Believing in yourself – 4 tips to become powerful and unstoppable


By believing in yourself you increase your chance of success, happiness and growth in your life. These tips will help you believe in yourself.

Believe in Yourself

Do you believe in yourself for a better life?

Believing in yourself is important. Because the more you believe in your own strength, skills and possibilities – the more you will get done.

If you believe you can do something, you are more likely to take the step to do it. You get over self-doubt and do whatever it takes to shape your ideal life.

What happens when you believe in yourself?

  • You get more done . You dare to take on more challenges and are less plagued by the limiting thought “I can’t”. This allows you to get more done.
  • You radiate more self-confidence . You feel stronger and happier with yourself. This appearance ensures that you make contact with people more easily and thus create more possibilities in your life.
  • You see the world more positively . If you believe in yourself, the world will look more positive. Like a place full of possibilities.
  • You step over obstacles more easily . If it doesn’t work out for a while, believing in yourself will help you get through. This increases the chance that you will eventually achieve your goals – even when it gets challenging.
  • You grow more easily . Believing in yourself makes it easier for you to get out of your comfort zone. As a result, your personal growth takes flight.

In this article I share four tips that have helped me believe in myself more over the past 15 years. They work like a charm. Are you reading along?

1. Stop comparing yourself

Precisely. And if you want to compare yourself, then compare yourself with people who are less advanced in certain areas than you.

Social media tends to emphasize the exceptional: beautiful people in beautiful homes with beautiful clothes and beautiful children who behave beautifully.

But these images are rarely a correct reflection of reality. And it is also the exception . Most people don’t lead an Insta-worthy existence – and that’s fine!

Of course you can use the lives of others as a source of inspiration. But it’s important that you don’t keep comparing yourself to another person – because two people cannot be compared. Use what inspires you as your dot on the horizon and set your own goals to get there .

Then let go of the other.

It’s hard to believe in yourself when you’re constantly comparing your life to exceptional people and lives.

The solution? Stop following people who make you doubt yourself. Reduce your exposure to these kinds of series and people.

Don’t look at what someone else can do. Rather compare yourself to your former self . Have you grown compared to last year? What have you achieved? What lessons have you learned?

Spend less time on social media and more time with your journal, for example. Reflect on your own growth and progress and stop comparing. You will soon believe in yourself more.

2. Don’t put yourself down anymore

How do you talk about yourself? How do you talk to yourself? If you’re like most people, you tend to put yourself down.

  • “I’m just doing something too.”
  • “I really can’t do this.”
  • “I’m not that attractive.”

It’s hard to believe in yourself when a little voice keeps whispering in your ear how weak, inferior, and worthless you are.

Notice when you bring yourself down, and turn it around . You don’t even have to make it overly positive, as long as you stop making yourself smaller than you are.

Do you get a compliment? Say thank you and believe the compliment . Notice how that little voice in your head tries to sabotage it: “If she knew who I really am, she’d say something else…”


You are a great person . You’re not perfect – neither am I. That’s nobody. Everyone struggles. Everyone thinks that others do know how life works. That others are all constantly happy and happy.

It’s not like that. We all doubt ourselves. But one takes those doubts seriously, and the other puts them aside.

You don’t have to take that negative voice in your head seriously. It’s even better not. Let’s not put ourselves down – let’s celebrate ourselves .

3. Build in small steps

Believing in yourself becomes easier when you notice that you are making progress. That you succeed in achieving your goals. You do this by proving to yourself that you can actually get things done.

And what’s the best way to get things done? Simple: take a small step every day .

Do you find it difficult to imagine that you will ever really clean your house? Clean up a little today , and do it again tomorrow. That way you will eventually get it done and you can feel proud of yourself.

The same goes for healthy living, achieving your work goals or building better relationships: take one small step every day .

Taking small steps helps me time and time again when I start to doubt myself. I then let go of my perfectionism and just do something in the right direction. Soon I feel positive and fulfilled again, which creates an upward spiral.

In this way you avoid self-sabotage (a small step is taken in no time) and you actually make progress. You will soon believe in yourself more.

4. Work on self-acceptance

Many of us walk around with the feeling that we should be different . Slimmer, prettier, more successful, more productive, smarter, more organized, more empathetic – you know the thing.

There is nothing wrong with striving for growth, improvement and progress. But it is important to examine within yourself what the actual motivation is .

Do you want to lose weight because you allow yourself a healthier body? Or because you worry about what others think of you?

Do you want to build that business because you love the creative challenges? Or are you trying to get an “I’m proud of you” from your sober father in this way ?

Does your urge to change come from a place of self-love or self-doubt?

By working on self-acceptance you come closer to yourself. You feel more rooted in who you are and therefore less insecure. This will make you believe in yourself more and more. Because you know who you are and what your path is in this life.

Believing in yourself is the secret to success - SIAL

Whatever is happening, Believe in yourself


Author: Danny Jibodh

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