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As the world community is growing day by day, we as people must think how to produce more food on long term, without hurting the nature. In this blog I would like to send some triggers to Governments/Policymakers and other important/relevant authorities in the Caribbean Region especially Suriname and Guyana. A certain mind set is needed in combination of a long term mission and vision on this subject.


 A foodscape is simply the integration of edible plants in traditional ornamentallandscapes (around our very own living space).  It is all about creating the most of the square footage you have access to.


  · Utilize an ornamental base for yourself

· Increase bio‐diversity step by step 

· Beneficial insects will be around you 

· Reduced disease/stress     

· Manage all organically 

· Select your own choice of plants to create an engaging space 

· Conversation starter all the time

· Grow in containers, window boxes and vertical systems 

 · Alternative growing systems are easy to do 

· Rooftops offer plenty plenty sunny square meters to run this business 

· Think outside of the box 

· Use the existing landscape  

· Full sun in the Caribbean 

· Easily irrigated 

· Maintain regularly 

· Grow on YOUR terms… it is a wonderful hobby 

Sample Mission Statement

Our/My mission is to empower our/my customers with foodscape structures, protocols and plants that make producing food simple and lasting, accessible and serviceable to a broad customer demographic.

We/I aim to be knowledgeable, innovative and uncommonly helpful as we foster a greener world for the future.

Sample Vision Statement

Our/My vision is to restore the balance between green space (plants) and hard space (concrete, steel, glass) wherever you are.

We aim to create a greener more hospitable planet Earth by proclaiming the benefits of plants and helping ourself/clients to successfully install and cultivate them (also on vertical surfaces).

Some Benefits of Foodscaping

Foodscaping offers a variety of benefits, many of which are a result of fulfillment of the human need to connect with nature. The research study which is also known as ‘biophilia,’ a growing field of study that emphasizes the physiological and resultant economic benefits that come from restoring natural connections in our built environment.

Performance + Productivity

Our innate need to connect with nature is known as biophilia.  This is the serious driving force behind our boost in mood, sharper focus, and stronger immune system when we are exposed to natural environments.  Foodscaping is a great way to trigger the biophilic response and improve performance and productivity (for everyone).

Better Attendance

Workplaces/enviroments which incorporate biophilic design elements such as access to nature have reduced absenteeism, fewer complaints, and improved staff retention. Happy people will be around.

Reduce Fatigue/Stress

Providing access to nature in the workplace can reduce eyestrain, relieve mental fatigue, and improve focus on tasks during the day, but also at night.

Increase Output

Integrating plants into workplaces yields productivity gains and reduced psychological stress and pshycological pressure.

Enhance Performance

Students exposure to nature has been correlated with higher academic performance in Mathematics and English.

Improve Focus

Studies/researches have also demonstrated that exposure to nature eases symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Attract Customers

Shoppers will stay longer in stores and visit more frequently when plants are heavily prevalent inside and outside retail settings. Believe it or not.

Stronger Sales

Consumers might purchase more merchandise and are surely willing to pay higher prices for goods when surrounded by nice nature.

Higher Rents

Foodscaping environments can be used to improve the view in leased space, translating into more dollars guests or tenants are willing to spend during their staying.

Recover Faster

Patients who physically interact with plants use less medication and experience significantly reduced recovery times after medical procedures.

Enhance Experience

Using plants and planted walls as well in healthcare enhances the experience of patients, visitors and staff, who report greater satisfaction and positive feelings in the presence of nature.

Ease Anxiety

Did you know that researchers have found lowered cortisol levels and reduced reported anxiety levels correlating with access and interaction with plants.

Positive Emotions

Colors can have an effect on our/my very own emotions. Green is linked to safety, so green foliage typical of indoor plantings create a comforting environment. Think about it.

Food Production

Food scaping and especially vertical gardens are a popular solution in the rising urban farming movement as horizontal space can be difficult to come by in densely populated areas. Yes even in rural and suburban areas, restaurateurs, senior caregivers, healthcare providers, and homeowners are turning to food scaping and vertical farming for affordable, low-maintenance food production.

Living Art

Good food scaping (vertical green walls) can serve as a means of expression, creating a unique space for people to express themselves in various ways.

Balanced Solutions

Good Landscaped communities are more attractive to tourists and shoppers, and community planners can balance the desire for greenness with the desire for wide, welcoming sidewalks through green food producing walls.

The plants in the living wall cool and beautify neighborhoods without taking up ground space, and surface runoff can be collected, treated and used for irrigation, reducing site runoff.

Community Bonds on Long Term

Similarly, nice green communities correlate with increased sense of pride and place, levels of trust, and civic participation.  Residents in nice green communities spend more time outdoors and forming bonds with neighbors. You don’t have to agree with me.

Increased positive public sentiment can support other community goals, such as maintaining population levels that bolster a community’s economic sustainability and stability. This will increase more love for food scaping.

Healthy Food

When used to grow herbs and vegetables, produce from a living vertical wall provides supplemental food that is healthy for our body and the environment.

Children—and adults—who are involved in the process of growing their own food are more likely to have healthier diets.

Closing Statement

I really hope to have triggered you with this short blog.

Let us collectively spread this message further and start to create lovely green producing communities not far from home.

If you have any other suggestions/ideas, feel free to drop them down in the comments here below.

If everyone join together and do their part, the results will be sun shining very quickly. Meh done talk ! Do deh Ting…

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ALERT FROM THE CARIBBEAN BLOG AUTHORITY: PAHO warns Caribbean countries of heat waves


Dear Readers,

As the Caribbean Blog Authority, I am making an exception to write this blog.With this blog I like to reach policymakers/governments from the total Caribbean region so they can start to prepare for what is coming. Read further and feel free to share this information.

The Pan-American health organization (PAHO) has urged the Caribbean countries to prepare for heat waves. While Europe is experiencing heat waves, North America, Central America and the Caribbean are also at risk. The situation could deteriorate between July and August, with a negative impact on human health, says the PAHO.

Given the current heat waves in Europe and the predictions that this phenomenon will affect different parts of America, the PAHO urges countries in the region to prepare. The organization warns of the impact that the heat waves could have on people’s health, including the risk of death.

During the summer of the southern hemisphere of 2018-2019, seven countries in North and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay) were hit by heat waves, a phenomenon that has never been in the region before perceived. The heat waves that had the greatest impact since 2000 were those in Brazil that caused the death of 737 people in 2010, and those in Argentina in the summer of 2013-2014 that caused 1,877 deaths. The heat in Argentina left 800,000 people without energy, which increased the heat stress in this group. According to health authorities in the United States, heat waves are the natural phenomenon that causes the highest number of deaths in that country.

Weather forecasts for North America, Central America and the Caribbean predict heat waves during the summer (July / August) of 2019. This can cause drought-induced stress, lead to forest fires and have harmful effects on human health.

Due to the situation, the PAHO has developed a guide to help countries in the region formulate emergency plans to tackle heat waves. This guide provides recommendations that the health sector and meteorological authorities can implement to prepare for and better respond to this threat, promote health, prevent the harmful effects of heat waves, treat affected people and save lives.

The document emphasizes that emergency plans for emergencies must be able to determine the extent of the threat, with activation procedures for alerts, a description of roles and functions, and coordination mechanisms within and between authorities. The document also emphasizes that countries need to strengthen the epidemiological surveillance of heat-related morbidity and mortality, the capacity of health services (staff training, improvements in the design of new hospitals and equipment of existing hospitals in high-risk areas). Improving the actions of local authorities, the media and communities in terms of response measures between agencies, prevention measures and self-care should be improved.

Heat exposure causes serious symptoms such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke (a condition that causes faintness, as well as dry, warm skin, due to the body’s inability to control high temperatures). Most heat-related deaths are due to deterioration of the circulatory system, kidney, hormonal, and psychiatric disorders. Other symptoms include fluid retention in the lower limbs, heat rashes in the neck, cramps, headache, irritability, lethargy and weakness.

People with chronic illnesses who take medication on a daily basis run a greater risk of complications and death during a heat wave, as well as the elderly and children.
To prevent the harmful effects of heat, the PAHO recommends: 
– Stay informed of weather warnings and forecasts;
– Avoid sun exposure between 11 o’clock in the morning and 4 o’clock in the afternoon;- Do not leave children or elderly people in parked vehicles; 
– Do not train or do intense outdoor activities without proper protection;- Drink water every 2 hours, even if you are not thirsty; 
– Keep the house cool by covering windows during the day and using air conditioners or fans during the hottest hours. 
– If you have a chronic illness and are taking medication, consult your doctor.




SURINAME must resolutely withdraw the train card
Make SURINAME the center for international train travel

Without flying, but still traveling wonderfully between the three Guyana's. Definitely a dream that can really be realized through good policy. It is a strong initiative that will certainly encourage people to respond negatively, but even more so to encourage people to travel more ecologically.

And look: In the end, these doom-mongers are also making good use of traveling. For the coming period, there is certainly work to be done for the three Guyanese governments to work together to make a good travel product out of it.

Suriname can play an important pioneering role with the support of experts.

Pioneering role for Suriname

With a perfect long-term vision and mission, I believe that Suriname will be able to draw and earn a lot in this.
Transport by train seems to be an impossible puzzle, but it is to be done at this time in order to travel efficiently via air and road networks via a railroad (traveling between the three Guyana's).
Isn’t it not great for all of us to be able to act as the central hub. Why do not we all make Suriname then a real center for international train traffic.

All ingredients are present.

Suriname is good and has a great appearance as a country with the most green in the world. In the future it can further map out for the international train passengers.

The benefits for us as a country will be enormous and will bring about a certain economic spin off. Just think of the extra jobs that extra trade matters bring to an international train station, or the coordination of an extensive Inter Guyana’s train network.
In addition, travelers will also be more inclined to include a day to/from Suriname, Guyana or French Guiana in their travel plans. Furthermore,  interested people will join. In addition, you will also gain more time to travel between the three Guyana's.

Long live the train, but can it be cheaper? 

Every beginning will be severe and will cause teething problems, but nonetheless it will bring benefits and open ways to more possibilities. I am convinced that with today's technology, a train has far less CO2 emissions than an airplane. Check-in and check-out often cost you hours when flying and an airport is often outside the city, which also means a lot of time and frustration. I already place myself in such a unique train connection that runs along the three Guyana's. While traveling you will enjoy much more of the green landscape. You will make a pleasant stopover and yes, if you wish, you can make more comfortable comparisons with fellow travelers from all corners of the world. A train connection will also become a social service to transport people to and from various destinations. Furthermore, it contributes to a certain extent to our commitment to achieving the climate targets and keeping them manageable, you create many more jobs and our country can generate more. It seems a logical step for me and many others, but somewhere deep it remains silent for the time being. In addition, there are a few measures that would make rail passengers so much more comfortable. Simple reservation systems, and much more. Oh yes, maybe this railway of the future is also the new alternative to take your bike or something similar. The possibilities are there, the tracks are there, the lines are there, now the countries have to sit together to coordinate everything. 

Making the right choices

But unfortunately, the reverse choices have been made in recent years. Where this would be, I leave you as a reader to ravel about it. What I can say is that it is not too late to get back on the right track.
The sometimes incomprehensible evolution can certainly be better understood later on and development can be rolled out effortlessly.

For me, the three Guyana's of the future is a unique part of the continent of South America where ecological and responsible travel is the easiest and cheapest choice for travel within the borders.

The three Guyana's where the card for the train is decisively pulled, with less CO2 emissions, less time loss and more travel pleasure as a result.

Certainly know that the world traveler is ready, now politics has to follow and the right choices are to be made.

This is only a real trigger for anyone who thinks positively and certainly has faith that things can actually be realized.

The Caribbean Blog Authority keeps a close eye on developments in the world and has a passion for various things that influence our lives both internally and externally. As a little Futurist / Trend Watcher, he will continue to trigger in length of days. Continue to follow him via




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