often puts you under too much mental pressure.

4. Regular Exercise:

When some people hear ‘exercise,’ what comes to their mind is running on a treadmill or doing something as strenuous as lifting weights, but exercise does not always have to be that way.

Exercise can be as simple as taking a 10-minute walk. Engaging in regular workouts gives you clearer thoughts and memories, helps reduce stress, and allows you to sleep well at night.

If you are struggling with staying consistent with your workout routine, you can enroll in a gym close to you; that way, you can connect with other people who could hold you accountable.

5. Practise Gratitude:

This simply means you are thankful for the things you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Practicing gratitude sounds very easy, but it could be challenging, especially during tough times.

However, once you master it, you tend to live a happier and more fulfilling life. You may have observed that people who practice gratitude are more optimistic about life than those who do not.

Make it a habit to write out at least things 5 you are grateful for every morning. This would help set the tone of your day the right way.

6. Take a break from Social Media:

With the increasing rate of cyberbullying, social comparison, and toxicity on social media, taking social media breaks is not an option but a necessity for the sake of your sanity.

We can’t deny the fact that social media has bridged the communication gap that existed before the introduction of the internet and social media. But we also know that it can cause anxiety, undue pressure, mental fatigue that comes from too much comparison, and the need to be available online most of the time.

Take a break from social media from time to time; your mental health will thank you for that.

7. Open Up To Someone

Let’s admit it, talking to someone else about your mental health might not seem like an option you prefer, but it is one of the best ways to a speedy recovery. It is okay to look vulnerable at times like this, but once you get the mental help you need, you could be the one extending the same support to others.

A. Ideally, if you have a friend or family member you can confide in, go ahead and talk to them about your mental state.

B. On the other hand, you may prefer to remain anonymous and join an online support group where you can bare all your worries.

C. If that still doesn’t work for you, consider booking an appointment with a doctor or find a local support group that can help you every step of the way.

If you practice any of these, you’ll see lots of improvement in your mental health.

Some people benefit from being naturally mentally tough, but it can be  taught to those who aren't

Exercise in letting go of control


Letting go of control seems almost impossible. How do you let go of control when you’re afraid things will go wrong? How can you let go of what you fear? Still, letting go of control is possible, with the insights in this article.

The more control we want, the more tension we get in return. Because many things can we just can not control.

There are 3 simple questions that hardly anyone asks themselves. When you answer these questions, you automatically let go. And you can apply this to any area of ​​your life.

Letting go gives you relaxation, confidence and inner strength. Let it go!

What can you control – and what not?

We have no control over the future, because no one knows exactly what will happen. We have no control over other people because they just do what they want to do.

If you think carefully, you will see that you cannot control many situations and people. You really only have control over what you do – here and now .

If you can’t change something, you can only accept and let go. This often feels unnatural, because control is part of our system. We have the illusion that we can influence almost everything.

Well, if it were, your life would be absolutely perfect, wouldn’t it?

Then you had already arranged that yourself …

Exercise in letting go – in every area.

You can apply the following exercise in any area of ​​your life. You can practice this every day, in any situation. It does not matter whether it is about letting go of financial worries, relationship problems or worries about the future.

Letting go is the solution to all stress and worries. The essence is always this: too much control creates tension. In any field!

When you try to control something, something controls you too.
When you let go of something, you are free.

The next time you feel tension, ask yourself the following three questions:

Letting go of control – question 1: What am I trying to control?

What is causing my inner turmoil? Do I want a guarantee for the future? Am I trying to determine what someone else should do? Am I concerned with the past? What makes me feel insecure?

Find the core of that tension. What are you trying to control or change? For instance:

1. I regret that I made that choice then.
2. Why did he do it that way?
3. I hope he keeps his promises!
4. She won’t react like that again, will she?
5. I want the assurance that this choice is the best for my future.
6. I hope everything goes well next week.

Then ask yourself the following question:

Letting go of control – question 2: Can I actually control that?

That’s a simple question that most people never ask themselves.

Can you really change this? Do you really influence here? Is this within your control?

There are two options:

a) Yes, you can do something about this. Great – stop worrying and do it!
b) No, you have no influence (anymore) on this. Then you can only accept this and let it go.

Letting go of control – question 3: Am I willing to let it go?

We usually do not get around to this step either. We intellectually understand that we have to let go of something, but we just don’t want or ca n’t.

Why not? Because we still feel too many negative emotions: fear, uncertainty, doubt, regret, frustration, etc.

Yet there is one very good reason to let it go: Because letting go helps yourself . Because you hold with yourself disadvantage . It’s just in your best interest.

And after you make this decision, your emotions automatically start to change. Then your emotions become positive and relaxed again.

Make the decision now:

“Yes, I realize that I am only hurting myself by sticking to what I cannot (anymore) change at the moment. In the interest of my own mental and physical health, I decide to let go of this. I know it will make me feel better. So I am willing to let it go. ”

The final step: Let it go!

Now you have seen what you are trying to control. You have seen that you cannot control it. You know you have to let it go. And you are willing to actually let it go.

Congratulations! Now you are ready for the final step: Let it go!

Use a short sentence (also called a belief, affirmation, autosuggestion, or mantra) to help you through this step.

Your own words are always the best!

Here are some examples you can use:

1. It’s okay.
2. I let go.
3. It is the way it is.

4. I’m at peace with it.
5. I forgive myself.
6. I forgive him / her.

7. I accept it.
8. It’s good enough.
9. I let it rest.

Pay attention! This exercise is not a one-off.

You will have to repeat this often. It is an illusion that we suddenly start to feel everything differently. But you will definitely feel different when you practice with this!

There is no other option: repetition is the mother of every skill.

And lasting relaxation is the result of regular practice of letting go.

Relaxation becomes a habit if you keep practicing.

Keep in mind that sooner or later check comes up again and says:

“Hey, not too relaxed! Come on, we have so much to plan, check, change. You still have to worry, worry and think about the past. You still have to worry about everything! ”

Control is a habit – and habits keep coming back. Especially in the beginning. But keep practicing.

You will find that each layer you release in one area helps you in other areas as well. If you let go of control at work, you can also do that in your relationships. The gist is always the same, remember?

Let it goooooo!

Letting go is an art that you can refine throughout your life. There is no end point, we can always let go of something deeper.

To say it with Elsa from the animated film ‘Frozen’: Let it goooooo!

FROZEN | Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney UK - YouTube

With every layer of tension you release, you gain access to a hidden layer of energy and well-being. Do you have any idea how many extra layers of energy and well-being are still waiting for you? Can you imagine how good you would feel learning to tap it?

Do you want to find out? Do you want more relaxation and more energy?

Go on research and make the best choice to take actions….




Age creeps up on us all slowly stripping away our fine youth then one day we look into the bright mirror and the body does not seem to match the sparkle in the eyes no more. Then we start to look over our shoulder at our past and think wow, I wonder what would have happened or what if I had taken this path in my life?

The concept of there only being one life and a limited amount of useful time to live it is to most people like someone saying there is no Santa Claus at all. We simply want to believe in forever just like we wanted to believe in happily ever after as children frequently do.

You may think I am advocating quitting/loosing your job and going trekking somewhere in Africa but no that is not where this is going. Living is a real art itself it is not about time management or fit as much in as I can. It is about real passion, depth, vision, love and much more you can bring around.

I wish I could remember the taste/flavor of a meal long after I have eaten it, I wish I could see my partners/friends face long after they have left, I wish I could feel my friends big tight hug as he/she embraced me long after he/she had let go, I wish I could picture the one time my lovely Mother said I love you long after she is gone, I wish I was so in tune with this life, so aware, so enlightened that every moment was my greatest and I could feel it, taste it, and truly live it, yes really.

I do not want to wait until somebody tells me there are no more moments left I do not want to feel cheated because a Higher Power took my moments boom away. I want to be grateful a Higher Power gave me the moment to begin with and even provide me more sweet moments in life.

As youth slips away day by day and it will slowly, I want to be able to look in the mirror and see the happiness of a life lived with depth and passion etched in my own face. I want to be able to feel the touch of my lovers hand as it brushed away my tears not just remember it in mind. But unless I am very truly aware truly in the moment at the time allowing myself to feel, letting go of different expectations, letting go of the need to hold something back, unless that happens all I will have is a vague memory somewhere in my head. I want more I want an imprint so strong I can carry it with me and feel it when the moments are at an end, can you feel this with me….

My wish for you is that you may look in the same mirror of self reflection long before youth has vanished. I hope you will realize life doesn’t need to be pumped or filled up with things rather it needs to be soaked up for all it has to offer right now at this moment. My wish for you is that you may experience even for a second a state of total being when everything falls down away and time stands still and you can taste the air you breath in and out, feel the earth pulsate beneath your feet and hear the whisper of the Holy Angels.




“Hey, Hello You at the back of the class stop day-dreaming and pay attention!” Which one of us did not hear that phrase repeated many times in our school days? . I can see you are laughing. Having dreams and aspirations is an essential part of any successful entrepreneur’s makeup. But what do they do to utilize the power of those dreams? This article gives you some tips on using visualization, to achieve your goals. First to be successful in business, you need to define your personal definition of success. What is success for you? Which goals do you need to reach to be successful?

Imagine trying to sell TV advertising, in the early days when most people had not seen a television. It must have happened, or we would not have had any commercial TV today. The sales people in those days used the art of visualization to sell the concept that “a picture is worth a thousand words”

The key word here is “imagine”! I want you to imagine, or indeed create a picture of what success means to you. Sitting on a sun kissed beach or playing round after round of golf whenever you want – just create that picture.

Making that “picture in your mind’s eye” a reality It was once said that a vision without corresponding action is a mirage – great to look at but unattainable.

First to be successful in business, you need to define your personal definition of success. What is success for you? Which goals do you need to reach to be successful?

Write them down, think about them, and visualize them.

Visualization is much more powerful than most people imagine. By nurturing a desired image in your mind repeatedly, you will allow yourself to be successful –easily and simply!

How to plan your objectives

In this positive frame of mind ask yourself exactly what it is that you do well. Check this with your best customers. Ask them how they see what you provide. Why do they like it, how would they describe the benefits of what it is you do. Finally ask them what image, your products and services, conjures up. You will find after doing this, you will have a common theme.

Does doing more of this help you achieve your goals?

Now set your objectives. They should be based on doing more of what you are good at, to reach your goals. The good news is, that having done the previous exercise, you know it will be in synch with what the market actually wants.

You need to set milestones, or short term goals to keep you honest as your plan progresses. The more you plan your objectives, the higher the chances of success. Objectives need to be realistic yet optimistic, quantifiable to be measured.

Fulfilling a strategy through visualization.

What you will now have done is connect a dream with reality, by setting out a set of actions or steps to help you get there. This is what the business gurus call a strategy. In reality it is a set of actionable steps, turning a dream or goal into reality.

There will be bits of the business that you just can’t do well. Don’t even try and do them, if you are not good at accounts, use an accountant. If you do not know how to market or sell, hire someone who can, if you can’t afford a full-time person, someone like 3R can help you.

There are times when you dream will go fuzzy, or out of focus, when things go wrong – don’t worry, go back to your imagination, get the image of success and focus on what did go well. It’s what the rich and famous did, and you probably already do a lot of, without knowing it!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail



The new year started fresh but I know a lot of you are still under stress. Good enough to start my first blog item with giving you the ability how to reduce stress from your mind, body and soul.

Sit back, relax and let me talk to you…

Don’t you forget we live in a world of stress, from childhood to old days at home, in the work place .it keeps us awake at night. Stress ruins our days and tons of other activities.

And so we often ask, how can I get rid of the anxieties of life.

How can I get free from STRESS.

Some people take exercise other takes yoga, other do meditation something, anything, but my understanding is this:

There is no getting away from STRESS, yes you can’t get away from it. The age we all living in is the age of STRESS.

This is a world of STRESS. A time of STRESS.

You breath it, you see it, you hear it and what to do ????

You can learn to manage it and to tolerate it how not to identify it and it’s effects.

Now how do you do that ?? Here it comes…..

Change your approach to the factor STRESS and change your approach to life by remembering this mantra : BE ANCHORED you got it yes BE ANCHORED

What do I really mean :

Envisage a ship or boat anchored at sea, Storms/ hurricanes may come one after another the boat may toss this way and that and furniture inside may go flying. Some people get seasick, but the boat doesn’t go anywhere.

Why ???

Clear…It’s Anchored !!

So you be anchored, find the place in life that you want to be in based on who you really are. Find what your inner-self really wants from life and anchor to that.

Once you keep bringing yourself back to that place by constant remembrance of your identity values and goals then you can learn to manage STRESS.

At the fresh start of this new year I would like to share ten tips how to be calm and reduce STRESS:


    Just a few minutes a day of meditation can help to ease your stress and anxiety.


    When you are feeling stressed, take time to focus on breathing deeply. Close your eyes, sit up straight and focus on nothing but breathing deeply.


    Having a solid social support system is a good key to reduce stress.

    Reach out to close friends and your family in time of need.


    Exercise has been shown to increase “FEEL GOOD” endorphins that can help reduce stress. A long walk can give you time to reflect, while an intense gym workout can let you release negative energy.

  5. LAUGH

    Laughter may not be the “best” medicine but it does actually lower cortisol – also known as the stress hormone.


    Research has shown that listening to soothing music can lower blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety. Alternatively, listening to more upbeat music can also help by invigorating you.


    These two words tells you a lot.


    This one is very simple – some times you just have to step back and realize that you can’t control everything. Some things are out of your hands, so why waste your time stressing about them.


    It is not easy to stay always positive. But, you can make an active effort to try and to find the positively in your very own life. Do not focus on negative thoughts like “bad things are going to happen with me”.


    Don’t forget to take some time to really enjoy yourself. Find yourself a nice hobby that can tune your mind body and soul. Do activities that you enjoy. Surround yourself around people that you have fun with.


Preparing Of Every other person To Win

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailWhat does it take to design like a champion?

Well lets investigate our brains a smidgen to answer this inquiry.

For these next inquiries, I require you to be amazingly fair with yourself. No compelling reason to lie, nobody else yet you will know the appropriate responses.

1) Would you say you are reluctant to come up short your arrangement?

2) Do you routinely prepare?

3) Does your plans include All that you at any point needed?

4) Do you prepare in view of your business and family?

5) Do you imagine your arrangement being accomplished?

6) ** How a long ways ahead do you really design???


That wasn’t so terrible would it say it was???

It’s essential to dependably put forth these inquiries. Doing as such will at last lay out what it is that you need in life. Business and Family ought to dependably be viewed as together.


So we should investigate why every one of these inquiries help you to figure out what it is in life and how it will influence you until the end of time…

1) Would you say you are hesitant to come up short your arrangement?

Beating The Disappointment Blues:

Disappointment… ooooooo nobody needs to come up short. Tragically for a considerable lot of us, we tend consider fizzling when we work out our strategies for success. The reason we do this is on the grounds that we’ve all fizzled at something some time recently. All that we do begins with an arrangement. Most day by day designs are sub-intentionally arranged out before they are executed. This procedure just takes a small amount of a moment. The ones we have a tendency to recollect are plans that we’ve “intentionally” made. The greater part of these are thoughts we’ve never completed, and extends that never at any point got a change to begin.

They key to beating the “disappointment blues” is basically to prepare your brain to picture all that you need from your plans. Review something you need ought to dependably look like a film cut full with: tangible rich pictures, alongside sounds, smells, and feeling of touch. This mix is the thing that make perception a win. This is genuine in light of the fact that our brains think in pictures. Picturing your plans deliberately will better help your sub-cognizant personality to recall what it is that you need to achieve. This likewise tells your sub-cognizant personality you genuine about this one.

1) Do you consistently prepare?

Go ahead, be straightforward, do you really stay there and make a decent endeavor to design out your future, each and every day? NO? For what reason not? Is it not that vital to you?

Neglecting to design is the same as wanting to fall flat!

Arranging regular may appear like a great deal of work to do however in real reality, once it turns into a propensity, it turns out to be second nature.

Study demonstrates that it takes a normal of 21 times for a comment a propensity. For instance, once you’ve driven your auto 21 times +/ – it ends up noticeably second nature to you. Your sub-cognizant personality assumes control and drives for you

Your “cognizant personality” is the skipper of your ship (the cerebrum). In the event that you don’t deliberately make an immediate order to your “sub-cognizant” (the team), nothing will ever complete. You should be strict with the team for 21 days to ensure they will do their obligations regularly. After time, the group will consequently know their own particular undertaking by heart and complete them for you.

Arranging out regular will better characterize to your “Group” what it is they are required to fulfill. It assembles solidarity inside your psyche. This solidarity will eventually be the organizing point to achieving your objectives.

2) Does your plans include all that you needed?

When I say everything, I mean the world. I have this little extraordinary scratch pad that stays around my work area constantly. Inside it are incalculable thoughts of all that I at any point needed at that exact second.

At that exact instant significance, whatever it was that I needed to have in my life “right then and there” that would make me more joyful. Doesn’t make a difference what it is. For you, precisely what at this moment would make you glad? A more pleasant auto? $5,000 in your ledger? More customers? Better internet searcher positions?

Composing precisely what it is that you need will give your psyche a “Plan for the day”. Once your brain has its “Daily agenda”, your sub-cognizant will scan through your memory banks for a case of how to fulfill your “daily agenda”. On the off chance that your psyche doesn’t discover anything inside your memory banks, it will in the long run begin shooting out thoughts and tips for your cognizant personality to finish.

I ought to likewise take note of that recording something resembles scratching it directly into stone with regards to your brain. It resembles your psyche is the bit of paper, you have to record something with the end goal for it to return later and change what it is that you recorded.

3) Do you prepare for your business and family?

Well is there any good reason why you wouldn’t? When I consider my business, I consider what it will improve the situation me, my companions, and my family later on. Right now, I am presently not hitched nor do I have any youngsters but rather that doesn’t imply that I am not pondering the future with a family in it.

Continuously consider business and family the same. They are a both piece of yours and the their future.

4) Do you imagine your arrangement being accomplished?

Perception is the product of progress.

Do you ever wind up picturing yourself in that auto you generally needed? Who envisions you and your family on some shoreline in Mexico some place? Who pictures you winning the “business person of the year grant”? … .YOU DO!

Keeping in mind the end goal to be more joyful and more fruitful, you have to show signs of improvement, you have to improve. I rehash, you have to show signs of improvement.

Representation ought to be a day by day occasion. Pause for a minute regular, notwithstanding for 30 seconds and imagine every one of the sights, sounds, odors, and sentiments of everything required with your day by day designs.

For instance, lets imagine that you have an introduction to do and like a great many people who have done an introduction, you are to a great degree apprehensive.

Pause for a minute around a hour prior to the introduction. Envision yourself strolling into the meeting feeling extraordinary, sure, and loose. Hear the general population having a decent time, see them grinning and focusing on you. Endeavor to notice a decent cologne inside the room that influences you to grin when taken in. To wrap things up, see every one of the general population around you complimenting you on an occupation well done after the introduction. See yourself having a pleasant, warm, rich tasting espresso while talking about your effective introduction with your supervisor, workers or even your potential customers.

I promise you that in the event that you make it a propensity to set yourself up with representation in that mold before any introduction, you will have better, more lively sentiments thereafter.

This exceptionally same procedure applies for your objectives. You should see yourself driving that auto, the way the air feels in your hair, perhaps the way the motor sounds. Whatever you can think about that will give your mind a chance to meander into your objectives and dreams, utilize it!

5) ** How a long ways ahead do you really design???

This is by a long shot the most essential. The most critical simply because it takes a little from all the above inquiries I’ve discussed.

What is the uttermost you’ve at any point prepared? I’ll put cash on the way that it’s not sufficiently far. Set out to be striking, be solid in your feelings. Try not to be reluctant to consider unheard of options.

So how far do I enable myself to prepare??? 200 Years!

No joke, my objectives have incorporated a timetable of around 231 years ahead later on. See I don’t just consider how I need to enhance my life, I focus on an option that is higher than life. I focus on my family history that is yet to be composed. We as a whole might want to leave a family dinesty to our future relatives. All things considered, for what reason aren’t you preparing for it???

Try not to be timid, apprehensive, questionable or humiliated, do what needs to be done. Continue doing it inside your scratch pad that you write in. Continue pondering your kids, their youngsters, your incredible, extraordinary, awesome great kids to be.

Consider them. Wouldn’t it be decent in the event that they could think back and say goodness, my extraordinary, awesome, incredible granddad had the vision, the devotion and the will to consider me. Think about the effect you could have on those to be. Indeed, even go the extent that written work a letter to the people will’s identity in your families future. Reveal to them what you have arranged and why.

Imagine a scenario where what you do now, influences somebody 4 eras down the line in such a positive path, to the point that they want to get were you left off. If not for your vision, it would of never happened.

Even better, it hasn’t happened yet, so you should get that pen and begin your future right now, this exact second.

On that note, I won’t shield you from composing your future.

Good fortunes and make sure to witness everything the way you need it to happen!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail


FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailBLOGGING NATION,

At our passionate team is always working how to work faster and more efficient on blogs. In this article we are going to introduce our so called : LIGHT SPEED BLOGGING SYSTEM.


Some will talk about the benefits of blogging as a major aspect of an essayist’s stage, however many publishers and readers still want to see that an author has a permanent way to interact with readers. In an age where social media rules and uses constantly change, it’s also a good idea to have a presence that you own. But what do you do on the days you forget to write? Or the days where nothing much comes to you that seems worth saying? Here are a couple tips to assist you past the halfway point.





Reuse old posts.

Seriously. blogging is interesting.  Maybe you have a stock of old content for years somewhere on your hard disk. Take them out and reactivate them. Yes the content is still good and helpful. Dig through your archives (this is easier if you used tags well as you published your blogs) and update a post that is still relevant but needs to be brought back to the light. You never knows how such blogs can run traffic to your site.

Join group blogs

just like this one. Then the burden is spread out and you don’t carry the load of creating content every, single day. But in a group blog it’s very important to think about what you bring that is different from the other bloggers and what readers expect when they come to the blog. Those are important on personal blogs, too, but even more critical when you are part of a group/team.

Bear in mind what you can bring to your blog readers.

Really think and pray about why they come to you. There are zillions of blogs. What do you contribute that is unique and different? How do you say it in a way that keeps them coming back?

Not every post should be 501 words.

People much smarter than we have argued the merits of different lengths of posts. What most people do agree on is that consistency is key. Stick with a blogging schedule if you can.

Keep a running list of possible blog topics.

Then on the days you have no motivation or the well of ideas is empty and dry like a dessert, you have a list that can jump start ideas.

There’s nothing quite like getting away from the buzz of the city for some much needed rest and relaxation after lots of hard work. That’s exactly what we did to recharge at light speed to blog further for you our dear readers.



8 most effective methods to keep up an inspirational state of mind

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailMy Sweet Blog readers. Without any long story I like to provide you with just 8 FREE effective methods to keep up an inspirational state of mind.

BOOM Here we go………….

  1. Become mindful of your thoughts and let them occur without judgment. As you recognize self-limiting beliefs and feelings, eliminate them by focusing on positive thoughts about the present and future.
  1. Reflect upon your present blessings,of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Don’t brood over mistakes, carry grudges, or harbor hate.
  1. Worrying is a wasted effort and the breeding ground of doubt. It will lead you to contemplate potential losses rather than effective solutions. The antidote to worry is positive action.

4. Adversity comes to each of us in time. Expecting rather than dreading this adversity can make challenging periods seem less daunting and will allow you to accept that you possess the strength to conquer each obstacle as you have conquered obstacles in your past.

  1.  Assume that hidden in every setback there is a lesson. Consciously choose to think of the challenges you face in a positive way: as a learning experience, an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths, or the first step on a new path.

6. Think about what you desire, not what you fear. Visualize future successes with the belief that you will achieve them, and then take action. When you are working diligently toward a goal, there will not be time to ponder the obstacles.

7. When negative thoughts and feelings threaten to overwhelm you, take a “time out” and do something that makes you happy. Letting yourself be swept away in a favorite activity or meditation will inspire well-being.

8. Be confident that no matter what adversity you face, you will be strong enough to remain positive and optimistic. Knowing that there is no obstacle you cannot overcome will give you that strength.

Isn’t it NICE and CLEAR to have it presented very effective. It’s up to you my friends to use the methods in your situation. Finally it’s your MIND your thoughts your everything. Life continue.