Exercise in letting go of control


Letting go of control seems almost impossible. How do you let go of control when you’re afraid things will go wrong? How can you let go of what you fear? Still, letting go of control is possible, with the insights in this article.

The more control we want, the more tension we get in return. Because many things can we just can not control.

There are 3 simple questions that hardly anyone asks themselves. When you answer these questions, you automatically let go. And you can apply this to any area of ​​your life.

Letting go gives you relaxation, confidence and inner strength. Let it go!

What can you control – and what not?

We have no control over the future, because no one knows exactly what will happen. We have no control over other people because they just do what they want to do.

If you think carefully, you will see that you cannot control many situations and people. You really only have control over what you do – here and now .

If you can’t change something, you can only accept and let go. This often feels unnatural, because control is part of our system. We have the illusion that we can influence almost everything.

Well, if it were, your life would be absolutely perfect, wouldn’t it?

Then you had already arranged that yourself …

Exercise in letting go – in every area.

You can apply the following exercise in any area of ​​your life. You can practice this every day, in any situation. It does not matter whether it is about letting go of financial worries, relationship problems or worries about the future.

Letting go is the solution to all stress and worries. The essence is always this: too much control creates tension. In any field!

When you try to control something, something controls you too.
When you let go of something, you are free.

The next time you feel tension, ask yourself the following three questions:

Letting go of control – question 1: What am I trying to control?

What is causing my inner turmoil? Do I want a guarantee for the future? Am I trying to determine what someone else should do? Am I concerned with the past? What makes me feel insecure?

Find the core of that tension. What are you trying to control or change? For instance:

1. I regret that I made that choice then.
2. Why did he do it that way?
3. I hope he keeps his promises!
4. She won’t react like that again, will she?
5. I want the assurance that this choice is the best for my future.
6. I hope everything goes well next week.

Then ask yourself the following question:

Letting go of control – question 2: Can I actually control that?

That’s a simple question that most people never ask themselves.

Can you really change this? Do you really influence here? Is this within your control?

There are two options:

a) Yes, you can do something about this. Great – stop worrying and do it!
b) No, you have no influence (anymore) on this. Then you can only accept this and let it go.

Letting go of control – question 3: Am I willing to let it go?

We usually do not get around to this step either. We intellectually understand that we have to let go of something, but we just don’t want or ca n’t.

Why not? Because we still feel too many negative emotions: fear, uncertainty, doubt, regret, frustration, etc.

Yet there is one very good reason to let it go: Because letting go helps yourself . Because you hold with yourself disadvantage . It’s just in your best interest.

And after you make this decision, your emotions automatically start to change. Then your emotions become positive and relaxed again.

Make the decision now:

“Yes, I realize that I am only hurting myself by sticking to what I cannot (anymore) change at the moment. In the interest of my own mental and physical health, I decide to let go of this. I know it will make me feel better. So I am willing to let it go. ”

The final step: Let it go!

Now you have seen what you are trying to control. You have seen that you cannot control it. You know you have to let it go. And you are willing to actually let it go.

Congratulations! Now you are ready for the final step: Let it go!

Use a short sentence (also called a belief, affirmation, autosuggestion, or mantra) to help you through this step.

Your own words are always the best!

Here are some examples you can use:

1. It’s okay.
2. I let go.
3. It is the way it is.

4. I’m at peace with it.
5. I forgive myself.
6. I forgive him / her.

7. I accept it.
8. It’s good enough.
9. I let it rest.

Pay attention! This exercise is not a one-off.

You will have to repeat this often. It is an illusion that we suddenly start to feel everything differently. But you will definitely feel different when you practice with this!

There is no other option: repetition is the mother of every skill.

And lasting relaxation is the result of regular practice of letting go.

Relaxation becomes a habit if you keep practicing.

Keep in mind that sooner or later check comes up again and says:

“Hey, not too relaxed! Come on, we have so much to plan, check, change. You still have to worry, worry and think about the past. You still have to worry about everything! ”

Control is a habit – and habits keep coming back. Especially in the beginning. But keep practicing.

You will find that each layer you release in one area helps you in other areas as well. If you let go of control at work, you can also do that in your relationships. The gist is always the same, remember?

Let it goooooo!

Letting go is an art that you can refine throughout your life. There is no end point, we can always let go of something deeper.

To say it with Elsa from the animated film ‘Frozen’: Let it goooooo!

FROZEN | Let It Go Sing-along | Official Disney UK - YouTube

With every layer of tension you release, you gain access to a hidden layer of energy and well-being. Do you have any idea how many extra layers of energy and well-being are still waiting for you? Can you imagine how good you would feel learning to tap it?

Do you want to find out? Do you want more relaxation and more energy?

Go on research and make the best choice to take actions….


Five exercises for a good night’s sleep after a busy day


We all know that a good night’s sleep is important. A good bed, a dark bedroom and little noise contribute to a good night’s sleep. Here are my favorite five exercises which gives me nice moments to relax. Try them for yourself so that you go to bed with a calm head.

1. Breathing exercise

Healthy breathing is of vital importance. If you are just thinking about something stressful, your breathing and your heartbeat will rise. By breathing in and out very consciously through your nose you can delay your breathing. Your breathing can also help you to get out of your head and to have more attention for your body. An exercise that helps to breathe deeply and calmly is the following:

  1. Find a place where you can sit or lie down.
  2. Close your eyes and breathe in and out through your nose.
  3. Breathe in four counts, hold your breath for two counts, exhale for six counts.
  4. If step three goes well, you can try to breathe in four beats, hold two beats, and exhale eight beats. Repeat this a number of rounds.
  5. Return your natural breathing and feel for a moment.

2. Yoga posture: the broken candle

The broken candle is a yoga posture, known for its stress-reducing and relaxing nature.

  1. Find a spot near a wall, lie in front of the wall, raise your legs against the wall. You can put a folded blanket under your sit bones.
  2. Put one hand on your heart and one on the belly.
  3. Breathe calmly and see if you can feel your heart beating and your belly moving through your breathing.
  4. Stay in this position for about 5 minutes.
  5. Move your legs back down and roll up through your right side.

3. Relaxation exercise: meditation

Before going to sleep it can be nice to do a relaxation exercise, such as meditation. A guided relaxation exercise is great if you don’t have much experience with it. Make sure that you are ready to go to sleep so that you can remain lying down after the exercise. You can listen to an example of a relaxation exercise here.

4. Sleeping mantra

Are you lying in bed and you notice that you are very busy in your head? Then this exercise might help you.

  1. Be aware of the unrest in your head, because then you can do something about it.
  2. Choose three words that will make you feel good, that will make you happy.
  3. Make those words your own sleeping mantra. The word mantra comes from Sanskrit and literally means: man = mind and tra = control. It is about repeating a word or sentence that gives you a positive feeling.
  4. Repeat the words quietly one after the other so that your attention remains focused on it rather than on the troubled thoughts in your head.

5. Mindset

If you have done the above exercises and you are still experiencing sleep problems, try accepting that it is not working right now. See if you can enjoy lying a bit. To be able to sleep we go from the do position to the being position.

Sleep tight!


The New Sandy Beach in Nickerie, Suriname…


The Solar Paradise of the West

As the Caribbean Blog Authority I am watching the trends on national, regional and international levels. While the Amazon, the lungs of the earth is on fire, nature created a small piece of sandy beach at the river mouth of the Nickerie river in Suriname, South America.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, beach, ocean, outdoor and nature
The Beach where soon a lot of things are going to unfold.

Horizon Expeditions owner/director Lorenzo M. Ramcharan who is running for years in the tourism sector, has seen a great potential in exploring the new created beach. With his fantastic view, he took the lead to make it from nothing to something for the district of Nickerie. Yes he has seen deeply that there are potentials. In me very own opinion I empower this initiative and also see great potentials that can create a new hot spot in Nickerie. A beach spot not far from home at home, but also a natural spot for visitors.

Beach Explorer/Entrepreneur Lorenzo M. Ramcharan (SACRAMENTO)

Let me make clear that once good explored and managed, this beach will become very attractive to even foreigners. Beside the sandy part, visitors will also be able to enjoy the flora and fauna. Horizon Expeditions make it the best to become.

Bear the following in mind my dear friends.`

Going to the beach can be a really fun and exciting time, especially if it’s the beginning of the summer. However, there are also some times when the whole process of going to and getting ready for the beach can be more trouble than it’s worth. But don’t worry… Go and get the vibes in nature.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and nature
Life on the Beach
Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor and nature

Getting that summer vibe

Ever want a summer vibe? Although it’s always summer in Nickerie, Suriname, that feeling that you’re literally living in the moment during the summertime? Listening to “beach music” can certainly do the job most of the time, but not every time. Literally being outdoors on a beach will do the trick every time, making you realize that it is indeed summer and the weather is perfect.

Everything on the Beach

Getting up at ass o’ clock on this piece of nature

If you want to get a good vibe of this beach spot, you have to get up so early.

No photo description available.
A Sky Shot of the New Beach taken by Captain Glenn Nithoer

Experience the Atlantic ocean from nearby

With created opportunity any beach lover can experience the Atlantic Ocean

On a hot summer day, the ocean is such a refreshing experience. Whether you’re just walking by the ocean or you’re boogie boarding or swimming around, the ocean is lit. You almost forget for a moment that it can be dangerous as shit with rough waves and dangerous creatures. But don’t worry Horizon Expeditions is surely taking care of this part as well. As an old camper I absolutely love bush cooked food. So at this beach you can all enjoy that for sure. A new staycation for you and your love once to enjoy.

Dear Folks, I can write further, but I will stick right here. Horizon Expeditions make this opportunity the best you can. Keep it funny, sunny, safe till the end of time. You all have my personal blessings.

There you have it! What’s your beach mood, are you feelin’ it or not feelin’ it?

The Caribbean Blog Authority.