Now that the new government has been formed in Suriname, it is more than ever time to think carefully about how to make Nickerie a top district of Suriname. We don't have to keep inventing the wheel. So many things are obvious to start with. In this blog I start generating electricity by the local population. We have the sun with us. Policymakers must work towards promoting the green economy. By bringing the people with you, 

Nickerie will eventually grow into a sustainable energy district. Together with the local population and other actors, the self-generation of sustainable zone energy will give the district enormous support. Together, the energy transition will have an impact elsewhere in the country. Suriname is getting greener and greener.

As awareness increases, more people will contribute together to biodiversity, nature conservation and the quality of life of local communities.


We must all go for more and more Green. It means that in our future (the new normal) many more people will use energy which they have generated themselves. Even if the sun is not shining, or if there is no wind and the generation of green electricity at that time is minimal, this is no problem. 

A bit of technology is available for everything. It requires new developments and behavioral change. It is ambitious, but it is possible. If we do it together. Dare to dream big. Who knows, we may see a lot of people driving around with solar panels on the roof of their car[s].

As an active blogger, from time to time I will also focus on Suriname where I come from and stay. Sometimes the triggers may be less beautiful, but they are certainly constructive and offer eye openers to policy makers and other interested parties.



I recently read that the police have indicated that the Nickerie district in Suriname (South America) has been the safest place to live and work in recent years. It is not unknown that this part of Suriname can also be considered as a direct gate to CARICOM potential. Nickerie is driven by agriculture. From my perspectives and also as a true Nickerian, I would also like to state that Nickerie has the power to transform into the first BLUE ZONE Region of Suriname through good policy. You don't have to agree with me. And of course pessimists will raise all kinds of talks and questions, but unfortunately that won't stop me from continuing with this blog.
A typical Surinamese is raised with negative thinking and to change that is a chore. I will not embroider on this, because I think differently from pessimists.

As an active blogger, I silently follow various trends in the world. This is how the BLUE ZONE caught my attention. After a lot of research and reading, I conclude that the safest district of Suriname has the ingredients to become a blue zone district of Suriname.

Blue Zones are areas in the world where relatively many people in good health live to be one hundred years and older. Sardinia is one of those places. Old age is respected: the elderly are considered full; their wisdom of life is appreciated and they are a full part of family life.

With the safety factor in the bosom, work can continue to ensure that life in Nickerie becomes more pleasant. Health and happiness almost go hand in hand. Growing old healthily has everything to do with daily habits: eating lots of vegetables, walking in nature, gardening, having a chat, taking a nap and drinking a glass of wine. I can already see that this food is for the pessimist, but I am continuing.

Naturally moving as one people

'Blue Zoners' do not go to the gym, but physical exercise is a natural and logical result of the way their life is organized. One hundred year olds in Okinawa sit not on a chair, but on the floor, and dozens of knees a day. The old Sardinians live in houses with stairs. Every visit to the shop, church or friends is the reason for a walk. Little or no use is made of modern conveniences and mechanical aids. When they bake a cake, they mix the batter by hand and not with a mixer. If they do exercise consciously, they do activities that they enjoy; there is much walking and gardening. Do you recognize some simple ingredients in this? I do not reject the use of technology.

 The right perspective

 The Japanese concept of 'ikigai' is becoming increasingly popular in various countries. Ikigai indicates that you have a purpose in your life, a reason to get out of bed every morning. Living according to the ikigai principle provides such a goal seven extra years of life. This sense of purpose is clearly present at the Blue Zoners. 

On the other hand, they also know when to switch back. Their daily life provides moments of peace and relaxation, for example a siesta, a party or a moment to pray. See again some simple ingredients to build on. And even more they cost nothing. Healthy food What the elderly people in the Blue Zones have in common is that they eat mainly vegetable. Beans are regularly on the menu; meat only a few times a month. 

In Okinawa, for example, the hara hachi bu rule is used: do not eat until you are saturated, but stop when you are eighty percent full. The Blue Zoners drink an average of one or two glasses of wine a day. For me, water is already a perfect product.

 The social life in the Blue Zones is important. Family comes first. The elderly are part of the family and often live with their children at home or in the neighborhood. Residents of the Blue Zones have a strong social network. For example, the people of Okinawa unite in 'moais'. These are groups of five people who commit themselves to life and support each other or confront each other about unhealthy or undesirable behavior. Faith also plays a role in the Blue Zones. Blue Zones of happiness Following on from the Blue Zones with the longest life expectancy, it is important to delve into what I call the Blue Zones of happiness: where in the world are people happiest and why? 

Research that has been done, for example, stopped at Singapore, Costa Rica and Denmark. Singapore, the happiest country in Asia, embodies the kind of happiness that comes from satisfaction and satisfaction. In general, people like a clear and easy way to success and don't mind working hard. They prefer security over freedom. 

In Costa Rica, people give priority to social interaction; they will not work overtime quickly if they miss a party. They also give family priority - the whole family has lunch on Sunday afternoons. They are religious and research shows that religious or spiritual people are happier. 

In Denmark people live with more purpose in their lives than anywhere else. Their health care, social security and education are covered. Almost all of their daily needs are met, allowing people to choose work they love. It is noted that where gender equality exists, both men and women are happier across the board. 

Other lessons that we can further learn from the happiest cities and places in the world: residents of cities where you can walk and cycle, with parks and greenery are generally happier than residents of cities without those amenities. 

The dietary pattern also plays a role: reducing the consumption of fast and junk foods and making fruit and vegetables cheaper and more available makes for happier and healthier residents. 

I hope that with this approach I have given policymakers and in particular the people of Nickerie an eye-opener to become healthier and more prosperous and that this may even spread to the rest of the Caribbean. 

We focus an estimated 30 times a day on the negative. Yet it pays to work consciously on a positive attitude to life. This not only ensures a happier feeling, it also contributes to a good brain function. 

As a life traveler you must always be optimistic. 
Off to the blue zone ...



The New Sandy Beach in Nickerie, Suriname…


The Solar Paradise of the West

As the Caribbean Blog Authority I am watching the trends on national, regional and international levels. While the Amazon, the lungs of the earth is on fire, nature created a small piece of sandy beach at the river mouth of the Nickerie river in Suriname, South America.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, beach, ocean, outdoor and nature
The Beach where soon a lot of things are going to unfold.

Horizon Expeditions owner/director Lorenzo M. Ramcharan who is running for years in the tourism sector, has seen a great potential in exploring the new created beach. With his fantastic view, he took the lead to make it from nothing to something for the district of Nickerie. Yes he has seen deeply that there are potentials. In me very own opinion I empower this initiative and also see great potentials that can create a new hot spot in Nickerie. A beach spot not far from home at home, but also a natural spot for visitors.

Beach Explorer/Entrepreneur Lorenzo M. Ramcharan (SACRAMENTO)

Let me make clear that once good explored and managed, this beach will become very attractive to even foreigners. Beside the sandy part, visitors will also be able to enjoy the flora and fauna. Horizon Expeditions make it the best to become.

Bear the following in mind my dear friends.`

Going to the beach can be a really fun and exciting time, especially if it’s the beginning of the summer. However, there are also some times when the whole process of going to and getting ready for the beach can be more trouble than it’s worth. But don’t worry… Go and get the vibes in nature.

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Life on the Beach
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Getting that summer vibe

Ever want a summer vibe? Although it’s always summer in Nickerie, Suriname, that feeling that you’re literally living in the moment during the summertime? Listening to “beach music” can certainly do the job most of the time, but not every time. Literally being outdoors on a beach will do the trick every time, making you realize that it is indeed summer and the weather is perfect.

Everything on the Beach

Getting up at ass o’ clock on this piece of nature

If you want to get a good vibe of this beach spot, you have to get up so early.

No photo description available.
A Sky Shot of the New Beach taken by Captain Glenn Nithoer

Experience the Atlantic ocean from nearby

With created opportunity any beach lover can experience the Atlantic Ocean

On a hot summer day, the ocean is such a refreshing experience. Whether you’re just walking by the ocean or you’re boogie boarding or swimming around, the ocean is lit. You almost forget for a moment that it can be dangerous as shit with rough waves and dangerous creatures. But don’t worry Horizon Expeditions is surely taking care of this part as well. As an old camper I absolutely love bush cooked food. So at this beach you can all enjoy that for sure. A new staycation for you and your love once to enjoy.

Dear Folks, I can write further, but I will stick right here. Horizon Expeditions make this opportunity the best you can. Keep it funny, sunny, safe till the end of time. You all have my personal blessings.

There you have it! What’s your beach mood, are you feelin’ it or not feelin’ it?

The Caribbean Blog Authority.